Newcastle v Arsenal – Premier League match preview.

St James' expects!
The moment we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner as competitive football returns to St James’ Park when the Premier League kicks off tomorrow.

It’s an early TV debut for us aswell as ESPN have picked our opening game against Arsenal for live TV coverage although the game does kind of leave a sour taste in my mouth as, unfortunately, I’ll be at work until 10:30pm so will miss the opening day of the season. I’m not happy about it but I suppose it has to be done so I can pay the bills and keep Mrs Toonsy in the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to.

Anyway, enough moaning from me. Quite frankly there has been enough moaning over the summer months to last a lifetime and tomorrow will give us the chance to see just what we have in terms of players. Incidentally it will also give Arsenal fans a chance to see what they have in terms of players with the rumoured departures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri to Barcelona and Manchester City respectively dominating the headlines.

More about that later though. As always, I’ll start with the home team.

Alan Pardew only has Hatem Ben Arfa as a confirmed absentee for the visit of Arsenal tomorrow evening. Danny Guthrie and Shane Ferguson are back in training so are technically fit, although being match fit is something that is probably just out of reach of the pair at the moment. The same applies to Sylvain Marveaux, who by Pardew’s own admission is a little bit short of fitness.

With Jose Enrique now confirmed as a Liverpool player it leaves us with a gaping hole at the left-back position. The debate about letting a player go without a replacement will rage on but for now I guess we just have to hope for the best.

It’s still unclear whether or not Joey Barton will feature although if I had to take a guess right now I’d probably plump with him sitting this game out thanks to the continual saga and resultant fallout from Twittergate.

However we do have a raft of players who are in line to make their Premier League bow in front of the home crowd with Yohan Cabaye and Demba Ba apparently “ready to rumble” (hopefully not like this however) and Gabriel Obertan waiting to make his debut.

Bearing that in mind, I’d probably go with a team that looks a bit like this:

Newcastle: Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Jonas Gutierrez*, Dan Gosling, Cheik Tiote, Yohan Cabaye, Gabriel Obertan*,Demba Ba, Leon Best.

* I’m aware that both players are out of position, but that has to be better than playing Ryan Taylor!

Moving onto the visitors now, who have been going through their own tough spell of late with questions being asked by their fans with regard to Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy.

One time Toon target Gervinho looks likely to make his competitive Arsenal debut, but that isn’t the big news regarding the visit of Arsene Wenger’s men.

Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri have both been left out of the matchday squad with impending to moves to Barcelona and Manchester City on the horizon, allegedly.

In a further blow to the beleagured boss he will be with Abou Diaby and Jack Wilshere whilst Robin Van Persie and Thomas Vermaelen will undergo late fitness tests ahead of the match.

I’ll not take a stab at what the Arsenal line up will be as, quite frankly, I wouldn’t have a clue, so how about some stats instead?

Newcastle have not beaten Arsenal on home turf since 2005 when Nobby Solano scored an 82nd minute winner. Since then there have been four defeats and just the one draw – and what a draw that was!

This will be the 8th time in 18 Premier League seasons that we have started with a home fixture. We’ve won four, drawn one, and lost two opening day home fixtures since 1993.

All in all I’m glad the waiting is finally over. I’d have liked us to have started with an “easier” game but then we’d end up facing Arsenal with their full, erm, arsenal of players available.

They may be weakened but they are still a top four team and still have players who can come in and perform. Remember this is the first time that some of our lads will have played together aswell so it’s not all tipped in our favour.

I’d settle for anything other than defeat right now to be honest.

Howay the lads!

Date/Kick-off: Saturday 13th August – 5:30pm

Ground: St James’ Park.

Man in the middle: Peter Walton.

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90 thoughts on “Newcastle v Arsenal – Premier League match preview.

