Newcastle interested in transfer-listed French international?

Aly Cissokho in his Porto days.
There are several reports today, from the rather ridiculous UK publication that is The Sun to the usually sublime French publication of L’equipe, suggesting that Newcastle are taking a serious look at Aly Cissokho.

The 23-year-old Lyon left-back is a full French international after having made his way up through the leagues in France. He could have represented Senegal due to his family roots, but opted to represent the country that he was actually born in.

Cissokho has fallen out of favour at Lyon thanks to a long-running dispute with their management with the French press claiming that he has handed in a transfer request after hearing that Newcastle are prepared to bid Β£7 million for the player.

He’d be a good option. Strong, fast, with good technical ability there is a case to suggest that Cissokho has the potential to better than the man he will end up replacing should any interest firm up.

Liverpool had been linked with a move for the left-back although, quite obviously, they have plumped for the cheaper option of Jose Enrique. Could the one time Liverpool target be set to replace a now Liverpool player at Newcastle?

I don’t know how true it is, but it seems that we’ve been linked with a couple of decent names in terms of the left-back position. Good job really as that is one of the holes that needs patching up in our first-team. I’d be fine with either Cissokho or Erik Pieters to be honest, but the difference is that we at least know we are in dialogue with PSV over a move for the latter.

For that reason I would say that the Cissokho rumour is just that – a rumour. I can’t for the life of me see Newcastle having the foresight to negotiate on two fronts as that could be construed as us having a backup plan and it’s my belief that NUFC wouldn’t take the risk of agreeing to sign two players for the same position. I believe that is the reason stated for not getting a replacement in for Jose whilst he was still here, right?

As ever, time will tell. We do need a left-back however, and Cisskho is one, but I feel this one is a non-starter.

Mind you, he is French…

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53 thoughts on “Newcastle interested in transfer-listed French international?

  1. No chance that we will sign him, he would cost more than 10m, they wanted 15 early on in the window. It’s not like he’s in the last year of his deal either he has 3 years left.


  2. More flim flam, he cost Lyon 15m euros last year ❗
    No way will fatty sanction this deal πŸ‘Ώ


  3. JOSE ENRIQUE believes he will settle quickly at Anfield because there are so many quality players around him.
    β€œI think in the next few games if I continue to play it will be easy to understand players of this quality. It will be really easy to play with great players like Luis Suarez.

    β€œI just want to do my work and be important for the team. It will be different to Newcastle where I had to attack a lot more.

    β€œHere we have amazing players in front of me. On Saturday I had (Stewart) Downing in front of me who played very well….Bet his ex-colleagues are really chuffed to read that! Ha Ha 😑


  4. need a left 2 days…if we dont..then pardew will have 2 answer some serious questions..he doesnt wont 2 look silly..anyway if we get that striker from france..wont he need a work visa..whcih wont come in time for weekend…looked good on sunday..we would get some1 in…i am going 2 work..hope when i get back some good news…i wont hold my breath..


  5. ASIM
    French nationals don’t need work permits they are in the EU πŸ˜€
    Who’s going to (2) ask him the questions?
    Hope your employer values your positivity πŸ˜‰


  6. seems like the Pieters deal is a step closer. Shields gazzette is reporting Pieters would be happy with 30k per week.

    Is it just my commadore64 or do other ppl have ‘PC crash’ on this site? seems to only happen on


  7. in the shields gazette,it says that psv want 6mill for pieters,and he is asking for 30k a week…we can defo afford that..
    i think/hope πŸ˜†


  8. Mark – Never heard of that. The site goes down sometimes but I’ve not heard of anyones computer crashing πŸ˜•

    Premandup – spot on. Traffic spikes.tge settings have been tinkered with and it was all running smoother until just then. Thought I was going to have get the big boys to fix it but it came back at tge fourth time of asking haha


  9. could either Cissokho or Erik Pieters also play at rb?
    just a thought – but they seem to want to come here, which is very important in my book

    as for a CF – is it remotely possible that we have one lined up for the last day of the window when it looks like there will be some heavy business going on? The alternative is that we are useless and have no plan – surely not?


