Game on! Newcastle v Arsenal

The big kick-off!
It’s what we’ve been waiting for. The summer drought of football is over once again as Newcastle welcome Arsenal to St James’ Park for an early evening Premier League season kick-off on Tyneside.

With both teams in a state of flux at the moment it could best be described as a meeting of two disgruntled teams as both sides attempt to recover from what have turbulent summers for each club which, coincidentally, has involved question marks over transfer policy for both sets of fans about their respective club.

However it’s now the time to put that behind us and get behind the lads on the pitch for 90 minutes. It’s already a tough start to the new season so we need to help the team by raising the roof at St James’ Park where it’s all change from last season thanks to a change in the seating plan.

It’s all change on the pitch aswell for the home side as there could be as many as five new signings making their debut this afternoon. They’ll quickly learn what playing for Newcastle at St James’ Park in the Premier League is all about. Let’s show them why we are the best fans in the land!

The match is live on ESPN, not that it matters to poor souls like me who are actually at work, so if you have the subscription you can enjoy watching it on the big screen. Numerous overseas channels also have coverage of the match so wherever you are I’d be willing to bet that you’ll not be far away from somewhere where you can watch the match.

It also means that there will be internet streams available for those who can’t catch it on TV. A quick look at the MyP2P should point you in the right direction. Happy viewing.

The match preview is here for you to read if you haven’t already done so and want to see who is missing, who is fit, and peruse a few selected match stats.

hat’s just about it really. I hope for a really busy match thread so things may clog up a bit. If they do then please remain patient and stop refreshing the page for a few minutes – it will get sorted. It’s not ideal but it’s the best that can be done at the moment although the server has been running a lot smoother this week in truth.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Tim Krul; Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini (c), Ryan Taylor; Joey Barton, Yohan Cabaye, Cheik Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez; Shola Ameobi, Demba Ba

Subs: Fraser Forster, Mike Williamson, Dan Gosling, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands, Leon Best

Arsenal: W Szczesny, Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny, Thomas Vermaelen, Kieran Gibbs, Alex Song, Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky, Andrey Arshavin, Gervinho, Robin Van Persie

Lukas Fabianski, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Johan Djourou, Karl Jenkinson, Frimpong, Marouane Chamakh

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301 thoughts on “Game on! Newcastle v Arsenal

  1. sorry mate i would eat him 4 breakfast..and spit him out…he can look me up any time…if u saw me u would run…


  2. Lads after all the **** he has been through over contract, being cast a drift, etc then clearly seeing Song get away with a deliberate stamp on him, do you not think that would go someway to explaining the red mist today. I am a die hard Joey supporter and I do wish he hadn’t have done it but its not like he broke someones leg or anything, he got involved in a spat with a player that had just dived thats it .
    I really do think peoples hate for Barton clouds their opinion same as Saylor he is another that gets a rough ride.

    Asim any wee boy can sit behind a keyboard and say they would do this and that to Joey or anyone else, the net is full of keyboard hardmen, they normally bark loud but have no teeth


  3. ASIM
    August 13, 2011 at 19:54
    passion is needed in your name…what passion he is a joke…cant cross a football..he didnt cross 1 good ball..enough said



  4. Anyone else think Best showed up Shola and Ba in his little cameo?

    He had another fancy footwork moment, ala Fulham last season, and nearly set something up with his subsequent pass.

    He seems to offer more than Ba and Shola.


  5. DAVE – you get idiots on the internet everyday thinking they are big hard men behind there little keyboard , asim you are pathetic and weigh 6 stone πŸ˜†


  6. Best gave us more than Shola.

    Ba didn’t have a touch, did he? Is that his fault? What happened to the “slick passing midfield”?

    First game and all that, but Cabaye was invisible, mostly.

    I know, I know, it takes time.


