Ben Arfa to miss start of season.

Six weeks out for Benny?
Reports in L’equipe today suggest that Hatem Ben Arfa will miss the start of the new season thanks to the injury sustained in the pre-season match against Kansas City last week.

The French publication claims that Hatem will be out for around six weeks after tweaking ligaments in his ankle, although it does appear that the hidden good news in all of this is that his previous injury has come through what is a big test unscathed which will surely help ease any concerns about a further injury to Ben Arfa’s leg.

As yet there is nothing official on the club website, but that’s two reports (one from his agent and one from L’equipe) claiming that six weeks is set to be the timeframe for recovery which will effectively rule Ben Arfa out until the start of September. I’ve now got six weeks in my head so anything less will be a bonus.

It’s a concern to be honest. I mean if you stop looking at the now and try to see the bigger picture a bit, just how often is it going to happen? These are injuries caused by challenges as a result of Ben Arfa being too quick, or too good, for the opposition. Is it not about time that flair players got a bit of protection? How many more times are we going to lose him to a knock?

Injuries are part and parcel of the game but perhaps we notice it more with Ben Arfa because of how exciting we know he can be? He showed us in pre-season that some of the magic is still there so to be deprived of it a bit longer is frustrating to say the least, although on the other hand you could argue that he’s been injured so much (through no fault of his own I’ll add) that we hardly know what we are missing.

If true it’s another blow to what has been thus far a horrible few months. First we had the Barton contract wrangle, then the sale of Kevin Nolan, then an awful lot of unrest caused by an unhealthy obsession with £35 million, then injuries to players out in the States, then the Enrique outburst. You get my point.

I guess the only way we’ll find out is if the club give us something official although I’ll not hold my breath on that one and expect Alan Pardew to be tasked with filtering the news through the press via a sequence of coded messages that will probably create more questions.

It feels like I’ve said this a lot now but, get well soon Benny!

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40 thoughts on “Ben Arfa to miss start of season.

  1. I wouldn’t be too worried, With the fitness of players and tempo sides play at these days if you have such a long lay off your always going to get muscle injuries, Doesn’t seem a serious one, Reckon we’ll ease him back and he’ll be flying by november.


  2. Players often get new injuries when they return from a long lay off. This is to be expected and I don’t think it’s anything too bad.

    Dissapointed but not suicidal – yet!


  3. benny will be ok lads, ive watched young dummet in reserves and thought the lad tries very hard indeed but i dont think he will come trough like our other young starlets.hope he enjoyes being around the first team and fring players,good exp for the lad but hasnt made very good runs and lets players cut inside him. but good luck to the lad.


  4. I wrote a comment the other day about the bad feeling surrounding the club at the moment and it just keeps coming in waves.
    The club need to get their act together and send some positive messages out to the fans, deal with the Jose matter quickly but at the same time inject some new blood into the squad, Pardew needs to stop making contradictory statements by waffling on to the media about how the squad is stronger when even a blind man on a galloping horse can see it isnt.
    Llambias needs to get out of his cocoon and start speaking to the fans instead of hiding behind the manager.
    Action and explanations are needed now, excuses, bull**** and ignoring the fans and squad rebuilding arent.


  5. Cheers, Stu – if you’re that positive, then I’m damned if I’m going to be otherwise! :mrgreen:


  6. Erdinc rumours flooding in this morning, about 50/50 on whether or not we’ll bag him. 2 sources indicate he’s coming across for a medical tonight ready to be unveilled tomorrow with official press conference on Thursday. Another 2 sources reckon he’s going to fight for his place in Paris. Has anyone heard anything else? Shane Long on the agenda by Thursday if the latter is true.


  7. So that’s him missing Mackems then, again.

    FFS, can we please have some effing GOOD luck as a club please?

    On a rant this morning coz everyday I read this blog and every other bit of NUFC news going, and slowly but surely I reckon I’m losing the plot!

    Things just get worse and worse luck wise and the only shreds of good news we get turn out to be ****e:

    We get £35million form Carroll sale=”We have already spent it on furry dice and candy floss”!
    Ben Arfa back after nearly a year=Injured again immediately
    Finally get a stream to watch Orlando game=up til 3am, no sound, kept freezing ****test game of footy ever (ok so this was a personal annoyance)
    Gamerio/Gervinho coming = Saw sense, went elsewhere (like a boatload of other prospective target I assume)


    Plus most worryingly now, every one of our best players is realising that while Ashley is here we’ll achieve NOTHING and who wants to waste 4-5 years of their short careers pursuing that fools errand for his GRAND plan to mature-just to line fat man’s pockets?

    Ashley’s only grand 5 year plan is that’s how long he has worked out it will take him to get all his money back plus a tidy profit so he can sell the club on to whichever mug will be stupid enough to buy it in what I can only imagine will be a shocking state when by then.

