Vote: Is Joey Barton becoming a problem?

Barton being haunted by the ghosts of his past.
Joey Barton certainly seems a confident character, and is no doubt a very talented and passionate footballer, but are his recent public comments and actions drawing too much attention to not only himself, but Newcastle United as a club?

Newcastle are already a club that the UK press look to fuel any upheaval, and unfortunately in years gone by we have given them so much to work with in terms af trauma and drama. One of the best things, perhaps the best, of the Chris Hughton era, is that he seemed to keep the media clueless as to what is happening internally at NUFC.

Personally, I believe Joey is starting to take his outspoken nature a step too far, because it is beginning to place too much attention on a club that doesn’t need the added pressure.

Joey has never been shy of “speaking the truth” and being someone who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade myself, I can relate and actually admire that quality.

However, when speaking your mind begins to effect other aspects negatively, then perhaps it is time to reign in, because in the end, it accomplishes nothing. You cannot sway opinions that refuse to be changed, no matter how loud the or valid your argument.

It is clear from some of his recent comments, that Joey (perhaps rightly) feels he is being unfairly judged because of past incidents. But he needs to understand that this will always be the way. If my girlfriend cheated on me for instance, I could perhaps forgive her, but the trust would be gone forever. And if we ever had an argument in the future, the issue would undoubtedly be brought up, time and time again.

My point is, your mistakes in the past will always impact your future. Joey has been forgiven and is adored by much of the Newcastle faithful, but others do not trust him, and will try to provoke him. He cannot let this frustrate him to the point where is becomes his main focus to prove a point.

As hard as it is, he needs to not only keep his fists, but his mouth under control.

I can sympathize because he has done much in the past two seasons to curtail that bad reputation, but now he needs to be keeping himself OUT of the spotlight rather than placing himself firmly in it. Just one blip like roughing up Gervinho on Saturday and he will be lambasted. You can say it’s not fair, but life isn’t always fair.

He clearly enjoys the public attention, but he should get that attention, as he did last season, with terrific performances on the pitch and not terrific performances with his mouth on twitter.

These rants at the media (no matter how justified) mean that his mind cannot be 100% on football and Newcastle, and the frustration of trying to prove a point to a journalist – who is only trying to rile him up into further comments for a story – is clearly getting to him.

He must decide what comes first, his ego or NUFC.

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Thanks to JJ (not Jay Jay) for writing and submitting this article.

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70 thoughts on “Vote: Is Joey Barton becoming a problem?

  1. Agree Witters,

    Twitter must go or exclude anything relating to NUFC. If he can cause such a stir outside of the footballing season, just imagine what he will do/say attracting more unwanted attention when things are in full swing…


  2. On one hand he is a good footballer who gives us something extra and I would hate to lose him. However, he also walks the fine line every time he plays and brings a lot of negative press to the club. I think a lot of managers think the same and are reluctant to take on his baggage. On balance I feel we need him to see us through this season and beyond.


  3. what gets me is how certain ‘gentlemen of the press’ continue to hound him – some wanting him kicked out of the game altogether – but leave marlon king -13 convictions, 1 spell in jail for car crime, another spell in jail for punching a woman – alone. Alan Shearer cant go mouthing off…. remember when he kicked neil lennon in the head during a game? thats not to mention how many centre backs tasted his elbows.
    Should Joey leave twitter alone? No. He just needs to apply caution when using it.


  4. “No. He just needs to apply caution when using it.”

    The problem is Spence, when you are as emotionally charged and reactive as Joey is, I don’t think caution is possible. He will just say what he feels…
    Which is good for him, but often bad for the club IMO.


  5. Freddie…agree with you from a football perspective but there must come a point where the club have to weigh up the benefits of keeping him.

    I know pardew is playing him but I reckon he’s past the point of no return with Ashley/Llambias & won’t be around for next season.


