You, the manager!

Get to work!
I am Mike Ashley. Well, not literally, but for the sake of this exercise I want you to suspend some disbelief and take it that I am.

Here is my problem: Alan Pardew has just quit as manager over my reluctance to offer Shola Ameobi a five-year extension to his current contract so I have now appointed you as the new Newcastle manager effective immediately.

We are operating in real time here, just over a third of the transfer window has gone by and we have signed three players (Ba, Marveaux and Cabaye) and lost one player (Nolan). I want a top-six finish this year and for you to complete all of the work that Alan Pardew has started. Effectively you will have around £20 million of working capital and you will have to show just cause for your future signings. There are other issues that you will need to resolve.

1. Who will be your captain?
2. Do you keep Barton or send him tweetering off to another team?
3. Resolve the Jose contract delay
4. What areas of the team need strengthening and who will you bring in?
5. What type of game plan and team formation are you going to run with?
6. Will you play the young guns that are knocking on the first team door?

I have been reading this ‘blog and a lot of you seem to think that you know what’s best for Newcastle United! Well here is your opportunity, it is time to put your money where your mouth is and show me what you can do!


Mike Ashley (well Aussie Magpie Fan actually!)

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70 thoughts on “You, the manager!

  1. 1. my captain would be collo
    2. defo keep barton , dont care what he says on ****ter , he can do the talking on the pitch for me
    3.sit down and talk to enrique and make sure i get an answer what he wants to do and offer him a fantastic deal as there arent any better at left back
    4. defender and 2 strikers need purchased and a right winger , strikers a big must!!!
    5. i would play the 4 , 4 , 1 , 1 formation with benny just behind the striker , two holding midfielders ( cabaye and tiote ) and two wingers , something like this ….

    simpson collo taylor enrique
    cabaye tiote
    new winger marveaux
    ben arfa

    6. the yungins will defo get a chance , have a couple of them on the bench , and bring them on at the best time to show off there potential!! richardson , airey , vukic , tavernier all with a big chance!!


  2. I’ll give Joey Barton captaincy and push for a new 2 year contract for him which will hopefully see him make the most of the good form he has been in as of recent. By that time he’ll be be 30 and from there we can look at yearly contract extensions if he works his **** off.

    Jose/agent can be called for discussions regarding his contract for a final decision. If he wants to go fine, Newcastle thrive as a team when the players are passionate for the cause and Newcastle United as a club. If he stays, brilliant.

    Our strike force still needs strengthening and I would like to bring in another 2 forwards. One #9 worthy and another young striker as a backup with good potential.

    I’d like a formation that makes good use of the wings so they can cut in and make an impact up front and I’d love to see a flamboyant style of play from The Entertainers once again.

    I would love to give the young players opportunities and once we are confident that our starting 11 is solid, we can look at giving some of the younger potential the odd match in place of those who play match in match out, to give those player a bit of rest also, thus hopefully, maintaining good form and minimising injury risk.


  3. great article, good idea. Right then….

    1. Colo
    2. Keep for sure.
    3. I’d sit him down explain my vision and how much of a big player he is to this club, if he stalls I’ll transfer list. Wont have an unhappy player on the books.
    4. Striker, left back cover. Basically I think we all know what we need.
    5. I like 4-4-1-1. For me Benny off a striker would be lethal. However I don’t think we have the striker I would start yet.
    6. If I think they have what it takes- Fergie would be a big part of my plans. Although he is a bit light weight, I’d send him to the gym.


  4. -Sign Joey to a 3-year deal, name him captain.
    -Sign Taylor from Swansea (1M)
    -Sign Barnetta (5M)
    -Sign Sturridge (12M)
    -Sign 2-3 youth players
    -send Smith to Leeds
    -sell, Lovenkrands
    -loan out Airey, Kadar, Perch, Routledge, Vuckic
    -keep Fergie and Tavernier in the squad

    Formation- experiment a bit, may depend on opposition and who is fit

    Enrique- do my best to keep him, but if he leaves use the cash for his replacement plus a young another CB/RB


  5. oy, Mike, get your hand out your pocket you fat **** and give me as much money (in reason) to stengthen this squad with young talent like sturridge.

