Barton: “I’ll be a leader without an armband.”

Barton displaying modesty and humility.
As you’re all fully aware of by now, Fabricio Coloccini is our new club captain and will have the job of trying fill Kevin Nolan’s boots.

Colo is naturally pleased, or at least he says he is, whilst Alan Pardew insists that it was an easy decision for him to make by appointing the Argentine international defender as captain. You can read more about it here (insert link)

I wonder if the decision would have been quite so easy had it not been for the Joey Barton contract saga? I doubt it to be honest and I could easily have envisaged Barton getting the armband instead.

Thankfully Barton has backed Colo to succeed in his new role whilst admitting that the decision makes sense in light of what is going on, or indeed not going on, between him and the club.

“I’m happy for Colo and it’s probably the correct decision given my precarious contract situation. It gives stability,” Barton told talkSPORT.

“I’ll be a leader without an armband and I’ll be there for Colo as will as all the lads regardless, selfishly it lets me concentrate on playing well every week.”

Now that is the kind of reaction I want to see from Joey Barton! I don’t want to read any sarcastic digs at the club by him on Twitter, although it is highly amusing I’ll admit, and I don’t want to see him sulking about losing out on something that could, and probably should, have been his.

It’s this kind of professionalism that is changing the perception of Joey Barton. He still has his fair share of critics thanks to his behaviour in the past, but last season he went a long way to silencing them with his behaviour and performances on the football field. Sure he slipped up against Morten Gamst Pedersen, but even in the aftermath of that he conducted himself with the utmost dignity and maturity.

I hope he continues in that same vein this season. I’d like nothing more than for him to sit down with the club and for both sides to sort things out. It probably won’t happen, so in that case the next best thing is for oey Barton to keep plugging away with his professionalism.

Just like he is doing with this!

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27 thoughts on “Barton: “I’ll be a leader without an armband.”

  1. Good response by Barton. Happy about his behavior.

    Off topic but does anybody have any idea what Erdings agent told the journal? Its supposed to be out by 7 and wont be on the website till 9.30 or so.Anybody bought the paper?


  2. I find it ridiculous that we are chasing players (allegedly) that don’t want to come to Newcastle ie. Gameiro, Gervinho and possibly Erding if his agents mutterings are to be believed yet in the case of Barton we have arguably our best player of the season who is only 28 will surely have 4-5 good years left him in him, continually publishes via twitter etc. his desire to stay at the club, a player who obviously wont cost us a transfer fee, has said he’s willing to take a pay cut yet the board in their wisdom think it’s a good idea to offer him nothing


  3. It’s probably fallen through because PSG wouldn’t accept the 1 million giant Sports Direct mugs Ashley was offering for their player, instead they wanted money, but Mike said that all money has to stay within the club. πŸ˜‰


  4. It’s in his name can’t you see why we won’t get him!?
    He costs Β£money!

    Β£rding πŸ˜†


  5. NorthernPaul – Don’t be silly man. Its earmarked for new lightshades in the boardroom and will go part way to replacing tge curtains in the future πŸ˜‰


  6. Never thought id say this again but maybe the club are being a bit over ambitious with the striker targets 😯


  7. Isn’t it amazing that we seem to get bids accepted for players that don’t want to come (Gameiro & Erdinc) but don’t get bids accepted for a player that wants to come (N’Zog). Cue comments like “we did all we could to improve the squad” & “wouldn’t be held to ransom”. I was encouraged by the early activity but it now seems to be settling into a familiar pattern.


  8. Off topic, but I love this route I’m on as I get to treat mackems like dirt. I don’t discriminate. I just leave them all till last so the get all the **** seats an, in todays case, get wetter for longer πŸ˜‰

    Petty? You bet πŸ˜‰


  9. So in one breath the mysterious “source” says they are now “looking at other targets” then in the next breath “they are scratching their heads because they have no other specific targets”…..Mmm πŸ™„ πŸ˜†


  10. Morning everyone, been reading the blog for a while. Some excellent articles. With regards to Barton, I was one of those fans that did not want him-thought he was racist scum and wanted him sacked when jailed. Utter disgrace to his profession. However, everyone deserves a second chance, except Andy Coulson. Barton has been impressive last season but needs to keep his gob shut. His tweets are becoming predictable. He will stay and see his contract out, and do so very professionally. I just want him to shut it as he may be talking himself out of a contract and we need him.


  11. Whenever there is a fee involved we struggle to get the deal over the line, same old same old. πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ
    There is a familar pattern developing with these bunch of clowns.



  12. Why is everyone getting het up and blaming the club cos Erding says he doesn’t want to come to the toon ? So what if the club have agreed terms with PSG…the bloke obviously doesn’t want to leave France…

    Ditto Manuel Neuer who has just joined FC Bayer from Schalke. Though Manure were supposedly after him, he said himself he had NO INTENTION of coming o England…just didn’t interest the bloke.

    I really cannot understand how the club gets ****, cos we cannot get certain foreign strikers to join the club. Of course with wor lot of Del Boys there is always the cynical approach to be taken, and that of course could be the case that the club just won’t pay the wedge…but we’ll never really find that out.

    At the same time, we can all be sure that Carlton Cole is moving more central on Pardew’s radar… πŸ™ 😯


  13. What has Joey Barton done to put him in the legend mould ? 😯 😯 😯

    So he’s decided to change his tact…into the last year of his contract and he’s toast…but he’s been a great lad and a great servant to the toon….aye right…

    I would love him to re-sign for the toon, but it baffles me how he gets so much adulation…a legend in his own lunchtime…


  14. I just think he is great player , thought that when he was at city as well , yeah he has been a totaly prat off the field for 99% of his football career but from his footballing side of things I think he is amazing and for that reason he is a ledge imo


  15. And I would of thought of that about barton regardless if he had signed for us or not. I remember we played city while he was there and i think we got beat 2-0 or 2-1 bu Barton just controlled the game.


  16. I suspect the fact he has spoke out against the board MM.

    I think it’s obvious why joey hasn’t got the armband. I cudnt give a monkeys erdinc ain’t coming. I don’t want players who don’t want to be here. Not going to be brought down by the negative crew either. I actually think the club and team will do what’s needed and will make judgement on 1st sept


  17. Johno….I would really love it if JB had a FANTASTIC “last season” at the toon, and played a pivotal role in our new look midfield. This is a totally realistc scenario, cos we all know how well the lad can play. Then he has proven to all and sundry, including MA that he is a changed man, and has fully deserved a new contract.
    The problem is can anyone see MA offering him more than a 2 year deal, no matter how well the lad has played ?


  18. Toonsy@13….even better would be just to drive past the ****ers and leave them standing in the rain… 😈 😈


  19. Toonsy @13
    Thanks for explaining why I got wet to the skin, but i got a good seat, only problem was i had to keep letting people use it to have a s@it, and you could do with some air fresheners in that area.
    If I had any hair it would still be wet.
    I will have my Newcastle top on next time.

    You should get someone to ride shotgun with you on that run.


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