Pardew: “We will fight in every corner of the pitch for the black and white.”

Alan Pardew
Pardew lauds fight and spirit.
One of the big question marks before the start of the season was where our hunger, fight and desire would come from. Well I think that has been answered in truth.

Joey Barton is the one who will pick up the headlines for all the wrong sorts of fighting, but it shouldn’t be ignored that all round the pitch on Saturday there was a serious of committed if unspectacular performances.

This team is going to need time to gel and to get to know each other. It would have helped if we had an actual proper pre-season that wasn’t full of trouble and strife and all things not so nice, but we are where we are and whilst there were some rusty performances against Arsenal there were also hints that things will get better with time.

Yohan Cabaye has come in for criticism from sections of the fans after his debut performance, but the pleasing thing for me is that he recognised that he was short on fitness and insists that he will work on it to ensure that he isn’t caught out again. Cheik Tiote said much the same thing after the match.

It’s not a lack of ability that is the problem. It’s a lack of fitness and understanding – both will come with time.

In these times it will be spirit that pulls us through until the fitness and ability can can come to the fore. Fortunately we have players who are still committed to the cause, and that was evident on Saturday.

“You certainly couldn’t fault our spirit on Saturday,” Pardew told The Journal. “Look at Jonas, running 50 metres in the second minute of injury time to make sure that Walcott didn’t get a cross in. That gives you the indication that things are okay.”

“We will fight in every corner of the pitch for the black and white. And I thought that was apparent.”

Newcastle must retain the sense of spirit and fight as we head to Sunderland at the weekend. Nothing less that 100% will do although some sites are arguing that a loss should result in Alan Pardew getting the boot. Go figure. Welcome back JFK eh?

Personally I’m not in that camp and hope that with another week of training and getting to know each other along with the seemingly imminent arrival of a left-back and, God forbid, a striker that we’ll look a much better, much sharper outfit at Stadium of Shite on Saturday lunchtime.

This talk of “fight” and “spirit” will be needed come the weekend.

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66 thoughts on “Pardew: “We will fight in every corner of the pitch for the black and white.”

  1. Agree with him about Jonas, just a shame his attacking intent was stifled. He tried one real mazy run with intent and ran into a wall of opposition shirts. Steve Tayls was 110% up for it as well. Never seen a player who wants to win as much as him. Top class attitude from that lad.


  2. Some NUFC supporters are complete idiots… embarressing that they want Pardew out already.

    I think it’ll take 3-4 weeks before we start playing near potential, much longer before they are playing at 90%.

    If we get 2 points from our first two fixtures, it’ll be a very good start.


  3. Though Jonas had a decent game and I’m not his biggest fan. But he has one great dribble and through ball to play in Ameobi down the left.
    Ameobi was so slow he almost never got there before the defender 10 yards behind him. He then got away with a blantant foul. Got the ball, took it to the corner flag and won a throw in…

    Any decent striker would have been in on goal and had a shot.

    I feel very sorry for our midfield and any striker playing with this donkey.


  4. i love jonas!!! not the best of players but again he gives 110% effort!! his work rate is much better than what it used to be!! would be gutted if he ever went


  5. I cant believe people are even talking about Pardew getting sacked. We have a run of 10 winnable games all in a row so i dont think he will get sacked anytime soon.


  6. Know its early, but heres my team for the Scum…







    Subs: Harper, Willo, Raylor, Fergie, Gosling, Vuckic, Ba.


  7. Did Connor Wickham – Sunderland’s Shearer 😆 😆 😆 – play at the weekend?

    Is Gyan kettled?


  8. Players who you cannot deny give 100% for me are:

    S Taylor, Colo, Tiote, Barton, Jonas, Best, Gosling, Fergie.

    There are others, but not talented enough to mention. These guys work their backsides off.

    I also cannot BELIEVE the slating Steven Taylor gets. This is a guy who kept a clean sheet against Arsenal, wins an alway amount of balls in the air, gives 100% and is probably our biggest threat from attacking set pieces.


  9. Who critised cabaye???

    He didnt boss the game as we were outnumbered in midfield and we just played theblong ball all game. Cabaye ran himself into the ground and showed alot of desire.


