Agent: Ben Arfa out for 6-12 weeks?

6-12 weeks for Benny?
The agent of Hatem Ben Arfa has claimed that the talented Frenchman could be out for anywhere between 6-12 weeks thanks to the ankle injury sustained against Sporting Kansas City the other day.

Ben Arfa was on the end of a reckless challenge from Roger Espinoza which resulted in the 24-year-old having to be stretchered off with reports soon suggesting that he had been taken straight to hospital in an ambulance. Fortunately those reports were wrong (thanks Lee Ryder!) and that wasn’t the case at all, although the injury is deemed as severe enough to end Ben Arfa’s participation in the the pre-season tour of the US.

Ben Arfa will now be assessed by the Newcastle medical staff as he flies home from the States on crutches and with his leg in a protective cast. As things stood it all appeared to be precautionary, but I personally don’t like the sound of what his agent has been saying. Speaking, Michel Ouazine had this to say:

“We will go to Newcastle, we will take stock. I think, knowing a little what happens on this type of injury, it will take 48 hours because there is a huge swelling. Then you know it can take three months, or it may be a month and a half. We can not decide yet. He is touched but not sunk”

The wonders of Google Translate eh? I have to use it as my knowledge of the French language stands at pretty much zero, so if anyone wants to have a better go at translating it then you can do so by clicking here.

Until I hear something official I’ll not get too down about it. To me, Ouazine is suggesting that 6-12 weeks is what it could take, not what it will take, and given what his client has been through in the last ten months perhaps he is erring on the side of caution.

I’m hopeful that we’ll have him back towards the end of pre-season, or at least for the Arsenal game. Rumour has it that there is some damage to his ankle ligaments which is the same injury as Shane Ferguson has, and he is out for three weeks apparently so fingers crossed it’s closer to that than the 6-12 weeks mooted by his agent.

As ever, time will tell.

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51 thoughts on “Agent: Ben Arfa out for 6-12 weeks?

  1. He’ll be out for a week or two.

    Pardew said they took him off as a precaution – you don’t do it as a precaution if he’s got a serious injury.


  2. Ligament injuries can be worse than broken bones in terms of length of time to fully heal. Now HBA is out for a couple of months and is bound to be mentally effected by this. It will be a huge set back to him psychologically and I would not be surprised if he is not the same player when he comes back for at least sevral months after that provided he stays fit. Great shame and potentially a bigger blow than many of us realise…


  3. Stuart, dont be surpised if Pardew is playing the injury down as a psychological boost for HBA. Dont forget he also said he would back playing for the last 5 games or so of last season. Just giving him little snippets of hope to keep his head up.


  4. Stuart – The problem I have with that is that Pardew has been caught out before with things like this.

    “Hopefully we’ll have him back for the last few games of the season”

    “He was never going to be back for those games, but I just felt he needed something to look forward to”

    They immediately spring to mind.


  5. Soft tissue damage can take a very long time to heal. Poor lad is cursed!


  6. So his agent is now a doctor as well, HBA should tell him to keep his thoughts to himself.


  7. Think everyone is getting away with themselves.

    He may have just sprained his ankle and he’ll be back walking on it in a few days. Give it a couple of weeks after that and he’ll be fit again.


  8. Bloody newcastle are cursed chris H seem to get the injury problem under control now pardwho is manager its like it used to be WHY/??? This american Tour is a big mistake mls teams are fully fit and want to beat newcastle badley there will be more injurys ???? the The first team would of been better playing in holland Has any body seen HBA on crutches and his ankle in cast if that is true its not just a twisted ankle ITS SERIOUS


  9. well we’ll just play Nolan there unil he’s fit…oh he was sold with 2yrs on his contract and now we dont have adequate cover…oh well thats what happens when a billionaire owns us..


  10. I’m with Stuart.

    I’d have sent the lad home if he stubbed his toe! Get him home, resting and repairing. Why would you do owt else?


  11. Jimbob – Its in a protective cast, but that is nothing to be concerned about as most injuries like this get surrounded by a cast as a precaution.


  12. Mark – Cabate can play in that role aswell. Barton and Tiote in the middle, onas and marveaux on the wings.


  13. Look hes ****ed and get over it. He was ****ed when his leg was broken in 2 places and this is just the beginning of the end. Get your hand in your pocket Ashley we need a new one.


  14. just letting out some frustration m8, just pissed with our small squad being hit by injuries, pardews biles and the spending power of notts county.

    I’m sure MA’s masterplan will kick-in soon..


  15. God’s sake. People arent happy with a Billionaire owner now?!?!

    Boils my pi$$. Just think about the squad. Cabaye is better than Nolan. Fact.

