Anger management!

Keep the faith!
I’ve been trying to limit the time I spend on Newcastle blogs, Twitter and rumour mills the last month or so, not wanting to get caught up in the transfer frenzy.

I used to like rumours but people can take them to seriously and berate the club for not tying up transfers that were never on the cards or (like Crouch) criticising for something that may not even be true. Since the friendlies have started I’ve been back on though, and generally it seems that the mood is low. Why?

We haven’t spent any money!

This grates me. Why do we need to spend on transfer fees to improve? We compare ourselves to the scum whenever we can, but I for one much prefer how we are going about things for us. We tried the spending money to buy success and look where it got us. I sometimes feel like if we had spent £25 million on the signings we had made people would have been so much happier just because we are ‘spending money’.

Our squad is too thin!

Yes we need a few players, but we have over a month of the transfer window left. I don’t particularly want to bulk our squad out too much with Wes Brown and Seb Larsson type players as they have reached their peak and aren’t going to improve. It would be much more productive handing squad roles to our youth players.

We have no ambition!

If someone had said a year ago that we would have signed: Cheik Tiote, Hatem Ben Arfa, Demba Ba and Yohan Cabaye we would’ve all been over the moon.

We can’t rush things. If we do too much to quickly then whatever is left of the team spirit will be gone. Say we sign a right midfielder, where would he play? Even if we play five midfielders it would mean leaving out Joey Barton or Jonas Gutierrez. Not really a great reward for a terrific first season back in the Premier League.

The players want to leave!

Let them leave. The players are playing on our angst to try and win favour and improved contracts. Jose Enrique crossed the line with his Twitter comments.

Lets be objective about it. We’ve had four seasons of Enrique, his first was poor, the next saw us relegated, one saw him play very well in the Championship, followed by three quarters of one very good season in the Premier League. Is that worth a pay rise? We signed him as a Premier League team and he has only given us one good season in that league. I don’t think that is enough to be held to ransom. We saw how he played the last few months of the season and his attitude is clearly a bit sh!te.

Routledge backing him his ‘no ambition’ claims, well honestly Wayne, if that was true why are you still on our books?

Basically since we got promoted we have signed some genuine class. We have seen the emergence of players like Leon Best, Tim Krul and Shane Ferguson. Without injuries our starting XI against Arsenal would have seen a minimum of three new faces from our main team last year (including Ben Arfa). I think one striker, a back up left back and a back up right back are all we need so lets not get all doom and gloom when we have actually made huge strides in the last year or so.

Howay the lads!

A very positive outlook on things by Solanos Trumpet!

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176 thoughts on “Anger management!

  1. Santii- or “why didn’t they have Carr identify acouple of inexpensive young talent from the continent like Tiote?!!”


  2. Would it not be largely irrelevant on the basis that’s its pretty well known that Premier league players attract a bit if a premium?


  3. Hi lads,first time on here and looking forward to be getting involved in all the good crack.I read all the blog sites on a daily basis but have only commented (3 times)on the chronicle web site, and every time I have been shot down big style because I say things that they do not want to hear.Have any of you read some of their comments,it makes me wonder if they are really fans,the negativity is to much out of control.Anyway I just want to say I am very pleased with the way things are going on at our club,I do not want us to splash millions on a player just for the sake of it(been there,done it) lets just keep on getting GOOD players into our club regardless of the cost.What we really need is STABILITY & PATIENCE.Just think?,if Pardew is still here in 5 years time we will be probably doing very well,we had it with KK first time & then with SBR but before,during &after,we had zilch,too much upheaval.All teams that have done well over a number of years has had stability and are still doing very well.Manu got relegated and changed their manager every 5 minutes until they got Fergie,who at first did not do very good,but the rest is history,God I would love a tiny little bit of that,we have to be patient we can not have it overnight but I believe we will get there,how long it takes no body knows,lets just see what happens


  4. Toonsy I think they attract a bit of a premium because there isn’t as much of a gamble on them adapting to the prem, but I think that premium can be worth paying for. But the premium for English Prem players is too much and not worth it in most cases.
    I remember last year everyone was saying that Bent wasn’t worth that money but I think you will find that Lerner at Villa will think he was worth the money, because in my mind he got them back on the straight and narrow and gave them a much needed boost


  5. The Mildge welcome to the Mad house 😆 you make a lot of good points mate, although I mightn’t always agree with what you say but I wont shoot you down because your entitiled to your opinion just the same as everyone else, and pretty much everyone else is the same.


  6. Dave – True. So how far would 35 million go in that case then? Would people be happy with say maybe two or three players in who were proven in the prem? Or five or six that were a bit of a gamble (one was going to be signed by Liverpool and another spent last season in the prem)?


  7. Welcome The Mildge. I’d be lying if I said things don’t get heated on here from time to time but generally its all good humoured and in the name of banter and debate 🙂


  8. Toonsy I would gamble; you can’t beat premier class but they come at a ridiculous price.


  9. Toonsy I am happy with the players we have brought in up to now but my priority is still the same as it was last season a top class Striker even more so now than then because I think we have a MF full of ammo to provide for the Striker aswell as get their fair share of goals themselves.


  10. Dave @ 166

    I had a dog…and his name was BINGO.

    Why do some fans care what we are paying???? As some clearly do. 😕 😯 😕


  11. I think a clear divide between Toon fans exists, true. Some wish to turn a blind eye to Ashley’s antics since he arrived, act like things haven’t happened, put a positive spin on things, they remain hopeful under his reign… focusing on football. Others find it hard to forgive and forget the never ending list of mistakes and disgusting decisions… they hope for the team even though they are disheartened… waiting for the next Ashley shocker to unfold.

    Whatever your stance might be, one thing unites all us fans, and that is Newcastle United FC. “TOON TOON!!”


  12. Santii im not knocking BA as I dont really know that much about him apart from the fact that there is question marks over his knee, but he could turn out to be a good bit of business.


  13. Just to chip the ball into the box from left field out here in Hollywood, great article Toonsy. I agree!


  14. Let them go if they don’t want to fight for the postition, there not worth it to play for Newcastle we won’t player’s with a fighting spirit even if they know there not the best.


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