The neverending story of Jose Enrique and Liverpool.

Jose on his fantasy ride.
I see that Paul Fraser from the Northern Echo has pricked the good old Jose Enrique to Liverpool rumour again this morning.

There are no quotes or nothing, just a belief that Kenny Dalglish will come calling like a Knight in shining armour (well, tosser in tinfoil actually) to rescue Jose Enrique and whisk him off to the Champions League.

The problem being is that Liverpool aren’t in the Champions League, which is the one thing that Jose Enrique wants according to, his agent and brother, and our manager.

Personally speaking I’m at the stage now where I’m past caring if Jose stays or goes. It’s pretty clear that he’s stringing us along whilst he smokes out interest in him, which may be fine for some who will call it “his prerogative” but it’s not fine by me. Personally speaking I don’t like to see any player take the piss out of the NUFC shirt, and I feel that is exactly what Jose is doing right now.

For someone who professes to love the club and the fans he is going about showing it in some weird way. I’d at least expect Jose to be man enough and say he wants out rather than just hide away and ignore everything. Jose may be smoking out interest, but it’s about time some truth was smoked out of Jose in my opinion.

If he wants out, tell us. He is one of only a handful of players who could probably get away with the “testing themselves at a higher level” excuse in all honesty. So why is he wandering around like a confused battered housewife seemingly wanting to end the relationship but not knowing how to go about it?

The ideal scenario would see Jose Enrique stay at Newcastle, but with Alan Pardew hinting* that the Spaniard doesn’t look interested anymore and with an as yet untouched “fantastic” contract offer on the table it would appear that the odds are in favour of Jose saying “Adios” to Tyneside at some point before August 31st.

* Mind you, we know what to read into Alan Pardew’s words these days – nothing!

So with nothing new with regard to Jose Enrique aside from a press report on one of the local papers, where does it leave us? Well to be honest it leaves us no clearer than I was when I first started writing this article, however I do feel much better for having a rant about it.

Try it. You might like it!

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58 thoughts on “The neverending story of Jose Enrique and Liverpool.

  1. You illiterate ignoramus, how dare you call Kenny Dalglish a tosser in tinfoil. When you have anyone from your club who would be fit to polish his boots you will have the right to criticise him.

    And as to Jose, Kenny Dalglish has never expressed any interest in him, these rumours are all just media speculation from lazy hacks with nothing better to do.


  2. Liverpool have no interest in Enrique at all, I think you’re media are trying to generate interest where there is none!!!!


  3. Liverpoolfc need him badly!!!so we like hi along siae Diago Godin of Uraguay.


  4. Bill – Illiterate? Well. that’s not true. Did it just fit with your other fancy word you used? πŸ˜‰


  5. liverpool need to sell before they can buy as theyve wasted all their money on downing and henderson;

    Any takers for Philipp Degen, Nabil El Zhar, Emiliano Insua, Brad Jones, Milan Jovanovic , Christian Poulsen, David Ngog, Joe Cole, Alberto Aquilani and Raul Meireles ??

    Thought not –

    they’ll be lucky to raise Β£5m for that lot


  6. bill no toon fan likes dalglish , if you dont like what weve got to say about him then i suggest you get ya skinny ass to the liverpool blogs you muppet!!!!!


  7. Good article Toonsy as always.Really is a shame that he cant find it within himself to come out and say that he definately wants to quit toon.Of course its looking more and more likely with the wall of silence he is sticking to,a real shame though as he is a talented player we are now seeing,that said he was pants when he arrived and only now is he the player everyone seemingly thinks is the dogs bollox.We cant cant compete with other clubs that can offer Champions League Football,but I very much doubt he will gain the Iconic status we have bestowed on him,nor will he play in front of fans as appreciative or as vocal as ours.It really just comes down to Love and Money and we all know the rules of the game as regards those two,they love kissing the badge but they love the money more.There will be some that say a guy kicking a ball is worth 60k a week and actually believe it,i’m afraid I don’t.So if they feel the need to load up the bank account a little more off you go.One man doesn’t make any team,that includes Jose Enrique


  8. “… just a belief that Kenny Dalglish will come calling like a Knight in shining armour (well, tosser in tinfoil actually) to rescue Jose Enrique and whisk him off to the Champions League.

