Is there a way back for Barton?

Stuck in the Middle...
It seems as though the rather wild rumour linking Joey Barton with Manchester United this morning has provoked a response from our No7.

Now first of all let me make clear that Joey Barton to Manchester United is never going to happen and is merely The Times being little tinkers and dreaming up some rather ambitious rumours. I mean Barton is good, great for us in fact, but Manchester United good? Hmmm….

Anyway, Barton has felt the need to once again state that he is intent on staying at Newcastle this coming season stating that he unfinished business at Newcastle and insisting that he still wants to stay at the club.

First off he tweeted this:

β€œNice to be linked with some big clubs today but I honestly don’t want to leave Newcastle. Thanks but no thanks. #unfinishedbusinesshere”

Which was then closely followed by this:

β€œI will most likely leave Newcastle at end of season, when my contract expires and I am no longer employed. Its out of my hands #iwanttostay?”

It kind of leaves me wondering whether or not there is still a way back for the former Manchester City man. I mean he has started off this pre-season like a house on fire and is currently scoring at the rate of a goal a game. Grated it’s pre-season, but if he can be as influential during the course of this forthcoming season then it can only be a good thing right?

I feel that Joey is about to try and prove a point to the Newcastle hierarchy about just how important he is to the team. Only time will tell if he gets the reward for it in the shape of a new contract, but it does make me think that this is some clever trick to try and get the very best out of Barton. An incentivised contract, the back door way if you like.

I mean surely the management can see how integral he is to the squad? Take all of the little snipes and digs on Twitter away and you are left with a player who wants to stay at the club, wants to give his all, and most importantly, still has a point to prove. Isn’t that what they want?

The best thing for al concerned is for the all to sit down again and try to sort something out. Unfortunately the way things appear at the moment that looks a million miles away. Will one, or both sides, cave a little? I doubt it. It’s Ashley’s way or the highway and Barton is just as determined.

If nothing is sorted then Barton will move on. He’ll get another club and carry on with his career. Ashley will get what he wants in the shape of another high-earner off the wagebill, which will just leaves us – the fans – being the ones that lose out.


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71 thoughts on “Is there a way back for Barton?

  1. Apparently so, but nobody really knows I’d guess. Could be an honest gesture, or it could be games. Who knows?


  2. Wor Joseph spot on he has said he would take a cut and has said when asked about a move to Spam to join Tugboat that Money isn’t an issue because he has faith in his own ability to stay in the top league and test himself against the best ( I guess Tugboat was more interested in money or maybe he knew he didn’t have the ability)
    Joey is the type of player we need to hold on too, will they come to some arrangment I guess the thoughts of not getting any money for Joey might make MA think again, if he plays the same this season as last.


  3. I think there is most definitely a way back for Barton. However the most likely scenario is that he runs down the final year of his contract, and will become a free agent. That means he will be almost turning 30 as he comes out of contract. The toon will probably offer him a 2 year deal on reduced wages, which he may or may not accept. A serious gamble by Gashley, but hopefully he will see the sense and offer JB an acceptable new deal. I also feel that this year could be one of JB’s best ever seasons for the toon, he’s injury free, playing with more technically gifted players, and obviously up for it.


  4. Keep him for this season and play him week in week out.
    He wants to stay. We need him. Everybody’s a winner
    Selling him wouldn’t make business sense that our board keep rambling on about. What would a replacement cost. A younger Joey Barton say 11 million if compared to the Zog
    And ask yersel who would you rather have in your team Joey or Jordan Henderson at 20 million.


  5. MM, highly agree. If he continues to push for goals and just being a great player for us, I highly doubt MA and dekka can continue to have their heads up their arses about him and will offer him something at the constant bequest of Pardew who they at least get along with in some way


  6. Pardew ” I want Joey to stay, he’s got 5 or 6 years left at the top”.

    Lambias ” I’ve heard what you say Alan, I’ve offered him a 2 year contract”.

    It’s great when you see 2 great men working in unison . πŸ˜†

    Absolute no chance of the club offering him a contract that he will be satisfied with. 😑


  7. Bobby….Cashley is gambling that at 30 neebody will offer JB a contract that he will be satisfied with, especially the timescale involved, and he ends up resigning for the toon. Could work too imo… 😈


  8. Bobby says….”Absolute no chance of the club offering him a contract that he will be satisfied with”…

    What would JB be happy with Bobby ?


  9. Jose just said that he shares JB views and that it’s the club not the players that Steele ing people out. He use the examples of AC and Nolan and said with the current regime at the club NUFC will not be able to compete for top 6! He sai we are the best fans in the world and that it’s wrong that the club would put us through this! Quick translation there so I might have missed a few bits


  10. Just seen Jose Enrique’s latest tweets and he is upset at the club for not showing ambition, for selling Carroll and Nolan and that we as fans don’t deserve this regime. The window started well but things have taken an unexpected twist.


