United For Newcastle, but against the fans?

United For Newcastle's damning endictment of you lot!
Well well well, guess who has been slagging some of you lot off? Not just once, but twice in recent weeks.

Apparently some of your comments aren’t the taste of United For Newcastle and reading them lowers your IQ. That is the view of one of the co-founders of the group, who look to have blown any chance they have of engaging with the board again at Newcastle for good and now spend their time pimping links on Facebook instead.

Funny though really as we’ve done a lot for United For Newcastle and I really felt that they were on the right track with regard to getting some level of communication restored, so I can’t understand the resentment they have towards this site and, it seems, the posters, or you guys, the fans they are supposed to represent.

I personally wrote two articles earlier on in the year detailing their achievements and interviews that they had managed to gleam from a rather, let’s face it, poor board when it comes to communication. Moreno then wrote a piece after he felt aggrieved about them deleting his comments on Facebook as they weren’t to their liking. As most of you are aware, we have a team of writers and we all have our own views. This is not a hard concept to understand.

The first little bite came when I challenged Steve Wraith about his wage cap philosophy. Fair play to Steve, he took it well and in the spirit in which it was intended. In fact he even used it as an article on his own site and we joked about it afterwards. This then prompted said co-founder, that I won’t mention the name of but can be followed on Twitter @KTD89, to say that all we do is moan. Yes, one article out of over 600, and all we do is moan 🙄

I’ve just noticed another comment today, from the same said co-founder, based in Essex, that can be followed @KTD89, about the level of intelligence of you guys. Shocking really, especially when I know that a lot of you follow them. In response to someone saying about reading the comments at the bottom of articles in Sky Sports “lowering your intelligence”, said co-founder replied with “You want to see some of the comments on www.nufcblog.co.uk”.

A few days before this though they happened to contact us again and asked if we wanted some publicity. Now you know yourselves how busy this place is getting and quite frankly for a place that is only what, seven months old, it’s stupidly busy, especially now we are on the Newsnow Publisher Network. I declined this “opportunity” of publicity for that reason. Funny then that three days later they were slagging us all off.

So who really needed the publicity after all?

Now I’m not interested in a war of words with them as, quite frankly, it’s boring and I’ll probably win, but what I don’t like is people having a go at my site or the people that use it. I mean we are all NUFC fans after all, and we all have differences of opinion, so what gives them the right to get on at some of you – the people they are supposed to represent – behind your backs?

Unless of course you agree with their every word, in which case you’re OK!

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83 thoughts on “United For Newcastle, but against the fans?

  1. Why hav you said this is United for Newcastle saying these things when it was really just one of the members. Not fair on the rest of the lads


  2. Connor – Perhaps, but the same can be applied about their little about us. I mean the only got upset over one article, yet they’ve tarred us all as one entity when in reality there are eight people involved on here. If its good for them/him then its good for me/us surely?


  3. Just shows these splinter groups act in their own interests to further their own cause and ambition. Nothing to do with the club or the fans. Makes them worse than those in charge (who quietly seem to be going about things right in my book).

    Keep these megalomaniacal narcissists away from the club. Self promotion is the work of fools.


  4. I talk to the lads from United for Newcastle a lot and find this article completely misleading – you’ve said that it was just one of them. Like Connor said, why pin it on the entire group. I talk to Krish a lot, its obvious this was a throwaway comment and you’ve used it to try and tarnish the entire group.

    Really poor from the owners of this blog.


  5. James,

    As Toonsy said in response to Conor,

    This whole site has been lambasted continuously by the co-founder of United for Newcastle, who has a strong following in NUFC circles.
    He has constantly dropped spiteful ‘throwaway’ comments due to disagreeing with an article one of our 8 writers (happened to be myself) wrote, in which, I claim the views were my own and not of the site in general.

    Now for someone representing the fans and a figurehead of that group, that’s not the way to go on.


  6. I like them, and a LOT of other people do. You have made yourselves look silly. Hopefully they will say something about this too.

    Btw, I haven’t ever seen United For Newcastle ‘lambast’ you. If you wanted to start a war of words with him you should have done it with him – not the campaign as a whole.


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