Toon confirm Mehdi Abeid signing.

Mehdi signs five year deal.
Newcastle have today confirmed that Mehdi Abeid will join the club and will become that latest in what is turning out to be a long line of talented youngsters at the club.

The 18-year-old former Lens prospect has penned a five year deal at the club and will go straight into the reserves where he will work with Peter Beardsley who, by all accounts, is not a bad person for a budding midfielder with a few tricks up his sleeve to learn from. It also seems that Pedro is looking forward to working with the youg’un.

“We are delighted bring Mehdi to the Club,” Beardsley told the official club website. “He is a bright, young talent and we think he has an exciting future ahead of him.”

“After an impressive trial with us earlier in the year, I’m looking forward to working with Medhi and developing his talent.”

The deal had been mooted right at the start of the summer although, as should be customary with all transfer news, I personally refused to believe it until it was confirmed by the club. Now it has been, welcome to Newcastle, Mehdi.

Take a look at Mehdi in action:

From that video he certainly looks like he has some talent out on that right wing. A couple of nice tricks and a few long passes aswell as a good work rate are what I managed to take from that. If he can keep that up then he’ll go far. Mind you, it’s only a YouTube video of his best bits, so we haven’t seen what he is like at his worst or how he reacts when things don’t go for him.

He’s got plenty of time to show us though!

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105 thoughts on “Toon confirm Mehdi Abeid signing.

  1. So its July 1st. Time to announce many more signings at the Toon.
    Must be half a dozen or so waiting in the wings πŸ™„
    Errrr! πŸ˜•


  2. Made me chuckle when Sky Sports News did their OTT reaction to this signing.

    “Well it July 1st and ALREADY things are starting to pick up pace”

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  3. Another classic from Sky Sports News just……

    “Abeid becomes Alan Pardew’s third summer signing behind Senagal striker Demba Ba and French midfielder Sylvain Marveaux”

    No Cabaye then? πŸ˜•


  4. It’s a bit of a worry that some reporters can’t get even the basics right during a very slow news week… you really have to wonder. πŸ˜•


  5. Another talented kid? Plenty with talent it would seem, but none talented enough to get into our team. Well apart from Ferguson.


  6. You never know Stu. He may impress enough to be given a go in the first team :mrgreen:

    I could just imagine the reaction if it was announced that Abeid would go straight into our first team πŸ˜•


  7. Toonsy, if we said he cost us 15m he would be a certain first team starter… You would not hear any complaints..


  8. Toonsy,

    Think they meant third free summer signing.

    Pardew said he wanted one more in before the tour to America, and hopefully one more after the tour.

    Which tells me, Abied is the one before… Therefore, we can expect to see just one more signing. Which will probably be Charles N’Zogbia or Neil Taylor.

    Pity, because we really did need another striker.

    Dont expect to see more than two players coming in with at least Enrique going out.

    That will leave us short on leadership, short of any quality fullbacks, and no out and out right sided midfielder…

    Ie. If things go “as planned” we will not really have strengthened the squad. And the 35Mil will have mysteriously deappeared. With another next spent of around 5mil.


  9. Bobby,

    Was any of the 3 questions Keegan answered yours? Heard he played a slideshow for most of it.


  10. Thats the problem with some fasn, a players need to cost a load of dosh before they’ll accept he’s any good…

    The lad was another Freebies & if he’s as talented as folk say, then why is that a problem, same with Marveaux & Ba, they’re both Internationals but no one is creaming over them because they cost nowt!!!

    Sometime I don’t get some people!!!!


  11. More than likely that Naylor’ll be the next and last one – Zogs’ll cost a few quid and we can’t be too careful can we?

    πŸ™„ πŸ˜•


  12. quality signing good to see us looking at good youth . Now for a bit of class experience and were away.


  13. JJ
    Posted July 1, 2011 at 8:27 AM


    Think they meant third free summer signing.”

    Nope. I heard it with my own ears. Exactly as they said, third summer signing.


  14. Toon69

    The problem isn’t the amount we havn’t spend.

    The problem is the quality we are lacking in the areas of LB (even before Jose goes), RB, STIKER and RIGHT WING… And there is only one more signing coming in (from the managers mouth)…


  15. Mmmm, maybe if we look at Pardew’s utterence of yesterday (….””They won’t be in before July 4, but we hope to get one in before the tour of America – and there could well be one after the tour.”), might we expect another two after Abied rather than one?