    I want to keep Jose because he has been one of are best players on the field, and there arent many left backs around like him, he’s strong, got a bit of pace, can beat a man, can deliver a decent ball and can defend and a attack.

    I also want to keep hold of Joey, he was one of are most important players last season, not only can he let his feet do the talking on the field, he can get the players fired up in the dressing room. However, he needs a ban from twitter.

    I will mix the formation up abit, I will do this to confuse opponents, I will most likely play one forward, with players like HBA and Jonas running riot, with two players to stop them coming forward, in the mould of tiote.

    The youngsters would all get a chance under me, however only at the correct time, only when we are winning matchs and there isnt long left, if they impress I will give them longer and longer each game, maybe even some getting a full game against weaker oppenents if they look like they have it.

    My captain would be Joey, although we have other candidates like colo, I feel he is to quite on the pitch and couldnt see him getting the team going on a cold snowy night in january.

    So then Mike, do I get the job? 😉


  6. 3 players in for me , shane long , taylor and nzogbia!!! all 3 i think we could get!! offer taylor 2m , shane long 7 million and nzogbia 11 million!! thats 20 million!!! keep the change ashley yi filthy animal !!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  7. 1. Who will be your captain?
    Steven Taylor

    2. Do you keep Barton or send him tweetering off to another team?
    Sell him off, he’s a disgrace, cash in now.

    3. Resolve the Jose contract delay.
    Nice lad, but,cash in now. Sell to Arsenal…

    4. What areas of the team need strengthening and who will you bring in?

    New goalkeeper, let Harper go to WBA or Wigan. USA or Aussie make them good and cheap these days.

    Playmaker – if we are going for n/Zogbia why not get Scott Parker, miles better than Barton.

    Forwards – bring in Sturridge, even at 20 million – still a good bet and deal on the rest of the transfers in and out.

    5. What type of game plan and team formation are you going to run with?
    4-4-2. Sturridge and Ba up front.

    6. Will you play the young guns that are knocking on the first team door?

    yeah, why not.


  8. Did you really just say Parker is better than Joey? Maybe if you want a player to get the ball from the hold up man in their third, then pass it all the way back to your defence.


  9. 1. S.Taylor
    2. If an offer comes in and it makes no economic sense to keep him then suggest a transfer. If not keep him but will lose him for nothing next season.
    3. There’s nothing I can do other than suggest a deadline for contract renewal. If he doesn’t want to stay, he won’t.
    4. Right- Winger!!! NOT another left winger!!!
    Striker with pace and good finishing ability.
    RB to replace Simpson.
    LB to replace Enrique with the money we get for him if he leaves.
    That should do for this window.

    5. 4-4-2 with pace and quality upfront and strength and skill in the CM and defense.

    6. Krul will become first choice. Other than that no not really, they will get chances through injuries and suspensions probably. Ferguson and Kadar are the only two, LuaLua I would try and keep as cover for RW and Sammy Ameobi. Hopefully one of these two will become good enough to play there like Ferguson has done towards the end of last season and they can replace Barton eventually (Who isn’t really a RW anyway) Airey send out on loan for first team experience.


  10. Captain – Coloccini – calm, cool, collected and respected

    Offer Barton New 3 year deal – brings something different to team with natural leadership skills.

    Sell Jose Enrique and bring in Taye Taiwo similar player of similar age but with greater experience and adds set piece ability

    Pacey Striker needed, right back needed, goal keeper needed, cover at centre half needed

    I would play a rigid 4-3-3 with ben arfa and marvuex on wings. with attacking CM, box to box cm and defending CM

    young guns will be played from the bench and in cup competitions where the oppisition suits it.


