The wonderful world of the transfer window.

N'Zogbia - Media made or genuine interest?
Admittedly being a Newcastle fan is one of the most stressful yet exhilarating experiences in life; and when the transfer window comes into play it tends to make our commitment to the cause that much more strained.

We are probably one of the few clubs who have actually been linked with every player in the country… and Europe…and Africa…. to be honest there aren’t many players we haven’t been linked with and this is my point – The transfer window shouldn’t be restricted to the summer and winter but rather kept open all year round.

The amount of garbage that comes out of the rags is utterly hilarious and the painstaking process of actually sifting through it to find the actual quotes is arduous and depressing. Even more so when you are a Toon fan.

We trawl the papers to find yet another name that mysteriously has a source close to the player saying he would love to come. Yet if the transfer window was open all year it would completely eliminate pressure off the following;

The owner – Albeit we don’t have the most envious of owners and despite all their faults they do like to go about their business quietly and generally signings pop out the blue like Sylvain Marveaux for example. If the window was open all year round owners wouldn’t have to face the prospect of fans complaining about the lack of progress, players issuing transfer requests left, right, and centre and being forced to pay over the odds for squad players on the last day on the window. Mind you with our owners the kick up the backside from the fans is needed the way this window has stagnated.

The manager – Mr Pardew is quite a vocal chap and whether or not he has a say in transfer activity or not is another article altogether but I would like to see the managers being given the prospect of buying players when they really need them. How many seasons hinge on the injuries of a club without adequate replacements? He could transform the side steadily and implement new players gradually rather than flinging them altogether and hoping they gel, or in our case we could sort of visas before they arrive!

The players – They are surrounded by absolute twallop in the papers and I don’t believe for a second that players do not become unsettled at the likes of Chelsea having ‘reported interest’ Arguably this is what has effected Jose Enrique – he has been led to believe that he is a better player than he is. Yes he is a good left back on his day but to be linked with Barcelona is far fetched to say the least. No wonder he wants to leave! Admittedly the likes of Cheik Tiote have been linked away and has thus far remained loyal to the Toon. Look at Carroll though – his head was too easily swayed with constant speculation linking him away.

The rags – Wouldn’t it be incredible to see a newspaper actually seek out a story? With the transfer window all year round their work would be cut out to find out which clubs really are looking to buy players and which players they are looking to buy. We can only dream but it wouldn’t half cut the garbage and hopefully help them to write up decent articles

The Fans – Most importantly whilst the excitement of the transfer window would be gone, so would the stress. But no last day deadline gossip and reports of someone apparently seeing Tevez in a Liverpool toilet 10 minutes before the deadline. Goodness me Sky Sports News would be out of business! All in all we would not be as expectant and would perhaps be more hopeful instead. All this hinges on having owners who are prepared to shell out the funds but with less pressure on transfers we may see lower rates, lower wages and lower egos….

It is an interesting proposition; there are are pros and cons but ultimately whatever happens to the transfer window being a Toon fan will never disappoint.

Thanks to Liam Southern Toon for giving us his musing to mull over.

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17 thoughts on “The wonderful world of the transfer window.

  1. I disagree on the most part. Players will always be linked to other clubs its part of football The fact there is only a few months to get them players is great for teams like us.

    I totally understand were your coming from about the Newspapers i dont beleive anything i read in the newspapers ifi hadnt seen the royal wedding on T.V i woudnt beleive it 😀 I just dont buy them anymore the front pages are always so depressing and the back pages are always a load of rubbish.

    We have more than enough time to get the players we need now we already have close to a 25 man squad i think we just need to increase the quality of the whole squad so injurys dont effect us that much.

    And come on how boring would these 2-3 months be without the buzz of the tranfers window 😀

    But good read none the less keep em coming Toonsy


  2. Santini @ 3 I’m a bit worried that you watched the Royal Wedding on TV,Do you need counse 🙂 😉


  3. Newkie – Agreed, but I’d like the football to start and the transfer window to shut. Am I being greedy? 🙂


  4. Nah toonsy being greedy is hoping n zog and erdinc are in the squad then the window Shuts! 😆


  5. Toonsy-Sames. Football manager transfer windows are so much better than the real thing…sign everyone within a week and skip forward to the start of the season 😆


  6. Johno-aye :mrgreen:

    We’d be champions league contenders every year…along with my other favoured teams, Gateshead FC and Newport AFC 😆


  7. Liam good job mate and you make some good points.
    Personally I cant wait to get back to footie and for the window to slam shut, I use to look forward to the Transfer windows but from the Fatman came along all you can hope for is to keep most of your better players that you already have, an an odd decent player being brought in


  8. The comments by Llambias and Pardew are the most worrying part. Saying we have spent a good fraction of the Carroll money by using it to pay the complete contracts of Tiote, Cabaye, Marveaux and Ba. I ignore the newspapers until a player is actually having a medical. We are far too weak once you get past the 11 man starting squad. RTaylor, Smith, Xisco, Peter, to name a few a Championship quality at best. Any string of injuries will have us struggling. Hope I am wrong. Can’t see any more than 2 more players coming in and the owner will consider that as the entire Carroll money spent (on wages and fees). We won’t get anywhere with this owner and his yes men Llambias and Pardew.


  9. Went out for a run earlier which took me past the training ground, the ****in place is covered in Sports Direct barriers 👿 👿

    We are nowt but an advertising vehicle for Ashley’s tramp wares. 👿


  10. thing is the transfer window was brought in to stop top clubs cherry picking tge better players from the not so top clubs right? Has it served its purpose? I don’t think it has really. All it has served to do is crank up the of pressure and expectation on a few weeks of the year. Players still move about, but for vastly inflated fees. Great for the selling club right? Well not really….


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