  16. Lesh,

    Ye. Hopefully two. But if we sell anyone, will they be replaced? Surely Pardew knows whether Enrique is leaving or not…


  17. Toon69, i don’t think it’s fair to say fans are concerned just cos we haven’t spent 20 mil+ on individual players.The worry is that if you believe what Pardew says, and I know it’s becoming increasingly difficult, then we may only be looking at bringing one more player in. That would mean heading into the new season with a thinner squad than last year, EVERYONE (Pardew included and he’s actually on ****in camera saying so) admitted that our squad was paper thin, so what do we do? We end up bringing in about the same number of players that we’ve released and if you believe the gossip we’re probably going to be letting a few more go. I don’t know what’s thinner than paper, but that’s what our squad will be.

    Fans don’t necessarily want the team to bid silly money for any one player but it’s the fact that the club came openly out after the sale of AC and said they would spend all the transfer money received on new recruits in the summer. Fair enough in bringing in players on the cheap, but any mug can see we still probably need more depth in 3 or 4 positions and if we honestly head into a season with Ba and Ameobi as out front men that can anyone tell me they’d feel fully confident.

    If the club didn’t plan on spending the AC transfer money, all I would ask for is honesty and not some bull**** merchant like Pardew spinning us lies to protect his fat mate’s fat ass!

    And before any of the pro Ashley lot pipe up accusing me of anything, I know it’s not my money and not my club so i’m not ‘entitled’ to anything, but I wish the club would stop making promises they have no intention of keeping.

    I’m very concerned if AP thinks 1 more signing will be enough for another tough prem season, if I prove to be wrong then i’ll hold my hands up but to me this looks like the fat controller is stripping the assets and the heart out of our beloved club!


  18. Pardew in January,just like to remind people what he said,because people seem to be fine that the transfer money from the shocking sale of OUR No9 might not all get spent πŸ˜₯

    “We weren’t expecting him to go, so we weren’t in a position to replace him. One thing I can guarantee, having spoke to Mike Ashley, is that every penny will go back into the club. Mike’s assured me he won’t take a penny out of the transfer.”

    Pardew moved to reassure fans that all of the funds from the Carroll transfer will be used to strengthen the team, and claimed that Newcastle had been priced out of last-minute moves for a replacment striker because of the “extortionate” fees demanded.

    “The one thing I said to [owner] Mike [Ashley] yesterday was, ‘Look, if this boy is going to go, this money has to be re-invested in the team, all of it’, and he has assured me of that. For the Newcastle fan, that is the most important message I can give today, that all that money will be used”


  19. How do we know it hasn’t been spent? Remember, it wasn’t just going to be used for transfer fees…..


  20. Just hope this boy doesn’t get forgotten about like our other fanfare youth signings…

    Still haven’t seen or heard anything of Yven Moyo, anyone know what happened to him?

    Lesh – πŸ˜€

    Apparantly Keegan did it for free in aid of Durham FC


  21. Toonsy, f*ck off are you really buying into this ****? Newcastle got Β£35 mil from AC but they also get TV rights, merchandise and ticket sales. These w@nkers claiming most of the money has been used on Tiotes contract or agent fees and signing on fees are having a laugh. The club has plenty of sources of income other than transfer fees themselves which help cover the cost of those things and you don’t pay f*cking contracts up front as some **** seem to think.

    Have you ever heard any other club talking the sort of ****e some of our fans are. Did Man United say we’ve signed De Gea for Β£18mil but on top of that it’s Β£2mil agency fees, Β£1 mil signing on fee and and Β£20mil 5 year deal so that’s a total of Β£41 mil? No they don’t because covering the costs of the others bits and bobs is spread over the course of seasons and we have revenue streams to help cover that. Some fans are using this as justification for the lack of spending but sorry I don’t buy it. We’re having the wool pulled over our eyes again and some seem happy to sit back and take it.


  22. Was it last night? I thought it was tonight 😳 πŸ˜†

    Hope they got in alright πŸ˜•


  23. Yeah the 35m is being spent on wages too. So we’ll have a shed load of money when the Sky money comes, the matchday revenue rolls in and the sponsorship money comes. We won’t have touched any of that!