  7. Alreeeeeeeet,I’m a wee bit pished and can’t be arsed reading thru all the posts wi 1 hand over an eye :mrgreen: …reasonably happy wi a draw and well done Joey for gettin 2 arse players off in 2…..but to be fair he’s soft as sh!te and me daughter cud knock him oot πŸ˜€
    Asim…..apologies if I’m wrang cos like I said I havnt read all the posts, but in the past you’ve come across as a very angry man which is a bit ironic considering the abuse ya give Joey, a bit ironic methinks, chill oot man ya a toon fanatic like the rest of us πŸ˜‰ …………reet if I wake up might be on later, but for now a self induced coma is is in order…RIP Bobby Shinton…..big opinions, big man, big c@nt πŸ˜†


  8. FJ I didn’t think Strolla or Ba did much but I didn’t think best done much better tbh there was once where he was clean through but was to slow.
    But its the 1st game of the season and it looks like some of the players are still lacking fitness


  9. Barton instrumental in a solid performance that had no fire power.

    Surprise surprise! πŸ˜•

    Worst Arsenal side Wenger era! 6th place unless he pulls something out the bag.

    Jonas hard working as per usual but playing at home attacked in the wrong half of the pitch. Nowt new there then.

    Cabaye developed as the game went on. Good for debut but still alot to prove considering bloggers opinions about him being outstanding.

    Defence solid. Colo solid.

    Barton Mom but and absolute disgrace with his wimpy dive after the slap in the face.

    Shearer would not have dared.

    Still, without Barton we would have no grit. Give him a contract now!


  10. ARMY: I think gosling should have been brought on earlier in the game, I thought tiote looked off the pace and his touch put us into trouble a few times. Thought he might have been brought on after the incident with gervinho so that barton could calm down. I think he’ll be pushing for a place next week


  11. Big dave at 231, totally agree re the kick off with Joey, no probs shouldn’t have done it, def should not of gone down pole axed, did not like saylors elbow implication. Having said all that Joey went out of his way to give hugs to Song and most of the Arse so fair play to him for that.

    as to footballing Barton was not at his best and Saylor was once again shown up by Colo who was my MOTM


  12. I’ll tell you what got me really angry today, the bloke behind me. Today Shola played well, he won the ball, had a great first touch and passed acurately.

    But this bloke was having none of it.

    Everytime Shola did something well he would compliment someone else, and if someone else made a mistake he would shout and abuse Shola.

    It summed it up for me when Tiote played a terrible ball forward and there was no way he could get it, yet he still screamed at him.

    If your not going to get behind your own players at the match then don’t bother going.


  13. Troy it was all over twitter that Bobby is still alive and was just claiming on his death policy can you confirm if he will be making a return πŸ˜•
    As for Joey it was a bit **** and he shouldn’t have done it, but I think he realised that he might have got his marching orders so went down with the slap


  14. Well the Arse fans kicked off bigtime in the pub πŸ˜†
    The seem a curious mix between unusually civilised and nice, and thugs who can only scream c@nt all evening πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    I’ll take the point!

    Some tricky moves from Obertan!! Man U guy beside me reckons he’ll be great for us, I had to agree. A clean sheet for Timmy is a nice start to his season. Colo a legend, fck I really hope he doesn’t leave!!! Was hoping for more from Cabaye and Ba, but not too bad….. thought Tiote might get through without a yellow? πŸ™„ Joey, you scared the crap out of me!! I think he must just be so emotional right now…. keep a lid on it, lad…. defense did well I think, Raylor better than expected. Cabaye should take the set pieces. All the rest, not too bad, but we really need a striker, just no attacking force! And I miss HBA πŸ˜₯

    Howay, the season’s started and we’ve got a point off the Arse, some people will still stomp off into a doom and gloom rage! Not me! πŸ˜€


  15. Dimpleboy…sounds like you’ve got my old season ticket seat, the ****er behind me used to abuse Shola when the teams were bein read oot owa the tannoy pre-match…..if its the same lad threaten him wi bodily violence then he shuts up for a few weeks then repeat the cycle πŸ˜‰


  16. Can I take my NUFC underpants off now? I bought them in 1997 and wear them for every game.

    I’ve never washed them once but only wear them for the game. I always carry a spare Lonsdales!

