Kaizen should be our aim for next season and beyond!

A zen moment from Toonsy!
As many of you will no doubt be aware of, I used to work for a well known Japanese car manufacturer that started with the letter “T” and had the slogan of “the car in front…”, well you get the point.

Slightly worrying when that malarkey with the faulty brakes was going about a year or so ago but still… As long as it was in front!

Anyway, getting back on point, I learned some great stuff whilst I was there and was one of their Professors of Kaizen, which is a basically a process of continuously improving. They spend a fortune on that every year and I was one of the guys responsible for keeping it all organised and running.

It struck me earlier that this is something that we need to do at at NUFC. It sounds simple, but is it really going to be that straight-forward?

On the surface of it we have improved the squad from the one which finished last season. We’ve added players that will play in the first team and haven’t just been signed for cover meaning that we have a bit more quality in depth. Of course the window is still open so things could change on that front!

In terms of league position we have room for improvement. For me anything above 12th next season will be success. Ideally I’d like a top ten finish at least (in actual fact I want us to win the league but it just isn’t going to happen) but as long as we are progressing and improving where we finish then I’m not overly fussed whereabouts we end up in the league.

That’s the rather short-sighted view though. What about beyond next season? Alan Pardew touched on it earlier on when he blathered on about having to improve to keep hold of our better players. The new guys, like Yohan Cabaye for example, may have brought into the “project” to start with, but if they aren’t seeing many signs of that project coming to completion they won’t stick around.

This is why it’s important to keep continuously improving. The ambition of the club won’t be proven in just one transfer window. To some it will of course, but the real proof of the pudding is going to be in one, two, three years time and beyond. Success, or relative success for a team who is looking to establish itself in the Premier League again, will not be achieved overnight.

I guess that’s kind of my point. No matter how long it takes to get to where we want to be, we need to keep improving at every step of the way. Slip ups will happen, and they could be costly, but as long as we are showing signs of improving you’ll not hear me complaining. Well, not too much anyway.

Would you be happy with steady progression? Continuous improvement? Kaizen, even?

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156 thoughts on “Kaizen should be our aim for next season and beyond!

  1. Simon – It’s not just about service, It can be about anything. I used to be sceptical of it at first, but once you get into it you realise that it actually does work. It’s not the concept that is weird, it’s the English philosophy that is. That’s why our country is ****.


  2. Went down through Ovington first mate, hasn’t changed a bit and then down to Sandy Beach.

    Then went through Ovingham and ower the skinny bridge to The Adam and Eve for a pint.


  3. @toonsy

    Oh yes Kaizen.
    Continuous improvement.

    The basics are simple. Make the workforce graft that little bit harder everyday until they are at their limits but get every ounce of energy out of them.

    If they walk out when they’ve given everything and can’t go on then replace them with new recruits on short contracts so they have to sweat buckets to renew their contracts.

    Oh Kaizen is great. πŸ˜‰


  4. MORENO no it hasnt changed mate when i went up couple of weeks ago,the only thing thats changed is the birds have got old,sure we havent got that old lol πŸ˜•


  5. @toonsy

    I worked at Nissan in the early 90’s and Kaizen was taught there.

    It was an utter disgrace. πŸ˜₯


  6. Ice,

    A kna mate, seems like the place isn’t moving with the times, which is just fine in my opinion πŸ˜€ There’s a fair few shacks for sale round there too, good little holiday homes if you can get hold of one.

    Drove back to Wallsend along the river through Wylam and that, enjoyed the day.


  7. Bobby – This is why Britain is a spent force. Its why we have no industry. Its why puffs push pens round Newcastle in dinky offices instead of foing a real days down the docks. Wake up and smell the coffee. This country is ****, end of.

    I was brought up to know that I need to work for money. I was never told that I need to work to keep a roof over my head plus however many teenage sluts who can’t keep their legs closed.

    Fair play to the polish and people that come over here as they show this country up for what it really is. They do twice the work at half the price.


  8. MORENO,didnt know you were after one m8,could have helped you,sister sold hers there 6/8months ago,some live in them most of the year,would your lass move to that area like?


  9. @batty

    Good article fella. I wonder how many of the dreamers start and slate the club as time goes on and when we say we told you so we will get slagged off for being hindsight heroes.

