Capello’s double-standards about Joey Barton!

Fabio Capello speaks about Barton.
Like most of you, I’ve read the comments from Fabio Capello about our current No7 Joey Barton. To be honest they’ve really pissed me off.

This morning saw quotes from Capello suggesting that Barton is good enough for England, but how it’s unlikely that he will pick him for the national side thanks to his ‘hot-headed’ nature. Is it just me that finds the irony in this statement outstanding?

First off I guess we need to take a look at what was said by Postman Pat, who incidentally has still not been to see any players at St James’ Park and sends his minions up here to do the dirty work for him. Why not? The art of delegation is key in management, and at £6 million a year in wages he has a lot of delegation to get through. Anyway, this is what he said:

“He is a good player but he is a dangerous player because sometimes you could end up playing 10 v 11. He might get sent off,” Capello said in the Guardian.

Asked if he was worried Barton’s “head might go”, Pat said: “Yes. But this is not a good moment to decide something about him. When a player is fighting with his club, it is normal to stay outside. The relationship between a club and a player is really important.”

Now Barton may get sent off, but other players may also get sent off. It’s interesting to see that Jack Wilshere has been sent off more times than Joey Barton had been at the same age. No worries over the alleged woman-beater no?

I also find it amusing that Capello cites one of the reasons for not picking Barton is because his “head might go”. I’m assuming this is not a concern for the notoriously short-tempered Wayne Rooney? Double-standards again?

At this point people will point out Barton’s chequered past and use it as a stick to beat him with. It wouldn’t be so bad, or so hypocritical, if Capello didn’t have a team full of players with previous transgressions.

First off we have John Terry with his philandering ways and private tours of club property. Then Rio with his “missed” drugs test, Gerrard and the nightclub incident, Wilshere and his alleged woman beating, Andy Carroll is no shrinking violet either. Oh and don’t forget Rooney and his penchant for the OAP side of vice.

The hypocrisy is outstanding and just about sums up why I have zero time for the current England national setup which, as a proud Englishman, is something that is horrible to say.

It was all supposed to change after our dismal World Cup last year, but it’s blatantly obvious that old habits die hard when it comes to Capello and his band of cocks. For Joey’s sake, recent Twitter outbursts aside, I hope he continues doing what he is doing and continues to put the pressure on the England setup through his performances on the field of play.

Unfortunately though I feel that he is pissing against the wind with Postman Pat and Co.

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172 thoughts on “Capello’s double-standards about Joey Barton!

  1. Hey, any of you actual Newcastle folks awake?

    There’s a chance I might be in Newcastle for the Fulham match. Just went on the club website to see if there are tickets available, but I don’t see anything posted. Do they release individual tickets closer to the actual game date or something? Any advice would be appreciated…

    would love to actually catch a game at SJP….


  2. Not hiding bobby. Im at work.

    To be honest I thought you had morals? I was wrong. It would appear that you actually like being led up the garden path with lies such as “I know the bloke personally who is doing the work at SJP” which actually translated into someone just e-mailing him claiming that is what he is up to.

    I have no issue with Wraith at all and have even backed him with his latest campaign (a point you missed out by the way
    ..). If he wants to try something then fair do’s.

    My only issue is the porkie about the East Stand. Before the Arsenal game was it? Not long to go now eh 🙂


  3. FSOTC – Yes mate. Look closer to the date and they will be there. I’ll dig out the dates you need to keep an eye on 🙂


  4. @BB
    I couldnt answer my own question because my question was aimed at those folks who think we should not question Ashley, those who think we should wait until he ‘makes his money back so he will sell up’.

    I don’t believe that will happen. I believe either his ‘5 year’ plan will fail and we will yo-yo between the PL and the Chamionship while he struggles to make any money back, or he will manage to stabilize the club between 17th and 11th in the PL making him his money back and then year-on-year profit but we will be constantly concerned about relegation, weak squads and a player conveyor belt that sees us selling players as soon as their value gets high enough.

    But I already know what I believe. That’s why I was asking people who believe that he will sell up why they believe that.

    I just thought it might make a nice change for people to explore or exchange ideas without needing to resort to ad hominem attacks and arguments based on logical fallacies for a change, but hey-ho, its no big deal – just proceed like usual.