  6. press love having a pantomime villain to hang – if rooney had done same on sat it would all have been ignored after 30 seconds on motd – media are a joke
    on a side note: hows everyone doing in fantasy footy, 41 points and still have to pick up from spurs players – ****e but better than expected πŸ™‚


  7. The problem is that Twitter allows us the fans to get to ‘speak’ to the players or at least see what they are thinking. I think there should be rules laid out by the club on what to write in terms of the club info and team info, but where do you draw the line in terms of free speech? Joey has a responsibility and should use some brains, but he doesnt seem to be able to compute the fact that what he is saying is damaging to him and the club. I also dont think it helps having people egg him on. I am fairly sure Batty is one of those that follow him and are happy to encourage his tweets.

    They are emotive and because not all of us fans agree in the direction the board are taking us then obviously we are all going to view the comments differently, much like on here. The fact that his tweets make the national press at least twice a week should indicate its perhaps not how much he tweets but WHAT he is tweeting that he needs to reign in


  8. Spence/JJ…if he was able to engage his brain or seek better advice before posting then fine but he’s proved he’s struggling to do that.

    Totally agree that the media are & always will be after his blood which for me is all the more reason to exercise caution.

    The sports dude on 5Live last week or the week before said they were waiting for their daily headline so they followed Barton on twitter to see who he was going to quote next.


  9. Spurs game won’t count in this gameweek I’m afraid Steve 😐
    Had that problem at Christmas when all the games were being called off too πŸ‘Ώ


  10. Steve – I’m just writing an update on the Fantasy Footie. It will be up around 10am I reckon. I’m 69th.

    On Barton, free speech is fine, but Barton is playing it too hard. Hundreds of other football players manage to engage with the fans without even mentioning their respective teams. In fact Danny Simpson manages to do it for us.

    He is an attention seeker.

    What did his tweets tell us that we didn’t already know? What did they achieve? I swear he sees himself as some form of martyr. Did anyone see his “fight the power” clenched fist towards the crowd at the weekend?


  11. barton is trying to some across as educated but instead is just coming across as a **** – should let his football do the talking and ditch the twitter account (or at least follow simmos lead and just chat about nandos )


  12. Is he becoming a problem, of course not. He’s always been a problem.

    Is he more trouble than he’s worth, sometimes, but as our squad improves then less so.

    Will anybody take him off our hands??, not even on a free seems to be the answer.

    Are we therefore stuck with him?? Well looks like for this season anyway.

    So we have to make best use whilst we have him. Good luck Alan.


  13. Well done to Brisvegas 84 points ya **** πŸ‘Ώ
    67 for me = 11th πŸ˜†
    All my subs are crocked now tho πŸ˜₯


  14. I still think JB will get offered a contract before xmas 😯
    But I would make it conditional on him closing his tw@tter account.
    Not sure they can do that tho πŸ˜• lol


  15. Is Joey Barton becoming a problem? He has always been a problem, is a problem now and always will be a problem. That is why no-one has decided to take him so far in this transfer window.

    I would guess that Joey Barton and his agent now realise that there are no managers banging the door down to sign him … so he will try and be good and take his Β£2m in wages (or whatever collossal sum it is) this year and see what happens next year.

    Only problem is that trying to be good and doing it are 2 different things all together … cue Saturdays actions etc etc.

    A heartfelt plea to all managers out there … please take him off our hands πŸ˜•


  16. Toonsy -“I swear he sees himself as some form of martyr.”

    yes indeedy. Loving all the attention too. Doesn’t care that it is reflecting badly on NUFC.


  17. Yep. Im getting sick of him and his antics. He would be a valuable player if he can keep out of trouble but he obviously can’t.


  18. Also John boy Walton was somehow looking the other way when Barton handled ‘Gervaise’ to his feet and looking when Barton got the ‘punch in the face’ that he went to ground because of (it was the ****iest slap you will ever see). Ok Barton was stamped on but he is walking a tightrope and could easily get sent off. It resulted in their biggest threat being sent off and us milking out the point. Imagine the discussion we would be having if Barton was the one sent off and Arsenal took the spoils, that could just as easily have happened IMO.


  19. I think we will be a worse side without him on the pitch.
    He’s not particularly the most skilful but he does appear to keep the team motivated.

    Bellamy was a similar character and for me you need those type of players in every team. Only one or two of them though.

    If I thought Ashley would replace him with a better version then fair enough, but we know he won’t . πŸ˜•


  20. Must say I was pleased with the determination and effort from the players against Arsenal. I think that Barton contributes a lot towards this along with Saylor. We need this to complement Cabaye and the likes of Ben Arfa to give us a balance. Please give us a left back and striker asap Pardew to help us stuff the unwashed this weekend.


