Time for Ashley to build a bridge?

Good luck Chris!
Just over six months ago Mike Ashley surprisingly sacked manager Chris Hughton, a move which angered many supporters as they felt that Chris was doing as good a job as possible in his first season back in the Premier League.

Anyway that was then, this is now. Newcastle have moved on now and finally Chris has been given the chance to move on at his new club Birmingham City and I’m sure all supporters would love to wish Chris all the best in his new role.

I will be giving Chris some support as, living in Birmingham, I’ll be going to watch a few of the friendlies at St Andrews and show some respect to a man who held us together during rather turbulent times. It will also of course relieve my withdrawal symptoms that I’ve suffered since the end of last season and I can’t wait to watch some football again!

Many of us Newcastle supporters felt that Mike Ashley was rather disgraceful in his treatment of Chris Hughton, but maybe now that Chris has a new job Mike could help out the man that done such a great job for him?

Birmingham City find themselves in the Championship after a mixed season in which they won the League Cup but ended up relegated on the final day of the season. Many of their better players are rumoured to be moving on to pastures new which will leave them with a thin squad and I personally would like to see our club help out the man who got us out of the Championship at the first time of asking.

I think it would be a great move for all concerned if we were to send some of our fringe players on loan to gain some valuable first team experience. If players like Haris Vuckic, Shane Ferguson and Phil Airey go on loan to Birmingham, I’m sure they will get a lot of playing time at quite a competitive level and who knows, they may even be able to gain some European experience.

I still think that Mike Ashley owes Chris Hughton big time, but will his ego allow him to help his former manager who showed nothing but respect to the club and its supporters through some miserable times?

Personally I would love to see Chris Hughton do a great job at Birmingham City and get them back into the Premier League at the first time of asking. And if some of our young players can help them achieve this, I think it will be smiles all around.

So is this a plan with no drawbacks? It certainly looks like one too me, as these young players will not get much playing time at our club yet, but maybe after a good season and plenty of time on the pitch, we might get to see what these players are really capable of and is young Haris as good as what we are lead to believe? Only time will tell.

Good luck Hooters!

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    Army I believe you then but please dont swear on your bairns life mate. I fyou have to do that then the person your saying it to isn’t worth the bother
    Your words enough and I hope the wee lad is ok mate

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  30. Army,

    I thinks Zogs preferred choice is undoubtably here, what with half the French team here already.
    That’s assuming we’be even attempted to get him and its not just agent talk.

    If he get offered 10k a month more he’ll go whenever. They all would.


  31. jesus christ someone is having normal crack with me on here , cheers jj 😆 , nowt worst when you get blamed 4 summit you havent done!!

    its sad jj , money takes control of footy these days , if nzog is just after the coin then he can jog on imo!!! we want players he that wana do well 4 the club !!


  32. Spencer,

    ” Like if teacher asked a question, I would of just shoted out, I was a rebel in school mate”

    Surprised you didn’t end up in juvie… You rebel you.


  33. raffo do you rate clichy?? i think hes canny good like , nowhere near as gud as enrique like


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    Lads I normally find with mesel anyway that I only wind up people that I tend to like and get on with, if I didn’t like ye I wouldn’t really talk to ye.
    JJ as I said before if Zogs wants international footie there is no better place than here as the French boss’s will be regular visitors to SJP


  35. Ye, money is,taking control…

    It’s one thing I will praise MA for… They refuse to dish out high wages when there is risk involved without getting return…

    Hopefully we’ll never be stuck with the likes of frocks like Smith, ****, Casapa, etc because we can’t get rid of them because their wages are too high…


  36. i think theres no other place than newcastle 4 zoggy like , would we be playing him right midfield if he comes??


  37. Jay… has to have a sense of humour, he’s ginga and his humour stops the 5ft giants picking on him 😉


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