Jose fined two weeks wages over Twitter “mistake”.

Jose in happier times.
Jose Enrique has apparently been fined two weeks wages by the club following on from his outburst on Twitter on Sunday evening, according to The Sun.

Of course that makes me highly sceptical about it although it’s Steve Bremner who is reporting it and at least he is out in the USA with our squad so I’m hopeful that he has some informed views on what is going on. Maybe I’m hoping too much?

Even if you take away this alleged two week fine (which is reported to be £100,000 in total, or £50,000-a-week) it’s worth noting that Alan Pardew has had something to say about the latest Twittergate scandal. In quotes attributed to The Sun he said the following:

“Jose was wrong to put those comments up and I told him,” said Pards. “It’s a good offer which we have given him and maybe the frustration of the situation got the better of him.”

“I want him to stay, he’s a good lad but this didn’t reflect well on him. It was a mistake, he knows it and so do I.”

It was a mistake in my opinion as I believe these kind of things should be kept in house. Freedom of speech is all well and good (do we really have that in the UK anyway?) but there are times when things are best being said behind closed doors and I think this was one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with much of what Jose said, but I just don’t agree with the way it was put across.

Still this is Twitter and it’s what can happen when you’re frustrated. It’s an easy outlet and Jose isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last footballer to have a bit of a rant or let slip some gossip on the micro-blogging website.

There is a meeting scheduled later this year where all 20 Premier League clubs are going to sit down together and discuss the merits and pitfalls of social media sites and the role that they play in football. From this next quote I think it’s safe to say that Alan Pardew doesn’t mind players using it, as long as it isn’t bringing anything into disrepute. He said:

“Twitter is dangerous. You can say things when you’re emotional, when it’s probably not the best time to express your feelings. I’m all for people expressing themselves – they just have to be very careful.”

Hopefully this will bring about a swift end to the whole affair, although only time will tell whether the end will result in Jose leaving St James’ Park or whether Alan Pardew will get his wish and Jose will remain at Newcastle in the interim.

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119 thoughts on “Jose fined two weeks wages over Twitter “mistake”.

  1. Bobby Shinton number 9
    July 26, 2011 at 09:52

    “On another note. What was that big event that was going to be announced before one of the games last week? Was it the naming of the east stand to the SBR stand? I never heard anything after the game”

    Would that be the return of the entertainers? Ninety minutes where Keegan returns before walking away again 😆


  2. And how can you sheeple blame Jose’s comments for damaging team spirit when Ashley, and recently, Pardew’s litany of errors is far more likely to be the cause of unrest than anything Jose said.

    And as for the comments about not making the top 6.
    Clearly we aren’t in a position to do that.
    We have been before and with some genuine ambition from Ashley we could have a go at it again.
    After all, aiming for Europe THIS YEAR is how he sold the club to Cabaye, and presumably the other new signings.

    Just another one of Ashley’s lies unfortunately.


  3. Sheeple 🙄

    Oh how easy it easy for morons to resort to insults over a differing opinion

    Opps. It is easy 😳


  4. I’ll pretend you didn’t say that as you regularly insult or demean people who don’t agree with you.
    You also frequently use it to avoid subjects which weaken your arguments.


  5. Of course I do Poodle. Now please show me one such instance where I have?

    Demean. Poor poodle. Have a biscuit 😆


  6. Argument. Interesting term for it…. Do you know my argument? Do you know how much I back the Ashley regime, Pootle. Most people seem to think I’m pro Ashley because I’m not vocal about him in a negative way, but what imy real stance on him. Those on here that know me and have followed me for ages know, but what do you think?


  7. @pootle

    Toonsy is one of those who doesn’t agree with a lot of the regime do but is frightened to say anything in case it creates a bad atmosphere. 😳 Oh dear. 😳


  8. Bobby – Nice one. Judging people I see. Time on the naughty step 😉

    As the cat seems to have got certain tongues I’ll answer…. I don’t back it, but I do like to fire contrary points at people. I’ve not spent a penny on NUFC merchandise for a couple of years now. I no longer go to St James’ Par (well apart from the Mackems game and a s a birthday present which was bought for me), I don’t put money into the club and spend my tie supporting the team away from home when I can. Actions speak louder than words. Tatty banners don’t work, silly songs don’t work, but hitting him in the pocket will hit him the hardest. If only more people did what I did it might spell the end for him, but as it stands plenty of “sheeple” 😉 still go and pay money regardless. Just because I’m not vocal about it it doesn’t mean that I’m ecstatic about him.

