Do we really have a chance of re-signing Charles N’Zogbia?

N'Zogbia wants Toon return.
It seems as though Charles N’Zogbia really is keen on a return to St James’ Park, if you give credit to the words of a source close to Charlie boy.

Yes it may only be a source on this occasion, but there have been several caveats dropped by N’Zogbia and his entourage in recent months, and all of them point towards the fact that Charles would welcome a move back to the North East.

Yohan Cabaye credited N’Zogbia with saying rather nice words about Newcastle which had a hand in the Former Lille midfielder moving to St James’ Park. Several ‘tweets’ from the player have also told the story of his affection for the club he signed for back in 2004. Then there is the source…..

“Charles would be delighted to come back and complete a move to Newcastle,” said Heinz. “It’s not all about money for Charles, and despite what people people have said it is very much about football for him. He knows what a massive club Newcastle United are now.”

Interesting, but it doesn’t really mean anything does it? I mean what are the chances of us re-signing our former wingman?

Personally I think there is little chance of a return of the Zog. There are several reasons for this, which I will of course go through, before you guys can have your say.

Dave Whelan

The Wigan supremo and our supremo don’t get on after our sports magnate reported their sports magnate to the Office of Fair Trading for fixing the price of football shirts. That was the start, but there has been various bits of tittle-tattle since, mainly from the direction of Whelan to be fair.

As a result of this I would imagine that Newcastle would be pretty low on the list of clubs that he would like to deal with. In the case of N’Zogbia there is likely to be other interest in the player and I’m sure Whelan would do his best to nudge Charles in the direction of another club.

Transfer fee

The transfer fee could prove to be a stumbling block. It’s been said that there are different prices for different clubs who are interested in N’Zogbia. Play in the Champions League and you can have him that bit cheaper than a club who aren’t playing in the Champions League.

It’s a bit crap if I’m honest, but it’s their right to charge what they like. After all, he is their player and can be for another season if they like. He has one year remaining on his deal which will weaken the bargaining hand of Wigan somewhat and will ensure that there will be plenty of clubs sniffing around.

Squad position

In case it has escaped the minds of people, we’ve just signed a left winger in the form of Sylvain Marveaux. Look, really look, deep down, and ask yourself if we really have room for another. In fact that is probably the right way of putting it….. Do you think the management would see it as the “good value” we keep hearing about?

N’Zogbia would require Premier League wages. He’s been there and proved he can do it in this league which will no doubt add a premium to his wages. Alan Pardew would be very keen to have him in the squad, but would the accountants?

Currently we have Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa, Sylvain Marveaux, Joey Barton and Wayne Routledge 😆 who can play on the wing. Jonas and Ben Arfa can play on both flanks and I don’t know enough about Marveaux so whether he can or not. Of course Ben Arfa is being touted for the No10 role, but he can also be used on the wing.

Can you see the club parting with the wage a fee required when we already have a few players who can do a job on either wing? Personally, I can’t.

So there are just a few reasons why I don’t think we’ll see N’Zogbia back at Newcastle. I’d love to have him back as I think he has matured and improved a hell of a lot since he left for the more ambitious Wigan Athletic and, as I say, I’m pretty sure Alan Pardew would like to have a player of his quality to call upon, but I just can’t see it.

The player may want it, but there are an awful lot of obstacles and sticking points to consider first. A return of the Zog?

I’m not putting money on it!

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129 thoughts on “Do we really have a chance of re-signing Charles N’Zogbia?

  1. We have some wingers now so I would only sign zog if the price was right.

    Marveaux naturally plays the left (but has played on the right), Jonas can play either.

    I could see a line-up with zog on the left and jonas on the right,with Marv as a sub. I think the reason jonas has played on the left for us is soley because of his link up play with enrique. That would not be needed if enrique is sold. You’d have bareton and ferigie as well- depth is a good problem to have.