    Whichever way we look at it, we’ll have a huge chunk of money in the bank – why won’t they spend it?

    There was absolutely no point in selling Carroll – we probably aren’t going to replace him. So it wouldn’t have mettered if they had offered us 100m.

    Just pathetic, no ambition and when will people wake up?!


  24. Sy,

    Same as Vuckic then….

    A bit worrying these boys are missing so much development due to long term injuries…. πŸ˜•


  25. is it true that the under soil heating at the training ground was paid for with the judas money


  26. “There was absolutely no point in selling Carroll – we probably aren’t going to replace him. So it wouldn’t have mettered if they had offered us 100m.”

    100% agree.

    I was asking the question as to why it mattered to fans that we sold him for 35 million if none of it was going on transfers?

    All you get is ”running of the club” answers….which I personally couldn’t give a monkeys about. My replica shirts and tickets pay for that, not the sale of potentially our best player this decade.


  27. RichToon
    Posted July 1, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    1 – You’ll be told this once. Don’t tell me to f**k off.

    2 – Mind your language

    3 – Try and make your point without being an abusive prick.

    Oh my, it’s easy to swear on a computer 😳


  28. Pardew has stated that they are targeting a striker. So I really think we will see someone come in to fill the hole up front.
    We also need a left back (even if Jose stays) so if we are to get two players in, I reckon you will find that they will fill these two positions.
    We have enough midfielders so if that means we don’t get le sulk back, so be it…


  29. Stuart79
    Posted July 1, 2011 at 9:02 AM

    “Whichever way we look at it, we’ll have a huge chunk of money in the bank – why won’t they spend it?”

    Debt repayment πŸ˜‰


  30. I asked this yesterday but no one answered…

    Would you lot prefer Ba on a free or Wickham at 8-12 million?


  31. Ba on a free thanks. Potential is no good to us next season up front. We need someone who can score goals in the Premier League and Ba can, and has, done that. Whickham barely done that in the Championship.


  32. Toonsy,

    I think you’re right. How do we know that “reinvesting the money back into the team” means transfer fees? Think about the announcement of the upgrade to our training facilities with underground heating beneath the pitches to keep us on the ball during the winter months when we often run into a bad run of form. We also signed Ben Arfa from the loan back in January and then there’s reported physio costs for Ben Arfa, Best, Demba Ba and Sylvian Mariveux. And then contract renewal fees for those we’re keeping like Tiote. Then there’s money put aside for wages too. Of course I’d like to see more money put into transfers too but don’t be upset lads if we don’t see the Β£35mil in transfers.


  33. richtoon you fck off and leave wee toonsy alone ,pluss theres only 1 richtoon and hes a **** so we dont want 2 rich ****s πŸ˜†


  34. I never expected to see the 35 million in transfers….

    my point is, as a fan, I feel we shouldn’t have sold Carroll for any money, unless it was going on transfers to improve us.

    The reason we all justify selling Carroll is the 35 million.
    It’s all we talk about.
    Why do we care about 35 chuffing million?

    Lack of ambition this penny pinching. I really don’t care if Ashley makes a profit, I want us to be successful.

    When you look at the thread yesterday

    Look at the difference even 20 million can make. There’s a few teams on there which would be challenging for Europe…100%


  35. very sensitively put there Batty… We should send you to Kashmir, to sort out the differences between India and Pakistan.. 😯


  36. “Ba on a free thanks. Potential is no good to us next season up front. We need someone who can score goals in the Premier League and Ba can, and has, done that. Whickham barely done that in the Championship.”

    Spot on


  37. I’d also like to add that as much as I’d like some more transfers in, I don’t want us to lose the team we already have. If we replace much more of our starting 11 we’re gonna lose sight of where we’re going. The team we had last season performed so well because they had a unity and a great team spirit. Being relegated brought us closer together and with that we were deservedly promoted again. The side we had last season is a side I loved because of this loyaly, passion, determination and dedication. THAT, lads, is what being a Geordie is
    all about.


  38. Batty@38, nice to know I’m never far from ya thoughts…..or maybe not πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  39. From that video, it looks like Abeid is comfortable playing on the left or the right wing. That kind of versatility is always good.

    And for some reason, I had been thinking that he was a DM. Silly me for thinking that we would get a player to apprentice under Tiote


  40. Moreno, excellent point! Just using half of the Carroll money on transfers would make a HUGE difference for our squad.