  11. 1. Who will be your captain? Colo

    2. Do you keep Barton or send him tweetering off to another team? Keep him. offer a 3 year deal, with an option of 1 more year based on apps.

    3. Resolve the Jose contract delay? Stay or fock off. Make your decision jose, even if he wants to go try and get him to sign a new deal with a release clause of 10m, making sure we get a good deal.

    4. What areas of the team need strengthening and who will you bring in? We need a striker, a winger and maybe a versatile defender. Jose Salomon Rondon, Sturridge or Long up top.
    Winger: N’zog, Boudebouz or Lee chung yong.
    Defender: Luke Chambers, Ashley Williams or Alan Hutton

    5. What type of game plan and team formation are you going to run with?
    Quick, pacey slick passing.
    Krul, Simmo, Colo, Taylor Enrique, Cabaye, Barton, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Winger, ba/other striker.

    6. Will you play the young guns that are knocking on the first team door?
    Ferguson, Kadar, Vuckic and Airey would be closest to the first team, would give a couple a game in the cup against shoite

    Have i got the job?.


  12. —————-Krul—————-
    —-Marveaux——-Ben Arfa—-

    Subs: Harper, Simpson, Williamson, Ferguson, Jonas, Guthrie, Best.

    That’s where we’re at now. Looking good, in my opinion.


  13. 20 million? I’d immediately book a flight to the Bahamas and live out my days. Fook ya footy club fatty.


  14. i might be a bit biast here but .. barton , cabaye, tiote , marveaux , jonas , ben arfa ………… PLEASE TEL ME A BETTER MIDFIELD IN THE PREM THAN THAT??????


  15. Dont normally comment but what can i say i am a huge football manager fan so here we go-
    1. Due to lack of British grit in the team with the loss of Nolan and potential loss of Barton and with a growing French influence i would make Steven Taylor captain as he is vocal and would have alot of kick + passion.

    2. Based on the team i would have and as much as i would want to keep Barton i could do with another £3 million in the bank and after his rants against the owner i couldn’t see me having much hope of keeping him. A good team player but someone creating negative vibes and who knows they are leaving at the end of the season – he has to go. + £3 mill to my budget and saving £50-60k per week in wages.

    3. A player who i think is in the top three left backs in the league and has been a good performer for the club but i am scared of risking getting nothing for him at the end of the season and again may not have his heart in the game based on the fact he sees himself leaving. Only way to keep him would be off silly wages which as a club we just cannot afford to do. Would have to sell – £7 million gained and saving £55k per week in wages.

    4. As a result of this i need a new left back and a new midfielder. Alongside that we need some depth – a new right back, a left back (backup), two new strikers.
    Left back- Cheick M’Bengue for £6 mill replace Enrique (+£1 mill, save £20k p/week on wages)
    Midfield – Krancjar for £5 mill replace Barton ( – £2 mill, save £10k per week on wages)

    right back- Nedum Onuoha (£3.5 mill, £25k per week) could easily challenge and probably overtake Simpson
    left back- would be a loan with a view to buy Ryan Bertrand (£5 mill to buy), always backup to Cheick and if Cheick doesn’t settle would be a perfect British replacement
    Striker 1- Daniel Sturridge (£7 mill, 30k per week) and can only get better
    Striker 2- Jozy Altidore ( £4 mill to buy) a young physical striker a bit of a gamble as very unproven and raw but thats what Ashley wants and already an international, worth a punt

    5. attacking 442
    Onuoha S Taylor Collo M’Bengue
    Ben Arfa Cabaye Maveraux
    Ba Sturridge

    Ben Arfa to drift in off the right with his left foot

    Krancjar – can also play instead of Maveraux and Cabaye depending on how they settle)

    6. Ferguson, Kadar, Lua Lua, Vuckic, Ranger would all be in and around the team, all will getgames as subs and depending on development may see some starts. loans would be an option for thos getting no first team experience. but you can expect to see plenty of involvement from them.


