Loic Remy anyone?

Is Loic Remy the mystery international?
The revelations in the Sunday Sun yesterday about how the club are looking at an international target will surely start off some guessing games.

People are going to be wondering just who is in mind after the press left that little worm tentatively dangling, so with it being the season of speculation I think we should have a look at who this mystery international could be, purely for a bit of fun of course.

It could be anyone thought couldn’t it? I mean there are plenty of international strikers out there, although thankfully, Mark Douglas has give out some cryptic clues to help us piece together the puzzle. Apparently said target is based where 90% of our targets are, has a similar goalscoring record to Kevin Gameiro, is roughly the same age as Kevin Gameiro and is interesting a few clubs.

Step forward Loic Remy, who matches all of the criteria above. A few comments have mentioned him as a possibility, and I have to say it’s a pretty good shout as he is one who fits the clues that Mark Douglas left. Same age? Check. Same nationality? Check. Same goalscoring record? Check, well almost. Anyway, you get the point.

He isn’t the only one it could be though. Moroccan international Youssef El-Arabi is another one who is about the same age with a similar goalscoring record to Gamiero so perhaps it could be him? Mevlüt Erdinç is another one who would fit the bill. We’ve been linked with both of those before aswell.

Of course it could just as easily turn out to be someone that we haven’t even considered, although I wouldn’t go as far as suggesting someone like Mario Gomez as some have suggested. And people wonder why we get labelled as deluded? 😆

So yes, this is one for the ‘dreamers’ amongst us, the speculation lovers, the transfer tittle-tattlers, so please feel free to suggest away. In the interests of balance though, for the ‘realists’ amongst us, there is only 79 days of transfer speculation remaining before we sell all of our players and the window slams shut, which is just one day before a catastrophic string of events ensures that the world is knocked off it’s orbit and gets dragged towards the sun ensuring a slow and painful death for us all.

There ya go. Something for everyone on NUFC Blog 😉

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57 thoughts on “Loic Remy anyone?

  1. Lol mint article, Toonsy. “For the ‘dreamers’ amongst us”… quality!! Good bit of deduction that. He seems to fit the bill. 24yo, out n out striker, 15 goals in 31 appearances. Any idea how much Marseille will want for him?


  2. OH – About the same price as Gameiro, for whom we had a bid accepted. Big mates with benny aswell by all accounts 😉


  3. Well he failed a medical with heart problems and only cost Marsailles 15m euros last year so IMO unlikely.


  4. our mystery striker will be some 1-3 million quid player from championship. the international bit meaning anything from wales to scotland inclusive. We will have to offload ranger. xisco and ameobi first though i would expect.. or at least one gone for defo.. with luck all three tbh.


  5. @5 toonsy….. i agree on that.. he is total sh1te and it wil lbe great to write villa off before the start of the serason.


  6. Schürrle is 20 years old and contributed to his team with 15 goals and 4 assist in 33 games last season


  7. cc – the Championship? You’re unusually optimistic! I’d heard it was Atletico Neasden reserves striker Fred Gumby.


  8. Aye Toosy, I’m one to bet we’ll have sold all of our players just as the window slams shut and Ashley’s pocketed all the lucre.

    And just to cap it, the earth’ll suffer a catastrophic string of events that ensures it’s knocked off it’s orbit and gets dragged towards the sun ensuring a slow and painful death for us all.

    Ashley’s fault of course!!

    😉 😀 😆

    Thought I’d beat the doom-mongers to the punch!


  9. Think this is a story about nothing…

    The papers are always speculating.

    This way they know we need a striker, they know we have cash, and the save credability by saying mystery strikers from Europe… Because ee can’t afford English.

    So really, it all seems like fabricated lazy journalism to me…


  10. From the rumours site…..

    12 Jun 2011 23:37:11
    Thomas Cruise joining Walsall on trial ..

    Times must be really hard in Hollywood!



