Anger management!

Keep the faith!
I’ve been trying to limit the time I spend on Newcastle blogs, Twitter and rumour mills the last month or so, not wanting to get caught up in the transfer frenzy.

I used to like rumours but people can take them to seriously and berate the club for not tying up transfers that were never on the cards or (like Crouch) criticising for something that may not even be true. Since the friendlies have started I’ve been back on though, and generally it seems that the mood is low. Why?

We haven’t spent any money!

This grates me. Why do we need to spend on transfer fees to improve? We compare ourselves to the scum whenever we can, but I for one much prefer how we are going about things for us. We tried the spending money to buy success and look where it got us. I sometimes feel like if we had spent £25 million on the signings we had made people would have been so much happier just because we are ‘spending money’.

Our squad is too thin!

Yes we need a few players, but we have over a month of the transfer window left. I don’t particularly want to bulk our squad out too much with Wes Brown and Seb Larsson type players as they have reached their peak and aren’t going to improve. It would be much more productive handing squad roles to our youth players.

We have no ambition!

If someone had said a year ago that we would have signed: Cheik Tiote, Hatem Ben Arfa, Demba Ba and Yohan Cabaye we would’ve all been over the moon.

We can’t rush things. If we do too much to quickly then whatever is left of the team spirit will be gone. Say we sign a right midfielder, where would he play? Even if we play five midfielders it would mean leaving out Joey Barton or Jonas Gutierrez. Not really a great reward for a terrific first season back in the Premier League.

The players want to leave!

Let them leave. The players are playing on our angst to try and win favour and improved contracts. Jose Enrique crossed the line with his Twitter comments.

Lets be objective about it. We’ve had four seasons of Enrique, his first was poor, the next saw us relegated, one saw him play very well in the Championship, followed by three quarters of one very good season in the Premier League. Is that worth a pay rise? We signed him as a Premier League team and he has only given us one good season in that league. I don’t think that is enough to be held to ransom. We saw how he played the last few months of the season and his attitude is clearly a bit sh!te.

Routledge backing him his ‘no ambition’ claims, well honestly Wayne, if that was true why are you still on our books?

Basically since we got promoted we have signed some genuine class. We have seen the emergence of players like Leon Best, Tim Krul and Shane Ferguson. Without injuries our starting XI against Arsenal would have seen a minimum of three new faces from our main team last year (including Ben Arfa). I think one striker, a back up left back and a back up right back are all we need so lets not get all doom and gloom when we have actually made huge strides in the last year or so.

Howay the lads!

A very positive outlook on things by Solanos Trumpet!

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176 thoughts on “Anger management!

  1. If the fans owned the club it would depend on who ended up being elected to the board and who the management team were. The money side is more dodgy. Ashley has the huge amount of money needed to both buy and run the club. Today that means hundreds of millions of pounds for a decent Prem side. Hard for the people to raise that kind of money especially in today’s economic climate. I think we will have Ashley as owner for several more years. If his approach brings decent football and modest success (say a run in one of the cups and a mid-table finish) then I think most will be satisfied. If all of the foreign incoming players don’t bed in or just can’t deal with the Prem level of intensity then the brown stuff will hit the fan.


  2. FSOTC – Fans can’t even agree on a website. Multiply the effect of that by hundreds and you have a recipe for disaster.

    There us a reason why fan ownership is a very rare exception.


  3. MDS, there are plenty of fan-owned teams out there that are not in administration
    But they aren’t run by Newcastle fans.


  4. And the Leeds game is Sunday, 2pm kick off. I’ll have to elect a blog runner as all the admins near enough are there 😆


  5. Just talking about fan ownership I see NUST are looking for fans to become paid up members ‘so we can move towards our goal of buying a stake in Newcastle United.’
    LOL what a bunch of tossers 😆


  6. Dave – I looked at it. I believe that was my promise 😉

    Im off work now for a few days so I’ll try and get on and sort it 🙂


  7. Good read….just not feeling it.

    This regime have pissed all over us time and time again.

    It will happen again in the not too distant future. Probably with the sale of Jose Enrique on the last day with no replacement. Past history is great for assessing the future.


  8. Club CEO- “So, we were 25M in the hole last season. Since we’ve maxed out on revenues, who are we going to sell to the balance the books?”

    Supporters group- “Sell? We want to spend 50M on new players.”

    Club CEO- “I guess we could raise ticket prices abit and naming rights to the stadium.”

    Supporters group- “Actually, we propose salshing ticket prices by 50% and rewarding our loyal supporters with 5 free pints at every home match.”

    Club CEO- “Well…that’s not possible.”

    Supporters group- “Sack the Board!!!”


  9. MDS, An elected board with set terms would avoid that kind of craziness.

    People always say Newcastle fans are deluded. On this blog, many of us argue we’re not. I guess you’re in the “Yes, we’re deluded camp.”


