Newcastle NOT interested in Sturridge?

No interest in Sturridge.
According to the back page of The Chronicle it would appear that Newcastle have no interest in signing Daniel Strurridge.

This was leaked in an early edition of the publication which I struggled to read, but it’s up now in all it’s glory. Readable or not, if you take away all of the fluff and tinsel all that is left is the glaring fact that NUFC are not even considering entering the race to sign arguably the hottest young, English striker on the block at the moment.

In my view it’s a damning indictment of the transfer policy in place currently at St James’ Park. The policy is packaged as one that will not see us splash cash on players that will only lose value and only buy young, hungry players that will improve. Sturridge would fit the latter mould, no doubt.

At a rumoured £15 million it would be a steal as he has proven that he can score goals in the Premier League. It’s a no-brainer. So why aren’t we interested? Why oh why are we not even enquiring about him?

Before I go on too much of a rant, it’s worth pointing out that it is The Chronicle and it only “understands” the stance on Sturridge, but it certainly doesn’t paint a great picture does it? We need a goalscorer – Sturridge is a goalscorer, that even fits the criteria of our apparent transfer policy. Baffling.

Being honest, it’s probably the price tag that has put us off even looking at Sturridge. As one blogger said this morning “eight-figure syndrome”. As well as our players being young and hungry, they must also not cost over £5 million or something ridiculous like that. I don’t mind that so much, but if a player comes along who is worth it then I’d like to think we’d at least try and sign him.

Apparently not.

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113 thoughts on “Newcastle NOT interested in Sturridge?

  1. 😆 maveaux dont believe nowt til its offical bud , thats why i aint got a twater acount cs theres so much crap on the site


  2. well how come craigcoozy got banned then also all the players stay in jesmond hotel, so you only have to work there or get a room there lol


  3. all we have to do is just wait cos info on zogbia bid will be announced today


  4. The lads who write for the rags can’t goto the editor and tell them they don’t have an article because it’s a quiet day.

    I have heard from more reliable sources than the chronicle that we were interested in him.

    Pinch of salt lads


  5. Marveaux-lous
    Posted June 29, 2011 at 2:17 PM
    all we have to do is just wait cos info on zogbia bid will be announced today

    😆 i doubt it


  6. Btw,

    I am not saying we are or we’re not. Rumours are rumours to me. Just think the chronicle know as much as Indo about the situation, and that’s nowt


  7. lets put it this way everyone on twatters been saying we were still in for n’zogbia even when the article came out saying we wasnt


  8. lol m,arveaux i hope ya right mate , make sure ya on 2nyt so if he hasnt signed al b questioning you 😉


  9. the only thing that could go wrong is if whelan turns down our bid, which I dont think he will


  10. imo sunderland have gambled big style , good player but that was in the championship , the prem is a diff league in every way , think 8m for a 18 yr old with potential is alot of money


  11. We are the geordies
    The geordie boot boys
    For we are mental
    For we are mad
    We are the loyalist football supporters
    The world has ever had


  12. I remember a youngster we signed for 8m, regarding as one of the hotest young propects in Europe, His name… Hugo Viana!


  13. dont have a clue about bangura, martinez though, sturridge is a no go you all know that lol


  14. yeah they never played hugo viana lol and me dad always used to go HES SHIT HE SHIT


  15. 94
    Posted June 29, 2011 at 2:32 PM
    lol army you wont be saying that when zogs on the tyne

    mate i hope you totally proove me wrong mate but i get the feeling its just another made up rumour!! theres nowt on the net about but you say twitter hmmmmm


  16. There is stuff about nzogbia on net one of thems on also type into google “newcastle charles nzogbia” change to past 24 hours lol


  17. How confident am I that @MsiDouglas is wrong re Zog, if he doesn’t sign for #nufc this summer I’ll delete my twitter account

    From Cwarr a while back. Well that can only end well either way 😆


  18. why do you think we havent put an offer in for barnetta yet cos pardews waiting to see what happens with charles


  19. We will buy Carlton Cole if we can sell Barton and Jose. Ashley will not buy unless he can cover that money with sales. Forget about the 35 million you`ll see none of that. Cole is the type Pardew is looking for and will suit Ashley`s pocket. Even the unwashed have splashed the cash on somebody who fits our profile. It`s no good waiting until the end of the window and finding all that is left is the rubbish that nobody wants ie Keane from Spurs.


  20. we wont buy cole and if he signs for us you can barricade me with insults cole is a no go


  21. article on nzogbai bid on and

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  22. Type charles n’zogbia in google and change to pat 24 hours theres loads of articles


  23. kev1664Kevin Cuthbertson

    @Toontastic1892 We need 6 in 2xST,RB,LB,CB,RW £35/6= £5.83m. To sign Sturridge it would take 1/3 of the budget. So no is my answer.


  24. lol i know mate!!! im lost with the footy season finished!! ive watched nowt but shite for over a month!!! i even got excited for the u21s tournament and that was terrible !!! roll ON AUGUST 13TH EH !! hwtl


  25. Really couldn’t give a toss about speculative press nonsense. The Chronic isn’t the best barometer for the ambition of the club.


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