    The problem being is that Liverpool aren’t in the Champions League…”

    How about…

    There’s a belief by many Newcastle fans that they just need another owner who will rescue them and they will fulfill their destiny to be successful again.

    The problem being that they were never successful (premier league status is the best you can hope for) and the fans don’t seem to get i.

    Your good friends in Sunderland are more realistic and they are far more successful than NUFC.


  9. “The problem being is that Liverpool aren’t in the Champions League”

    They are at least showing enough ambition to make players believe that if they sign a 5 year contract, they will make it there sooner rather than later.

    What ambition are we showing? We should have finished comfortable top table last season – albeit a total disaster versus WBA – yet the calls this season are for 10th?

    I get the whole, low expectations and everyone will be pleasantly surprised and you have over achieved spin, yet I also believe in positive mentality and the players believing you can do better.

    I hope to God that Pards is telling the players that he wants them challenging for the Europa spots as everyone needs a goal in their job.

    With the article the other day about incentives and bonuses Re: Mike Ashley’s sports direect, I would be surprised if this wasn’t the case.


  10. Can we have less articles with Liverpool tagged in them, I smell of scousers is lingering over the blog atm πŸ˜›


  11. πŸ˜† haha your right jobey , it attracts the likes of ben who just comes on here to wind the toon fans up when he could be on the liverpool blogs discussing how brilliant jordan henderson and downing are for 40million πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  12. 1@ Bill

    You tool, I know for a 100% fact Kenny was interested in Jose,, he also wanted Ashley Young rather than Downing but as soon as Man Utd stepped in he backed out to save face. You’re obviously missing the News of the World mate.


  13. honestly tops for henderson and downing is 10- 15 million , 40 million for to average midfielders is crazy cash πŸ˜†


  14. poor carlos tevez .. Can you imagine the anguish of being stuck in another country earning 250,000 pounds a week to play football? We should organise a suicide watch, or maybe raise his wage.. it worked last time. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  15. JOBEY07. I have no real interest in your club’s blog however the article is headlined about Liverpool and then begins by having a go at our manager and has a dig at our club, and for what reason?

    The motivation seems to be that there’s a concern one of your players is supposed to be looking elsewhere – presumably to better himself in football terms and no doubt, improved pay.

    If Newcastle were doing the business on the pitch then would he want to move anywhere? I suggest the writer’s frustration needs to focus on what’s going on a bit closer to home rather than have a pop at other clubs.


  16. peter beardsley you **** off aswell!!! how dare you come on here and tell us what we can and cant say?? bugger offf you absolute tool


  17. PB he is merely stating fact that Liverpool are not the force they were and they aren’t in the champs league it’s not slating your club it’s realism.

    No need to get all high and mighty πŸ˜†


  18. Bris

    Ah right! Cheers for that mate!

    Always wondered what that meant!!!!!


    How about top 7? Going on your theory would that mean 1-7?


  19. Peter – I was joking :p But, we don’t like Dalglish. If a Liverpool blog wrote something about Torres’ records at Liverpool, and at Chelsea. And a Liverpool called Torres a tosser, would you not be bored of Chelsea fans moaning about the name calling of their player; when you have reasons for disliking him.


  20. peter beardsley @, 20 you say for what reason ,ile give you ****in at least 3 reasons BARNES RUSH and STEFAN GUIVARCH dogleash is a ****in waste of space in our eyes πŸ™‚


  21. @Bill
    You seem to forget that KD unfortunately was our manager after Keegan left. He then went about dismantling one of the most exciting teams of any Premier League era. His appointment set the club back 10 years and only started to recover once Sir Bobby got rid of the dross that he bought. And you want us NUFC fans to like and respect him? I think not.


