Joey Barton transfer listed by Newcastle.

Farewell Joey. Best of luck. All the best!
Joey Barton has been transfer listed by Newcastle United in a move that is going to send shockwaves through the fanbase.

Quite how the management of our club have come to the conclusion that getting rid of last seasons Player of the Season is a good idea is beyond me although it does appear that relations between the player and the board have become untenable. However, making him available for free is great business. Not!

I understand that contract discussions had ceased and that Joey Barton was probably sailing close to the wind with his Twitter comments, but I also think it’s utterly the wrong thing for the club to do. Mind you, let’s be honest, the two dipshits upstairs have wanted rid of Barton for ages now and it would appear that they have finally got their wish.

I’m utterly pissed off with this move although I have said that you can’t go around slagging off your employer in public without any comeback. All the same I believe it’s a sledgehammer approach to a problem that could have been sorted out.

Best of luck Joey and thanks for last season. As for the two tossers in power at our club: GET OUT!

More to follow….

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181 thoughts on “Joey Barton transfer listed by Newcastle.

  1. @thad

    Barton is a liability….

    did u see him keep the team 2gether last season?? do u think we’ll replace him?

    best get guthrie off the treatment table… 😳


  2. JOHNO – He probaboy doesn’t know it’s happened yet.

    What concerned me more was Simpsons reaction – I just don’t think the dressing room are going to be too happy about it. He seemed pretty popular in there.


  3. Just been reading from various sources that the club have been in talks with another club about him for the last few days but could not agree a fee , and that by giving him a free transfer the club don’t have to pay him a release fee that would of been 3.1 million . My guess is this is the cheapest option to get shot of him , no club would buy him for 3.1 million with his past and the fact he is in the last year of his contract . What it does do his free up his wages and a place in the 25 quota for squad places . Erdinic coming maybe ? After all we are overloaded in midfield and Pardew said yesterday he wanted 1 more quality signing .


  4. “mark
    August 1, 2011 at 17:00


    aye m8, because everything is rosey at the toon. we shud just turn up and support the club whatever happens….”

    Aye Mark – last time the Mob rioted they got the club they “love” relegated.

    Just like a violent son who smashes up his mams house because he is upset with her and claiming he loves her. Aye you’re right, the Mob mentality makes sense 😕 The Mob are no different.

    Looks like theyre out blackening their teeth, sharpening their pitch forks and looking for trailers to jump on.


  5. @Batty -150

    May be so, but we can only really know whether this is good or bad for the club once the season gets well under way. Otherwise your nightmares are just as good as mine.

    In the meantime, let’s all bemoan the loss of “the best English midfielder of our generation” Joey Barton.


  6. Thad – Well said.

    A week or so ago after one of his many tweets people were asking the Barton fans ‘if you were his boss what would you do?’

    Well now the board have had the balls to get rid of him and everyone’s crying !!

    I am no fan of Ashley and Co, but I would take that bunch over Barton any day of the week.


  7. @thad

    To call barton a “liability” is madness, he’s one of our top players


  8. @thad

    Smudger admits himself he’s finished. he’s on a good wage and will leave after 1 final years pay to a championship side on a lesser wage.

    Barton can still ply his trade for 2-3 yrs in the prem. he likes it here and has balls to admit what the fans assumed all along..

    we’ve been papering over the cracks for yrs with Ashley and co


  9. @ Mark – 151

    Gosling, Vuckic, Abeid, Cabaye, Marveaux…

    Just a few players who shut up and get on with the game, might jog your memory.

    Same Barton who punched Pedersen and got a 3 match ban for it? Same Barton that’s being paid in excess of 50k a week to do his job? Whoever introduced the twit to Twitter should be kicked in the groin.


  10. @Stardust

    I see how it is m8.

    lol the club was relegated because of players there and managers brought in by Ashley, (joe Kinear anyone).. not the mob? did we lose points for rioting or something – don’t understand.

    So you think Ashley is doing a good job then?