  16. I’ve stayed a number of times. That our success in this transfer market will depend on us keeping Enrique and Barton.

    If we lose Nolan, Barton and Enrique and bring in Cabaye, Ba and Marvaeux and Taylor. We will have weakened not strenghthened IMO.

    We still need a strikers and player who can play on the right wing.


  17. Who felt as dissappointed as i did reading pardews interview thia morn?
    “hope for one or two more”

    We have sold carroll and replaced him with a freebie albeit a very good striker. I am just so underwhelmed! I thought theyd been planning theyre assault on the transfer market for months, am i expectin to much when i believe even if we keep the current squad together and sign 2 players (unless they’re highly versatile) i will be seriously unimpressed?!


  18. I mean if ameobi, loven, guthrie, perch, best (to an extent) play regularly for us We’ll be in big trouble.


  19. And thats just to name some, i believe we need a proven winger n another CF for playin lesser teams at home, and wing back cover if the club cant see that its disgraceful


  20. I’d give Colo the armband straight away, then ship Barton off to whoever will put up with him for £3m. Then offer Jose a very reasonable contract with a minimum fee release clause of 10 – 12 million. If he doesn’t sign it in a week, send him to Arsenal for around £7m.

    Then I’d put in a £12m offer for Sturridge, a £5m offer for M’Bengue (if Jose leaves) and a £9m offer for N’zogbia. My fat ******* chairman will have a couple of mill left over to deal with the wage bill.

    Then send Smith to Leeds (prob have to pay half his wages for the year), and Perch and Lovenkrands to whoever will take them.

    Lineup will be


    Danny Colo S. Taylor Jose (or M’Bengue)

    N’Zogbia Cabaye Tiote Marveaux

    Ba Sturridge

    For tough away games, put Gosling in CM, take Ba out and push the French lads further up the wings


  21. Joey would be my captain.
    So I’d be keeping him.
    I’d sell Jose if he doesn’t sign a contract with in 2 weeks and sign someone who wants to play for the club.
    Signing a quality striker would be a priority, then the right of midfield.
    Formation would be 4-1-2-2-1
    GK Krul
    RB Simpson
    LB Enrique (if he stays)
    CB colo
    CB saylor
    DM Tiote
    RM Barton
    LM Jonas
    CAM Ben Arfa
    CAM Marvaeux
    ST Sturridge or Huntelaar (dreaming I know)
    Young players on the bench with regular run outs when possible.


  22. Moreno

    Jesus, I’m some dope! Push out Ba then, play HBA just off Sturridge, and hire Moreno as my assistant manager to ensure I don’t piss off my star players


  23. 1. i would have steven taylor captain

    2. i would keep barton and offer him a four year deal

    3. i would sit jose and his people down and explain to them how important he is then offer him a contact 60k per week and give him a week, if he stalls then sell him 2 liverpool for 7.5million and sign steven warnock

    4. i would sign neil taylor 1mil
    charles n,zogbia 9mil
    daniel sturrige 10mil

    if enrique was to leave i would buy matt mills 3.5mil and warnock 3.5 mil

    5. i would play a 4-2-3-1
    forster gk
    r taylor rb
    colo cb
    s taylor cb
    enrique/warnock lb
    cabeye cm
    tiote cm
    jonas rm
    ben afra lm
    n’zogbia the hole
    sturridge cf

    i would alter ben arfa n n’zogbia to find their best pos and play attacking at home and counter away .. we have the pace and flair to trouble all teams and the youth to grow

    6. i would give the youngesters and go in the cups to prove their r worthy then the better ones on the bench for cameos then we will see