  22. Batty – 3 more?

    Des Hamilton / Silvio Maric / Andreas Andersson

    3 More you say?

    George Georgiadis, Carl Serrant, Laurent Charvet.


  23. Army69

    I haven’t told anyone what they can and can’t say – I am merely defending comments I feel are directed against my club. I suggest (not tell) that you read comments and think before you start typing. I commend you for your outstanding vocabulary and ability to present an argument.


    I accept we aren’t the force of the 70’s and 80’s however his reference to KD was not very respectful was it? Again, I suggest respectfully that some of the frustration is being directed in the wrong place.


  24. Peter Beardsley,

    Put yourself in our shoes. How would you feel if another clubs legend came in to manage Liverpool and dismantled your team replacing them with some of the aforementioned names?

    You would hate the guy passionately, as many of us do. I understand he is your idol, doesn’t mean we have to like him after what he did.


  25. aye m8 it dus ,doglesh wont see out his contract at the bindippers ,them yanks wont stand for his ****e buys


  26. PB agreed you are right we are frustrated at potentially losing a player to yourselves as a toon fan we have a lot to grumble about.

    However KD almost single handedly brought down Newcastle when we were at such a height. Therefore we are right to reserve judgement on the chap.



  27. …2 me kenny is the big reason we are here..2 me he is a big f..cking joke…u are going nowwhere with that clown…trust me u will see…he got rid of tino and ginola for rush and barns….he put this club back 10 years …so 2 me a f…kining noob


  28. Moreno

    Your comments are fair and I understand your position. It’s just a shame others are not so ‘balanced’ (and I use the term to cover all senses of the word).

    By the way…..he signed a few donkeys for us in his time too πŸ˜‰


  29. To be fair. Daglish screwed us up, did a terrible job we have the right to hate him. I doubt you’ll top jose’s wages he’s on 60k here i beleive(Could be wrong). Liverpool are showing ambition but i’d rather not if it ,means spending 50million on downing,henderson and adam. Jose is too good for us has been for a while but just wish he’d stop pissing us around.


  30. Daglish will probably do well at liverpool as long as commoli buys the players, That list of players is amazing. I don’t think i’ve ever seen such a collection of terrible buys over such a short period. He did buy a couple of decent ones though. Given,solano,hamman and ketsbaia.


  31. Under normal circumstances I would fck the little **** off! But unfortunately there’s no guarantee we’d reinvest the money we got for him (well maybe we’d get new showers in the dressing rooms) so I would keep him here until his contract runs out and let him go.

    Hopefully Ashley has gone by then and we could get a decent replacement for him.


  32. stupid article from a stupid person.typical ****e from a poor mid table team supporter with nothing to look forward to, and kk is a top man, a proper legend


  33. sell him to liverpool i say the tosser in tin foil likes to pay 3 times the value of players loves wasting money so could be good businuss for us


  34. red says:
    July 20, 2011 at 11:47
    stupid article from a stupid person.typical ****e from a poor mid table team supporter with nothing to look forward to, and kk is a top man, a proper legend

    Stupid comment from a stupid person.typical ****e from a poor mid table team supporter with nothing to look forward to, and kk is a top man, a proper legend. Amazing how much are clubs are going to be like next season isnt it?


  35. haha..Newcastle muppets!!!

    And you wonder why you haven’t won a ting in 60 years.
    You couldn’t spot a good manager if the previous year he’d won the domestic treble. Pitiful, small club full of deluded fans!

    Until you understand how football works you’ll continue to operate in the lower reaches of the league. What has Alan pardew ever done? and what are you expecting him to do?

    In Dalglish’s one year as manager of you whitless club he finished 13th an took you to the F.A.Cup final! The only final you’ve been to in god knows how long. You beat barcelona 3-2 in the Champions League and 2 games into the following season you sacked him! Last year, after your return from relegation you finished 12th!!! Nothing like progress eh!

    If you where so great why did Keagan leave?

    The newcasle side you refer to as your greatest had come to the end of it’s shelf life. It also won nothing and was defensivly inept! it needed changing! You needeed to realise that and who knows! You may have won something by now!

