The end of player power at NUFC?

Committee closed?
Crash! Bang! Wallop! These last few days have certainly been bumpy on the banks of the Tyne as the storm created by Joey Barton, NUFC, the media and the fans continues to rumble on.

After my initial reaction of anger I think I can declare that I’ve calmed down quite considerably and now have my objective head on as opposed to the reactionary one I had one just a couple of days ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty pissed off that it’s come to this, but I also realise that it was perhaps inevitable given the frequency of outbursts from the Barton camp and the fractious nature of relations between the player and board. I also think it’s been inevitable since the sacking of Chris Hughton in fairness. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I think it’s safe to say that player power as we know it is dead at St James’ Park. Whether that is a good or bad thing of course remains to be seen, but I believe what we’ve witnessed is a concerted effort to end the clique that formed and served us so well under Chris Hughton.

Much was made of the clique of senior players that formed under Hughton. The supposed players committee was instrumental in our rise from the Championship and our decent start to life back in the Premier League but it did attract it’s fair share of criticism along with accusations that the players held too much power. Whatever, it worked, and it was great to see.

However it’s not how everyone works. Different people have different ways of working and it seems that in our new way of working there is no room for player power at the club.

Three of the most vocal voices in our changing room have now been shown where the exit door is and one of them has actually used it, that one being Kevin Nolan with Joey Barton looking to be close behind whilst Alan Smith is clinging on with a firm grasp. Incidentally I think all three players are replaceable in terms of ability, but it isn’t that I worry about.

My concern is that we are trying to change the dynamic of the team far too quickly. I worry that there could be too much of a shock in the dressing room and that it could be hard to recover from. Mind you, that could be concerns brought about by the not too distant memory of a toxic atmosphere in the not too distant past…

I guess only time will tell, but my concern is not replacing the playing ability of the likes of Nolan (yes I know, 12 goals, but hopefully they will be spread about the team a bit more. Hopefully) or Barton. my concern is replacing the togetherness of the squad. It can happen but it generally takes time and with Arsenal less than two weeks away time is something that we don’t have a lot of.

It’s a massive risk, a gamble if you like, but by changing the dynamic away from player power to manager power once again so soon we are treading a fine line between growth and failure with many believing we are closer to the latter of the two.

Ultimately it’s a test of Alan Pardew and his credentials. It’s he who is going to be tasked with shaping things although it must be helpful having the likes of Fabricio Coloccini, Steven Taylor, Steve Harper and even Alan Smith knocking about.

I was heartened earlier when I read comments from ex-Charlton player Matt Holland who had nothing but praise (which is interesting as a lot of Newcastle fans seem to use Charlton as a stick to beat Pardew with) for our current manager. It was ultimately a commendation of Pardew’s strength and character which ultimately means more when it’s coming from one of his former charges as opposed to from people on a ‘blog somewhere who realistically know very little about the situation they were in at the time.

Can Pardew rescue it though? I’d like to hope so although that may just be my blind optimism making an appearance again. It will be his biggest test in his tenure to date and whilst I think he did well bringing about a sense of continuity after the sacking of Hughton this will be a whole different kettle of fish.

He won’t have the players committee to lean on for a start….

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184 thoughts on “The end of player power at NUFC?

  1. Enrique is ‘allegedly’ on his way.

    Have we sorted that ‘Visa’ issue out for Tiote yet, or is that something else to worry about?…

    I might need another bottle.


  2. haha richietoon .. bbm off for buckfast jeeeesh bit early for that isnt it thurs mebs but tues?


  3. sammy gets one for him and one for his brother .. do we reckon hes gon be better that strolla? ..


  4. good old Colin,
    Enrique news breaking joining #lfc in deal worth up to 10m to #nufc
    Liverpool player coming in as part of the deal, medical tomorrow #nufc

    we shall wait and see eh?


  5. Spencer….telt ya 😉 …..mind it took you 5 days to text him so you can’t really complain :mrgreen:


  6. enrique can f ck off like if thats right 10 years on 50k a week we wud have given him ..


  7. Forget the Enrique thing, cwarr07 has just Tweeted something similar.

    I’ve never known myself to be irritated by any one individual like I am by him.

    What an utter ballsack.


  8. What is Pardew getting credit for? In his team for next season, Barton, Nolan, and Enrique were meant to be the mainstays. Their signings were his priorities. What talent has he identified that we will see playing for him? Were Cabaye and Marveaux his? What tactical nous has he shown? His powers of expression are shocking. His circumlocution and verbal idiosyncracies are bizarre. Everytime he opens his gob he puts his foot in it. He was even sacked from MOTD2 for his ridiculous “rape” comment. And how long has it taken for the penny to drop that Billy Dainty is mugging him off and making an even bigger fool of him? Has he even got it yet? Somebody please tell me how he’s shown he’s a good manager at NUFC?


  9. RT- Suppose so like 😆 😆 😆

    Ya see Rich, i’m that good ive got loads of deals on table and need to gan for the right one 😉 😆


  10. Wasnt our loans something like £240 million? 3 years to pay off with the good start we have had already i reckon… We are paying for fat freds mess


  11. BOOM! b+b nice comment, punchy to the point .. who knows, its all a blur at the moment, wait for the dust to settle + i’ll comment after .. can only say right now still dont think he can blv his luck + he hasnt blinked yet


  12. Big Dave, there is a movement afoot to bad discussions on debt / finances / 35m (dont say out loud) / no moaning no groaning and to support the club!


  13. Toonpipes- Give us one reason to believe we will get a good player on high wages? 🙄


  14. Spencer – Like Michael Owen?

    I know what you’re saying, but first off you need to clear up what you mean about high wages.

