A deal that is too good to be true?

Xisco: Going back to his roots?
Now this may come as a surprise to some, a shock even, so I suggest you sit down before you continue reading. Ready?

Xisco is actually looking for a new club! I know. Mental isn’t it?

Apparently the 25-year-old is pining for a move back to Deportivo, which could come off if you listen to what his representative has had to say. He claims that contact has been made and that all it requires is the say so of Newcastle for the deal to go ahead. Here is what he had to say on a transfer for Xisco:

“In sport there is contact and there is waiting. The problem is the third part, convincing Newcastle. Let’s see if we leave.”

“Unlike other times when had to wait until the end of the season, this time it has been rapid. We want to resolve his future soon, whoever it is with, but Deportivo would be better.”

I can’t imagine it would be too hard to convince Newcastle to get rid in all honesty. I’d imagine that if they can get a deal which gets his wages off the books then they’ll be all for it as, after all, a rumoured Β£55,000-a-week in wages translates to a cool Β£2.8 million a year off the wagebill. Not a bad saving from a player who hasn’t really got a chance of playing for our first team.

You see that last bit is my main problem with Xisco. The only mention he has had has been when Alan Pardew admitted that he was out of shape on his return to pre-season training. Why? Does the lad not want to at least try and impress and convince people to take a look at him again?

I’m still annoyed about the way he faked injury to get a loan move in the relegation season. Yes I can understand why he done it and how he must have felt, but there were better ways he could have gone about it without disrespecting the shirt the club, the fans etc.

He’s been on loan for the last two seasons now and has failed to really impress wherever he has been. He’s scored five goals in those two seasons which isn’t great, although at Deportivo his stats are a bit more respectable – 9 appearances, 2 goals. Perhaps this is what is persuading them to at least look at taking him off our hands permanently?

Whatever happens, happens, but I can’t imagine too many people being sad to see him leave. Some will wonder why we aren’t giving him a chance, but I would counter that with the question of why the five managers he has worked under (Keegan, Kinnear, Shearer, Hughton, Pardew) have all not rated him.

Whether it’s just another loan move or whether this time around it’s a permanent deal remains to be seen, although I personally hope it’s the latter and that we can say ‘Adios’ to the striker.

Goodbye Xisco. You won’t be missed!

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62 thoughts on “A deal that is too good to be true?

  1. The boy never got a fair chance at Newcastle. but i do not watch training everyday. so lets see


  2. Come on he’s had plenty of chances to impress.

    His stats in Spain are terrible.

    I guess the problem is he’ll want hefty loyalty bonus payments if he doesn’t request the transfer.


  3. He has not played for us even in cup games, so i am not saying he is a very good player but never mind

    All the best for the future.


  4. The fact none of the loan deals resulted in a permanent deal speaks volumes. It’s either down to ability, greed or both.

    A true professional would have moved mountains to get regular football again. This guy just wants the cash. Proven by not even being fit for pre-season. Shocking really.

    Fingers crossed this deal comes off, then we can move forward. I don’t think we’ll see any more signings until we ship out the deadwood.

    What happened to the Smudger to Leeds deal?

    Xisco to deportivo

    Routledge to Wales..

    That should free up some wages for a new striker.


  5. The reason we did not appreciate him is we are not Wise (groan ) enough.Hope he goes to Spain and proves us wrong,toonsy could you edit my post and delete everything after Spain.


  6. The guy is a money sucking leach who didn’t care about the team, shirt, fans or anything else apart from picking up his 55k wages each & every week for the last 3 seasons… If Depo want him, get him gone, as he shouldne’t be entitled to any loyality bonuses as he’s done nowt to deserve them…. πŸ‘Ώ


  7. whatever they offer take. he is a waste of skin the guy just couldnt be bothered the even try and apply himself in training. just hope we use the Β£55k a week on a decent striker


  8. SRH @ 4 – Same as me pal. You’d expect at least something from him, even a determination to do something, but it just isn’t there and it wicks me off. The thing is that we don’t even know if he has ability, he may be lethal πŸ˜† but he just doesn’t seem to want to demonstrate it, which is why perhaps lesser players ability wise get the go ahead over him.

