Has Xisco gone to Deportivo for good this time?

Xisco: Going back to what he knows?
It would appear that Xisco has returned to Spain to his former club Deportivo la Coruna, with the only question mark being whether the deal is a permanent one or a temporary one.

Personally, any deal that gets rid of Xisco is good one in my opinion although obviously a permanent one would be better as it would mean that he won’t return.

According to the oracle that is Wikipedia (I know!) it is a permanent deal although there is a distinct lack of any other confirmation on that front with other sources stating that the deal is just a temporary one. Perhaps one of the losers that edit Wiki will run along now and change it?

Will he be back or won’t he? It seems strange that whilst the club are keen to offer out free transfers to the likes of Joey Barton and Alan Smith they would be willing to keep hold of Xisco who has had about 60 managers to work under during his time at St James’ Park but has managed to impress none.

Perhaps he has been offered the same way out as Smith and Barton although I personally find it hard to believe that Deportivo would be able to remunerate Xisco to anywhere near the same level that we have been for the past three years or so, especially when you consider that they are no longer a La Liga side having suffered relegation last season.

To me all the signs point towards it being yet another loan deal with us being almost certain of picking up most of his wage tab in the process. I’m not too fussed on that to be honest as at least we’ll be saving a little bit and keeping Xisco around is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. At least it frees up another place in the squad I guess although in fairness we could actually replace him with nobody and be no worse off.

Am I being too hard on Xisco? Probably. Do I care? Not really. I understand that it’s not his fault that he has been paid a fortune for doing absolutely nothing during his time at NUFC. Being honest I’d milk it for as long as I could aswell. The thing that does irk me is that he hasn’t even bothered to at least make an effort when he has been here. There has been no urgency to prove a point and to me that is not what being a professional is about.

So goodbye Xisco. Hopefully this time for good!

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188 thoughts on “Has Xisco gone to Deportivo for good this time?

  1. was just wondering what kind of reception Judas Enrique will get when the bin dippers come to Toon โ“
    Doesn’t deserve the same as carroll imo. Cant really say I blame him for getting out, after all we seem to be a bit of a joke club at the moment.
    Just wish he had gone to a CL club like he wanted and not lifterpool ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


  2. I see there’s been a load of people saying S****horpe today…they want to watch it ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†


  3. CaulkinTheTimes George Caulkin
    Bonus dispute has been source of much disquiet behind scenes at #NUFC – symptomatic of distrust. Resolution a positive development.
    10 minutes ago


  4. Yeah I was thinking that although peterborough cheated to get a goal, would have gone to penalties if they hadn’t scored. Stevenage are my local team don’t go much but they are a good side more physical than other teams in that division


  5. BB,

    I don’t hold any special place in my heart for Jose. At the end of the day, he left us for a club with a similar stature (ie: currently no trophies/no europe and finished mid table-ish) after spending months with his lip out. Wasn’t like his dream Barca move came knocking.

    Still won’t be giving him jip like Carroll because he didn’t spin us a load of lines, he quite respectfully kept his gob shut. Still never achieved ‘Geordie’ status with me though.


  6. yea thats fair ’nuff Moreno.
    Not just a move for money either.
    I hope we finish mid table-ish this season then ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. BB,

    Strange timing. good boost before the first game of the season…and right after a player with contract disputes leaves?


  8. Nope….

    I am suggesting there was maybe a thorn in the side of negotiations that has been removed.

    Of course that’s pure speculation and wild conjecture…straight from my conspiracy theorist mind.


  9. Moreno @ 158 – Premium rate? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I’ll hang up now. I’ve been on hold since March ๐Ÿ˜†


  10. “I too had just assumed that Ba was injury ridden, but it just simply isnt true.”

    I always thought the problem with Ba’s problem wasn’t that he is frequently injured, but that he has a medical problem with his knees which is degenerative in nature – that is to say, it can only get worse, not better.
    Also it has been described as a ‘time bomb’, because if (or probably when) it does become a problem it is likely to be a very big problem.

    Obviously without seeing his confidential medical files it would be difficult to confirm or deny any of this.

    However if these reports hold some truth then it seems a very questionable plan to have him as our only PL quality striker with our back up consisting of strikers only just good enough for the Championship.

    I assume we will be fetching in a striker of capable of displaying PL quality, in that case, if our owner has any sense at all.


  11. Toonsy, if you decide Bob is too much, FK me, Pootle has convinced me to write my will cos we`re all doomed! fkn hell wot a depressive tit! Lost the will to live>. G`nite.


  12. Talk in the mirror of us going for odemwingie from west brom. I didnt realize he was 30 years old, but he’s also only on 20k a week over there. Surely he could be that nippy striker we’re after for a 2 year deal. When his contract is up, we can bring in better and younger, quality striker in that mold. Who knows? Phil Airey could be ready to step in at that point. Don’t forget about Sameobi either. Both those players could be very ready to step into the PL confidently after 2 more seasons to develop!