    I know they smell but Les Ferdinand once touched the crotch when I dived on him in Jimmys Bar with only my under crackers on!

    Bobbys pungent gangrene texting finger smelt nicer than my Ferdy thong but it’s sentimental, if you know what I mean.

    ( the above post was edited by Troy Stavers media team). πŸ˜†


  17. sorry..this is what sums u up…like joey..brinking u down 2 him..good luck with your new job a joeyies lover..


  18. Susan: Totally agree with you with all you said, Obertan seems to be a very exciting prospect for us. I have friends at football who are arsenal fans who are going to be very unhappy with that result.

    I thought Raylor did a very good job for us considering he doesn’t usually play there


  19. Troy…keep em on ’til we lose πŸ˜‰

    Army@253….no ya didn’t mean owt by it, but a bit nasty mate imo.


  20. After all the ranting about Joey, we did well to contain the Arse today. Much credit to Colo who was just excellent, and a few other players who were clearly a bit outside their comfort zone. Raylor is clearly not a LB, but was part of the defence that kept a clean sheet against some filthy, cheating bastids who are also pretty good at footie.

    Desperate need for LB and striker confirmed; point on the board.

    Arse not looking like a CL side, though. No teeth.


  21. Asim asim asim….. turn off the computer m8 what joey has been through this last week, all because he spoke his mind, arsenal are lucky they didnt leave with a few broken jaws pussys lyk G barry would have sat and cried in dressing room all day, joey 4 england


  22. Me brothers in borstal,
    Me sisters got pox,
    Me mothers a whore on the Hartlepool docks,
    We are the Geordies both mental and mad and
    Jack the Ripper’s me dad!
    La, la, la, la, La, la, la, la, la,

    Sorry, folks, Bobby told me to behave myself but no matter how hard I try the Benwell banter surfaces! πŸ˜•


  23. Army…aye mate hurl abuse back…fire at will, just think ya should do it without bringin nationality into it…….mind I am a dorty stinkin Brit abroad and pished πŸ˜†


  24. i have life threatning illness so plz wish me well. surgery going ahead in 1 hour 50-50 chance itll be succesful. Toon Fan.

    Might miss mackems


  25. By the way – classic Saylor match today: Did well as a defender, but just once – JUST BLOODY ONCE – I’d like him to get through a bloody match without feeling the need to get away with a ****king red card offence!!

    How many more years does he need??

    (ok, that’s rant number 2 done…)


  26. Whumpie who’s legs were you talking about breaking @ 208 ❓ ❓

    Susan I was well pleased with Obertan πŸ˜‰

    Zoe I thought Raylor done ok aswell but I dont think it will stop him from getting his usual hammering


  27. @ whoever said Shola was good. 😯 😯

    Pathetic pathetic pathetic pathetic pathetic!

    He’s a f’ckin striker who gets paid to score goals.

    We played 90 mins and NOT ONE SHOT IN ANGER AT THE GOAL! NOT ONE!

    I thought we competed well against an average, AVERAGE, Arsenal.

    Can’t complain with the spirit and solidity but attacking wise we looked very poor.


  28. can you keep me updated if im not about to go to hosp. Heart rates gone really low. Wish me well

    Toon supporter!”


  29. Army just let Asim keep digging his hole as it’s still not big enough yet because he has such a big mouth, but I can see a Ban coming up for him πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  30. I tell you what, anyone that has a go at Shola can have a go at Best and Ba because he was better than those two.


  31. Trouble is with no supply to the strikers, and nobody looking like scoring none can impress. And they didn’t


  32. Good luck Blobb πŸ˜‰

    Someone really needs to cut Robbie Savage’s hair real short and hide the peroxide bottle. What is he thinking?? πŸ˜†


  33. Blobb

    I’m with you!! Bobby Shinton died 2 nights ago and I know what it’s like!

