£100 Fantasy Football: Week one results and standings.

It's Fantasy Football time!
Well that’s the first weekend of Premier League football out of the way, which means that the first weekend of Fantasy football is also out of the way.

So without further delay I guess it’s time that the standings in the league were brought to you as the race gets under way to a win £100 NUFC spending spree courtesy of NUFC Blog.

In first place and making a Brisbane Roaring start to life as an e-manager is Brisvegas who is 11 points clear at the top of the table on 84 points. In 2nd place is O1R7D with 73 points who is joined by SYCO,S who is also on 73 points in 3rd place. Somewhere below is a table detailing the top 10 as it stands.

I’m currently in 69th place, which some would argue is my favourite place to be, but that’s just getting smutty and pervy and those that have met me will confirm that I’m not like that at all.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates as we’ll be doing one after each gameweek to see who the movers and shakers are in each respective weeks chart.

Finally I’ve decided on a date to “lock” the league. That date will be Thursday 1st September so it gives people enough of a chance to enter their team and be in with a chance of winning the prize. If you haven’t already entered and wish to be in with a shout of winning the top prize of a £100 NUFC spending spree then you can find instructions on how to enter as well as a few ground rules here.

Remember, it’s free to enter but you must be registered with this website to be eligible for the prizes.

Currently there are just shy of 200 entrants in the competition so hopefully it will keep us going with playful banter and a little competitive edge as the season progresses. Yes prizes are up for grabs, but the underlying and deciding factor for me is that in the main it’s just a bit of fun.

It has to be for me as I’m unlikely to win…

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52 thoughts on “£100 Fantasy Football: Week one results and standings.

  1. moreno 🙄 😆

    I’m 11th with 67, where are you?
    I gave up looking after 150 😆 😆


  2. Also had 2 Spurs players missing, Bale being the important one….and they don’t play until the 22nd! DOH!


  3. Whats your team name then Moreno?
    I hope you’re not the “bum Warriors” on 51 points.
    very disturbing


  4. Ok then, in the NUFC blog writers mini league it goes as follows.

    Jay Jay

    I should sack the last two for being woeful 😈 😆


  5. I like that team in the pic 🙄
    If all the womens teams played in those strips the crowds would be enormous. 😆 😆

    Lessons to be learnt from beach volleyball i think


  6. Looking down the list, there’s some great team names.
    Ashley Za**** F.C :mrgreen:
    Sporting Abeergut 😆


  7. Pretty pleased with 3rd in the mini league, would have got some more if the spurs game had been on


  8. Oy Dimple that’s my excuse! Get yer own! 😆

    Also congrats BrisVegas……and to think, I thought you Aussie’s knew nowt about Soccer! 😆


  9. 😥 I’ll claim…Modric didn’t play, Gervinho apparently got sent off and I thought I’d made Rooney capt and hadn’t 😳 …..oh aye, and I’m crap


  10. 😆 And I was going to make some transfers but you lose points if you sell any players that have got you points!!!!!! 👿

    Oh well…at least I’m not last, some people haven’t got any points 😉


  11. Id like to see some more articles from this “me” fella… 🙄

    I see true faith are ridiculing the manager again 🙄 helpful, Cissokhos transfer request means he wants to come FFS get it done fatman, Also suggestion for some of the lucky ****s going to the SOS, To the tune of play that funky music by wild cherry if we score and look like winning:

    Play that fcuking music fat boy, Play that fcuking music right…


  12. Dimple – you are allowed 1 free transfer each week without affecting your points. I think ❓


  13. It ok when i first read that list and thought it was an abriviation for something penny dropped, Im kin dense ignore me… 🙄


  14. CC – Just read that TF article. I see what you mean. I wonder if they have pondered the alternative to Pardew?


  15. richietoon says: August 16, 2011 at 10:56

    Our cf target isnot Nicky Maynard

    Good – then we don’t have to worry abot the report on City Old Boy News

    Former Coventry City striker Leon Best could be on his way to Bristol City.
    The Nottingham born striker, who appears subject to requirements at Newcastle United is, according to reports, being used as part of a £4.5m deal for Bristol City’s Nicky Maynard.
    Best joined Newcastle in January 2010 but has struggled to command regular place in the Geordies starting line up.


  16. I’m totally ignorant of fantasy footie things, but I assume there’s a link somewhere that shows which players earned how many points for doing what?

    Can anyone point me at that, or do I have to have a team? I think it’d be an interesting way to look at performances after matches.


  17. toonsy

    They wouldnt think just moan about the next poor sod to get undermined and made to look stupid, I imagine Jfk with his clowns like Gerry francis and mick harford being top of the list, followed by O’Bleary with Avram grant, Gordon strachan and dave bassett probably shortlisted 😥

    Respected managers like Martin O’Neill and Fatih Terim who should have been appointed in the past would touch it with yours… 🙄


  18. Whumpie the breakdown of the points is found under rules and down to scoring.
    I think you need to have a team tho 😉
    Howay fella its only a bit fun 😛


  19. Re: The Picture….

    My missus was leaning over me shoulder like ”Er…why’s the loads of scantily clad women in that picture”

    I just went…”eerrrrr Toonsy?”


  20. David
    August 16, 2011 at 11:32

    “Toonsy I’m really appreciating the picture for this article.”

    No worries. But please, no more informaton 😕


  21. Moreno – I could have used a lot worse picture. Type “fantasy” into google and you get allsorts of stuff popping up haha


  22. Well that was not a great start! Realised my team had too much money spent in defence, so rung the changes and will pay for it in the next round of fixtures with a hefty 25 point deduction, however new team looks ace.


    S Taylor Kompany Gibbs

    Nzogbia Cabeye Adam Young

    Aguero Johnson Bent

    Game on 😉


  23. Raging, I joined last week and added myself to the nothing but newcastle league and not the .org league. Wouldn’t care but I got 74 points and that would have been second, which is clearly going to be my season best.


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