Marveaux: “I beat players with skill, not power and size.”

Marveaux-lous business?
What do we really know about Sylvain Marveaux? I mean aside from some videos on YouTube and a few descriptions of him there isn’t much else about is there?

All we know is what we’ve been told by third parties. It’s not like Demba Ba where we we’ve all seen him first hand in the Premier League is it? Marveaux is an unknown quantity to many of us who will only really be able to weigh up his worth once we see him in action with our own eyes.

He’s supposedly got good technical ability and a lot of pace. We’ll see. The player himself though seems to fancy himself as a bit of a handful and has described himself as “skillful” and “athletic” in an interview with the local press today. In quotes that I’ll attribute to The Journal, Marveaux had this to say when describing what he is about:

“I believe I can cope with the move and excite the fans. That is my intention,” said the 25-year-old. “I’m an attacking player and I like to entertain the supporters. I’m not scared about the physical side of things, I beat players with skill, not power and size.”

I’d also add confident to that aswell 😉

However the Premier League is a fast environment, much faster than most leagues in fact. It’s also more physical, as Hatem Ben Arfa will no doubt testify to. The ability of a new signing from a new league to adapt to that is paramount to the success of a player. Marveaux claims that it doesn’t worry him and that he is ready to adapt and is fully prepared for what the likes of Stoke and Blackburn have to throw at him.

“I know what happened to Hatem, but I’m not scared about being kicked either. I’m ready for that. Every European league is hard, I will not be intimidated, I will be prepared for everything. It might take me a little bit of time to settle, but I don’t think it will take long.”

“I speak some English so that will help me with my team-mates and living in the city. I’ve been warned the English league is faster and more physical, but it does not worry me. I’m athletic and I’m looking forward to playing that style of football.”

“There will be a bit of adjustment needed, but I’ve got a full pre-season to prepare for the start of the league and I will make sure I work hard in that time to be in the best possible shape.”

Hopefully he can adapt quickly and show us that these aren’t just words and that he is exactly what he says he is. Time will tell on that though, but I’d like to think that the fans will give him a bit of time. I mean time did wonders for Jose Enrique and Fabricio Coloccini after all, which is worth bearing in mind.

Plus, if Wor Sylvain is that athletic he won’t have to worry about too many challenges surely? 😉

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106 thoughts on “Marveaux: “I beat players with skill, not power and size.”

  1. Munich Mag/Tattyheed ….ain’t been to the Oktoberfest but was in Jormany for the world cup06 ….you just prompted a happy memory …..we were in a beerhall/garden in Munich somewhere (Don’t remember where was sloshed :mrgreen: ) and the band started playing the Blaydon Races tune, well there was 6 of us and we had all the mexicans, french, argies singin along with us …..****in class!!!! 😆 😆 😆


  2. JJ@74…I know mate, the facts are there to be seen, and as you say he won a WC medal. It’s just I remember watching the bloke back then, and everyone thought…wtf….then he was toasted shortly after. Maybe he would have came good given more time…


  3. geordieqatar…you managed to get a Bavrian oompah band to play Blaydon Races….respect mate !!…you didn’t have Richietoon on the table next to you by any chance ?

    Did you have a good time in Munich…?


  4. Sellic have shown there cards with a bid for Foster…there are a few blokes up there we would fancy too…the left back is supposed to be canny…and the Sellic captain has been linked with the toon…


  5. @JJ

    I read some comments from some Rangers fans about G’Varch, as that’s where he went after he left us. They couldn’t believe how bad he was.
    They slated him.

    As far as Marveaux goes, how can anyone judge the player until he plays for us.
    If you put a video compilation together of Jonas, you would think you were watching a world beater.

    The most important thing that needs to come from any winger, whether he’s a Beckham type or a Lennon type, is the final ball.

    If he hasn’t got that then he is no better than what we already have.

    Let’s wait and see and just be hopeful instead of
    predicting. 😉


  6. BSNr9…of course we can’t judge a player until he has played for us, but I would say expectations among the fans are high, the bloke is a French international after all… and Liverpool held him in high regard until he chose the toon..


  7. BSn9…

    He scored 6 in 14 games for Rangers… Not bad. 😉

    But again I see you point. Owen’s scoring record was decent for us, but I truely believe he was one of the most overated players to have ever played the game.
    As the team looked far better without him…
    I wanted to cry when we signed him for 17mil…

    I was just trying to enhance my case about French players generally coming good in English football…

    I should have been a lawyer because I got MM to concede his case with insufficient evidence 😎

    But ye Guivarch was cr@p… 😆


  8. Aye MM Munic was class from what I remember, ended up gettin kicked oot later on …..smashed too many of them mahoosive shteiners :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ……remember watchin the Eng Portugal game in the fanfest, nursing the worst hangower ever, me mates were drunk as lords, I was just spewin me ring, only water available was fizzy ….remember that like it was yesterday 😯 😯


  9. BSn9 says
    “Let’s wait and see and just be hopeful instead of predicting”

    Mrs Shinton, what have you done with your husband!!
    I know its you because only an eternal optimist would have married him…


  10. geordieqatar…I can believe it mate, two or three steins down you’re neck and it’s lights out time… been there myself….err…..Oktoberfest 2 years ago to be precise… 🙄


  11. my team against arsenal

    simpson willo perch
    routledge guthrie raylor
    ameobi lovenkrands ranger

    it would be 30-0 by half time


  12. I’ve bought a pair of those jeans with the low crotch and elasticated bottoms and Lycra top. What type of footwear do you reckon?
    Boots or plimsoles. ?
    I’m in a right quandary . 😕


  13. Bobby Shinton number 9
    Posted June 23, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    “I’ve bought a pair of those jeans with the low crotch and elasticated bottoms and Lycra top. What type of footwear do you reckon?”

    Good lord 😐

    Cancel that e-mail I sent you 😆


  14. Anyway, sorry to detract from the fashion show, but there will be a new thread up shortly. Just finishing it off now


  15. @toonsy

    That’s why I was asking if you were going. I didn’t want to clash. 😛

    I’ve just had an allover st tropez spray tan and teeth whitened.

    I feel like a new pin!

    The only thing I’m not happy about is my lips are numb with the Botox injections. 😥


  16. Hey Munich, I will be over your way come Oktober Fest… It is a work deal that has fallen nicely around that time of year… Looking forward to a few ales… I was over there in 97 and I really can’t remember much about it at all… 😯


  17. Servus Aussie Mag…..

    Congratulations on wangling a trip back to Munich, and at Oktoberfest time…well done mate… 😉 😉

    I’ll be out travelling between August and September, but should be back in town for the Oktoberfest.

    Where are you based ? Was in Melbourne a few years back, really liked the place…


  18. Yeah Munich, lucked out on the trip.. I live on the other side of the country … Perth… Do agree though Melbourne is a good spot (sh*t weather though). 😕


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