    Although in the absence of a billionaire willing to make an offer I realise we are also stuck with him so I try and make the best out of things like I always have done.


  9. Toonsy email 😆

    Bobby if cashley spent £35m today on erdinc n zog and sturridge would it make you happy?


  10. Just a couple of things Toolsy (you’re right, changing people’s names to demean them IS fun!).

    1. You seem to assume I meant you were one of the sheeple. Why is that?

    2. The candy floss brigade on here regularly call people who criticise Ashley ‘doom and gloom merchants’ and a lot worse besides. How come we NEVER see you calling them morons for ‘insulting’ people with a different opinion?


  11. Oh by the way Toonsy, I agree with you that hitting him in the pocket s probably the only meaningful way of getting at Ashley.
    Unfortunately it will prove hard to do when there is a minority of people continuing to spew propaganda and misinformation on his behalf.


  12. Poofle – its because I never call anyone for having an opinion (if you can’t see I used moron in response to you using sheeple then I’d get someone to help you run your bath this evening.)

    Who said you called me one of the sheeple anyway. Not me. I can’t see where I put that anywhere… My point being you branding anyone with derogatory, if thinly veiled insults and comments of derision is not on. Everyone has a right to an opinion, from both sides of the divide… You can make yourself familiar with the rules and terms of the site about respecting others opinions by visiting relevant site policy page. I suggest others do the same, from either side of the fence


  13. Pootle – Its not just the minority. Bobby Shinton goes to all the home games for example out of loyalty to the team. Fair enough, his call, but staying away would say a lot more in my opinion.


  14. Why do people assume because people refuse to back jose in his little ploy to get his move they fully back the regime ??

    I cant stand elements of ashleys running of the club, Uncertainty over the squad, llambias having the pr skills of a trained chimp, the tacky sports direct signs plastered everywhere, llambias using a court case in which they were proven to have lied as an example for keegan being in the wrong 🙄

    But i do like the thorough scouting on players, Scary to think what might have been if hall/fat fred had taken as much time researching their managers targets with the funds at their disposal instead of spunking money left, right and centre, I like the signings since relegation and im sure there will be more to follow before the start of the season.

    Just because people dont believe everything the club do is the work of the devil doesnt mean they are morons or sheep…


  15. By the way, don’t worry about my bath, I did get the drift of your transparent use of ‘moron’.
    Thanks, though, for questioning if I had the intellect to understand your initial sarcastic questioning of my intellect.

    Toonsy I’ll believe your disingenuous claims about wanting people of both sides of the debate to play nice when I see you telling the candy flossers to stop calling people who hold ‘different opinions’ things like ‘doom and gloom merchants’. (I especially love it when they suggest we aren’t real fans or don’t care about the club)

    Until then it just looks like pro Ashley folk can dish it but not take it.


  16. CC – That comment about what could have been is right. Except we did get a glimpse of what could have been the first time Keegan was the manager. After he quit because the board had lied to him they got him back and backed him. They allowed him and his team to choose players which led to an era where we saw players like Shearer, Beardsley, Ginola, Ferdinand, Lee, Batty, Asprilla, Srnicek, Albert and we played exciting flowing football. We didn’t win anything but we came bloody close.
    Then came the PLC and the rise of Shepherd. A succession of dodgy managers and the chairman wasting buckets of money on dodgy old hasbeens like Kluivert.

    What works is an ambitious manager backed by an ambitious owner.

    What doesn’t work is a wasteful chairman who squanders money on vanity purchases.
    What doesn’t work is an owner who has no ambition beyond wheeling and dealing at the bottom of the market.