    I’m sorry but those who say he’s not been given a chance are speaking out of their fizzers. It works two ways you know – he has to work for a chance. The fact that 5 (Yes F I V E) different Newcastle managers never rated him, plus two loan clubs, speaks volumes indeed.


  9. I’d even say let him got for free as long as long as there is no strings attached where we pay him a %age of his wage πŸ‘Ώ


  10. Dennis Wise is a total tool,always was and ans always will be in my estimation.He employed by our Joke of an owner so that says it all for me.Sooner this waste of space is shipped out the better,dont see the point of paying wages o someone as ****e as Xisco


  11. No one should blame Xisco for his wages… The club chose to pay him that, so it is hardly his fault… His apparent lack of skill and effort is something he has control over so he has fallen way below expectations on that front…
    I can see what will happen if we do sell him though.
    1. There will be initial joy that he is gone!!
    2. After a short period of time, all the moaners will say we have a small squad and we are selling more players than we are signing. We are nothing but a selling club – Ashley is making huge profits blah blah blah.
    What this space if Xisco goes….


  12. LOL Aussie – How true that is.

    Have you listened to the link above? Courtney says we have a small squad lacking in quality and fears for us with second season syndrome.

    I agree with the lack of quality certainly, not that small though. I also think we have a few new guys who need to bed in ASAP, but if they do I think we will be more than fine


  13. I did click on the link Raffo but the player kept stopping and failed to work 😈
    I agree that our squad is not to small.. We only need a few youngsters to make the step up and maybe two more signings (striker and left back). We still have 6 weeks left in the transfer window so we should be right to go..


  14. Id settle for a left back and a quality striker as well,but if we do our usual selling crap on the last day of the window and trott out the same old excuses of we had no time to replace anyone I think we might struggle.Those two signings are a must in my eyes and they need to be quality,not bargain basement stuff that Ashley seems to favour


  15. Big GMAN,
    I feel confident we will get the players we need. At the moment we are trying to get players that are currently under contract so the negotiations take time. I will pass judgement on our owners at the end of the transfer window and not before hand.


  16. I agree with some of the sentiments, but relegation i do not think is a thing we shd even think abt.

    Squad size i do not know is too big or small, but, if Perch, Routledge enrique, xisco all leave then it will be too small. Look at Villa last season they tried youngsters nearly got relegated.

    One More thing The title says a deal that is too good to be true – May be i dont know if it will be true.


  17. Exactly. I would extend that to 2 LB’s as I think Jose is away. I would be happy to have a good proven LB and one young back up. Can Clyne at Palace play across the back 4?

    I wonder if theres any scope for doing a swap deal for a couple of Barca players for Jose? Perhaps Bojan to solve the striker problem? Then pump money to the LB problem.

    Routledge, Smith and Xisco off the books could free up at least Β£150k a week. We could do alot with that money.


  18. @ aussie fan Magpie.

    You must have recently started supporting Newcastle, coz all other newcastle supporters have had plenty of time, transfer windows to pass their judgements on the owner.


  19. Aussie – I agree with you and shall also wait to pass judgement. Obviously hoping beyond hope I am not let down!


  20. Been supporting NUFC since I was around 15 years old Indian Mag.. I’m now turning 40 so I have had a few years of supporting the club :???:… I have learned over that period of of time not to stress out about things I can not control.
    I take each window on it’s merits and support the club regardless.


  21. Villa finished 9th, that’s hardly “nearly getting relegated”…..unless you’ve just “recently” started following football πŸ˜‰


  22. We finished 12th and should have finished 8th and when we played them @villa park they were veryclose to the danger zone. closer to birmingham and they went down.


  23. We finished exactly where we should have because we ballsed up and where they were in the league when we played them at the start of April is completely irrelevant is it not?…..I always thought it was the final league placings that counted and not where teams were at various other points of the season. πŸ˜‰


  24. i am only saying that they got points late on in the season and cd have been relegated. Barry bannan & jhon hogg were not the answer


  25. yeah mate, agree they did flirt at various times last season, but then I think so did half the league. It was a funny old season for every team I think.