  24. 1. Colo for captain. He’s guaranteed to start and can really lead by example.
    2. Offer Barton 3 year contract on similar wages with 2 extensions awaiting for sure. Obviously if he doesn’t take it, off he goes.
    3. Talk to Jose after first day of preseason training. If he says he wants to stay then put the contract before him then and there. If no, then put a call into barca or another European club that could afford the price. Over-inflate the asking price to 20 mil and then accept when they offer 13 mil.
    4. We need a pacey striker who can score goals when given the opportunity, another winger/creative attacking midfielder, and maybe a right back if everyone stays.
    go for Jose rondon from Malaga for 10 mil. If no-go then try sturridge for the same amount.
    N’zogbia for 9 mil. If whelan is a pr!ck then grab barnetta for 6 mil.
    Depending on money left over get Neil Taylor or some other promising fullback.
    5. Slick, passing game with pace and intelligence. 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation depending on opponents and players available. Encourage tiote to develop even more.
    6. Defo let ferguson have a constant seat on the bench, possibly Kazenga. Loan out kadar, tavernier, and vuckic with room to call back. Loan airey, Inman, and richardson for the season. Give them te first team experience they need.

    That was fun!


  25. I disagree with zulu @10 👿
    Barton is not a disgrace. He has turned a corner in his life and deserves a lot of credit.
    People like George Best and Gazza are a disgrace. Weak lilly livered characters who haven’t got the strength of mind to turn their lives about.
    For me JB deserves a break from constantly being put down.
    I would offer him a 2yr contract extension and make him captain. His heart is in the right place at least and he wants to bring some sucess to NUFC.
    As for ****ter, I would have a ban on the whole club, not just individual players, its nowt but bad news in the end.
    Again I would want a decision from Jose Enrique as to where his ambitions are. If he wants away, then so be it, but no more pussy footing about with the club. If he doesn’t want to stay then lets get the bidding started asap and a replacement sought.
    Not interested in wasting time on sturridge, not impressed me in the slightest. If he was as good as all yous are raving, he would be snapped up by manure, city, l’pool etc by now. And if chelsea are prepared to let him go then he is severely over rated and over priced.
    Ferguson and Vukic and some of the others could do with half season loan deals and would help in their development.
    Clearly we need another striker,???? And I would be making this my top priority. No idea tbh but it will take a big chunk of the £20M.
    I would take the cash for Forster now too.
    Would go for N’zog but on MY terms. ie he plays where and when I want, otherwise not interested.
    I would send my chief scout to the far east next season, as that is a big market to be tapped into. Some good quality players to be found at low prices.


  26. As a fan of el loco. Chile last world cup,
    Back 3 Saylor, colo, kadar
    Mid 3 matudi, tiote, cabaye
    Creator hba
    Attack marveaux, seleznyov, barnetta

    Keep jose, barton, jose if poss.
    Promote vuckic and ferguson to bench others as ready


  27. For me right now




    Barton—– Cabaye

    HBA —- Ba —–Jonas

    Pretty strong if u ask me


  28. Ps would not touch sturridge with barge pole. Rumour says £20m and £80k wages with a bling attitude that makes ranger look like a team worker.


  29. 1. Who will be your captain?


    2. Do you keep Barton or send him tweetering off to another team?

    I would keep Barton and give him the deal he wants.

    3. Resolve the Jose contract delay

    Get him in the office and tell him to sign a contract or he’s up for sale, no more waiting around wasting time.

    4. What areas of the team need strengthening and who will you bring in?

    I would bring in Sturridge, Neil Taylor and Ireland.

    5. What type of game plan and team formation are you going to run with?


    Simpson Taylor Colo Enrique

    Barton Tiote Cabaye

    Ben Arfa

    Sturridge Ba

    6. Will you play the young guns that are knocking on the first team door?

    No unless there was an injury crises, they would be played in the early rounds of the cup games. I would loan Vuckic and Airey out.


