Barton out of US tour.

No to Joey say US.
Joey Barton will NOT be taking part in the forthcoming tour of the States and will instead travel to Holland to work with the reserves.

Joey has been declined an entry VISA to visit the US due to his past behaviour and the fact that he has a criminal record.

I’m not overly familiar with the rulings to be honest so I’m unsure what the problem is exactly, but I do know that it’s tough to get into the US of you have a criminal record. To be honest it’s kind of irrelevant now anyway as the decision has been made.

It’s a shame for Joey, the team, and the fans who had the chance to see him up close and personal for the first time, but it’s also a consequence of his actions previously which he will have to live with. Here is what Barton said to the official club website.

“Unfortunately, I was denied my visa due to my past. I regret not being able to travel with the club on this trip, but at the same time, I don’t expect to be treated any differently or more favourably than anyone else in a similar situation.”

“All I can do is continue to improve as a person, which is what I intend to do.”

“Again, apologies to all the NUFC supporters – as well as the fast growing legions of football supporters – in the United States who I was looking forward to meeting. I will see you in the future.”

On the plus side it will give another player a chance to shine, like maybe Dan Gosling for example, plus it will also give the youth and reserves a chance to mix with one of our better players for a few weeks which will of course benefit them.

Of course the ideal scenario would have been for Joey to play, train, and get to know his new team-mates, but it’s not to be and that will have to be put on the backburner for a bit.

A cruel, yet unavoidable, blow for sure.

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15 thoughts on “Barton out of US tour.

  1. Barton is right, he cant be treat any different. More worrying is the many media reports that Chelsea are after Tiote, seeing as other clubs know we will sell anyone for a decent price, thats him away then.


  2. Strange a club like NUFC not knowing that and trying to get it organised?….a twisted mind would almost think “they dont want him there” or “he’s about to be sold on…”
    The best moment of this window will occur when Parwho? comes out and says “haha i lied to you all, we never intended to buy ANY star players in, we just rummaged around in the bargin bin for a bit” and some fan smacks him upside the head


  3. So “……it’s tough to get into the US of you have a criminal record……….”

    Not unless you’re called Blair!!


  4. Lesh you took the words out of my mouth.The USA is responsible for murdering people all over the world.Robert @1 I mentioned on a previous blog that I was worried that Chelsea would show an interest in Tiote soon as Essien was injured.


  5. Mick G @5, all the suffering’s been in the interests of freem n moxy!

    You’re obviously reading the wrong press…. you ought to read or listen to the Murdoch media’s take on things and you’ll develop a more balanced view of events!!!!

    😯 πŸ˜‰


  6. FSOTC – Ah well. Maybe not. The outcome is the same though. No Joey for you guys. Shame really πŸ™‚


  7. I thought his comments about the situation were great… until I read the tweet about “total hypocrisy.” Correct he may well be, but if only he’d left that out. He had managed it so gracefully up until then, but then he had to go and step in it again. Too bad. I actually like the guy for his honesty and his seeming attempt to get his **** correct.


  8. Yeah shame with Joey, but I knew this was going to happen. I’m not sure about the law- I think you can’t get a work visa with a felony conviction, unless you go through a detailed process which they likely didn’t have time for.

    Work visa- temperary duration
    Green card- resident status, doesn’t expire


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