  1. Mmm to be honest I see this formation;


    Simpson willo colo saylor
    Obertan cabaye tiote jonas
    Ba ameobi


  2. I hope pardew plays:

    ==saylor collo willo simmo==

    =obertan tiote cabaye jonas=

    =======ba ameobi======


  3. Team i would go with;
    Simpson – Colo – Saylor – Raylor (desperate!)
    Obertan Cabaye Barton Jonas

    Read marv was lacking match fitness which is why i would start him

    so arsenals team tomorrow should look like this;
    Sagna – Konscielny – Vermalen – Gibbs?
    Ramsey – Song – Rocicky
    Walcot RVP Gervinho

    Think the midfield battle is key to this game. Our 2 possibly 3 cabaye, tiote and barton can all challenge these guys physically and if we can disrupt them and stop them playing i can’t see them threatening.
    We can exploit gibbs i think as i’ve watched them pre-season and he is very weak. Can’t tackle! Our defence will be over-ran if the midfield don’t do their job as arsenal have pace in abundance. Something we lack and struggle against. All that being said i can’t wait! HWTL!!


  4. Cant wait for tomorrow , Yeah losing Jose this close to the game is a pain in the hole but I still think we might get a result from this game. Im going to go for 1-1 draw. Saylor scoring for us


  5. I’m gonna hope for an attacking 4-5-1 with:

    Simpson. Williamson. Colo. STaylor
    Cabaye. Tiote.
    Obertan. Jonas.

    Although gosling could possibly play right back with Simpson playing LB. Then STaylor would start with colo.


  6. Really looking forward to the match, maybe better to play Arse first to let our Gallic new players settle in playing football than be mugged by the likes of Stoke/Bolton/B`burn etc.
    We haven`t even kicked a ball yet nor is the transfer window closed but some people on here( we know who you are) would moan and complain if we signed Messi on a free ” AYE BUT WHERE`S THE £35 mill Carrol money?”
    It really pees me off, It`s like an aggressive drunk–if it makes you so unhappy don`t get pissed and spoil it for everyone else—The time to judge is 1st Sept re transfers, and 10xgames in re: performances surely.
    Nolan v Cabaye—-Routs v Obertan–Carrol v Ba(whose goals to games ratio is better)—plus Marv/Abeid/Benny/Gos/Vukic etc.
    Replacement for Enrique, new striker, if poss a CB, I`m well happy. 😆


  7. Tbh,i don’t even know who is fit for tmr match. 😕

    And which flank midfielders are available as well. 😳

    Like a tweet said: I reckon ESPN should start marketing the Newcastle Arsenal clash on Saturday as the “Disarray derby”.

    I give a prediction that Pardew will got 1 striker,with a 4-2-3-1 formation.

    ———————————- Kurl————-
    —Ryan taylor/Gosling—–S.taylor—-Coloccini—–Simpson





  8. Great minds, AoD. 😉

    With our wealth of resources in midfield, I don’t see why pardew would force himself to use one of our squad strikers


  9. Thanks for the article, stu. That’s money that will go directly into ashley’s pockets. Maybe that’s why we’re finally pushing to pay money for new players


  10. U love the idea of that formation, pre! 🙂

    It would be interesting, but I doubt pards has had the squad practicing it


  11. ONLINE GUY // Aug 12, 2011 at 2:23 PM

    If you are not happy with Mike Ashley’s dictatorship then please send Mr Anil Ambani An email..

    I have been in contact and had good replies over the last year .

    Anil is a big Newcastle United Fan and it might just take a few thousand emails from us to get him to think about buying the club from Ashley.

    I have told him of the Indian community in Newcastle And we hard working Honest Geordie Public and many other facts about our History And Heritage .

    Anil wears the Shirt ! So do His Kid’s ! Black and white Daft !

    Please don’t criticise our owner Ashley to him. Just tell him we would love him to take us to the next level, and what ever you think might make him think.

    Shot in the dark , but he is a Big Newcastle fan.

    Here’s the email address. Ask them to forward it on to Mr Ambani’s (Anil) office and you will receive a reply.

    When you post on here Please mention if you have sent him an email,we can then have a head count.

    That is a posting from Eds blog. God some people are desparte n sad……


  12. I’m OK with a number of selection apart from Saylor.

    Appreciate he is good in the opposition box – its just he is terrible in ours – and his job is to defend.

    I fear the crowd will once more ignore his terrible positioning and blame Simmo, Colo or the fact we have sold Enrique as to why the defence melts down.