    Experience is a wonderful thing I say. πŸ˜‰


  10. Batty, from what Derek is saying in that article, it seems we might be done for this window. I doubt we are but you never know.


  11. TOONSY took me nearly a hour to catch up on threads,nee good all this gardening,housework,nearly got house-maids knee noo πŸ˜€


  12. Bobby @ 81 – In your opinion, but its kept them open has it not? Or at least helped…… Funny how the British manufacturers have all gone or been rescued by foreign companies whilst the Japs piss all over us and are the biggest names now. Maybe their philosophy isn’t so bad after all? Perhaps its ignorant office dwellers such as yourself that fail to recognise the need to move with the times that are the issue?

    I note the Japanese have nearly completed the rebuilding of their infrastructure after a natural disaster that wiped out parts of their country. In the meantime parts of the M1 are still closed due to a scrapyard fire close to it some six months ago. Says it all really….


  13. ice,

    More one of the little cottages for the future to spend the weeks away in the summer when the kids get a bit older. Close enough to North Tyneside for the family but far enough away if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰


    Was just writing an article similar to that πŸ˜•


  14. Bobby – I was in charge of logistics in the UK & Ireland for Toyota. Its largely irrelevant to the conversation but no doubt you’ll be putting some boring spin on that.

    I see the KK idea did **** all to chill you out πŸ™„ Sorry Jill, was a crap idea of mine.


  15. @toonsy

    Absolute class comment. “it’s perhaps ignorant office dwellers like yourself” πŸ˜›

    Woo hoo hoo hoo. If only you knew.

    I will tell you through experience that Nissan was an utter disgrace and will gladly explain on am email. This is a Footy blog and dont want to spoil the craic.

    You make me laugh with your employment ignorance. πŸ˜‰


  16. Well, I’ll make it so you can only laugh from a distance once again. I think its better all round if I sort that out now πŸ™‚


  17. I see Toonsy has been playing with his ****s again, Toonsy it seems this thread has alot to do with Japanese but you have chinese symbols in the picture πŸ˜‰


  18. i its a good help when we have firm makeing rolling stock in derby is paying off 1400 guys,as the govement has given the contract to a german firm instead πŸ˜₯


  19. toonsy@84

    I had to take one of them “puffy jobs” your talking about a couple of years back after being made redundant, Naturally i wish id gone of the dole instead of being accused of being a lazy faggot on a football blog πŸ™„

    I took a temp job working in the head royal mail office and the poles were a fcuking liability they couldnt communicate or even read or write english but would work for cheap so who gives a **** if peoples post ends up in australia or america, They have cheapened this country…


  20. Ice – Because the germans are much mire efficient than we are. They make more for the same money. Another sign of the UK pricing itself out of things.


  21. On that note…

    Lord_Sugar Lord Sugar
    London train order gone to germany uk factory lose tender and announce 1500 people will be laid off. Makes no sense !


  22. CC – Nowt wrong with an office job as such, but that’s all our country has become. That was kind of the point I was making a hash of making (I’ve not long left working in an office remember πŸ™„ )

    The poles have not cheapened this country. Its not their fault that the UK workforce is so expensive. I remember watching a documentary about immigrant workers, and a lot of them go and do **** jobs for **** wages. When they asked young chavs, unemployed by the way, whether they’d go an pick fruit in a field like the poles, start tomorrow, they said “I ain’t doing that ****”.

    Typical Brits. Hide behind being great but want everything on a plate and moan when they don’t get it πŸ™„


  23. Does anyone know when the season tickets are dispatched? Think ive droped a right clanger πŸ˜†


  24. CC – And after working for Royal mail I can assure you tge English workforce are exactly the same. There is a reason why they are losing money hand over fist and why the Dutch and Germans are getting tge work instead…..


  25. @toonsy

    Email sent about my strong views about Nissan and Kaizen.

    Anyway, I dont think this should be about anything other than Footy.

    @big Dave
    The more I listen to Pardew the more I think he’s Ashleys mouthpiece.
    What do you think?