    Aye this is a proper rant like but I’ve had it with all these Ashley apologists and it got me thinking that I shouldn’t be so worried about 1 player being out all the time. OUR CLUB has made a fortune over the last couple of years and Ashley, SEPERATELY, has nearly doubled his personal fortune and yet HE STILL WON’T BUY ANY PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We should have quality in depth in every position and be fighting, not gambling this coming season.

    It makes me mad and it makes me embarrassed to have any association with this ****ing tw*t that we have running or club!!!

    Rant over 😯


  8. Shame this, as I’ve been dying to see him again. We’ve plenty of cover though, so not to worry.


  9. has anyone else heard that ashley is renaming the east stand,the sports direct stand 😕


  10. Witters>

    Genius. Missed the entire point of what I said. Ben Arfa being injured has nowt to do with Ashley.

    That fact that we are so undeniably weaker without him is NOBODY else’s fault but Ashley’s. he’s got the money but has NIL interest in our team doing better.

    If we do, by sheer pot luck do better than last season ion this coming season then it has had NOTHING to do with the fat gambler has it?

    Anymore smart one liners you want shot down?


  11. Witters, the club is getting into a crisis preseason.

    According to Mark Douglas one of the more reliable journalists, things are a mess in the States.

    Players are unhappy and I’m Sorry yo say it, but this season is heading downhill quickly…

    Are board and PR are absolutely pathetic… Couldn’t get worse. Lanbias is an absolute joke…


  12. JJ funny how mark douglas knows this as he isnt out there?
    but lee ryder is and has said the atmosphere best it has been in a while? and even enrique is smiling?



  13. Yeah – why don’t we do a Liverpool and spend 100 million plus to get hammered 3-0 by Hull City

    Marveaux or Downing
    Cabaye or Henderson
    Ba for nowt or Carroll for 35million

    Gervhino nor Gameiro wanted to come to the club, we are NOT a big draw, We’re fighting Bolton, Villa, Stoke for players these days not Arse and Manure

    I don’t agree with Ashleys plan as it’s simply to get us financially stable in the shortest timeframe possible, he needs to take a step back and realise that spending and actually qualifying for Europe could allow us to attract better players although debt reduction may take a couple of years longer, obviously theres no guarantee of qualifying but if we were taking steps to get there at least half the fans would be happy (the other half would be miserable even if we won champions league)

    to be honest I’m sick of reading doom and gloom – some good news some one please – luckily the season starts soon… come on the toon


  14. Prefer to call myself realistic. I am never angry with what the club do now with Ashley. I expect the worst and he very rarely lets me down. I accept where we are with him at the club, it won’t get better and I expect us to be mid table for the foreseeable future.

    The dressing room probably is in a bit of a mess due to the regime and the environment they’ve created for the most important staff he has – the players.


  15. why silly lies from pardew,ie cabeye visa is sorted but takes 3 wks to get a visa so will just send him to holland,yet they fly a kid out in 24hrs its all crap as per normal what a punch of lying gits imo


  16. shame aboot benny like,but toonsy dont expect the truth from club on this one either 👿


  17. According to Mark Douglas one of the more reliable journalists, things are a mess in the States.

    Where did you see that? Link?


  18. Mark Douglas quote is from Twitter, didn’t actually say what he was referring to i.e. injuries / results etc – Luke from chronicle is actually there and he said the mood in the camp was great …. go figure


  19. Just read this on Eds blog:

    21 year old Newcastle fan Tore Eikeland was one of the 93 victims of the shooting in Norway last week

    Tore was one of the members of the Norwegian Newcastle United Supporters and a writer for the Norwegian blog for the local Newcastle fans in Norway.

    Respects go to his family


  20. GeordieDan

    Firstly, my comment wasn’t directed at you so stop being so precious. If it was directed at you I would have @GeordieDan

    Secondly, go fcuk yourself


  21. Sorry that should have said…

    @GeordieDan, go fcuk yourself

    Just to avoid any confusion


  22. ” Best picks out Tavernier and his run down the left is a good one until he loses his footing on 16 mins” [via Twitter] …this was a report by a local news rag the evening chronicle …it was tavernier that picked out best!!! best was just lost when he got the ball should have scored!..our local reporting by lee ryder is so poor no wonder we all get worked up if we cant make it to the game and rely on poor jurnalists….shame on you chronicle you have been found out!


  23. @MDS – yeah the Norwegian shootings were mental, just as bad was the british medias obsession with a crackhead finally overdosing and all her ‘celeb’ friends coming out saying what a great girl she was, makes my p!ss boil – if they loved her so much surely they should have stopped taking drugs with her knowing she can’t control addiction – hang the ****ers I say along with Llambias


  24. 🙄 😆 it was all Llambias fault that she died im sure Mike is to blame aswell 😆 🙄


  25. @SANTIL – Yeah I heard Winehouse was a secret toon fan and just couldn’t take any more of Ashley/Llambias/Pardews LIES……………..
    I recommend all the moaners on here do the same 🙂


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