  10. FSOTC I dont think Fan ownership is impossible but very unlikely, when nust 1st came out at the right time I really do think they had a real good chance of doing something very good, and I would have invested but it soon went downhill because they started to abuse the very people they would have been dealing with.
    Then when it became obvious to everyone that they had burned their bridges and had no hope they then turned on eachother.
    On a different scale utdfornewcastle had a good chance of doing something to get the fans heard by the board and were invited to meeting but they too started to abuse the people that they were trying to deal with, so when they seen that they had burned their bridges they too turned on eachother.
    The main problem with it is that too many people want to be top dog, I do think if it was run properly by the proper people it would have a better chance 😉


  11. FSOTC just thinking there I think if we had a figurehead that was to put himself forward to start the ball rolling there would be a better chance, they would have to be well respected and someone that most fans would trust someone like the Late SBR or maybe Big Al ❓ ❓


  12. I guess you’re in the “Yes, we’re deluded camp.”
    Many are deluded and many are not.

    I just ask where would the money come from? It’s easy to spend other people’s money, but if the clubs expenditures were limited to revenues, would supporters be happy? Remember, we’ve only made a profit once in ten years I believe.


  13. Why would you buy a football club to make money though? Mental.

    You can’t take it with you when you die, Ash should just gift us 250 million 😀


  14. I dont get the part about the club not making money I paid £1200 a yr for green fees to play golf not to make money it was for enjoyment, So if I was to invest in shares of the club I would expect to pay money for the upkeep of the club not to make money because again it would be for my enjoyment and to know that I owned a tiny bit of the club I love


  15. MDS….you never know, my views shall remain private until the aforementioned article is posted 😉 :mrgreen:


  16. Dave….no, it’s cos wor lass is out so I have to wait until she gets back and tells me what my opinion is 😉


  17. Dave- just trying to understand your point.

    The initial investment (i.e. purchase of shares) would be to buy Ashley out. Let’s say 350M or 100,000 shares at 3500 a piece (or however you would do it). Then, with no further investment, you could operate the club on existing revenues. That would leave us a continual mid level club which very few would be satisfied with.

    For investment, you require everyone to kick in 500 a year which would give you an extra 50M a year…

    wait a second….this might work 😉 .


  18. Dave…that’s why I’m penniless instead of being a billionaire with a football club 😉 😆


  19. Would love to continue to discuss all this, but I’m heading out with the little woman for the day.

    Thanks for the good comments & discussion. Usually, these quickly devolve into insults and such, but you boys/girls/fellow fans have put forward some good pros & cons to consider.

    To be continued some day…


  20. By the way, I always think that there’s got to be a way for small fries (like me) who don’t have the $$$$$ to toss around at that level could split shares or buy memberships instead of full shares or something.

    Sounds kind of corporate, but isn’t that how L’Arse do it? It ain’t perfect, but…


  21. Why is the total comments at the top 2 out from the actual comments displayed?…. you been swearing Dave?


  22. What a thread! Robert may have made it redolent of Ed’s hissy-fit site at times, but without his input it would have been a very short series of people agreeing with each-other!

    So – any telly for the match?


  23. why is every1 so angry and sad… look at it as this:
    When we got promoted we targetted 15th place and we did well to be in 12th. (goal 2 years ago 15-17th in 2010/2011)
    so 2 years ago our aim for 2011/12 season was 10th-14th.

    So why is everyone now wanting a top 6finish when its impossible to compete with the likes of well established teams.
    Lets take it slow an really happy with the team and i for once dont rate AndyC better than Ba so we have replaced him but i would like another striker when when injured.
    I am going to stick to the goal when we got promoted finishing 10th this season will be good. but with the business we have done so far i will be a bit more open to see the team finish 8th… what do you say (hoping 1 or 2 more quality players comes in)
    your says…. be realistic!


  24. sorry most fans are! Moreno….
    i am happy so far but will be sad if this bunch of players cant pull us through this year….. (hope is the word i am looking 4 :))
    hope we win some trophy this year and play some attractive football….
    Bring on the Leeds game and is it being televised… is there a net that is showing the game. i am in south america now and am unable to go2 the game… tnx


  25. Aaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!






  26. ive got shares in the toon,bought them off batty he gave me a good deal,still waiting for a divi like 😕


  27. Ice talking of shares that was good of yeah to give yer youngun a yrs membership to the blog for the price of 10 mths I thinks its good that you saved him a score 😉 I always said you were to kind and Batty said the same 😀


  28. DAVE your reet i let him have it cheap 😀 mind he has to run me to sjp on match days that was part of the deal 😉


  29. Hallelujah – brilliant article Solano!

    ANY SINGLE FAN who makes a comment along the lines of “Ashley has made a 50m profit on transfers” or “Ashley is lining his pockets” might as well stand up and tell the world THICK – INEXPERIENCED – IGNORANT and STUPID they are. Thereon any comment they make should be discounted to zero and they should not be debated with – you wouldn’t have a conversation with a mule about quantum physics would you! :mrgreen:


  30. Ice there is no quotes or anything probs a load of bs or maybe they are talking about him saying he wants to fight for his place at PSG.


  31. can I just those who say about prem proven players….. How far would 35 million go if that was what we were dealing with?


  32. great article its a joy to see some sense spoken rather than the doom laden whingers that seem to populate these blogs–lets support this team and not live in the past . Incidentally did you all see that Stephen Ireland has a hamstring hahahahaha. and why did no one in the top 4/6 go for Charlie Z–this amazing wonderful talent from Wigan–answer because theyve wised up to him and his agent and Dave Whelan.Except Villa


  33. You would get two players Toonsy 😀 one if he was English 😉 This PL proven thing to me is all bs anyway its nothing to do with the PL being better than other leagues its all to do with fitting in. The La Liga and the Bundesliga are better than the PL 😆 bring on the hate comments 😆


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