  10. JJ – Cos I just rebooted the server. It knocks the comment filter off so everything gets held temporarily. I’ll sort it now 🙂


  11. Army – I’ve done an article about him. It will be up in a bit but the short answer from me about knowing anything about him is no 😆


  12. oonsy
    August 15, 2011 at 11:44

    Army – I’ve done an article about him. It will be up in a bit but the short answer from me about knowing anything about him is no

    😆 😆 😆 😆

    that means we are going to sign him then!!!! is he fast??


  13. jj – mr maigai would be better than shola

    honetly when i seen the team line up on sat and seen shola was playing i didnt wna watch the match!!! i just knew we wernt gna score!!! haway man pardue surely you know best is a better player!!


  14. Army 69

    He can’t be worse than Shola :mrgreen:
    And for all those who want him to play on Sunday. I’ll bear my arse in Fenwicks if Shola scores this weekend.


  15. JJ – A dangerous prediction given Shola and his knack of ripping Sunderland apart. The are actually **** scared of him 😯


  16. Toonsy,

    I know, but going by the law of averages and his average goals tally, he is due to not score there again for the rest of his career.

    And if he does score, I’ll be happy to bare my arse in celebration anyway. I have a feeling if anyone scores it’ll be captain Colo, Taylor or Barton.


  17. Those wanting Pardew sacked if we don’t get something this weekend, will I assume be people who thought we’d lose v Arse at home and Scum away last season, and they’ll also be saying we are a weaker team than last season I suspect…struggling to find any logic there, probably because there isn’t any. Here’s some logic though, if anyone thinks he should be sacked on the basis off a home draw to Arsenal and if it were to happen, a defeat to the inbreds then you really have no clue about football what so ever.


  18. Modibo Maiga—2010 season, 15 goals in 36 games for Sochaux. Mali International(French speaking of course)–23 yo. Striker/Winger. So quick he can catch chickens.


  19. Haha – JJ – so Taylor kept a clean sheet against Arsenal?
    I think some of the others may have something to say about that.

    Jeez this football management lark is tough
    A draw against Arsenal and they are talking about sacking Pardew?

    I suppose anything less than 5 goals against the Mackems is also a failure?


  20. we need to good players in for saturday!!! lets hope maiga is brilliant and pieters comes than i will be happy!!!


  21. Richie, the only reason Shola scores all his penalties is because the keeper can’t read where its going because Shola doesn’t know himself… 😉
    But long may it continue.

    ps. Your a prick by the way 😆


  22. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    stil cant believe we are stillllllllllllllllll after erding!! take a hint man he doesnt wna come


  23. Having lambasted Shola, I will say, he is a decent enough squad player, and a good honest man around the squad, but he just doesn’t suit our new midfield.

    Anyway. I rate Pardew, but I feel this team will struggle (1) because there are so many new players it’ll take at least a few months to gel, (2) its a completely new system from long balls Hughton era to attempting a fluid passing game (3) the fans are notoriiously impatient with our managers YES I SAID IMPATIENT TOON FANS! 4 Joey needs to shut up off the pitch.


  24. JJ…that last comment was like a dagger thru my heart 😆

    Can’t say I’d be overly impressed if mr magiagi’s our main strike target.


  25. -EL TORO-

    People that claim to have watched him on forums say he is not pacey but good in the air 🙄 Ye, thats just what we need.

    I hope we sign Mr Miyagi, will be great commercially in the Eastern markets.


  26. How on earth can some folk be calling for Pardew’s head already? Absolute madness and for heck’s sake, we’ve had a close season from hell where preparation has been out of the question.

    Let’s no forget that we’ve known of the need for a striker since January, add to that the fact that Jose’s leaving us hardly came as a surprise. And, surprise surprise, we’re still looking for s striker and a LB.

    Nobody can blame Pardew if we lose to Sunderland….. after all, they (and we) got a good result when they drew at Livepool!

    Get a grip and don’t tempt the possiblility of the likes of JFK joining us!