    Stay positive people! It’s so much more enjoyable!


  13. Last weekend I went to a function and met a few of the Brisbane Roar players. I found out one of them follows NUFC – not a fan, but looks out for their results. We were talking about contracts at one stage, which then turned to what is happening at Newcastle.

    Obviously he knows as little as anybody else but he has some experience of football contracts and has connections with players who have (and have had) European contracts. Between us we think this is what is happening at St James’:

    40K pw is our maximum basic wage (that is about a third of what the Brisbane player gets in a year!). Anybody with a contract above 40k who is negotiating a new contract has to be on 40K as their base. On top of that they get team bonuses and personal bonuses, based on weekly, monthly and/or season long performance indicators – these things can be quite specific (apparently an Aussie in Romania had a personal bonus linked to completed passes!). These bonuses can substantially increase your income over the season.

    Of course you don’t get them if you don’t play. And you don’t get them if you don’t perform.

    Ok, nothing earth-shatteringly new there, but I haven’t posted for a while and have to get back into the habit with the season starting and all. And I had a good laugh at BS9’s red card. What a hoot!


  14. Good! Finally Toonsy BSN9’s comments are a serious pain. He comes on here purely to put down others and generally create a bad atmosphere. Don’t let up on him this time enough is enough.


  15. Hope your gonna ban CT for that unprovoked abusive message.
    If not just let me point out what a puling, obsequious halfwit he is.


  16. By the way if you really have lost the will to live, and there is anyway I can hasten your departure let me know. The gene pool could do without your input.


  17. FSOTC @ 170. Sorry, mate, didn’t think anybody was about so didn’t hang around.

    I’ve no idea who’ll play LB. Could Gosling play there? He seems to be able to play everywhere else. Jonas? Perch? Raylor? Moyo? Simpson – with Saylor at RB and Williamson drafted in to CB? It’ll be an area that Arsenal will target.

    I think it means Jonas will get a game, though, to help whoever is playing there.


  18. Pootle…we managed most of last season with Carroll or Ba. I know this isn’t ideal but we’ll have Ba for the Arsenal/Scum games & hopefully they’ll be another in by the end of the window.

    There’s nothing to say Ba’s knee will go this, next or the season after that.


  19. There’s a lot of hate on this blog which is a little disturbing when it’s frequented by people supporting the same team.


  20. Hydeous…hopefully Bobby’s ban will address your concerns bu for those interested…Bobby’s @rse will be appearing in a window near you soon ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†


  21. Well I made a point about the state of Ba’s ‘injury’.
    Didn’t notice any insults in there veiled or otherwise.


  22. Pootle…a point you’re very welcome to make & to an extent I agree with your concern ๐Ÿ˜€


  23. “Pootleโ€ฆwe managed most of last season with Carroll or Ba. I know this isnโ€™t ideal but weโ€™ll have Ba for the Arsenal/Scum games & hopefully theyโ€™ll be another in by the end of the window.
    Thereโ€™s nothing to say Baโ€™s knee will go this, next or the season after that.”

    It shouldn’t come down to ‘hopefully’. I can see absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t get in a striker of the ability to play in the PL before the window closes.
    We should have plenty of cash for the fee available.
    We appear to have cleared even more space on the wage bill.
    There can be no valid excuses.

    There is nothing to say his knee wont go either.
    The obvious point is, we ALREADY know he has this potential problem. It caused Pardew enough concern to not play him for a full match on astroturf.
    We should make sure we get in another striker to ameliorate this situation.

    We have the money.
    We have space in the squad.
    We have cleared more room on the wage bill.

    Second rate cover, or even worse – complete inaction, is simply not good enough.


  24. AndrewT…I’ve mentioned odemwinge a couple of times but was ignored.

    I didn’t realise he was 30 tho so maybe that’s why or I spelt his name wrong & nee one knew who I was talking aboot.

    He’s the type of player we need but too old…oh well.


  25. Pootle…Your right it shouldn’t come down to hopefully but we are where we are.

    As I said on the previous thread (sorry autocorrect changed your name) but we have Ba, Best, Ranger, Loverman & Shola so we have plenty of strikers. there’s definitely a quality issue tho.

    If the Obertan signing is anyway to go by one of those will have to go before another comes in but this is why I said hopefully cos it appears a new striker is dependant on one leaving. Or maybe Obertan could play up front?!?


  26. Witters – unless he’s (Odemwingie) happy signing just a 2 year deal, we can probs forget about this one…. canny player tho

    Wonder if there’s any other random talents knocking about the Russian or Ukranian leagues? Get Mr Carr on it…..


  27. M…that French bloke English was sh1t ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think it sums him up tho…hopefully regular first team football will improve his passing & final ball. Arron Lennon managed to sort it out so hopefully Obertan can too

    Reet…graft is calling


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