    Hope his year out last year has matured him so he plays for the team instead of himself – but he is yapping in the press again.

    Hope he goes on to have a great season and calm my nerves. History though is against him.


  13. if judging by the article stu gives,no wonder Colin the tweet rubbish guy said this.

    Mike Ashley set to spend close to 20m on bringing in 2 players & all we have the doom & gloom merchants #nomiddleground


  14. Re 3-3-1-3
    Agree I like it. Flat out attacking football. Requires high Fitness levels. Strong pressing when out of possession etc. But also the defence is set up to counterattack lone strikers & playmakers whilst giving versatility to match upto opponents. El Loco & Chile


  15. I’d play Jonas left back, I’ve always thought he’d make a better full back than a winger.

    Apart from that, the defence picks itself, Saylor ahead of Willo for me though.

    One man up front, I would have thought Ba, with Cabaye and ‘The Destroyer’ in the middle, the rest could be anyone really but the focus seems to be on attacking play.

    Sort of a 4-2-3-1 formation would work I think.

    I’m so excited now, life without football is shocking!! :mrgreen:


  16. i think this is gna be our team tomorrow!!! 4-1-4-1


    simpson taylor collo raylor


    obertan gosling cabaye gutierez





  17. I don’t fear seeing Perch on the bench AndrewT, it’s seeing him on the pitch that gets me downright terrified. Why is he still with the squad? Surely we could have sold him to a division 2 team by now? Or we could loan him to West Ham and pay half his wage. That way West Ham is guaranteed not to get promoted this season. It’s a cunning selfish plan I admit but still any help we can give to Fat Sam should be gladly offered.


  18. only 5 subs these days, also I think they are scrapping the 25 man squad for the PL.

    Defence will be the issue for 2moro, should have enough going forward to nick 1.

    1-0 or 1-1.


  19. Stardy what is it with you and Geordies (Yes I would class Saylor as a Geordie) you never liked Big Al, you said Carroll was **** and would never make it 😆 and Saylor is another do you have something against them.
    Batty Colo can make as many mistake as he wants and Stardy will be like Wenger’ I didn’t see them’
    What makes me laugh even more is that the hate he has for Saylor who has never really harmed the club but still he is so in love with the Fatman and he has ripped the heart from the club, but then he gets an odd reach around from the fatman maybe he has tried it on with Saylor only for Saylor to slap him 😆


  20. u might call me stupid here but the boy i think thats gna shine 2mora is mr obertan!!! ive gota good feeling about this kid mind


  21. Point of concern: does Derek have a full climbing set in his office? Apparently chimps need a full range of activity to remain healthy. Also are people in nearby offices bothered by his hooting? Surely we can spend some of the Carroll money on sound proofing? And there is that nasty habit of throwing feces at visiting dignitaries. What is being done on that front? Apparently Pardew comes in and cleans the office after hours to save a bit of dosh. Well thought out Ashley.


  22. grrrrr ive been trying 4 a few days now and cant get in2 the fantasy prem league!!!! any1 havn the same problem??


  23. Army…I did the other day but it worked ok at dinnertime……you’ll be wasting your time entering anyway 😉


  24. ‘ but some people on here( we know who you are) would moan and complain if we signed Messi on a free ” AYE BUT WHERE`S THE £35 mill Carrol money?”’

    No they wouldn’t. As usual, you just made that up.
    Why do you feel the need to invent imaginary arguments then attribute them to ‘people’ as a method for trying to mock their views?


  25. Toonsy – Ban Dave please – Wanky Tissue was right 😆

    Batts/Dave as I have said before I’ve played CB for years (even though I’m a dwarf) and if one of your back line doesn’t hold the line and drops off early – it turns everyone else to jelly and no one knows what’s happening – thereon its last ditch tackles and interceptions everywhere.

    For me Saylor makes really basic positional errors that are unforgivable at that level – and usually punished badly.

    I accept he has good points to his game – I just hope he has learned from being dropped for a year and plays a team game.

