Despicable decisions, deceit, and double standards!

The biggest problem at NUFC?
The world of business is cut throat. Most of us are aware of that and realise that nice men don’t get too far in the world of business.

The problem is that when you get a successful businessman, who has made everything himself and done it all his own way, expanding into a different area yet trying to enforce the same ethos it doesn’t always work. Take running a football club as a fine example, or running NUFC of you want to be precise. There are two sides – business and football – and both need to be managed. Balls one up and the other won’t flourish and vice-versa. My problem is not Ashley’s business acumen as that can’t be argued with. It’s his football side that lets him down.

In actual fact I may actually be being a tad harsh on Mike Ashley as it’s Derek Llambias who runs things on a day to day basis so it will be him who makes most of the calls. Ultimately though he is the chap that Ashley trusts to run the operation so in essence I guess you can blame him. Blame starts at the top remember.

The Joey Barton saga has got a fair amount of people riled up. It’s another football decision gone wrong in the eyes of many, to add to the long list of shocking football decisions. Let’s just remember how cut throat the top level management have been since they arrived on Tyneside.

I’d guess that the biggest one is Kevin Keegan. That one ended up in a court which ruled in favour of Keegan and revealed that Mike Ashley and Co had deliberately lied to the fans. Not a great start really.

Alan Shearer is another one who as led up the garden path and then completely ignored by this ownership. They didn’t even have the decency to tell him that he hadn’t got the job which, ultimately, Chris Hughton benefited from.

It wasn’t long before he too was dumped on after helping secure promotion and leading us to a decent start to life back in the Premier League. I always had a sense though that he was on the way out, especially when he was left to fend for himself without an assistant for months on end.

The singing section has been shat upon also after being declared a “wonderful idea” by the club. That idea has now been disbanded as they were singing songs about the board. They were then subsequently ignored when they requested to be reunited in another part of the ground. Boo Hoo.

Now we have numerous players claiming they have been lied to and have been misled leading to unrest that ultimately has been the cause of several recent outbursts by the likes of Kevin Nolan, Wayne Routledge, Joey Barton and Jose Enrique. Say what you like about the players having their own agenda, but it’s hardly good news is it?

Alan Pardew is another one that I have no doubt is being hung out to dry. Why not? They’ve done it before so why wouldn’t they do it again?

I’m sure there are reasons for all the decisions, but to me – a fan – those reasons seem to be very much hidden. Even the Joey Barton thing smacks of double standards. I mean if they are going to be so hardline with Joey Barton then why not be the same with Jose Enrique? Where was the hardline approach to Derek Llambias streaking across the pitch naked in front of children and allsorts?

The bottom line is that if you treat enough people with contempt it will eventually get the better of you. Not that I expect that Ashley or Llambias care about who they ride roughshod over, but eventually it will go full circle and people will either bite back or they will run out of people who will get close enough to them to be able to have the piss taken out of them.

Their reputation is shit and the poor press the club receives for every decision is never going to be a good thing in the long run. Still, we are stuck with them unfortunately and whilst I’m very concerned about things at the moment I think the best thing to do is to stick with the team as they are, quite clearly in fact, getting the same treatment as us fans are.

Back the team, not the regime!

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105 thoughts on “Despicable decisions, deceit, and double standards!

  1. Remember though it’s not just the Barton situation, the list of **** uPs is endless – what grates me is the total lack of respect towards fans – the only time Llambias seems to speak is to criticise us or figures who the fans believe to be heroes.
    The worst lie and bare faced cheek to me is the database for fans next year at 25 pound per fan, if it’s not about the money then why is it not free or 50p?


  2. Joey7Barton Joseph Barton
    Made to train alone today, how predictable………

    Pathetic imo..


  3. I hear Alex Ferguffson wants to put Schneider on a perfomance related pay deal. With bonuses and incentives. Schneider not so keen.
    Hmmmm wonder where he got this idea from?


  4. TGS

    Its probably the police making sure no riot occurs during training.

    When Shearer was there he was banned from attending training at all


  5. After sleeping on it , cant really make much sense of which side im on this one , Yea Joey prob has a few points and had a great season lat time out but does that make him bigger thn the club? What gives him the right to throw a tanturm over him losing the dead balls? But at the same time the club do need some sort of investment to bring the club forward. Throw into the dilema that Barton is my favourite toon player at the moment and it gets emotional 🙁

    I havent rad all the coments on her this morning ( tryin to feed a 3month old baby ) but Im sure some fans would like Ashley to sell. I dont think their would be a buyer at the moment. Look at the debt crisis in about europe and america the money aint there for someone us to buy us. That leaves the middle east china and emerging markets like india brazil etc etc and I dont think anyone is going to spend £100+mil on a club with £100mil+ worth of debt. If you were a billionaire would you? I think people need to come to the realisation we are probally gonna have ashley as our owner for a few good years yet.


  6. It was the army cause perch fired a rocket shot into the top corner in a training game and they didn’t know what it was.


  7. Someone just posted this on an old thread, thought I would share it…

    August 2, 2011 at 10:45 (Edit)
    Being a friend (follower) of Joey on Twitter I have decided to reveal the following astounding revelation which will hopefully cheer up all toon supporters ~ Breaking news~ Mike Ashley\`s book Football club management for dummies exclusive image release ~


  8. Also, last year everytime I went St James’ it cost me 20 quid and I often praised the club for that, my Arsenal ticket cost 36 – no level 7 anymore so everyone now paying nearly the double price of last year – I wonder why is was really got rid of?? Disabled ticket prices have doubled as well – the board must be laughing at us


  9. Johno,

    “What gives him the right to throw a tanturm over him losing the dead balls?”