    The choice between Shepherd and Ashley is like the choice between lung cancer or liver cancer. If you leave it long enough you’re done for either way.


  17. Hate hearing Newcastle slagged off but i hate it even more when what’s said is totally right 🙁 I honestly can’t see us challenging for Europe in the near future, to be honest I can see us struggling in the premier league. Why ? Well, Pardew has ripped a big chunk of the team’s backbone out by selling Nolan, and now it seems Barton is to be released at the end of the season that will be another blow. I just really, really hope the likes of Coloccini, Enrique, Jonas etc don’t leave or we will be swimming right up s*** creek. You can’t just come into a club, sell their key players and bring in younger, cheaper players and expect life to be merry. 🙄


  18. I don’t think that a player should go in the public domain to criticise his employers, it’s all bad taste if you ask me. At the same time if Jose finds it necssary to do that then he’s entitled to do it, but of course he should be prepared to have his ass fined big time because of it., and that is exactly what happened.

    At the end of the day, if the club actually did fine him (do we believe it ?), then he has some serious grievance, cos a fine of 100K is some serious stuff…at least it would be for me…!


  19. To be honest it’s pretty sad to see so much negativity amongst the fans as the new season approaches. The transfer window isn’t even closed ffs, the season hasn’t even kicked off and the doom mongers are all pressing the panic button big time. Judging by a lot of opinions on here, if the toon don’t get of to a fantastic winning start then the knives will be back out…oh yeah….some blokes just like to whinge… 🙁


  20. It’s Ashley’s running of the club which is generating concern amongst the fans and now, thanks to the likes of Jose and Barton, we know amongst the players too.

    If you don’t like the negativity blame the person whose decisions created it.

    By the way Munich Mag, expect Toonsy to swoop in any second and call you a moron and tell you to moderate your tone.
    You can’t just go calling people ‘doom mongers’ because they disagree with the direction the club is heading (down, in case you wondered).
    They are very even handed and fair about this sort of thing on here you know.


  21. Pootle – Give it a rest with the condescending digs about me and this site. If you don’t like it on here you know what to do.

    MM – Pootle has a point though.

    Tell you what, like mods and rockers, candy flossers and doom mongers is fine I guess, but anything more than that and I’ll be on it.


  22. Toonsy…of course Pootle has a point, we can understand the dislike for Ashley. It’s just that I think that things have started a bit early this time round, but that’s just my opinion..

    Pootle, Toonsy doesn’t worry me, I’m open to be moderated if and when I say owt out of order…


  23. Actually Toonsy, I too have been in a position some years ago where I had to seek employment elsewhere after becoming ‘less than enamoured’ with my then bosses.

    I had concerns over an attempt to cover up a sexual harassment case by alienating the victim; over them lying about bonuses and pay especially for junior members of staff who were considerably worse off than myself and other senior staff; there prolonged bouts of unpaid overtime brought about by the bosses making unsustainable decisions regarding staffing; unilateral changing of holiday arrangements in their favour without consultation and other issues besides.
    Obviously these things happened over a period of time.

    I found as my dissatisfaction grew so did my anger. It began to manifest itself in a obstructive attitude, and an increasing desire to make life as difficult as possible for them.

    I didn’t have Twitter back then but if I had of I’m fairly sure I would have used that too towards the end of the situation. Anger can lead us down many strange paths!

    The point is Jose might well be using those reasons he tweeted just as an excuse as has been suggested.
    But equally there is no evidence at all to assert that as a fact.
    There is lots of evidence to suggest that what Jose says he feels is likely to be somewhat true, at the very least.

    After all Ashley has told lots of lies. Many people feel that the club lacks any kind of credible ambition to improve, so if its true Jose would not exactly be alone in this.

    Besides if Ashley kept his promises and wasn’t a proven liar Jose wouldn’t be able to tweet any of that stuff in the first place.


  24. Just looked up an article on google saying Hatem Ben Arfa will only miss the first 2 games of the new season, very relieved to hear so, must admit i was waiting for the Newcastle injury curse to hit again and rule him out for something like 6 months 😯 thank goodness for that, we’ll be seeing Hatem before too long :mrgreen:


  25. And no, I’m not naive. I know people in football lie, and managers lie and all of that. I don’t care what happens at Liverpool or Chelsea or any other club for that matter.