    Oh and Dave – don’t knock a reacharound until you’ve tried it 😆 (Batty told me it was great – shame he didn’t reciprocate to you) 😆


  26. Pootle – For future reference make sure you give the name of the person you’re quoting as I don’t have a clue who that’s from 😕


  27. I’m hoping we can keep them to 0-0 tomorrow.
    Depends on how much they’ve been affected by the upheaval at their end, I suppose.


  28. Stardy you must be a hungry boy tonight 😆 I had only just sat down there ready to have a nice cup of coffee when bang the bite detector went mad.
    I will say one thing after a **** day in work and after getting the bad news about Bobby 😥 , your first sentence got me my 1st laugh all day cheers fella 😉
    Batty I need a bigger boat ❓ oh wait I should be asking Stardy he’s the man to see about that 😀


  29. Poople

    Quite a good line 🙂 – even more impressive that you typed it whilst in the darkness of a pocket.


  30. Stardy, Pootle no mates would cause an argument in an empty house. Talk about a chip on his shoulder——-He used to follow rugby but stopped as everytime they went into a scrum he thought they were talking about him!! 😆


  31. 4-4-1-1

    – – – – — – – – – Krul- – – – – – – – – – –
    Simspon- Taylor – Colo – Jonas
    Gosling- Tiote — Cabaye–Abied
    – —– – – -Vuckic —————-
    ——————Ba —————


  32. Toonsy Wor Bobby’s sent off we’re all going down on the reality train, Troy’s putting a spread on of munster munch, Bottles of Dog or Mushroom tea and as many smokes as you want ,


  33. News flash: Newcastle United have just signed a promising left back from a well known club in Berzerkistan. The 21 year old Letmee Wackisballzoff is said to be travelling to the northeast at this very moment for his medical. Alan Pardew has commented: “this is one for the future but we’ll throw him in there right away. We can’t do any better than this young man who has my full confidence. We are even paying half his air fare over here so you won’t see a player treated better than that by this club. Eat your heart out Jose. Now the supporters can see I’m a man of my words.” More to follow.


  34. the other fatman has been stirring poo again..

    Shepherd “Newcastle were a big club we spent 300m on players. You have to invest If you see it as a mundane business it’s not for you”

    Shepherd “I’d buy Newcastle back but Mike Ashley would rather cut his ATM off and eat it than sell it back to me”

    Freddie Shepherd says you can’t run Newcastle the way Mike Ashley does. “they,re taking millions out and not reinvesting”


  35. Big D – well better to bite a fishing line than having Batty biting the back of your neck 😆

    I’ll settle for banter than the real thing 😆 but whatever tickles your fancy 😆


  36. Dave – I’ve got it on good authority that Boobys not dead – he is being put up in digs on the Cote D’Azur – apparently he is being lined up for a more shocking comeback than Booby Ewing


  37. mark
    August 12, 2011 at 19:10

    Freddie Shepherd says you can’t run Newcastle the way Mike Ashley does. “they,re taking millions out and not reinvesting”

    😯 😯 😯

    Says the man who made millions out of Newcastle 😆


  38. Seriously pissed off by the registration of fantasy football on

    Well i guess it proves right to me is totally crap. The whole server can be down when i click submit button. 😕

    Not Joining anymore. Shall played soccernet instead.


  39. @Toonsy

    Who? wor Fredrick? 😯 I doubt it m8! Freddy was a true geordie and would never take cash out of Newcastle 😆


  40. Followup on Pardew interview re Wackisballzoff signing. Alan now that Letmee is here and the left back issue is resolved how are things moving on the striker front? Pardew: ” I’m glad you asked. I just want the supporters to know that even as we speak Graham Carr is scouring the entire country of Berzerkistan for a cheap, oh sorry that should read incredibly talented young striker to bring in as soon as possible. With the Wackisballzoff deal completed we still have another 50 pounds to spare. That is big money in Berzerkistan believe you me. Also the rumours of Letmee being a little on the short side are unfounded. He is a full 4 foot 6 in his boots and will be a hit with the supporters immediately. There is also no truth to the rumour that he is actually only 11 years old. You just can’t believe what these sports journos come out with can you?”


  41. I suppose Freddie Shepherd is a fail version of the current man city. At least Man city splash money on 100% no flop star players. 😆


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