  2. Must admit, I’d be pretty pissed if Damien Duff was playing ahead of me. In fact I’d be pretty pissed if Damien Duff got a game ahead for my local pub team.

    i don’t blame anyone who left that season. The club was a mess at the time and the manager was off his rocker


  3. N’Zogbia will go where he wants, Wigan will be powerless to keep him and a settlement will be agreed, i think thats why Jonas is being touted around clubs, we wanted him in January and with the arrival of the young French contigent this will only make his desire to come back even stronger.
    For those that are against it, would you rather have a lumbereing second rate player on the pitch ( 2 come to mind) who are loyal
    ( nobody else wants them), or a jet healed forward who scores for fun?
    Im not bothered about the past, i forgave Barton and im certainly ready to give the Zog another chance.


  4. Robert you mean like back til he hears a bigger team is intrested in him then have him throwing his rattle around upseting the rest of the squad


  5. “Charles would be delighted to come back and complete a move to Newcastle,” said Heinz.

    Didn’t know a can of beans could talk. 😛


  6. Next season we have to start with a midfield of;

    Ben Arfa Tiote Cabaye Jonas. With Benny on the left he will cause havoc…

    For Toonsy’s benefit @ 11 😉 😀


  7. I would imagine we table a bid for what we sold him for or a bit less, paid in cash, Charlie can say he will only sign for us or see out his contract. Whelans stuck between a rock and a hard place.


  8. Robert is not about loyalty, i cud care less why he left the club, as we are all workers in this world we shud be able to work/play where we wish to.

    my issue is with his workrate on the pitch for us. i have never doubted his techinical abilities. i dont care how greatly blessed you are if u dont put the work in then u dont deserve to wear the shirt. look at barcelona’s front three, they work thier asses off for 90 mins nonstop, the hardest working team in the champ league. its not all about their technical prowess that ppl gushes about, without the work they would be half the team.

    we shud be signing players that will take us to the next level, good technique and top workrate. which all three of our new signings have.


  9. Toonarmyelite, so he is badly behaved compared to most other footballers?
    He fell out with JFK, how hard would that be, so what, move on.


  10. Sweet Jesus….everyones getting on like a house on fire today like!! You lot been poppin pills 😆


  11. yr wrong jersey goerdie,

    he does not want to be at nufc, he wants his big wage packet, which thankfully Ashley wont be giving him lol

    by stropfrog on Jun 23, 2011 at 15:47

    Oh. Sorry mate. Didn’t know you knew him so well…


  12. Im not saying Zog is an angel, he might yet sign for someone else yet, but watching him for Wigan he has improved and is more consistent, are we going to sign or have the chance to sign better, i dont think so.
    Its a poor man that is unable to forgive and forget, we did it for Joey after he produced on and off the pitch, why not Charlie boy.


  13. Opinions please. Do I try and get a huge bite from the Celtic fans by using an inflammatory headline? :mrgreen:


  14. Robert – And Carroll for continuously dragging the name of the club through the mud. And Bellamy….


  15. In fact I’ll give it a quick vote. Currently I have these threads lined up. Which do you want next?

    Something from our Australian fans
    Something to wind Celtic up
    The origin of a Geordie


  16. Toonarmyelite, most footballers are tossers, they are overpaid and generally do what they want off the pitch, ive lost count of the storys in the press and in the courts but the lad wants to come back and if he does, and he is smacking it into the net on a Saturday afternoon,we will all forgive him as thats what counts.


  17. what u going on about Robert, forgive what? it aint about what zog has done wrong, he aint done nothing worng.

    its about what he can do for us, being a skillfull lazy little git does not make one worthy of the shirt.

    yeh sure he’s great with the ball, what does he do without it? stand around like a big time charly n wait for his team mates to his feet. oh im N’zog im too good to run and get the ball.


  18. Cannot see us signing him, not now we’ve just signed Marveux or whatever he’s called.

    Would be noce but I suspect it’s the agent trying to drum up a bit more interest in him.