    All we are short of is a CB and a ST. Once we can trim the squad and replace it with better we will be laughing. I just cant get to grips with people having a go. Are people seriously wanting us to fork out Β£50 million on players and take a massive step backwards? We have the new regs coming in next season. We need to be prudent. Im wondering how Barca and Chelski will cope with the income/wages ratio. Barca spen Β£100k a WEEK AVERAGE


  16. I think craggles says it best cant say anything until the club release a statement telling us how bad it is.


    Agreed dont know how people turn a HBA injury post into hate the board thread. People need to forget about the board and justsupport their team.


  17. Off topic but you guys probably haven’t heard about this and I find it interesting considering what happened last Friday…

    Football violence in Dundee last night. Businesses vandalised and closed down resulting in lost revenue and Polish fans running at small innocent groups of Dundonians hurling bottles and other missiles. 100’s of fans marching down streets setting off fireworks. The police just didn’t do enough.

    That’s just what I know definitely happened. Other things I have heard range from pensioners kicked in, a stabbing and lootings. Can’t confirm any of that though.

    Any media reports on this? Nope, except the BBC who claim the police stopped any trouble and no-one was hurt.

    A few kids at Darlington get into a bit of a scrap last Friday and there was national outrage from every single media source in Britain.

    How do you work that one out then?


  18. Just because a few kids “got in a bit of a scrap” it doesn’t make it right. They still broke the law after all…


  19. Thats not his point though toonsy his point is the media were all over the Darlington game like it was a national disgrace but no one has even heard of this much bigger violence at a dundee game. Media propaganda at its best


  20. Santii – True. It’s not a new thing though so rather than cry victim we should instead look at our own before worrying about others. Like I said, minor or not, some elements of our fans broke the law by even being on the pitch, let alone the ones who got involved in the violence.


  21. Moreno – I completely see your point. I’m just staggered it is a point. I mean hasn’t it always been the way? Not just with biased media reporting against Newcastle, but biased media reporting with English clubs in general.

    Look at Turkey. You get advised to not go to football matches over there because of the violence. Ask Leeds fans. Any sanctions against the Turks? Nope. How about the Italians? Remember Palermo when our fans were advised not to travel because there would be violence? Any sanctions against them? Nope.

    It’s double-standards, but it ain’t a new thing. I’m shocked that you’re surprised by it.


  22. Hmmm….where did I say I was surprised?

    As I stated last night on previous threads, I was fully expecting this outcome. Absolutely no surprise whatsoever.

    Think it is an interesting comparison though considering the absolute outrage last Friday in the media when this is football related violence on a much larger scale and nothing is said.

    I wasn’t condoning the lads at Darlo scrapping either. I realise they broke the law and it wasn’t right πŸ˜•


  23. I’ll just get back to the 35 million and Mike Ashley the Billionairre chat then πŸ˜₯


  24. Why not? Every f*cker else has become obsessed by it so one more won’t matter πŸ™„ πŸ˜†


    To spend Β£35 million exactly


    To have a better team regardless of cost


  25. Raffo says:
    July 22, 2011 at 10:43


    So we don’t need a left back(probably 2, when Enrique’s gone) or another right back? If you’re happy with Taylor playing at RB if Simpson gets injured fair enough but I aint.


  26. RE: the 35 million,

    I feel I have already said how I feel about it more than once and am actually boring myself repeating the same thing over and over.

    I know others like to do it, repeat themselves and make the same point everyday but not my style…..just wish the conversation and topics would move on a bit. It’s been discussed back and forth by the same individuals until we are blue in the face.


  27. Stuart,

    What about if Colo and Taylor get injured/banned?

    Would you be happy with Kadar and Willo?

    I know some would but I would have slight reservations.

    I know campbell didn’t turn out to be great BUT he was brought in to be back up and yes in hindsight it didn’t work out. There was a need there though – just in case.

    Is Kadar the answer? haven’t seen much of him


  28. Nothing but speculation, suggest we all take a wait and see tude and lets not forget though HBA will probably be a loss in the immediate future, it’s still a team game and one man’s mifortune could be anothers opportunity.


  29. Moreno – Absolutely spot on. Some think we have a good squad – god knows why and I’m not sure how they can justify that claim but that’s life.


  30. Well Stu we lost Nolan then added 3 quality signings plus Gosling and Ben Arfa to a club that was 2 points from 9th last season. What constitutes a good squad then? Top 6 finish?