  10. toonsy it says ive got the same points as you on the fantasy prem , im gna have to pull my socks up here like πŸ˜†


  11. @toonsy

    hmm must be my Comm64, that or wor lass has been on porn again.. guaranteed viruses! not the sites, wor lass lol


  12. BB – Well it was a but obvious wasn’t it? Now we shall see how serious FIFA were about financial fair play


  13. looks like Erik Pieters is ours! at LB or central defence or even midfield stopper – looks like a fair swap for whats his name

    I see Song has been given a 3 match suspension – or sent off 48 hours too bloody late! It would have made the world look a lot better had we had got a win against a 9 man arsenal on the first day of the season – if the ref didn’t see it what was the linesman doing?


  14. Exactly Toonsy, but I imagine their investigation will take years to sort out, or just be swept under the carpet πŸ˜‰
    Depending on the size of the brown envelope……cough, cough πŸ˜†


  15. Never 😯

    I dont like those new seats in the dug outs either.
    Cheap tacky and nasty. πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  16. For some reason I thought Bris was from vegas not Aus. 😳
    Good start Kidda πŸ˜‰


  17. Not sure of this but isn’t Pieters able to play left & right back πŸ˜•

    If so, wouldn’t it be sensible to get both players in, then we’d have very good cover for all area’s of the pitch once we get another decent striker in πŸ˜€

    Also, whats this shyte about Best being used as Part-Ex for some Bristol gadgie in a Β£4.5m deal, anyone know owt πŸ˜•


  18. Clubs hoping to take part in the Champions or Europa Leagues must balance their football-related expenditure over a three-year period
    This is the first season that counts towards the 2013/14 assessment but clubs will be allowed to make a loss of 45m euros (Β£39.4m) over the three years, falling to 30m euros from 2015/16.
    It is not until 2018 that clubs have to bring their annual losses below Β£8.8m.
    The ultimate sanction for any club that fails to comply with the FFP criteria is a ban from European competition.

    Have they already moved the goal posts 😯
    No mention of this last year, or was it just not made clear by the headline grabbing media. πŸ‘Ώ

    I think by 2018 every top club will be sorted out, one way or another. πŸ˜‰


  19. @36 – The ultimate sanction for any club that fails to comply with the FFP criteria is a ban from European competition.

    That means before they ban them they will probably have a lesser punishment. Giving the whole idea even less teeth than I thought.


  20. BB @ 33 Brisvegas is a local term used to describe Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, and declared the most livable city in Australia several years running. Nobody actually knows where the term comes from but it has something to do with the opening of a casino in the city 20 or so years ago.


  21. @Carroll was **** anyway

    youre missing the point, he may be pap, but he’s 24 and will cost less than other forwards because of his contract winding down πŸ˜‰

    but yes, desperation time if we even consider this.


  22. Beardsleys Boots says:
    August 16, 2011 at 13:26

    It’s a joke, man! There’s no way they will be in a position to police it. Just you watch they will back down at the first sign of trouble with a club. They have already been made to look ridiculous by Man City and their Β£400m stadium naming.

    Yet some supporters are clinging to the hope that this will bring every club into line – garbage!

    Lets for instance say Anil Ambani buys NUFC and he decided that Reliance Communication was to be our new shirt sponser at Β£50m a year and they would also sponsor the stadium for another Β£50m a year that’s Β£100m extra coming in to the club and that’s without any other sponsorship he’d look at. He would argue that his business has a minimum of 1 billion customers just in their own country so the money paid was a drop in the ocean and was worth every penny – even cheap!


  23. West Brom are prepared to sell Peter Odemwingie for Β£8 million, according to the Daily Mail

    8mill for a forward who’s they got a young, hot S Long for 7-8..


  24. Thanks for that Bris.
    Hey Toonsy this blog’s a great place to improve ones knowledge. πŸ˜†


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