  30. Sorry cant tell me left from right
    Kadar, matudi & marveaux on the left
    Saylor, cabaye & barnetta on right

    I blame me phone


  31. 1) Joey Barton
    2) Keep Barton cos he’s a great player and he contributes loads to the game.
    3) Have one last stab at keeping him with a good offer and then sell him off for at least 8million probably more.
    4) Forwards need improving so bring in Sturridge and another striker such as Elmander or Adam Johnson.
    5) 4-4-2 formation with slightly more forward LM and RM and with pressing RB and LB with lots of crosses into the box and large amounts of passing around the box.
    6) I’d play some of the young players for easier matches e.g. Wigan and Blackburn and also play them for Cups and subs for league matches. Especially Shane Ferguson as either a LB or LM.


  32. I would keep barton even if not in 1st 11 as he provides options and cover. Given a more conventional 4 4 2 i can see him in the cm with tiote which opensup a variety of options depending on the opponents.


  33. Oh yeah and starting 11 would be

    R.Taylor S.Taylor Colo Enrique

    Cabaye Tiote
    Barton Gutierrez/Marveaux

    Ba Sturridge


  34. 😯

    What would I do?

    Not bother even sitting down or unpack, cancel the hotel and ring for a cab to the airport

    😯 😯 😯 🙁


  35. 1. Who will be your captain?
    Got to be Collo for me With Barton as vice-captain.

    2. Do you keep Barton or send him tweetering off to another team?
    A.Got to keep Barton in my opinion, we need to keep (some of with nolan already gone) the key players from last season and with his passion and drive i think Joey is topping the list.

    3. Resolve the Jose contract delay
    A.As with joey he needs to be kept at the club, Key palyer and he is only gonna get better and better in my opinion.

    4. What areas of the team need strengthening and who will you bring in?
    in- Right back – Kyle walker
    Striker- Daniel Sturriage
    Left back – Neil Taylor
    Attacking Mid/Winger – N’zogbia or Barnetta

    Out- Lovenkrands, Perch, Smith, Routledge

    5. What type of game plan and team formation are you going to run with?
    A.Obviously depending on opposition but id like to see a 443 attacking line up of:

    Gk – Krul RB – Walker CB – S.Taylor CB – Collo LB – Enrique CDM – Tiote LCM – Cabaye RCM – Barton AMR – Ben Arfa AMR – N’Zogbia/Barnetta/Maveraux ST – Sturriage

    6. Will you play the young guns that are knocking on the first team door?

    Yes If they are good enough then why not!?


  36. I’ve been looking at this one all day and tried to comment several times but work keeps getting in the way. Bloody job!! 👿

    Right first things first. Coloccini is nailed on captain. It needs to be an automatic starter and there aren’t many off them Tiote spends too much time suspended, Barton – well you’re asking for trouble, and Ben Arfa seems to be enjoying his role as director of football/tapping up every footballer in France.

    Secondly let’s deal with Barton and Enrique together. I’ll do nothing. As AP proved last year with Steven Taylor, the best thing to do is nothing. When nobody comes up with a offer of silly wages/champion’s league football, they’ll sign on by December. If not wait til the last day of Janurary and offload to this year’s Kenny Dailglish/Harry Redknapp. They will both put a shift in in order to “raise their value”. Which is basically the best way of saying they are greedy buggers.

    Next up to transfer targets. I don’t buy the whole “sign Sturridge for 12million – simple 😆 ” line, otherwise AP would have done it. Things are more complicated than that and waters murkied further by agents feeding lies to journos. I’d sit it out with 6.5million for Erdnic, I don’t think Lille will take him ias part exchange for Hazard as they will want cash only before building for the CL this year. What we really need is some one with a bit of gas and a few tricks. I actually don’t think too much else is needed, other than replacing anybody who does go (Which for the record I think will be no-one at all!)

    Tactics are really the easy bit as far as I am concerned, as our squad is really set for the Porto like attacking 4-3-3. Back four from last season, Tiote in the holding role, Ba up front, Barton and Cabaye running on in front of cheick, and either ben arfa and Marveaux, Guttierez or ferguson on the wings. I would play the youngsters when anybody gets injured and then if Erdinc is signed stick either on the wing or up front.
    Add in Shola for his annual Mackem torturing and CL here we come. With 13.5million (- 1milllion when Taylor – seriously how can we tell which is which! – agitates and gets his move.) still in the bank for Janurary in case things go **** up.