  5. “And in all fairness to him he is a self made billionaire so Im sure he knows a thing or two about business.”

    That is just an appeal to authority.

    If you break your leg you seek advice from a Consultant of Orthopaedics, not a Consultant Gynecologist, but they are both highly qualified doctors.

    The fact that Ashley has proved to be a successful businessman selling inexpensive sportswear in the retail sector does not necessarily have bearing on his ability to run a football club successfully.


  6. FSOTC

    Be careful about your travel arrangements for the Fulham game. It is scheduled for the Saturday but on the Thursday previous Fulham are in the back of beyond playing in the Europa Cup so in all likelihood the game will be moved to the Sunday


  7. @pootie

    I think BB has mental health issues fella.
    Go easy on him.

    He can hardly write a post without using foul and abusive language particularly if you question his stance.

    Its my belief and sounds like yours, that if you disagree with someone or an issue then you question it.
    In Ashleys case, it may make no difference but better to make him aware of the strength of feeling than to go through the battered wife syndrome and to sit and hope things improve, whilst the lies, deceit and lack of ambition continues.

    I do have morals. I may disagree with individuals but never resort to calling people abusive names like some and the standards are set at the top by the owner.

    I would have thought that an explanation provided on a blog is a decent thing to do, yet you still slate him?


  8. Toonsy, excellent article, Capello is a walking disaster but also a very rich one, he should be apologizing for bringing the England set up to its knees for a kings ransom, grade one w*nker.
    One thing is for sure, if he joins Manu he will be a reformed character, if he stays with us he will be no1 pantomime villain .


  9. Robert
    Personally I would take a look at Capello’s record before spouting off.
    I wish we’d had a few more “walking disasters” like him.
    Capello has, without doubt, the best record of any England Manager in the last 60 years. You cant even argue the point – the stats confirm it.
    Toonsy – you cant compare Wilshire to Barton. It not about at the same age, its about now.
    In the league you can lose 5 or 6 matches and still make Europe.
    In an International Match it’s much more critical. Lose a player and lose a match, and you are probably out of the competition.
    You have to pick a team that’s good, but also one thats going to keep 11 players on the pitch.
    You have to play the percentages.
    If you have the likes of Rooney and Wilshire on the pitch who are always susceptible to red mist would you really want to slap the Footballing Gods in the face by including Barton aswell?
    In the same way you only have room for 2 or 3 forwards in a team, you also only have room for 2 or 3 nutters.


  10. It’s pretty plain that we need to actually spend some cash, we’ve failed with Gervhino, Erdinc, Gameiro, N’Zogbia due to them wanting more than we’re prepared to pay in wages, we’ve lost Nolan, Barton and prob Jose due to them offering the same or less wages. Barnetta was offered same or less wages – I agree we don’t want to start paying Owen wages again but if we want decent players that will give us a chance of europa league spot we need to pay the going rate to get them to come up north
    Sure, Ashley can say the club has to pay its own way but ultimately it means we’ll end up as a Wigan / Wolves / Blackburn rather than a Villa, Everton or even Bolton


  11. 4411 – how do you know our failed bids were down to money?

    Gervinho, Gameiro and Erdinc will all be playing in the Champions League next season. Maybe their decisions were based on football?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Charlie was looking for the biggest pay day possible however – we all know what he is like.

    Money definitely wasn’t an issue with Barnetta – he was offered above what he is earning in Germany. The deal fell flat because he picked up an injury.


  12. Toon Chicken – If Barnetta was injured I’d have thought he was just the man for us! Along with Ireland, Ben Arfa,Gosling – all signed up crock.
    Its a good thing we got Tiote – I suspect he’s unbreakable – at least he will be if he gets a passport.


  13. Sorry, but didn’t Barnetta’s agent say he was already earning more than we offered him and he wouldn’t come to Newcastle for that?
    Wouldn’t that suggest that it was about money?


  14. Archie….allegedly the agent was talking bollox because he was cut out of the loop, swiss tv said Barnetta was on about 16k less than what was (reportedly) being offered and that he’d sacked the agent 😯


  15. AB your wrong mate,it was shown he was on 26k a yr,and that agent was proved not to be his agent at all just a gob sh@te 😈


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