Have we finally sorted a long-standing problem?

Pardew the peace broker?
I’ve read a fair bit this morning about some form of resolution regarding bonuses to players having been sorted at NUFC.

The good thing to come from this is that it was apparently a cause of some unrest in the dressing room last season so now it’s been resolved it will hopefully act as an incentive and not a bone of contention.

Quite what the bonus is will, quite obviously, remain confidential, but to me it’s important that the players have some financial incentive to aim for as they try and push up the league. I’ll have a stab at the bonus being paid for achieving a top ten finish although obviously I’m just speculating. Sounds about right though doesn’t it?

Needless to say that Alan Pardew is delighted and feels that this agreement will help ensure that the club as a whole are pulling in the same direction:

“I made it a big priority of mine to make sure that go over the line,” said Pardew in quotes attributed to The Journal “It is important the board and the players are going to go together. I think at any football club that is what you need. There has to be a respect between one to the other.”

He continued: “Of course, as the manager it is difficult sometimes because you are in the middle. I am employed by Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias, but my loyalties are just as strong to the players, who I represent and care about and want to try and enhance their careers and make them better players and make the team better.”

“It is sometimes a delicate position, but I am pleased it has got over the line. I think it is important – and I don’t think it should be underestimated either.”

“It seems to me this job comes with tough somewhere in the middle. Some of the problems I have inherited that I have gone on about before have not made things easy and I have picked up history that has gone on in contract negotiations.”

“I think it is very, very important we try and build a new understanding of the club going forward together. The bonus sheet going over the line yesterday is quite significant because it did not go over the line last year.”

“It might seem a small thing, but I think it is important the club and players agree there is something in place for a reward for what you do.”

I think the last line just about sums up how I feel. Of course to real people such ourselves, the fact that footballers are paid tens of thousands of pounds a week would be reward enough for what you do, but footballers don’t live in the real world so I guess it’s all kind of relevant. Would you turn down a bonus in your job for achieving a pre-agreed goal? I wouldn’t.

The evidence is there to suggest that the money is there to be paid, but the players must earn it through performances on the pitch. Performance related bonuses are a good incentive for players to get that bit of extra cash and will hopefully drive them on this season.

It won’t be long before we see if it works or not.

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98 thoughts on “Have we finally sorted a long-standing problem?

  1. To be fair, I don’t especially blame Pardew for this. It’s the “business genius” that owns the joint.

    It’s hard to argue with much of the sensible cost cutting & management he’s done but in this instance, as in some others, it’s really effed us up.


  2. I still think we have a good chance against them, vermaleen, wilshere, diaby and walcott are all carrying injuries. Arshavin is out injured too, fabregas and nasri are set to play no part in the game. Their defence can be very vulnerable. I’m still positive about this game, yes their are players who may still be able to cause us trouble but it looks like luck might be on our side


  3. I hate Ashley as much as the next man…….but the left back thing has been going on for donkeys years(not to say he shouldn’t have sorted it tho)…..I think the last time we had 2 were Bernard and Babayaro who at the time were both sh!t (Bernard was great 1st time)


  4. Your guess is as good as any, Army.

    I do get the point about the COVER for LB, which is a long-running thing. Ranting about a replacement for Jose is the daft thing.

    It would make more sense if Tav hadn’t been sent out on loan.

    Perhaps the stance is that we do have cover for LB, albeit not ideal (Perch, Fergie, Jonas, Tav) but that they fully expect Pieters in and won’t change tack just for one match. Makes sense if that’s the case.

    In fact, I’d put money that it’s how they see it. We’re not about to buy in and pay salary on a recognised LB for cover when we do have good players in – the money can be spent elsewhere. We’re not about to commit to another huge contract for a main LB until we have ink on the sale of Jose.

    If something happens, like a combination of injury to Fergie and a bereavement to Pieters that delays his arrival, then tough: we have to get through a match on a kludge.


  5. @Army

    Think Harps might start, but otherwise I agree. Not what I’d go for, before anyone asks, but that’s what I reckon Pardew will send out.

    Leaves… Ameobi, Williamson, Barton, Marveaux, Vuckic, Krul, Guthrie for the bench.


  6. Fergie tilts the argument a little, but I don’t think he’s really a LB, is he? I thought he’s more a midfielder.

    Dunno. Sigh.

    What’s our back 4 look like tomorrow? Come on.

    Maybe Raylor? Jonas?


  7. might be wrong but i think pardew will go with two up-front like,hes says we will be a more attacking side this season,well lets see


  8. Sounds to me like the Pieters thing is all but done, but has been delayed; that’s all.

    I find AP’s comments about a striker to be more surprising. He must be pretty confident, and if I’d had three deals already fail I don’t think I’d be saying “100%” about anything right now.

    Hopefully he knows something we don’t and we’ll see the striking equivalent of Cabaye arrive before the window shuts.

    (Go on then, say I’m deluded…)


  9. Exactly – you’d think he’d have learned his lesson on that one. 🙄

    He can’t promise anything 100% while he’s got bosses that change their minds or have them changed by large wodges of cash in their faces.

    I just hope that if he is right, he gets credit for it.


  10. IF he gets his two men in, that’s

    Cabaye – looking very promising. Decent international who knows how to win titles.
    Marveaux – less certain but also has the credentials
    Ba – some question marks, but potential certainly there. Strike rate when fit has been amazing.
    Obertan – uncertain, but certainly an upgrade and fits into the playing strategy
    Albeid – early promise only; not a starter yet.

    And hopefully:
    Pieters – on paper a decent replacement for Jose
    A. Striker – pleasepleasepleaseplease….

    Carroll: Judas, but be honest: we miss him. Not easy to replace.
    Nolan: wouldn’t have got a start anyway
    Jose: sad to lose him, but if we get Pieters, not a big loss

    And possibly Barton: in his own words, we have “younger, cheaper options” in abundance.

    So: get those two Pards, and if people complain I’ll be right with you in telling them go go do one.

    Fail to get either, and you’re right in the ****e, fella. 😆


  11. just seen all arsenal players training nasri and walcott..will play…nasri laughing..doesnt look ill 2 me…he played mid week…walcott defo play he was in serious talk with wenger..


  12. @Whumpie

    Maybe we have got good replacements, but the problem is all these players will need time to adjust, imagine Cabaye getting roughed up the way Barton got last year against Wolves…..

    Squad over-haul should have taken place, maybe next season, with all the French-men settled and playing to their full potential…..
    And I still dont understand how losing out on Nolan isnt a big loss? Last season we didnt win a single game in which he didnt feature, top scorer for the last 2 seasons, showed a lot of grit on the pitch, led the team well.
    Everybody is saying that, he didnt have the similar kind of impact after Carroll left, how was the overall performance of the team after Carroll’s departure?


  13. @Whumpie. If Gateshead entered their season without a left back there would be hell on, never mind a premier league club like ours. He knew fine well that Enrique was going to go.


  14. Nolans goals and leadership are a great loss but he wasnt up to the centre midfield job, his legs have gone. He could still have done a good job playing off a target man though.


  15. same old, same old, first match the morra and are we ready? are we shi.e! when are people gonna wise up and see that all Alan Pardew is is Mike Ashleys bloody puppet! Llambias and Ashley are on a secret mission, ne body else knows what it is like but a mission all the same, it will end up with us going down again if they dont get their thumb from up each other and get cracking! at least 2 defenders and a PROPER striker. A REAL no9 to be proud of,to get excited about every satda morning like Shearer was and Carroll was gonna be! HELP!!


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