    I only care about NUFC.
    It’s just that the lies Ashley tells, and the tricks he pulls seem to be damaging Newcastle. I see no evidence to suggest he will change his ways.

    I have to speak out until he either changes his behaviour or he leaves.
    It’s not that we’re doom mongers, its that we don’t want him to inflict more damage on the club we love.


  26. Colm I’m fairly sure they suggested it was ligaments and/or an ankle sprain.

    That would normally take about 6-8 weeks depending on severity.


  27. Oh the fickle nature of the football fan…

    I despair at the support behind the club and vitriol towards one of our better players.

    There are some bright lads on here, open your eyes or get out of that dark room.


  28. Pootle@108…I have to say I’m coming round to your way of thinking regarding the purported lies coming out of the club.. The negativity is so predominant that ANY statement that proves not to be proven 100% true is turned against the club. You make your bed you lie in it…the sad things is Ashley doesn’t really give a flying flock, and therein lies the tragedy..

    Ditto Colm’s optimism at 107…all will be revealed if HBA really is only out for 4 weeks… am prepared to fear the worse on that statement too…

    Doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere near Bobby Shintons “reality bus” though.. 😆


  29. Don’t knock it till you’be tried it! It may seem a bit gloomy inside to the casual observer, but this is deceptive – you soon begin to appreciate its quirky ambience.

    Mind the upholstery could do with scotch guard. Lol.


  30. To be fair Munich Mag its not just the lies that are damaging Newcastle, its the frequently baffling decision making too.

    An example is Pardew’s recent statement about not wanting to play Ba on the Astroturf pitch because of his knees.

    Which begs the question – why arrange our important warm up friendlies in places where we can’t play our supposed top striker? Whose ingenious idea was that?

    And why are his knees such a concern? Is it wise for the club to pin our hopes on a striker whose knees are such a risk he can’t play in the preseason?


  31. On the lies, it just doesn’t bother me which probably says a lot about tge club in the sense that I tend to take everything with a pinch of salt. Ashley wasn’t tge first to lie, he won’t be the last. Its just part of football these days unfortunately.


  32. On the pitch, the agreement was to have a grass pitch laid, which didn’t work out. To all intents and purposes it didn’t work out as planned as the grass didn’t take, but Newcastle were assured of a natural turf finish.


  33. I know what you mean Toonsy, but the lies are damaging the club. They are damaging the morale of players and fans. They are causing an atmosphere of mistrust. I can’t just turn my head and say, ‘meh’.
    I can’t just ignore it because its hurting the club.

    On the pitch laying – yes I heard that explanation but, I’m sorry, I feel its just not good enough. We are rapidly heading towards the new season with a squad light on quality. Ba has not looked sharp at all and we need him to be fit and in form – at the moment he is the only decent striker we have. Yes we might (strong emphasis on might) get another striker in just before the end of the season but he will likely be lacking games and possibly fitness too. It is also quite worrying that his knees are such a concern he can’t even play 45 minutes on astroturf.


  34. If it’s so easy to point out and judge José for his lack of professionalism, why is it so hard for so many to do it with Mike Ashley?

    I’m not saying what José did wasn’t unprofessional, indeed he does warrant a fine. Any player should. Well, I say he does warrant it, but that would only be so if he were part of a properly run club and management, and was unnecessarily and selfishly rocking the boat.

    I don’t think he is doing that though. I think he’s just the tip of the iceberg and is very much not alone. He’s just the first to do it so publically. Routledge has apparently said “Hit the nail on the head”..

    Hopefully he’s the first of many, and this whole festering mess becomes exposed for what it i. Maybe then the ostriches who have buried their heads in the sand on here will waken up to reality.

    Don’t just rock the boat, rock the boat baby, tip the b@stard thing over.


  35. Pardew is spot on with his comments there, regardless of the perceived truth from any of the parties involved. It’s not something that needed to be in the public domain.


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