    All I suggest you do is knock on your next door neighbour and see if they will supply you with some cocaine!

    Bobby was dead against it but he didn’t realise I used to fill his lucozade sport with Whizz.

    What a dancer Bobby was! Totally underrated in the Manchester rave scene!
    But, in Newcastle he was the best!
    Bobby Shinton number 9 2009-2011 πŸ™

    Blobb die in dignity like Bobby please.


  34. Troy I see your back back on the gear mate, I was gona say that Bobby would be turning in his grave but maybe he would be just body popping because you spiked him,, So what was good for Bobby is good for you πŸ˜†


  35. Well, well.

    Nils each. Just as I predicted a few threads ago.
    Told you I was a realist and not a pessimist.
    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†


  36. TheDimpleboy
    15 mins ago
    I tell you what, anyone that has a go at Shola can have a go at Best and Ba because he was better than those two.

    I’m having a go at Shola, Ba and Best, but if anyone gets a slight reprieve it’s Best as he came on late.



  37. end of the day..i made a comment about joey..and some people called me for it…people who make comments about me..i am not going 2 not answer get over yourself big dave..if clown is a bad word then, people need to get a life…this is what the blogg is for..i made a comment about joey..not any1 else on this blogg..if people dont like my comments on joey.u dont need 2 call me for it..


  38. Batty the funny thing is that he goes on about Joey being a thug and this and that but then he is threatening to breaks someone’s legs πŸ˜† I guess that kills is argument and his whole point, and just shows him up as a thug or just a bull****ter πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  39. A good well deserved point. After being completely dominated for 35 mins, we clawed our way back into the game.

    Colo was immense, best player in black and white today.
    Barton needs to let the footy do the talking, clearly still emotional after a turbulent summer. Played fairly well, by his own high standards. Cabaye needs time to settle and adjust to the pace of the game, his fitness needs work and he needs to assert himself more. Didn’t think Shola or Ba played very well. Shola at times looked like he was playing a different game to everyone else! We missed a creative spark (HBA) which Obertan showed some glimpses of. Oh and Tiote is not match fit and showed signs of ring rust. He needs games. Best looks a little overweight and was very slow today. I like the guy and would have liked to see him start, if fully fit.

    Though Pardew was overly conservative with his substitutions, I’d have liked to see Gosling on for Cabaye and Sammi on for Shola. Disappointed Vuckic was not on the bench too.

    Thought Barton made a mug out of Gibbs a few times, which was funny. Glad we didn’t buy GErvinho, who, while made a good impact on his first game, flattered to deceive and looked toothless in the final third. The two dives were awful. Could have had 2 yellows for play acting before the dissent.

    L’Arse’s goalie looks to be class, while not a lot to do, inspired confidence in his back line. Our crappy attack were never going to get past them.

    We need a LB and a top, top drawer striker. We need HBA back and for our new frogs to get fit and up to speed.

    Lets hope Shola has his mackem slaying boots on for next week!


  40. Troy, man. Come on, you’re sunning yourself in France and break dancing on whizz. Here it is and listen good boy. We are in deep do-do. All the people who have been on here happy with the new signings should come on and confess. Facts are Cabaye was pedestrian, absolutely pedestrian, with no indication that he has a second gear, never mind a higher one. Why hail great signings when you’ve never seen them, as people have done on here. All I can do is comment on today. Pardew says he wants to quicken up the pace, but Cabaye would have been ten yards behind Kevin Nolan. As for Marveaux – a no show. Says it all. Ba offered next to nothing. Of the new boys only Obertan came out with credit. Barton, the man on the way out, was by far the man of the match. Saylor and Colo aquitted themselves well, but I expected nothing less. Pardew should be thoroughly embarrassed with all his talk of a new style of play and bringing pace to the team. Pah!


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