  11. Was reading Mark Douglas’ tweets yesterday, and I think he’s one of those few journos with integrity around these parts. Based on what he’s saying, there’s a list of top international players we’re looking to bring in. And he’s seen it.

    Seems like Newcastle is looking to bring in 4 additional players after Cabaye, more if the likes ok JB KN JE gets shipped out. Loic Remy or Al Arabi may well be one of them, though erdinc wouldn’t IMO he’s not got a good enough scoring record.

    Before we all discredit theses as pies in the sky, it’s worth noting that unlike cwarr, this guy is paid to do this for a living, has real access to the club and Pardew in particular. He knows what he’s talking about, and has proven to be right on many things in the past. In fact, he’s called out many false rumours in recent weeks.

    Interesting eh?


  12. Cabaye told the Express: “I am going to play in the best championship in the world for a club who want to get back into Europe within a year and one who are building an ambitious team.

    “I am the first recruit but I have discussed things with manager Alan Pardew and I know others will follow. The directors have assured me on this point.”


  13. Thad – I agree, Mark Douglas is one of the more reliable ones to be honest. It’s probably why he mentioned no names.

    He also reads the site so it’s all good 😎


  14. Toonsy@23…. yes i read that.. seems we have fed the lad a load of crap to get him to sign… pards told him we would be in europe within a year but yesterday said we cant compelte with any of them and are aiming for 10th spot.
    Also i wonder what cabaye thinks now he is here and will see the bigger picture. i hope he doesnt get ar5ed off straight away due to AP/Dekka and ashley lies and cheapos coming in with calibre of jose going out etc.


  15. Good name to be linked with, Bobby and the other doomers will hunt it down. Sorry realists.

    Days again for me so sweet fa to do apart from job search and spend time looking for toon news!


  16. Ouch Toonsy. 😯

    You are so defensive of your opinions 🙂

    Please don’t take offence if I continue to call some of the speculation bordering on the ridiculous but if it needs saying then it should be allowed to be said.

    I get labelled a doom monger which I take with a pinch of salt and it should work both ways.

    Permission to criticise siiiiiiiiiiiir. 😆


  17. Doubt it’s Remy. Why would he leave Marseille a year after joining for about £13million?

    Gomis will cost around 8-10million max and seems the more likely.


  18. I havnt read the Pardwho article but from what I have read on here didn’t he say in the top ten and not tenth? 1 thru to 10 are all “top ten” are they not?………..that said, they’ve also assured us fans of alot too, I’m still waiting 🙄


  19. They return on the 4th of July. By the way, Pardew said top ten next year but who is to say we can’t aim for Europe the season after next. I hate some of the negative comments!


  20. Pardew get’s labeled for speaking crap sometimes but was he not right about the international midfielder we were close to signing? He ended up being right when we signed Cabaye, who is an international. Plus like toonsy said, there wasn’t much wrong with what Pardew said yesterday.


  21. @Craig

    Pardew is being totally undermined by the board and he seems to go along with it.
    Or maybe he brings it on himself.

    He vowed Carroll was going nowhere before forcing him out the door.
    He then stated Joey Barton can have six more years playing at the highest level, if he stays at Newcastle, his manager Alan Pardew has claimed to the evening chronicle.
    They then offer him a 2 year contract.

    And yes, Carroll was forced out IMO.


  22. Andre Schürrle would be a great signing, but he has just signed for Rudi Voller at Bayer Leverkusen for 11 million euros…..


  23. Bobby……so if Nolan were to sign for a lower league club than us at anytime during the next 6 years won’t that tecnically make AP correct? 😉 😆


  24. Carroll was not forced out. I think we all agree that players have the power in today’s game so I think he is safe to say that if Carroll wanted to stay, he could easily have said no. He decided not to and ended up with a fat amount of cash and top wages. As many have also said, 35m for a player who has only had one season in the top flight was more than we could have wished for and provided we replace him, which I’m sure we will, it was good business and something I would have also done.


  25. “I am going to play in the best championship in the world for a club who want to get back into Europe within a year and one who are building an ambitious team,” Cabaye told The Daily Express.