    Dalglish has won


    Football League First Division

    * Winner: 1985/86, 1987/88, 1989/90

    FA Cup

    * Winner: 1985/86, 1988/89

    Charity Shield

    * Winner: 1986 (Shared) 1988, 1989, 1990 (Shared)

    Blackburn Rovers (1991–1995)

    FA Premier League

    * Winner: 1994/95

    Football League Second Division Play Off

    * Winner: 1991/92

    Celtic (2000)

    Scottish League Cup

    * Winner: 1999/00

    Everyone loves a winner eh! Except Newcastle….


  36. Suared your also forgetting he finished runner up when he took over midseason from Keegan with us. And he turned that runner up team to mid table team. Bravo! Stand up and take a bow mr daglish


  37. Daglish did finish 13th the year he managed us 34points behind the leaders. Excellent, especially when you consider the year before we finished 2nd and 7 points behind the leaders. If only we could have had more of that astounding progress who knows what could have happened. I do suppose that having given time his new young stars of john barnes and iain rush aided with wonderful gaillic flair of guivarch and charvet we would probably have stormed the league within 2 years. Bring back daglish, probably the greatest manager we’ve ever had…


  38. I love Liverpool fans. They react so easily. Just like the old firm. Man Utd fans at least have something about them and don’t rise to the bait. They’ve been a top team for so long now and have heard it all before.

    If any of you Liverpool fans need directions to anfield then pop back and I’ll help, you glory hunting murderous ****bags πŸ™‚


  39. You have to remeber tho in fairness to Liverpool and their fans next season is going to be their season πŸ™‚ always next season πŸ™‚


  40. You liverpool fans forget if it wasn’t for everton you would have never existed. You were both one club once!!!!!! Some liverpool fans always never know the history of the club!! Get off our blog if your gonna start mocking us, just wait until your players don’t deliver you’ll get so angry with them


  41. Liverpool under KD is no different than when Rafa was there. The only difference is that KD pays 5x over the odds for average players. We are all asking ourselves where has all the Carrol money gone, but would you like to see us spending the amounts Liverpool have on ordinary players just to say “Yes we did spend that Β£35m”. I for one am over the moon with our business so far compared to Liverpools. Come on, Henderson Β£20m, Downing Β£20m, Adam Β£9m are you having a laugh. I think Liverpool could be in serious trouble this season. I dont mean relegation but, if they finish outside the top 6 then that will have serious financial concequences considering what has been spent.
    Actually, I think we will finish above them. Go on Kenny keep on spending.


  42. “Until you understand how football works you’ll continue to operate in the lower reaches of the league. What has Alan pardew ever done? and what are you expecting him to do?”

    If you understand how football works, You would realise that not a single newcastle fan has any input in who is appointed manager you inbred thieving scum.

    How is 12th after promotion not progress you verminous cun t…


  43. Wait until this time next year, Kenny had his little 6 month honeymoon period here as well we finished 2nd in the league before he put his own stamp on the team, Then we plummeted to 13th.

    Charlie Adam, Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson and Stuart Downing pitiful for a team with supposed champions league aspirations, Compare them to Ashley Young, Phil Jones, De Gea, Gervinho, Modric and Aguero who the genuine top teams are buying and you will see your place in the hierarchy…


  44. Jose Enrique does a very decent job for us, but is he really that good!? Does he put Simpson on the right to shame!? I don’t think so, he would be a loss but replaceable yes… if he goes I just hope they don’t sell him at the last minute with no time to fill his boots. Dalglish has bought a lot of very expensive but average players this window, hardly what you’d call galactico’s, all of them a gamble. Enrique could be another.


  45. All of you liverpool fans are just bandwagoners anyway. you knotheads need to find a real club to support, and then you’ll know something about football.


  46. IF he wanted to stay he would have signed by now , if he stays now , it will be because no other team came in for him , and he’s stuck here,I still dont think he will sign a new deal at NUFC


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