A club statement on Joey Barton.

No comment on anything.
Newcastle have finally released a statement on the future of Joey Barton, and the general content of the statement is that the club will be making no comment on the future of Joey.

It’s taken a few days for the club to add to the rather ridiculous and vague four line statement released on Monday detailing that the player had been transfer listed and had an asking price of £0 following on from a series of outbursts on the micro-blogging network ‘Twitter’, however in this statement there are signs of an agreement between the club and the player.

The club statement said:

“We understand the level of interest in the clubs decision to offer Joey Barton a free transfer.”

“However it would not be dignified nor would it serve any useful purpose for at this present time for either the club or Joey to air their private issues on this matter in public.”

The club and the player have important business to focus on over the next few days and both parties have come to an agreement that we will not comment further at this time.”

Make of that what you will but it seems as though there has at least been some dialogue between the two camps, although obviously the result of that dialogue is quite clearly going to remain private until further notice.

Barton has been training with the reserves today and remains frozen out of the first team at Newcastle although whether this statement represents a thaw in the approach from either side or whether it’s a clue that a transfer is not a million miles away from happening remains to be seen. We certainly won’t be hearing about anything on

Personally I feel it’s the latter but hope it’s the former. The only problem with my hope is that both parties are not known to back down which is why I have some doubts about a ceasefire resulting in Joey staying on Tyneside.

There is interest in the player so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens from here.

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122 thoughts on “A club statement on Joey Barton.

  1. All the Barton haters will be disappointed at the news he could stay, i for one will be over the moon if he does, by far one of our best players and to be fair, was what he tweeted as bad as its made out to be.
    Let it go and get on with the football.


  2. Don’t want to be negative about Barton’s Isambard comment but I’ll merely play devil’s advocate. Could it mean that building bridges with the club would be a massive and potentially difficult thing to do? Just a thought… though I’d hate for that to be correct


  3. @76. Not sure how I feel about it tbh. A week ago I would have been over the moon if signed a long term deal. I guess I’d have him back if he put this twitter nonsense to rest once and for all and there were some protections in the contract in case he didn’t.


  4. RT- I dont want a full game, ive not done know pre-season training 😆

    20-15 mins would be nice 😛


  5. Or maybe it’s A Bridge Over the River Kwai and he just wants to blow it up once it’s built 😉


  6. Spencer…. thats prob all he’ll give you….or have you stood in the bushes for when the ball goes over the fence 😆 ……they usually go for a few pints after so you’ll need your fake tash 😆


  7. Spencer….its just in a private room above club so you’ll have nae bother getting served


  8. my team vs arsenal

    simpson collo taylor ?????

    tiote cabaye

    jonas gosling marveaux




  9. Army- I know we are good, but I don’t think we can beat arsenal with 10 men like 😛


  10. I know mate, I was being a sarcastic little …. 😛

    Thing is army, I think you can move the question marks, and put perch there 😆

    Oh dear…

    Perch vs Walcott 😕 😥


  11. football season sorta starts 2mora nyt – blackpool on the tv v hull!! hope blackpool come back up like they were a breath of fresh air in the prem!!


  12. No Ameobi either on the field or the bench ARMY69? I think Ferguson will probably not be on the subs bench so soon after an injury. Otherwise a pretty decent lineup. Not sure if they would have the nerve to play Barton in place of Gosling.


  13. nope no ameobi mate lol sick of the site of him buddy!!! just hoy him in the team when we play sunderland cos then we are talking good 😉


  14. That’s fine by me ARMY69. I think his brother Sammy is already the better player anyway! I hope Barton is in the team after everyone kissed and made up today (even if Joey is still Tweeting). Then you have a fair chance against Arsenal. You’re right save Shola for the scum. 😀


  15. Army69 – Tiote is in your team. Is he in the country? Has he got a visa now? Isn’t he being sold too?
    I am available and match fit. Should I bring my boots for the match? I could supply a ball as well as times are hard for the club. We’ve only banked £52m from player sales.


  16. Big Dave – routledge signed for swans today.

    tiote wasn’t allowed back into uk after us trip so he went home to train


  17. JLoyd Samuel on a free. We cannot afford the exorbitant cost of free transfers. Acquiring those used up all the Carroll money.


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