    👿 👿 👿


  27. If some deluded fools are calling for Pardew to be sacked that just tells us everything we need to know about some of the absolute tools who follow this club. Have they learnt nothing from even recent years that the constant chopping and changing of managers is one of the key reasons for the turmoil we’ve had at the club for years. Some of our fans need to give their head a good shake make sure they’ve got a brain in there.
    This season is the time to see if Pardew can make it. This is his team he’s putting together, his tactics, formations etc he is shaping. Let’s give the man the benefit of the doubt and keep off his and the players backs.


  28. pardew has said set plays need 2 improve..he said joey had a go..cabye and taylor also…what game was he watching…barton took 99% of them…come out and say..barton set plays were not good and should have let other players take them…


  29. Who’s calling for Pardews head like?

    Utter madness if that’s the case. I know it wasn’t a great performance going forward but the new players will need time and he will need time to get his philosophy across.


  30. Asim
    Ye I don’t remember Cabaye having a go. Joey needs to put a bit more pace on the ball too, those softly clipped long balls are no good without Carroll in the team.


  31. I thought Steve Wraith wrote for True Faith? So I guess the Steve Wraith on here isn’t the real one. Because he has an opposing view on Pardew.


  32. Stuart – From True Faith:

    “I was also alarmed to read Pardew comment that the team may not be in full throttle by the time we play Arsenal or Sunderland. Let me warn him that if he takes a Newcastle United team to Sunderland on 20/Aug/11 that is not prepared, that is not ready to strain every sinew, bust every gut, run through fire, that does not give blood for our just and righteous cause, that does not perform then he will reap the whirlwind. He will be howled out of Gallowgate if he attempts to bull**** us about any kind of collapse down in Chicken Town.”

    “No-one will accept any excuses for a poor performance at Sunderland. And nor should we. Pardew can take his patter back to the casinos of West London if he and his team fail to deliver in the Village of the Damned.”

    So fail to deliver and he will get that particular portion of fans on his back by the sounds of it. Believe it or not, there are gullible people who’ll read that and think it’s a great idea.


  33. So just because it’s against Sunderland means we cannot put in a bad performance? How ridiculous is that statement? I couldn’t accept no effort but if we get beat by the better team you have to hold your hands up sometimes.


  34. Johnno Toon

    They probably want to replace him with Jose Mourinho because they are that deluded they probably believe he would come.


  35. Johno…doubt they’ve thought that far ahead but incase they were in any doubt, it would likely be JFK or similar 😕

    Pardew…picks the team, sets the tactics and should send them out raring to go and up for it, after that if they don’t put the effort in then that’s down to the ****er’s on the pitch and that’s who I’ll be having a go at if I don’t see it.


  36. Sounds to me like True Faith are the only ones suggesting AP should go. Utter todge to sell magazines. Feck ’em.

    A couple of comments on players:

    1. Barton was pretty poor, tbh. Lots of passion but his passing and set pieces were awful. Cabaye took one corner… and hit the first defender.

    2. Tayls did what he always did: clouds a great, gutsy performance with a stupid action that should have seen him sent off. If he can just stop that side of his game he’ll be a great player.

    I think AP’s got it exactly right: it’ll take time and two more players. Let’s hope he gets both.


  37. Got to be honest, I highlighted that statement from the as I find it laughable. As Rich said, who else would come in and do the job?


  38. Well JJ if they think Jose will come n manage i totally agree with them 🙂 muppets!!

    Cant wait for sunderland game, really think we can get the win.


  39. That True Faith sounds like our boys are in the middle of a mighty battle against the Taliban, but really it’s just a game of footy and as Stu say’s if your beat by the better team then so be it.
    I sometimes think that there is fans that wouldn’t be that fussed if we got relegated aslong as we beat the mackems. I would rather get beat by them than get relegated.


  40. Whumpie – What did Taylro do that should have seen hoim sent off? I thought he and the whole defence were great!


  41. Maybe they think Hoots will resign from Brum, then ride in on his white Charger and save the day ,then take us on to the top 4 then onto conquer Europe


  42. Just read the True Faith quotes…it’s all a bit evangelical & dramatic isn’t it?

    Fcuk me…righteous cause & reaping the whirlwind, what next a plague of friggin locusts?? Utter *******


  43. Big Dave – you’re just **** scared of being booted off BoobyTroys rusty old bone shaker of a train :mrgreen:
    World domination sounds not at all deluded to me, bring it on 😆 😆


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