  37. And to switch mine ups bit, Barton on the left behind Jonas, and cabaye on the right behind HBA. Better relationships to be made with the wingers constantly cutting in to overrun the defense!


  38. Decent Bench aswel:

    Any from:

    + other young players

    Ive very much enjoyed this little fantasy – Thanks Toonsy


  39. Toonarmy87….I never take too much notice of what he says anyway, but “1 or 2” is just a figure of speech maybe. I think he said the same thing before the window even opened and 3 have came in, much like me saying I’m going out fot a pint or 2 then numerous pints later I fall through the front door :mrgreen:


  40. Also realised that given I’ve about 12million quid left over, I might bring back the Zog on the Tyne for 9million (If Wigan want more then leave it!) and maybe Stephen Ireland for a maximum take it ot leave it 2million pound bid. Wouldn’t go any higher than that and to be honest would probably try and lowball Wigan and Villa on those prices to 5million and 1million respectively.


  41. There is some cracking ideas and reasoning on here like. I might e mail the club with these so they can be ritually ignored like most other e mails they get 😆


  42. I’d immediately try to spend the £20m and as soon as it became obvious that the money wasn’t actually available, I’d walk out a sue for constructive dismissal. Then I’d buy a place in the sun and quietly observe the goings on at SJP via this blog from my poolside, whilst supping a refreshing iced drink. If it’s good enough for KK, it’s good enough for me.


  43. @52

    Only problem with doing that,
    is that they will wet themselves laughing at the 20 million budget we have all spent!


  44. Richie, the way it has come across is that the bulk of the business has been done and they will add one or two, seeing as the total outlay so far is £500,000, the 2 remaining transfers should be £17.5m each, if they are true to their word.
    Some will say that the infamous Carroll 35m was to include wages for the 3 new signings but what about the wages they have saved from the players that have left, Campbell, Kuqi and Nolan.
    But i agree, Pardew talks in riddles, as if he has just fallen through the front door!


  45. Collo captain experience, respect from other players and class act
    Barton his mouth runneth over get rid will cause problems in the camp if we keep him
    Jose on his way to Arsenal now that Clichy is about to sign for Man City problem solved
    Bring in Zog, and M Bengue
    GK – Krul- RB Simpson CB Saylo CB Collo LB M`Bengue RM Ben Arfa CM Tiote CM Cabaye ST Ba ST Zog


  46. 1:Coloccini
    2: two year extension £10 million release clause
    3: offer him to clubs for £7 million and offer him an even more fantastic offer already been tabled
    4: we need left back, Bertrand (Chelsea) £3 million
    Left mid, N’Zogbia (Wigan) £9 million
    Sturridge (Chelsea) £12 million
    Ireland, (villa) £2 million
    Hitzlsperger (west ham) free
    Nicky Maynard (Bristol city) £5 million
    Total: £31 million
    Out: Perch £1 million
    Routledge £2 million
    Forster £3 million
    Söderberg (loan)
    Xisco £1 million
    Guthrie £2 million
    Smith free
    Total £9 million
    Net spend £23 million
    5: 4-4-1-1 attacking direct committed football
    Vuckic/ Maynard
    N’zogbia Barton
    Marveaux Jonas


  47. Didn’t finish
    Cabaye. Tiote
    Ireland. Hitzlsperger

    Bertrand. Simpson
    Ferguson. Taylor
    Taylor. Coloccini
    Williamson. Kadar
    Reserve: Alnwick

    6: yes vuckic ferguson krul kadar will be knocking on the door
    Richardson loaned


  48. Captain – cool
    Barton – 1 year rolling
    Defoe most natural finisher around at minute and southern muppets too blind to see it
    4 4 2
    Spare 10 mill on pulls pies for mikes lunches


  49. 1. Who will be your captain?