  11. Gosling, Vuckic, Abeid, Cabaye, Marveaux…

    all untried in the Prem apart from Gosling who is inexperienced… I’d pick Barton anyday over these


  12. MARK – Do you remember when Man Utd fans were protesting against the Glazers – they should have been relegated by rights if we’re going off goofy’s points. 😯


  13. i dont ussually swear on here but FUCKING GET OUT OF OUR CLUB ASHLEY YOU FAT BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!! joey barton = our best player and we are getting rid of him????? ive had enough now like!!! love the toon 2 bits but had enough of whats going on at the club!! COMPLETE JOKE


  14. Remains to be seen if these clubs offer him the sort of money hes on here, Well and good mackay talking about interest but im sure their are 70 odd lower league clubs who would take him but reallistically know they cant.

    Straight away he was linked with spuds, But Van der varts their top earner on £70k a week so i cant see them giving wor joey 60 odd, Arsenal/chelski never in a million years, Probably wham and qpr… 🙄


  15. toonsy says:
    August 1, 2011 at 17:24
    Johno – Lost for words…

    Must be a first for you Toonsy 🙂


  16. OOPS just sent a message on here calling mike ashley and its waiting moderation 😳 , must of been to much f*** and b***** in it


  17. If we start the season without Barton we resemble a team equal to Wigan, some good players, not much steel, a little bit of flair but overall flat.. I was dissapointed not replacing Carroll but the enrique, barton, Erdinc, Taylor situation has left me feeling the club are desperate and are totally inept.


  18. @ Mark

    Yes, all of them untested in the Prem but same could be said of Tiote and HBA last season.

    No doubt Barton is a good player, not disputing that. All I’m saying is that he has a bad attitude and isn’t doing the club any good saying what he’s saying. If you read up on his career and how he was “forced out” of Man City back in ’07, you will see similar machinations on his part. The boy knows what he’s doing, from setting up the Twitter account to everything he’s tweeted up till now.


  19. @thad

    I totally understand your point, I was gutted when we signed him and couldnt wait for him to get the boot after the nightclub incident…

    but he has turned it around and is our best midfielder overall imo.. we need him more than ever since now we have new players to bleed-in.

    Ben Arfa is still untried and Tiote still needs to learn, thats why we need Barton to stay.

    If tiote gets banned (higly probable) we are left with Cabaye and Guthrie, lose one of those and options are very thin…


  20. I can say that I’m not that bothered to be honest. Barton comes with a lot of baggage and all this constant slagging off on Twitter was doing my head in. Can the club not just ban these muppets who can’t keep things in house and make the club look even more of a joke than we already do. It’s bad enough that we have the people at the top making stupid desicions but it’s further compounded by muppets saying stupid things on social media. Taking into account that he had one good season, he costs a fortune, he has brought an awful lot of trouble and he doesn’t think before he speaks. I for one will be glad he is gone.

    For free? That bit is silly.


  21. @177- pretty much agree with you, but he is a very good player, popular with the lads, and will not be easily replaced and, therefore, probably won’t be.

    I think he’s available for a free because no one will touch him for a fee. I would imiaging they’d have sol him by now for a pittance if it had been offered.


  22. Good, about bloody time,the man is trouble,he always has been & he always will be.When he was doing time 90% of comments on all blogs wanted shot of him but now you all seem to live in the Joey world that says he is the best thing since sliced bread,well my friends,NO he is not,he is a decent player but no way is he as good as he thinks he is.He said he would only leave for CL football,who are in the queue clamouring for his signature?.We have brought in some good players & we have some good kids making the step up,why is he making waves?,well I think it,s because he knows his place is under threat,to me it is the same as it was with Nolan,them two are not good enough to take us to the next level.He obviously knows of the rift between supporters & the board & he wants you to think he is one of the lads but IF & it,s a big IF a CL club come in for him he will be off like a shot **** & pledge his undying love for someone else.Well it dos,nt wash with me,he is a bad egg,let him go he will be more trouble than what he is worth,if his feet were as good as his gob he might have made a canny footballer.TOONSEY,knee jerk reaction or what,that is not like you ,have a few beers and a tab, then come back & tell me I am right


  23. another matter anoys me, melvut erding f&^% o££ , we dont want players that dont want to come and play football, but seems pardew and ashley do, but ones that wana play and show passion get sold, badbadbad


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