Pardew “not really comfortable” with Jose.

Pardew "not comfortable" with jose situation.
It’s been well over a week since the players returned to Long Benton for pre-season training, yet there is still no movement with regard to Jose Enrique’s contract.

It’s been well documented that NUFC have tabled a “fantastic” offer of a new contract to the 25-year-old left-back, although how lucrative that contract actually is has not been revealed. Shame really as it may stop some of the £35,000-a-week wage cap theories.

Anyway, back on thread. With no movement as yet with Jose it’s looking increasingly likely that the Spaniard has no real intention of signing a new deal at the club. To me it looks as though he is waiting to see what comes along, but with the avenues of escape closing around him it may not be this summer that Jose will get the move to the Champions League team he craves.

That causes a situation which Alan Pardew feels “uncomfortable” with. He told The Journal:

“Jose seems fine but the situation hasn’t really changed. He’s made it pretty clear that he still won’t sign a contract and that his future may be elsewhere.”

“I’m not really comfortable with that but we’ll have to deal with it and we’re still hoping that he signs a contract with us. There has to be doubt over that situation.”

What does “not really comfortable” actually mean though? Does it mean that the club don’t want to lose the player for nothing? Does it mean that he is worried about the application of the Spaniard? Who knows, but it’s a situation that could have been avoided had the club moved a bit quicker and tied Jose down sooner.

To me he was never in the category of a Joey Barton or a Kevin Nolan where age comes into it. Jose has years ahead of him so the risks of giving him a new deal would have been less had they moved a season earlier and offered him a deal then. Granted, as we well know, a contract means nothing but a guarantee of wages these days, but at least the club wouldn’t be faced with the prospect of losing one of the most highly coveted left backs in the league for a fee of nothing.

I must admit that I’m getting pissed off with Jose in all this aswell. Yes it’s his career and it’s his right to seek out the best deal for him, wherever that may be, but for a player who was “happy to spend the rest of his career at Newcastle” I’d expect a little more clarity from him so that the club can plan for each eventuality.

The saga continues…

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22 thoughts on “Pardew “not really comfortable” with Jose.

  1. I understand his predicament though. If he says ‘yeah, I want out. To a club that’s going to finish higher.’, and then no club comes in for him in this window, then you can be sure all of us are going to hate his guts and MA will probably transfer list him and ship him off to greece or turkey.

    I figure if nothing happens in the next 2 – 3 weeks, then hopefully we’ll start looking for a replacement so we won’t be left having to play perch at LB when liverpoo buys him on the last day of the window.


  2. He is taking the piss 👿
    Put him on the list and send him on the pre season tour with the reserves and Barton. 😉


  3. Simple answer ship him out and stop differing. Nobody is bigger than the club if he wants out let him go and give yourself time to get a relacement in. Make his mind up for him!


  4. I would offer him a good contract and agree that he can leave next summer for a reasonable fee if he wants to. Maybe even put a release clasue in.

    Anything is better than losing him next summer for free.

    Top quality player. Use the quality or cash in.


  5. Get rid.
    If nobody wants him stick him in the reserves.
    Think he will go last day of the window and gut feeling is he has already been sold though-just drawing it out until the window shuts.


  6. looks like he’s gonna be taking a leaf out’a wor joey’s book & run his contract down – it cuts both ways when clubs offer new – fantastic – contracts for some players but nowt to others.

    still if these 2 are off the wage bill next season then it should make mikey pretty happy along with a few of his followers.


  7. Moreno – Batty has been pining for you. I’ve had to give him a cushion to hump in your absence 😉


  8. This situation is easily solved! Give him the improved contract with a release clause that he can leave if a team in the champions league bid for him and offer approx 8-10m which is the current value for him with 1 yr left on contract.

    This way if no champ league teams comes in then he stays and we get the services of one of the best lb in the world imo and with other quality additions we may actually do well then he commits long term!

    any thoughts??


  9. Get rid dint care how good he is once he starts messing the club about time to cash on the prat


  10. Just started new job on monday, haven’t had a spare minute 😕

    Noticed Joey banned from the states just then too 👿


  11. As much as we love Jose its his right to see if a better team comes in for him. He has been promised since he’s been here about our ambition which has never really materialised so if he’s here for another year than so be it..

    Pards is pissed because MA isnt happy jose will run his contract down if no offer comes in which is obviously a free move come nxt yr


  12. The trouble is any club interested in signing him will want to wait until the end of the window in order to make us desperate and push the asking price down. This means that if we fail to act in the interim, then we may lose a good left back and have no time to get an equal replacement in.

    Methinks another week or so and it will time for us to take the decision out of his hands….


  13. I’ve said this before; Sure Enrique has improved since he got here, and, whilst he stuck around after we’d been relegated, he was also part of the squad that got us there in the first place. That squad was full of well paid, high end internationals (Owen, Martins, Gutirrez, Colocinni, Beye, Duff, Viduka, etc… (note, Enrique is still not yet a senior international)), none of whom can say that they did anything to deserve to be in a team playing in the Champions’ League.

    What’s changed since?

    How, having achieved nothing as a player (aside from getting out of the second division and getting the attention of a few clubs), does Enrique suddenly come to feel that he has earned the right to play in the Champions’ League?

    Whatever happened to wanting to spend his entire career here?

    I could understand it if Barca, Real or even Man Utd and Chelsea were hovering for his signature, but they’re not.


    Maybe. It would feel like a bit of a knife in the back, given they’ve got exactly the same to offer as we have next season. Even still, if he wants out, he needs to say so now, so we aren’t all slagging the club off for flogging him on the last day of the season and not having time to get a replacement.

    Post 18: I don’t know who replaces him, but hopefully somebody who won’t suddenly believe his own hype and start playing stupid games in the transfer window. He can either sign up, or fck off. Hedging his bets the way he seems to be doing is unfair to everyone involved.


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