    This is my issue about the manager. A good man manager would have managed to relay this information properly without it getting to that stage.


  10. That is an excellant point Moreno at 86 , and I think Barton suggest that Pardew doent have the authority to make decisions and that upsets him, Think barton is right that the hierarcy have decided he is unwelcome and must go. ThinkPardew could be the one who must enforce it. Shows he has little or no power at the club


  11. FFS, I was (am?) always an avid Joey supporter, but the guy is acting like a complete and utter tool. I mean, Twitter updates about being made to train alone? I thought this guy was 28? Obviously Mike Ashley is a despotic, hard-handed kunt, but can’t you see the point you’re dad’s making Toonsy? I spoke to my old man this morning and he said the same thing – maybe they’re traditionalists who like discipline? At the end of the day, Joey is the one bringing all this bad press to the club. The report in the Journal regarding his dressing room tirade kind of ties in with McKays comments about Joey being annoyed he didn’t get to take set-pieces. If the reports are true, Joey raging out in front of the new signings and at the younger players is hardly good for morale, is it? I’m as worried as anyone about our stats and team spirit without him, but what are we supposed to do? Toonsy, did you see him arguing with Stevey Stone and John Carver at the warm-up or is that just press sensationalism?


  12. @Stuart, just hoping, not counting on it! 😀

    @Spencer, which is pathetic? Him being forced to train alone or the fact that he is whining about it?


  13. Moreno
    August 2, 2011 at 10:52

    “This is my issue about the manager. A good man manager would have managed to relay this information properly without it getting to that stage.”

    So are we to believe that Bobby Robson was not a good manager after players like Craig Bellamy and Kieron Dyer expressed anger and sat out games/displayed poor attitude after some if his managerial decisions?

    Some players just have an ego regardless of manager.


  14. I would love it if during Pardews next press conference…Brian Connelly slowly rises from the announce table with his hand up his backside….. 😆


  15. Hydeous- Him being made to train alone.

    All enrique got, for doing worse imo, was a fine.

    Cause they want Joey out, they are putting him available on a free and making him train alone.


  16. lads…missing the point…barton is the biggest scum bag in footballl…never trust the little tw….t…he talks as if he is an MP..but evil little man…trian alone..that tells u what happened on sunday was more 2 do with tweets..


  17. Aye Toonsy but each case on it’s merit.

    It was a friendly and one of the first time Pards had a chance to view Cabaye’s set pieces.


  18. I don’t understand how people still back Ashley..

    I agree Joey may not be 100% in the right.

    But to let possible are most important player last season leave on a free is the icing on the cake for me. He will fu’ck us over again in January, mark my words.


  19. @stardy

    You continuously talk utter *******.

    How is Barton entitled to half his wages as well? He’s entitled to nothing unless it’s stipulated in his contract and I suggest because the club say he can go for nothing then there’s no clause written in.

    You really are a pug nosed gimp with a friar tuck haircut!

    By the way Moreno, it was me who complimented your one liner about Dustpan and rubbed dustsheets nose in it via texts.
    Best line ever written on the blog ! 😛 😛


  20. excellent article!

    im really starting to get pissed off with what is going on day to day. we seem to be having a period of no shenanigans and then BOOM! the club manages to put us right in the mire with the media jumping onto us before we can say ashley is a ****…


  21. People should learn not only from his mistakes but from the mistakes other people. Barton learns from neither.

    When the transfer window opened he began to pressurise the board by making noise about being pushed out and that the board were intransigent to what he suggested were reasonable demands.

    The sooner he goes the better. No player has ever been too big to go. Maybe Barcelona might snap him after all he said he was the ‘best midfielder’ in England.


  22. Derek the chimp inspires such confidence in the supporters! Amazing. Surely he has some words of wisdom for us at this time of crisis in the club. Oh wait, the cone of silence has descended on him again. What about his owner Ashley. No nothing to say, he has his snout in the lager again, then its off to the casino.


  23. NUFC has always been the club I supported as a boy. However, as I don’t live in the UK, there are less physical and emotional connections I can have about the club. I could have easily supported ManU or Liverpool as a child. So when I hear crap about the management, the board and the players I am constantly asking myself why this club and why do I persist. Before I have people telling me how I’m not a real supporter and I can take my business elsewhere, I ask, isn’t that the problem that Ashley seems to be ignoring?

    I have heard alot of people commenting on how Ashley has business accumen and churning over players and decisions have been made with business in mind; are they really considering what they have done to NUFC as a product? Where is the business acumen if you allow your product to be tarnished by the bad press? Where is the good business practice if you allow relationship between board and employees to become as toxic as it is now. Some articles have talked about player power – fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, I’m pretty sure it’s Mike Ashley that’s the problem.


  24. 🙁 Yes is very sad about the way my club of 40yrs is being run,i am sorry but ashley,,larry the lamb as the song goes time to go,time to go,time to go, you all know the ending.What a ridiculous way to run a club the laughing stock again,carroll, nolan gone barton going enrique definately going now theres talk of gutierriz leaving.Championship here we come.I cant say anymore i am losing it big time.Ashley and co just do the right thing put the club up for sale and get out of toon..


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