  19. If he really wants to come let him join on a bosman next summer. There’s no urgent need for him and £8-9M is just rediculous, it’s possibly what Enrique will do and in which case he will be a handy player to sign.


  20. Moreno – I’ve gone with something like telling Celtic to poke it. They won’t like that. Need to be on guard though as the one set of fans that bit the hardest are them lot 😆


  21. Stropfrog- you seriously have to stop getting so pist before games so you can properly judge a performance.
    Zoggy put in a shift 99% of the time he pulled on a toon shirt. Your talkin bollox…


  22. I feel that if we are really spending 12m or more on charles,i would rather source a better option or cheaper but similar quality player.


  23. stropfrog, lazy? we have a centre forward who is idolised by some who is blowing through his arse after 5 minutes


  24. jerseygeordie

    take yr head out of yr arse.

    zogbia n 99% hahahaha! jesus. i have forgiven u and , u reply with such drivel..

    u r down for cause for concern young man. :mrgreen:


  25. If we did, it might mean Jonas goes first. I think we need right footers more than left (especially if Barton goes). I’d keep Routledge too.

    On a different note – if we sell Forster we should ask at least 5M from Celtic. That is still a snip for a good keeper they’d have for possibly ten or fifteen years!


  26. @Big Dave

    Late reply but I’ve been having a face peel. 😯

    Regarding Jonas, I’ve got to be honest, I suspected he must play on the right as he certainly can’t play on the left. 😉

    Every so often I have to come across as fallible by making an odd comment which highlights a chink in my armour, otherwise I might upset people by coming across as arrogant, a know all or just plain and simple **** sure of myself.
    I hate people like that and so far since I’ve been posting it’s worked. 😆


  27. I personaly see Marveaux as more of a squad player then a starter, a very good one at that. I think which new winger we sign is going to be down to a combination of transfer fee and wages.. It wont matter to MA whos better, N’zog or Barnetta (both great players dont get me wrong) its who ever will be cheapest in the long run.


  28. I would say NO especially after all the nonsense he caused when left us he is nothing but trouble .. i say stick with the idea of getting taarabt much better player , zog only looked good at wigan coz he was one of the only decent players they had.he wouldnt fit into the side now


  29. The man is pure class one of the best in the premier league id say..stop messing about Geordies and get him on board the lad wants to play for us and could be the difference between finishing 5 th and say 8th. Come home Zog


  30. jameso . just to let you know m8 that one of my friends has just passed newcastle’s training ground at 10.45pm and has seen nzogbia getting out of a vehicle so no doubt he will be a newcastle player by tomorrow 😯


  31. nufc4ever hope youre right but Zog was playing against top teams for Wigan and had to be good to help them stay up he even made top 4 defenders look ordinarymost of the time,,he has matured and i think being away has made him realise what a great club we are I think he would be a great signing.. really i do


  32. I’m not too sure really-I don’t think we’ll get him but not necessarily for the same reasons. If it came down to it and we offered more money I genuinely think Whelan would accept, fair enough he doesn’t like Ashley but I think he’d want the best for his club-and therefore the most money. He’d prefer if charles went somewhere else, but at the end of the day money talks.

    And re-the winger talk, well we could play Charles on the right couldn’t we? I’d assume he’d be happy with that, and if not we could just put Marveux on the right as he does like to cut in as well. I don’t think signing Marveux necessarily rules him out, maybe its just a sign of us accepting that Routledge is sh1t and Barton isn’t a winger, therefore signing two makes sense, it means we have three and can therefore cope with injuries.


  33. I’d love it to be true, but not sure it will. In theory jonas can go RW, raylor can cover if routledge goes, or RB if he stays.

    I think it points to a change in system really. Moving away from orthadox wing play I think and more fluid front play. Zog marveux and benny can all come in from the right so it’s all good I think


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