    “I am the first recruit but I have discussed things with manager Alan Pardew and I know others will follow. The directors have assured me on this point.


  26. Besides, how would they force him to sign a contract offered to him by the bin dippers? By suggesting to LPool how much to offer him a week to turn his greedy head? He wanted the money. End of. We have been over this time and again. Why cant you just move on, he has gone, get over it. He demanded more money in a new deal not 6 months after he had signed a much improved long term deal. Had the no9 shirt and was top dog. He chose to go and frankly to suggest otherwise is daft IMHO. Wraith doesnt speak for all of us


  27. Selling Carroll when we did could yet turn out to be some of our best ever business. I was secretly sceptical about the lads true ability after our game at White Hart Lane last season…


  28. oh no…not the Carrol was forced out scenario…suppose it’s better than daft speculation on signing Mario Gomez… 😆 😆


  29. And I have heard alot of bin dippers saying they arent happy with him either. He alters there style of play to long ball, and they prefer suarez and kuyt


  30. @raffo

    I know Carroll did not want to go . I wouldn’t divulge my source and Im surprised you’ve mentioned Donaldson. I’m sure Donaldson will be over the moon with that disclosure. 😯


  31. Names add a bit more credability in my opinion.

    If he didnt want to go then hes a bloody idoit for doing it and more fool him. I have even less respect for him leaving now. He shouldve had the balls to say ‘bollox’ to you I am staying


  32. @raffo

    I don’t know does he? If I was a footballer I would check the blogs.
    It’s a bit like Joey Barton slagging off the board at talk ins and believing they won’t hear about it.


  33. @raffo

    And you know you would having been in Carrols position.? 🙄

    Why the hell was he summonsed to the ground in the first place with a helicopter stood waiting ?

    I will print his side again;
    Carroll told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle on Tuesday: “[Managing director] Derek [Llambias] asked me to hand in a transfer request, so I was pushed into a corner and had no choice. I wasn’t wanted by them and they made it clear they wanted the money.
    “Then I flew down in [owner Mike Ashley’s] helicopter. I didn’t want to leave. I’m gutted that I wasn’t wanted at my home team after everything I have done and the progress I have made. I didn’t want to leave at all. Make sure they know I didn’t want to leave. The players, staff and fans were fantastic.”
    At 2.37pm GMT on Monday, Carroll told Wraith he was “not going anywhere”, but by 5pm Carroll had said: “They have kind of said we don’t want u but want me to say I wanna go. And I said I don’t want to go.”
    Newcastle claimed that they accepted Liverpool’s £35 million offer after the striker handed in a transfer request, but Carroll said: “No I didn’t that’s what I mean that’s what they wanted me to do and I said no. They said they wanted to accept it.”
    Asked if he had no choice but to move to Anfield, he replied: “Looks like it.”
    Wraith then asked Carroll if he had “any message you want put across to the fans?” Carroll replied: “They said they wanted the money. Gutted to be leaving Newcastle but I was kind of pushed out the door. Gutted to be leaving my home club but I was practically told to go. Didn’t want to leave that’s why i signed a five-year deal.”


  34. ……he’s lying through his teeth in one of them so which is it?

    How did you feel when you first heard of Liverpool’s interest?

    “I was a bit surprised and didn’t really know what was going on at the time. When I knew it was real and that there was a chance for me to come here I knew it was a great opportunity and I had to take it.”


  35. “And yes, Carroll was forced out IMO.”

    “I can’t divulge my source”

    Bobby, you are becoming a joke…

    Again, taking speculation and hear say as fact with its suits your arguement. Tisk Tisk…

    Carroll may not have “wanted” to go, but it was the wages that Liverpool offered (that we wouldn’t and quite right match) that would have forced his hand.

    She big fat smile on his face when he arrived at Liverpool said it all for me… I could see the pound signs in his eyes.

    And any manager in the world would have accepted 35mil for him… because he isn’t worth anywhere near that (FACT).


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