  11. If the fat ******* would just spend some of that money! There is so much potential at this club and even with the current squad to start towards something great again! Ashley being a tightwad is not going to guide NUFC into being a top team like some financially focused people think. This is a football club. Bring good football people in and we will be a better football club! Easy


  12. Can’t say I’m shocked. Jose has had a face like a smacked arse since March so I’ve been prepared fir him leaving whilst being hopeful it would sort out. This appears to have speeded up the process.


  13. What a tw’at jose has just made of himself.

    That was totally un proffesinal and ive lost all respect for him.

    I just hope he dosent know somthing we dont, eg the sale of tiote.

    Find it funny how routledge agreed, the only reason we want him out is cos he’s shyte πŸ˜†


  14. Our football club is starting to be the ‘Hearts’ of the EPL.

    At last a player is coming out and letting us know what charade is going on! I just hope that the supporters who are consistently backing him are looking on and are ashamed.

    Pretty obvious in my mind that Ashley is looking for as much money back as possible by selling players and then selling up.

    How else can you explain so little spent but Β£40m taken in transfer fees?


  15. lee_ryder Lee Ryder
    #nufc Paul Dummett jets out to join United’s USA Tour

    Jose heading back? πŸ˜•


  16. Never underestimate the ability of Pardew and Llambias to keep their heads up their arses AndrewT. Have you noticed how brown their faces look? And then there is all that time they spend with their heads up Ashley’s arse. I see no signs of sanity returning to this club as long as this group are in charge. I hope the new players are a great success but you can’t hide incompetence at the managerial level. Ashley will never hire good football people because they have integrity and guts and will demand control to take the team forward. Ashley is a control freak with no football background who will never understand the team or the city. I’m hoping he doesn’t create a disaster from which he can’t escape because selling up is the only decent thing he can do for the supporters. I don’t advocate returning to Shepard style financial incompetence but the only way forward for the team is to hire competent football men to run the club and that will never happen with Ashley.


  17. SpencerTheToon says:
    July 24, 2011 at 20:26

    Don’t be a fcking ****, Spencer! Do you not want to know what is actually happening? Unless someone comes out and says so some supporters will just potter on as if nothing is wrong and be convinced we still have a chance of achieving something – we we don’t with this lot.

    Time to wake up for some people!


  18. Teenage defender Paul Dummett has flown out to the United States to join up with the first-team’s American tour.

    Former Kenton School pupil Dummett, 19, was with the Development Squad in Holland when the call came to tell him he’d be meeting up with Alan Pardew’s senior party ahead of their game against Columbus Crew on Tuesday evening.

    The team coach had just left United’s Dutch base for Amsterdam city centre, where Dummett was planning on doing some shopping with team-mates Greg McDermott, Conor Newton and Ryan Donaldson, when Peter Beardsley broke the news to him that he would be heading Stateside instead.

    And despite the long journey ahead, the tough-tackling left-back could not hide his excitement when spoke to him just before he boarded the plane.

    “I wasn’t expecting it at all,” he said. “I’d got a knock in the first game in Holland, missed the second game and was looking forward to playing in the third and final game – but now I’m going to America.

    “I was just about to go shopping in Amsterdam, then I was told to get packed up and head to the airport so it’s all happened really quickly.

    “But that all adds to the excitement and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never played in the kind of heat they’re experiencing out there, so it’ll be a new experience for me and it’s great to be given the nod.”

    The Welsh under-21 international made his senior bow as a substitute at Darlington this month, having been part of the squad for the Fulham away game and epic Arsenal home fixture last season.

    He was rested for Saturday’s 3-2 win over FC Utrecht after a slight injury sustained in the final minutes of Thursday’s draw with Hollandia, but is now fully recovered.


  19. Stuart, It shouldnt be down to a player to sprout stuff..

    Would you go and say a load of shyte about your employers? It’s up to them to tells us what they want to tell us, even if it is lies.

    Its unprofessinal for a player to do it.

    If he wants out all he has to do is hand in a transfer request, not start slagging the club off.


  20. Spencer @ 22 can you blame him if the Fat c@nt has broke promises he made and wont invest proper money in the team, as far as I can see he is just speaking his mind.
    Remember 99% of us fans are ****ed off with the Fatman so why do you expect the players not to get ****ed off with him .
    I cant believe the reaction from some of our fans on twitter did they not already think that he was for going ❓


  21. Judging by Jose’s supposed Tweet, could this finally be the beginning of the end and Jose will be on his way soon ? Put us out of our misery and let’s move on.. πŸ™ πŸ™


  22. I can see where you lads are coming from and I am happy that he has done it..

    Cos now we all know 100% the truth, but it is unprofessinal.