  26. Toonsy @ 116 but its Japanese scribble πŸ˜‰
    CC you touched on the poles my bro took 2 on last year gave them decent money and arranged a place for them to live, the c@nts were stealing an alloy wheel every couple of days, making up sets and flogging them on gumtree, needless to say they got the boot and an eviction πŸ˜‰


  27. toonsy:

    really, well they used to set us targets daily, Our side of the room used to regularly exceed those targets and finished as the most producitve shift of the temps, We got a tin of roses to show for it (like i said i needed the money πŸ˜† )

    theres didnt so certainly there was a gulf in productivity, They may order pick for machine mart quickly and they are canny warehouse workers ( i should know now im driving again) but some jobs they are taking from english people and shouldnt be entitled to…


  28. Bobby tbh I think to a degree you have to express the owners wish’s, but I dont think he is anymore of a puppet than what Hooters was, I would go as far as to say that Hooters was more of a puppet.
    I think Pards brings a better style of footie, and he talks to us admittedly too much at times but I prefer that than Hooters saying nowt because imo that is part of the managers job, but somewhere in between would be better πŸ˜•


  29. CC – I agree about them not being suitable for some jobs, but they do a lot of the **** that people in our country won’t touch. Like I said about that documentary, the English lads wouldn’t touch it. It was “too hard/not enough money” so what is the solution?

    Pay more for english workers – cost at store goes up
    Expect less from english workers – lack of supply means cost goes up at store

    Either way we end up paying mire for our goods simply because of an English workforce.


  30. At the end of the day, Pardew is going to get more money then houghton did because he’s ashleys man.


  31. @big Dave

    I found Hoots as a down to earth bloke who gave little away and the facts were there was nothing to give away.

    Pards has on numerous occasions made statements about his desire to retain players only to be undermined by the owner.

    It’s wearing very thin now.


  32. Dave, I got it sent to the current address, but it might get sent after we move, if it does, whoever buys this house is getting a free season ticket πŸ˜†


  33. toonsy

    The solution is for job centres to set up agency jobs for the work shy, If they refuse to take them their benefits are stopped, More rigorous fitness tests for people on the sick or set them up with office jobs so they cant complain about prolonged standing or heavy lifting, College courses for people without qualifications and motivation for the people stuck in a rut.

    People with a british passport should get preference and that rarely happens in unskilled jobs becuase they would demand minimum wage whereas most of the eastern europeans think a quid an hour and a pat on the back is acceptable…


  34. Bobby I agree 100% that Hooters was a real down to earth honest hard working guy, that just gets the head down and does what needs to be done, and I would say that the players loved having him there. But I dont think he was strong enough or had the steel needed to make real hard decision. I can remember working under people like hooters and it was a gift, but I can also remember working under harder people of the same rank and when the **** hit the wall you wern’t long being told what to do and knew you had to do it.

    Spence just phone them and explain πŸ˜€


  35. cant be @rsed big dave πŸ˜†

    In the current climate the house will very likley not sell for a while.


  36. CC our apprentice works over 60hrs a week doesn’t get paid except what I give him which isn’t that much and gets treated like sh1t nevermind a pat on the back πŸ˜‰ oh and he is british πŸ˜‰


  37. Spence @ 113 – Has somebody not thought things through before getting their season ticket? Surely you’d realise Sheffield is a ****hole and that there is no reason to be there or move there? Houses down here are selling like hot cakes πŸ˜†


  38. @big Dave

    Likewise but theres no evidence Hoots didn’t bark and shout. The reports I’ve heard is that he did when it needed to be done.


  39. Toonsy, I was so excited about buying it I didnt think πŸ˜†

    I didnt move here, and have always moned to my mum and dad that I want to move to Newcastle, now my dads offices are in smoggie land, the move has finally come through πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†


  40. Anyway im off interesting debate, Lets hope fat mick can bring in some more cheap european labour in tomoz… πŸ˜‰


  41. Bobby we will never really know mate but from what I heard he was a walk over and the only ones that got barked at were the younguns πŸ˜‰
    CC he is near 21 like
    Spence I wouldn’t worry then I would say the house will still be there for next yrs ST πŸ˜†
    Hitman @ 136 how sure are ye ❓


  42. Bobby one of the main things that got to me was that Hooters allegedly stood back and allowed Saylor to be alienated by Nolan and co, As manager Hooters has an obligation to provide due care and attention and to stop that from happening.


  43. Jobey there isn’t many about mate my daughter is for moving back to England to try to get one there as she has been trying to get one over here from the start of the yr and **** all, even silly jobs she cant get πŸ‘Ώ


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