    And this window, they better be damn ready to pounce on somebody after anymore players get sold


  41. It’s no wonder people have a go at some sections of our support.

    Personally, I believe Pardew (oh God!) when he says the Β£35m will be spent on wages, fees etc. But that obviously implies we won’t see Β£35m go out in fees alone, so it will be hard to tell.

    But to those expecting us to pay it all – we are seriously in debt, still. Especially after a season in the Championship. It’s all well and fine breaking even season-by-season (players in = players out in terms of fees and wages) but doing that never addresses the debt.

    Look at Arsenal – they made a profit every year so they could cover the debt from the Emirates. Quite simply, if we do not address the debt, it will come back to haunt us in the future, whether that’s through deterring future buyers/investors or simply through us owing money that we don’t have.

    Frankly, we have 2 players still to come in hopefully (Albeid doesn’t count, Pardew means 1st teamers) and if that happens with no more outgoings, our squad will be stronger. It might not be the squad we all pray for at night, but it’s progress, people. Be patient, ignoring debt and spending beyond our means got us relegated once, I’ll take challenging the top 10 for a while if it gives us a stable platform to sustainably push off from in the future.


  42. Nice to see we’ve signed another player, expect him to be in the reserves for the majority of the time like maybe with a few games in the cup.

    Players for the first team next please!


  43. Batty, I might flick you Gadhafi’s number as well mate – 1800DICTATOR πŸ˜†


  44. Sorry but I’m at a loss as to how our squad is thinner than last season πŸ˜•

    We’ve sold Nolan & released Sol & Kuqi, so thats really only 1 player who actually did anything last season & in return we’ve brought in 1 decent International Senegal striker & 2 quality French International midfielders, plus 1 quality under 20’s French International for our youth sqaud….

    So Richtoon, please explain to me how that make our team thinner ❓ ❓ ❓


  45. We still want two in, Pardew said the first one we get before the American tour wouldn’t be in before July 4th…..

    Plus Pardew would have already known about Abeid because we just couldn’t confirm it until today.


  46. toon 69@53 ithink he means getting rid of cambell and nolan the pair were abit over wieght and replaced them with thinner players πŸ™‚


  47. Batty @ 57 – You may well be rite there fella… πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Santii @ 56 – Yeah, I did forget to mention those 2, as yes they will be counted as new faces but I think both were already included in our 25 man squad, so that won’t actually make us any thicker in squad depth really πŸ˜€


  48. Blip

    “But that obviously implies we won’t see Β£35m go out in fees alone, so it will be hard to tell.”

    Will we see ANY of it on fees though? πŸ˜•


  49. Moreno, I think the time to judge that is after we bring in the next two signings or just after the transfer window on a whole.


  50. toonsy
    Posted July 1, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    But the club continue to tell us that Ashley isn’t taking ANY money out of the club and isn’t asking for his money back.


  51. Moreno,

    I’m assuming we’ll see around 5mil spend after the sale of Enrique.

    So 30Mil on wages? no so sure that adds up.


  52. Stu,

    the debt repayments to the chairman are all well and good, but selling the clubs best asset to do so is to the detriment of the football club, which as a fan I ain’t too happy about.


  53. JJ,

    exactly mate, people are saying “calm down there’s loads of time left to spend money on players”

    Aye true, there’s also plenty of time to sell players to fund that too.


  54. I’d love to see the squad better at the start of the season, never mind what we spent.

    …but, we have the money (for once) to bid for players previously out of our reach. There is nothing wrong with free transfers as long as the player is good, but I think we need to spend some to get a good one up front. I actually think we will. I predicted 15M spent in the summer, in that old poll here. Which means 10M to go! πŸ˜›


  55. Moreno

    Thats what I’m worried about too…

    If we kept Joey and Enique and got in a striker/winger with a left back, I’d say successful tranfer window.

    But if we lose two and bring in two. We are still short on quality and numbers.

    Loans are payed off in installments, not lump sums, that should be invested back into the team. Because that is only a step backwards and to the club’s detriment.


  56. JJ@72

    “If we kept Joey and Enique and got in a striker/winger with a left back, I’d say successful tranfer window.”

    Agreed, Neil Taylor, a striker and keeping them 2, job done.


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