  26. I just received an e-mail from club official site regarding energy comparison.

    What a disgrace, I am un-subscribing


  27. @toonsy &geof777

    To settle an argument, do you know the answer to the following;
    Scenario; 2 clubs agree a transfer fee for a player.
    The player has not put a transfer request in but reluctantly agrees to speak to the potential buying club. He agrees terms and leaves.
    Question; is he in employment law entitled to any compensation from the selling club because he didnt submit a transfer request albeit he agreed terms with the new club. ?


  28. Generally a player has written into his contract that if he doesn’t ask to leave he will be entitled to a one off payment from the selling club.

    If a player doesn’t have that in his contract it’s tough ****!


  29. Xisco was only ever here due to some dodgy Dennis Wise shoulder rubbing, and as a ‘favour’. All smells fishy as foook, and has done from the beginning. Good luck to him.


  30. I suppose you can tell us as you know all the inner workings of the Judas transfer. πŸ˜‰

    I suggest not as the players do not have to agree to move anywhere. They can stay at their club as they have contracts. Surely the club accepting any offer from another club is allowing the player to break or nullify the existing contract, much like any of us would to move anywhere. The fact the player agrees a new deal somewhere else and signs is THEIR CHOICE and as such they shouldnt get any compo.


  31. @stu

    How do you know that about contracts?

    I would have thought that if he agrees terms with another club then he has chose to leave and entitled to nothing. He could just sit on his contract and not leave.

    Are you guessing or do you know this to be true?


  32. @raffo

    That’s my belief as well.
    And no, I can’t tell you the inner workings of the carroll transfer. πŸ˜†


  33. BSN9 – Fair enough πŸ˜‰

    Yeah I cant see how someone can suggest they need money as compo. They have effectively been given permission to break the contract and agree terms elsewhere.

    You could flip it round and say, should Man City be due compo from Tevez for example for forcing through a move elsewhere? They dont want to sell but are forced to as they dont want an unhappy player causing disruption. I think they would have more of a case than the player


  34. @stu

    Seriously, this has been an argument we have been having for weeks and need it settled.

    My mate believes that every transfer is a unilateral breach. I say it’s a mutual agreement between 2 clubs and a player.

    He states that if 2 clubs agree a fee and the player does not submit a transfer request but agrees terms with the other club and leaves, he is entitled to compensation from the selling club and the starting point of that compensation is the remainder of his contract being paid up in full.

    He believes the majority of transfers happen this way.

    I believe the player can stay or leave and it’s down to the player. If he leaves then he is entitled by rules and regs to no compensation.

    If you do know about contract law then give me your views. Even if you don’t know give me your thoughts.


  35. @raffo

    It’s hard trying to find someone who knows about these things but I agree, I can’t see how it can be any other way. However, geoff777 says in his post that because he didn’t submit a transfer request he is entitled to a loyalty bonus.

    Love to know the definitive answer.


  36. “Bobby Shinton number 9 says:

    My mate believes that every transfer is a unilateral breach. I say it’s a mutual agreement between 2 clubs and a player.”

    Sorry, I couldn’t continue reading after the shock of noticing you have a mate πŸ˜‰ 😯 πŸ˜‰


  37. @JJ

    ha. . . πŸ˜†

    Well, when I say mate, he’s not quite. I don’t like to get to friendly with anyone. πŸ˜†


  38. In contract law a party breaking that contract would be liable to pay compensation (pay the contract up) unless they have applied for a bankruptcy order.
    In football contract these compensation fees will be ‘hidden’ in the transfer fee.
    Carroll had just signed a new contract with Nufc before Liverpool came knocking. Pretend it was Β£50000 per week for 4 years – Β£10.4m. Nufc would have been liable and refused to sell. Carroll put in the transfer request meaning Nufc should be compensated with Β£10.4m.
    The transfer fee paid by Liverpool was Β£35m which would have probably been broken down:
    Β£19.6m player transfer.
    Β£10.4m compensation
    Β£5m appearance payments
    Carroll would not pay anything and his incentive is the weekly increase of salary from say Β£50000 to Β£70000.
    An easier understanding is by using the ‘transfer’ of Porto boss Vilas Boas to Chelsea where no player transfer fee was involved and the compensation fee could not be ‘hidden’. Chelsea had to pay up the remainder of his contract which was something like Β£13m.