  23. SpencerTheToon says:
    July 24, 2011 at 20:36

    Sorry, Spencer but if your mate knew you were having money taken from your bank account every month would you expect him to tell you or would you expect the thief to tell you?


  24. Spencer I dont think owt he has said is unprofessional, I think him and Joey have came out and said things so that the Fatman cant turn it around and blame them, which imo they are both right


  25. oh dear – Enrique having a bit of a go at clubs mgmt on Twitter !
    @CallumVass eso es mentira. The give the money I Have already. They lie all the time. But is no for money is because they don’t want


  26. As much as I believe Jose has his own reasons for his recent tweets; It simply can’t be argued that his comments echo those of Barton and KK before him. This has to be a wake-up call for most now. I t certainly is for me. Jose has said he has been offered the exact same deal he is on now and this talk of a fantastic deal is nothing but lies. Normally I would wait for developments as it’s pretty much his word against theirs. However, these lies + the lies KK predicted about the Β£35million being spent tells me there is truth in the Spaniards words.

    Regardless of what is being spent, it’s now clear we have a top management who will continually lie to us.

    I don’t know about you guys, but that is what bothers me the most.

    …MA & co need to leave.


  27. Flip me, if this is all left unchecked it could fck the changing-room up and we could have a poor season.

    Seriously, can’t understand why Pardew stands there and says nothing, and I am sure Cabaye is well chuffed with all this…

    I am normally very positive about the club but not tonight πŸ™


  28. El Toro I believe the club has broke promises made to Jose, as I said thats why He and Joey have got in 1st and have told us some info because they know that the Fatman will try to spin it around against them making them look guilty. If they have done nowt wrong they are right and I cant see them having done owt wrong because they know the club wouldn’t be long in playing dirty and letting us know what the players have done wrong


  29. WayneRoutledge Wayne Routledge
    I will just state this, everytime I have put on a shirt weather it has been from Crystal palace to now for Newcastle. I have always played

    aye you are a football player?? πŸ™„


  30. WayneRoutledge Wayne Routledge
    110% as a player! So too question any players professional pride is strange to me. I have enjoyed my time at Newcastle and met some very

    my bad he’s still going on.. Jump the gun, looks like hes off aswell. πŸ˜†


  31. Good people. But different managers have different plans. I will always give my all wherever I am!

    Essay over πŸ˜‰


  32. @munich mag
    You say;

    Bobby says….”Absolute no chance of the club offering him a contract that he will be satisfied with”…

    What would JB be happy with Bobby ?

    He’s already said, a longer contract. πŸ˜•


  33. @brownrob

    Why are you so negative? What’s happened to your blind faith? Do you not believe in fairies now and fluffy clouds made of cotton wool?

    You my friend might be ready for the reality train. πŸ˜†
    It’s chockablock now so you better book a ticket now! πŸ˜†


  34. Brownrob….speculation in the dressing room is probably part and parcel of most clubs. I’d like to think that players are all professional enough not to let this affect them.

    Tiote will be keeping the french lads appraised of the situation…


  35. One interesting thing Enrique said was that he was offered the same money he is on now. He is on some 60 grand a week so it shows the club still wants to pay wages for the right players. He must be be lying though as Steve Wraith says we have a wage cap much lower than that πŸ™„


  36. Well its nice to see Jose grow a pair and finally say something after being a mute since last season. Adios Jose πŸ™‚

    I’d expect a complete nufc twitter ban now.


  37. @mm

    I’m sure he would want six but that’s not reasonable but certainly more than 2.


  38. What can I say. Just incredibly disappointed. We deserve better than bare faced liars; Regardless of what their intentions are…


  39. stronger squad than the begining of last season dont make me πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  40. Ahmed4nufc > He is on some 60 grand a week so it shows the club still wants to pay wages for the right players.

    Maybe Fatman just doesn’t want to lose out on the big money Jose would command if he wasn’t in the last year of his contract πŸ˜‰


  41. Bobby…waddayareckon about my comment@5….do you think it could work ? A 2 year rolling contract, could work perhaps…? Though we know wor lot of knackers play hard ball..


  42. @mm

    If Barton plays well this season he will have a hatfull of clubs willing to take him on.
    A free agent, allowing them to pay big wages.

    It’s a win win scenario for Barton.


  43. Dont know why it is’nt obvious to everyone, Joey has a good wedge for this coming season and sure he would take a cut for a longer contract’
    That not being on offer, he’s gonna run out his contract on good money and pick up another contract as a free agent next season and that will involve no fee (other than a signing on fee) and plus possibly a three year deal.
    It’s a win win situation that also gives an “in your face” to Ashley who would dearly like to sell him right now.


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