    Are Tiote and Ben Arfa **** based on your theory?


  15. My theory…

    Enrique is gone. Perhaps tomorrow like the ‘ITK’s state, maybe another day but soon.

    Tiote has ‘Visa’ issues, so hasn’t been able to play. He’s suspended for the first couple of games. What odds would you give me on a deal having already been done?

    I wonder if Pardew’s recent words “Cabaye played well in Tiote’s position” had more hidden meaning than he intended. I’m sure we have replacements lined up for these two and Joey.

    I’m looking forward to next season.


  16. Toonsy- I’m not saying I want to buy a player on high fee’s and wages.

    Lets be honest Owen was just a shirt seller.

    If the player is right, then I’m all for it, I just don’t think we will see us signing to many players on high wages and fee’s.


  17. Some one on Eds blog has mentioned Ngog as part of the Enrique deal 👿 Thats our new no9 sorted


  18. NilePowerRanger Nile ranger

    Dont like to jump the gun, but maybe he could be off to blackpool? Not like I give a shyte. Or maybe he just thinks the new away kit is our home kit? 😆


  19. cwarr07 Colin
    Player coming in will be for the development squad 🙂 17 yr old striker, JJ Hooper #nufc #notwhatyoyallexpected


  20. Toonsy- Sorry for saying that word, I just really cant stand him, I think I have more time for MA.


  21. The transfer of power from player to manager. Really?

    Hmmmm… Unless I’ve got the early onset of cataracts and someone’s poured cement into my ears six months ago, I’d say this particular manager is the most powerless manager I can ever recall in football.

    This whole transitional period is nothing more than an excuse for Ashley to assume total control of player movements. Carr & co source players, and Pardew gets introduced to them for the first time at the airport, as he picks them up in the battered beige Ford Cortina they sometimes let him borrow.

    He has no say in who comes and who goes, and neither does anybody who knows anything about football.

    It’s the biggest scale game of fantasy league manager in the world.


  22. Michael Laudrup – That kind of fits with my point. Pardew deals with first team matters and has control over that aspect and nothing else, which means he has the power over the dressing room and players 🙂


  23. Dave- sammy got two and made their player put the 3rd in the back of their own net. Tavener (sp?) gave away a penalty (might have been willio) and Vuick did a nice chip.

    All we know really.


  24. Big Dave… Where do you read that about a 17 year old player in exchange? £10 mil is a very good deal tho… Also hear Colo was at the reserves tonight watching the kids, nice to hear.


  25. Dave – Heard Smith and Pardew for abuse from the best supporters in the world. Heard Sammy and Haris were good again. Also heard there was no anti Ashley singing.


  26. Back in June you had another blog on player power. I told the Brisbane Roar story then. I reproduce it now for those who may have missed it – it’s relevant – sort of …

    2 years ago, Brisbane Roar had a football team full of old men. You might have heard of some of them – Craig Moore, Danny Tiato, Charlie Miller. They had player power and had a drinking buddy – the manager, Frank Farina. Brisbane were sh!te.

    One day the manager got busted for DUI and the board sacked him. Later they brought in Ange Postecoglou. Ange told the player power group to p!ss off. Brisbane ended up 2nd bottom that season.

    In the close season. All the old guard were kicked out and Ange brought in a whole new squad of players. Another dire season looked on the cards. What happened, though, astounded everybody.

    Ange changed the playing system. Brisbane Roar became champions. They lost one game all season. They are considered to be the best club side ever to play football in Australia. Their style of play has earned them the nickname Roarcelona.

    Let’s hope Pardew, as head coach, has the tactical nouse to rise to the challenge.


  27. Am I missing something here? What has Pardew done since he took over exactly?

    Did we not finish lower than the position we were in when we did take over.

    Don’t agree with booing him. Total disgrace. Come on though lads…..we all say there is no communication from Ashley which makes things worse…there is! From his mate Pards! Smiling, beguiling second hand car salesman!

    I hear he’s got Alistair Campbell on speed dial too


  28. Toonsy… Dont believe anything that guy twits mate… According to him we would get N’Zog, Gervinho and Erdinc 100%


  29. I honestly don’t know why people still follow that cwarr fella. Has he not proved already that he is full of ****?


  30. just been told we are buying….benzema..he is have a medical..harris going the other way part of the deal..


  31. Boils my piss hearing his craic everywhere. When I see people post it on here it makes me die a little bit inside. 😡


  32. Moreno would you rather have JFK ? because I know I wouldn’t
    Valle twitter and footymad just could be a lot of ****e but I have a feeling it could be right


  33. Glad to see some others up in the wilds of scotland. I’m in edinburgh aswell bowburn.


  34. Excellent. Im so glad I waited for shirt printing now. I’ll pop off and get Benzema 9 on the back tomorrow 🙄


  35. it really is tough times for us supporters isnt it!! i mean we are systematically getting rid of our best players…our squad is looking like it will be both significantly weaker in quality and in quantity, its a travesty as there are no excuses…we have around 42 million in transfer fees, unloaded massive amounts of money off the wage bill (with more to come) and thats without taking into account our increased earning. i hate being so pessimistic but where does it end? has pardews position not become nearly untenable? i feel sorry for a lot of our current squad as there is plenty of quality still there but just not enough….this atmosphere surrounding both the squad and the fans needs to be turned around soon for all our sakes


  36. he is not going to liverpool he said he wonts champs league football…he wouldnt wont people taken the piss…he will end up at arsenal or barca…why would liverpool wont him…when he has told them he is not coming…it would be a big uturn…arsenal must come in for him..


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