    2. Do you keep Barton or send him tweetering off to another team?
    See if theres ayn interest from abroad but keep him if not

    3. Resolve the Jose contract delay
    Do everything to keep him

    4. What areas of the team need strengthening and who will you bring in?
    Taylor 1m
    Matuidi 8m
    Nzogbia 9m
    Bangura 3m
    Barnetta 5m
    Sturridge 10 m
    Comes to 36 mill
    Best 4m
    Barton 4m
    Routledge 2m
    Lovenkrands 1m
    Guthrie 2m
    Perch 1m
    Jonas 8m
    Xisco 1m
    Comes to 23m
    Net spend 13million
    Keep some just in case for January and obviously wages and the rest

    5. What type of game plan and team formation are you going to run with?
    4-1-4-1 depending on where and who we are playing
    Simpson Taylor Coloccini Enrique
    Ben Arfa Matuidi Cabaye N’Zogbia
    Subs – Harper Williamson RTaylor Barnetta Marveux Ba Bangura
    Play down the wings with ben arfa cutting in to get some shots away, if defensive put matuidi next to tiote and catch them on the break

    6. Will you play the young guns that are knocking on the first team door?
    Keep: Kadar Tavernier Ferguson Vuckic and Lua Lua
    Loan out: Sam Ameobi Airey Donaldson and Soderberg.


  50. 1. Who will be your captain?
    Steven Taylor or Coloccini

    2. Do you keep Barton or send him tweetering off to another team?
    I’d offer him a 4 year contract, and he’s stated that he’d be willing to take a pay drop to stay at the club. His first team status is up in the air, but the man loves the club and I’d have to respect that.

    3. Resolve the Jose contract delay
    Offer him a 3 year contract for about 55K a week with a buyout clause of about 10 million. State my ambition for the team, and tell him its all or nothing. If he doesn’t sign, put him up on the transfer market for 10 million. If he signs, hell yeah I’ve got the best left winger in the Prem.

    4. What areas of the team need strengthening and who will you bring in?
    Hmm.. Assuming that Enrique doesn’t resign, I’d need another left back. I also need a striker and maybe another winger?
    Left back – Eric Lichaj from Villa. Fell out with the manager and isn’t too popular with the fans. Had his off-days for the team, but showed great work ethic at the Gold Cup for the United States. Very powerful, fast, can double as a left or right back. Probably could get him for 2 million.
    Striker – Sturridge from Chelsea for about 12 would be great. Had an great season at Bolton on loan. Would also try for Juan Agudelo from New York Red Bulls as an investment. Shows promise, but would develop much better and faster in the Prem.

    5. What type of game plan and team formation are you going to run with?
    Probably a 4-5-1, will mess around with line-ups at points depending on the team
    —Simpson, S. Taylor, Colo, Lichaj
    ———–Cabaye, Barton
    —-Gutierrez——————-Ben Arfa

    —-Simpson, Taylor, Colo, Lichaj
    —-Gutierrez, Cabaye, Barton, Ben Arfa
    —————Ba, Sturridge

    —-Simpson, Taylor, Colo, Lichaj
    —-Gutierrez, Cabaye, Barton, Maveraux
    ————–Ben Arfa
    6. Will you play the young guns that are knocking on the first team door?
    Of course. They wouldn’t get first team, unless they proved it on the pitch. We’ve got loads of talent coming in, and they’d all be excellent subs. I’d start them in cup matches, friendlies, and games against relegation teams. I’d really looking forward to seeing how Ferguson, Vuckic, Airey, LuaLua and Ameobi develop


  51. Robert…one or two more would almost be enough………….if no more left, but we kno that ain’t gonna happen 😥


  52. Wow, not one of you wanted to get rid on Shola!!!
    Well you all had your chance…..


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