  31. Depends which way you slice the cake, toonsy.

    We have a more technically gifted midfield, does that win you matches? On the other hand we have lost our two top scorers. We have no idea yet if Cabaye can or will score 12 goals (I doubt it myself as he hasn’t done in any other season and it’s his first EPL season) and we don’t know if Ba will stay fit to score 12 goals like Carroll.

    In that respect it’s hard to argue the fact we have got a better squad.

    Don’t be fooled thought, toonsy. You know as well as anyone else knows we aren’t going to finish this transfer window with the same squad. I guarantee you more players will leave than come in.


  32. MDS says:
    July 22, 2011 at 12:31

    Read comment 39.

    You’re obviously someone who doesn’t look that deeply into the game and takes everything at face value.


  33. Just to make a further point. At this point now we shouldn’t have sold Carroll. I was in favour at the time but not if the money wasn’t going to be spent on improving the squad beyond all reasonable doubt – which as it stands to day hasn’t happened and won’t happen. IMO of course.


  34. You’re obviously someone who doesn’t look that deeply into the game and takes everything at face value.
    You pegged me exactly! Thanks!

    So by top scorers you mean Carroll who wasn’t with the club post January and Nolan who scored all of 3 goals once Carroll left?

    Still think we need another striker and think we will get one.


  35. @26 Agree mate

    @41 Dont think anyone wanted Carroll to leave but he did force it through sowhat can we do?

    @42 Agreed πŸ˜€


  36. MDS says:
    July 22, 2011 at 12:38

    We’ll just ignore their goals then as they we’ren’t spread over the entire season and we didn’t get any points from games in which they scored.

    Fair enough – very logical way of thinking.

    We’ll be fine and won’t need to replace them 24 goals…


  37. Well Nolan scored 3 goals in the second half of the season and carroll obviosuly scored 0 because he wasn’t here. Yet we had pretty much the same record.

    A better MF does leads to more goals, If you don’t believe that i don’t really know what to say.


  38. @Raffo

    I was being ironic when I said a billionaire owns us, you would think its someone that owns the local corner shop given our spending this season.

    So you think we only need two players and we’re ok? is that ok to battle relegation or ok to finish top 10?

    My point was we had 35mil, were told we’d spend it and havent. sometimes its good to speculate to accumulate which helps us to the next level. My concern is MA likes to accumulate the clubs cash for himself.

    Now we have R Taylor adamant he should be 1st choice RB, lol he shouldnt be plying his trade in the prem nevermind RB for us. Simpsons not much better either.. but aye we only need 2 player…


  39. I’m fluent in French.

    Your translation was slightly out but good try.
    It basically says, Ben Arfa is deeply disappointed with the set up at Newcastle. He was promised we would be looking to guarantee a euro spot when he first arrived. He was looking forward to playing with Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan.
    The whole injury situation in Kansas was a huge misunderstanding. He isn’t injured at all. He just broke down and cried as it dawned on him that he had no one to pass to whilst on the field. An inconsolable Ben Arfa needed a stretcher to be taken off. He is perfectly fine on the injury front but just needs time to recover mentally from the betrayal by the regime. 😯


  40. ahhh come on ffs… why are ppl still mopping over Nolan, he scores goals yes but he doesnt make defense spliting passes and has hardly an influence on the game when he isnt scoring and you cant have that in your captain…. he is gone now deal with it,

    i prefer our squad now compared to last season i dont care how much is spent as long as we improve the squad.. and for the money counters 7m was paid out for Demba Ba in signing fee, agent fee and allegedly west ham received compensation


  41. We are a much stronger team in the midfield now compared to last season. Everyone knows Nolan was slow and couldn’t be a box to box player. He was almost strictly a goal poacher and without a powerful centre forward he was much less effective. Cabaye is a skillful box to box player, Marveaux has skill and pace and Abeid looks promising but not the finished article. I have few worries about our midfield. Looking realistically at our strikers at the moment Ba looks out of shape (someone at the KC match said he looked like a drunken Ameobi and a bit overweight), Shola is Shola so will miss half the games due to injury, Best is a big question mark and might be sold, and Peter is now 31 and is a low impact squad player at best. Who knows about Ranger but it doesn’t look promising with his attitude. Airey and the other youngsters need at least one more season in the reserves. So we definitely need at least 1 more striker. Looking at the back 4 is even more depressing. Jose is faking an injury until he is sold, Simpson is our only proven right back although Tavernier can possibly play there, Collo and Taylor are good but not great centre backs with Willo as the only experienced replacement. We need right back cover, a new left back, and another good experienced centre back to push our present players and in case of injury. Time will tell what the owner does but I don’t see Pardew having any influence.


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