It’s tough being a fan…..

Mike Ashley: Do you trust this man?
One thing that has always caught my attention when participating in discussion or simply reading the comments from others on this blog is the range of emotions on display.

We all support the same club but everyone has their own view on all the events that unfold before us on a daily basis. Supporting the club aside, the other thing that unites us is the fact that we fans have been battered pillar to post over the past decade. Of course I could go back further than that, but where do you draw the line?

From the revolving door that our managers travel in and out of, to the players we have gained and lost, these are all things that have a detrimental effect on ones psyche. Recently no one has had more of an effect on Newcastle’s fans emotions than Mike Ashley. I don’t want to go over old ground as we are all aware of what has transpired with our much maligned owner. What I do want to discuss, and to get back to
my earlier point, is the mark he has left on us all.

I’m no shrink but it is plain to see from the participants on this blog what the wide ranging effect have been. Some live with deep distrust not willing to believe that the club wants to do the right thing and move forward. I can understand why they protect their feelings like they do. How many times do you get screwed over before enough is enough?

Others try and stay positive believing that good times are around the corner (whilst hoping that they won’t be let down once again). However, the overriding emotion that does come out is the humor. Maybe it is a case of “if you don’t laugh, you will go mad” but through it all there is always someone to lighten the mood and put everything into perspective.

To me supporting Newcastle is like raising a small child. You can have moments of pure joy but within the blink of an eye you are pulling your hair out and wondering what the hell you have done to deserve this madness. I guess my point in all this is through it all we still hang in there, week after week, year after year.

Who would be a fan of Newcastle United with all the drama that surrounds it? I know I would! Thanks to Aussie magpie fan for his contribution to this article.

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179 thoughts on “It’s tough being a fan…..

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  9. Been sold now apparently to Quatr Invetment Group. Where do people get their info from? Isn’t twitter fun!!!

    On a more likely note, wonder if we will get any players throught the door next week


  10. Think it will be years before we are sold unless some mega rich multi billionare comes along as we are in too much debt to Ashley, need to start seeing some of that go down before any sale can really go through


  11. Simon @ 174: Agree, mate. Ashley ain’t goin’ nowhere.

    All those ‘realists’ 🙄 who talk about him selling up are simply airing their own hopes.

    In fact, if the truth be known, people like the recently discredit BS9 are probably mistaking their own fears for reality as well.


  12. i keep hearing that we need a billionaire to swoop in and wisk us away to the CL. support the cause, bla, bla, bla

    than i hear we don’t want to be like manc. they have no heart they bought their success, bla,bla, bla

    well which is it.

    i like the way it is headed currently. Here are some words of isdom……

    Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it..


  13. what is it with some people just wanting pardew to spend that 35m. we got til the end of august to spend would it make u happy for pardew to waste it on 3 albert luques??? we are doing good business without spending whats ya problem. some people want to see us blow millions on english talent end of the day when do england win anything compared to other top nations so what makes these english players so special. and if it wasnt for sky pumping millions into our league the premier league wouldnt as good as it is today so lets stop with the negativity and get behind the club for once


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