  39. @sidekick
    The question I posed was;

    If a player does not submit a transfer request but reluctantly leaves to another club because his own club wants to accept a transfer fee, would that player be entitled to compensation from the selling club?


  40. Doesn’t make any difference if the club accepts a bid for a player,if he wants to stay he has a contract,last I heard contracts were legal and binding.Its that old “just say no” scenario,the one that Carrol didnt want to try


  41. Bobby.
    Nobody really leaves reluctantly – take Nolan as an example.
    Nolan in dispute with Nufc over extension to contract.
    West Ham see the possibility of getting him for a reasonable price and decide he’s worth Β£5m.
    They offer Nufc Β£4.5m for him, keeping Β£500000 in reserve as a signing on fee.
    Nufc accept Β£4.5m and inform Nolan of interest and allow him to talk to W Ham. They offer him Β£500000 signing on fee , same wage as he was on at Nufc and a 4year contract.
    Nolan accepts offer and goes back to Nufc to thrash out contract terms with his agent & Nufc.
    Both parties agree to mutual annulment of the contract to the benefit of both parties -( no party liable for breaking the contract in exchange for both parties benefiting from the transfer fee).
    Obviously I don’t know any of the actual figures involved in this transfer but lets say Nufc & Nolan agree on 15% of the transfer fee meaning Nufc gets Β£3.825m and Nolan Β£675000.
    End result:
    West Ham get Nolan for total outlay of Β£5m.
    Nufc get Β£3.825 and save a years wages, but lose a player.
    Nolan gets a total of Β£1.175m for moving , but he has to pay his agent out of that.


  42. Should also have said that both parties would have been losers if the contract had been allowed to run until expiry.
    Nufc would not have the transfer money and would have paid Β£3m in wages but kept Nolan for another year.
    Nolan would have left with Β£0 and his freedom.


  43. The five he’s been under haven’t rated him, and the 9 Shola’s played under have seen his ability. Shola is class, simple πŸ˜€

    Xisco has always looked decent when I’ve seen him on those rare occasions, but meh, obviously he doesn’t seem fussed on applying himself in training. Figured when he came he’d never have a career with us so he’s just stayed for the cash. Understandable? Maybe, hardly a good attitude though.


  44. give him a lift there meself if it gets rid of the lazy out of shape loser lmao πŸ˜€


  45. Bobby I was under the impression that players are entitled to a percentage of the transfer fee as a form of compensation if they did not put in an official request to leave.
    I assume that if this is the case it is written into the contract.
    That would mean that if a bid is put in which is accepted and the bidding club agree terms with the player he would still recieve this ‘compensation’.
    I don’t see how such a clause would work otherwise, as the bidding club can normally only talk to the player once a transfer fee has been accepted.


  46. I also assumed this was why so many players ‘flirt’ with other clubs in the press, but seem quite reluctant to actually put in proper transfer requests.


  47. Players do get transferred reluctantly.
    Joey Barton may soon be a case in point.

    Let’s use Joey as an example. Joey doesn’t really want to leave but he isn’t getting a new contract. He has decided to wait out his contract.
    That means he will be entitled to leave for free when its up. The club don’t want that so they accept a bid from Liverpool for Β£40m (it is Liverpool!). Joey speaks to Liverpool and agrees terms but is still entitled to a portion of the sale as he never requested a transfer.

    That’s how I understood it to work, but that’s just from what I’ve picked up in the media, so I don’t really know if that’s how it works.
    It does seem strange, because if he didn’t take that slice off Newcastle he could presumably ask for more money from Liverpool?

    Actually, I’be just thought – could someone who is on Twitter not just ask Joey if that’s what really happens??


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