  21. is he hell, he can say what he likes off the pitch end of the day if anybody felt hard done by, by the club you would say something, it isnt fair how alot of things are going on at the club, Kashley doesnt have a sodding clue what hes doing, he doesnt want to spend all hes bothered about is keeping the club adrift from debt, and making money in the process, consider what whatevers left of the ever anonymous Β£35m in his back pocket to be gambed with at the bookies or on a poker game, hes a selfish tosser, barton is the glue compund of our squad, what he does off the pitch has no relevance on how well he performs, he did go down easy with that slap of gervinho but, every other plank in the premier league dives so why is it different for barton? Torres and lampard at stoke the following day? they havent had an eye lid battered at them, no point being negative about a player we need so much


  22. Troy

    The question was, do you think he is attracting too much negative attention.

    I don’t think there is any denying he is one of our top players. And an asset on the pitch. But not even Bellemy showed as much arrogance off it.

    He seems to come right with comments like “Just gone for 20 week scan with wife, its just a game #somethingsaremoreimportant.”

    But then a day later is making the same comments.


  23. Joel Toon

    No one player is greater than the club. And although I agree with you with much of what you say. There is no way these contant rants will help “glue” the team in future.
    In the end, all the negativity being brought up time and time again just gets everyone down.

    Like say for instance, I live in South Africa, where the government is currupt and the crime is high. WE ALL KNOW IT. But we live to the best standard we can, and for the most part, we live in a beautiful country, despite all this, we feel lucky.
    But is someone constantly rants on and on about how our government sucks and the crime is unbearable, we start to question why we are even happy and we get down and depressed.

    Joey could well end up being the one that brings everyone down. Even if he’s right. What he forgets is just how lucky he is, and we forget just how lucky we are. There are far worse clubs and far worse squads that Newcastle. And besides, all the ****ing changes nothing!


  24. @JJ

    Those kind of comments don’t bother me one iota.
    He set up the twitter account to allow him to express his concerns about the way he was being treated by the club and how he felt.

    I don’t believe he has done anything to warrant scathing criticism he gets from some.

    It doesn’t bother me, it might bother you but you can’t please everyone all the time.

    If the club think he’s stepping out of line then they will take appropriate action.


  25. Becoming a problem?

    Are you for real???

    Joey Barton has been a problem for NUFC since the day we signed him. Always has been, always will be.

    Some people will try and tell you he’s worth it. Don’t believe the hype.


  26. Barton isn’t becoming a problem; he’s been a problem since he arrived. He’s a good footballer, not a great footballer, but he’s a pompous, petulant spoilt bully. Always has been, always will be.

    It’s all well and good giving up the booze in an attempt to clean up your act, but since January, he’s been nothing but a self publicising nuisance. The publicity the club gets has been nothing but negative. You could argue that “he’s only telling the truth”, I say he’s giving his opinion, not the truth, and I refuse to accept him as the voice of the club, given his record as an employee.

    How can he possibly think that he is the person that should be the one to talk about what’s right and wrong?

    Should have fired him when he was in prison, then maybe we wouldn’t have this divide between fans who want shot of him and fans that think one good season in four makes him some kind of saint.


  27. I voted no but purely because he’s as much of a nuisance as he always has been.


  28. Roy Keane had an illustrious career and was outspoken throughout at both club and international level.


  29. Troy

    I agree, he won’t bother everyone. But don’t you think think if, like the vote percentages suggest. He only bother 55% of the supporters of the club (around one million people).
    And he only disrupts say 50% of the squad and distracts them or lowers morale a bit. That is begins to effect everyone ❓


  30. “Roy Keane had an illustrious career and was outspoken throughout at both club and international level.”

    I agree Troy, on the pitch and in the dressing room he is VERY similar to Roy Keane, which is fantastic.
    Still don’t see Roy Keane on twitter lambasting the board, journalists, players, everyday or phoning talk in shows, or diving to the ground after being struck like a fairy, doing exactly what he criticized Gervinho for and then saying its part of the game.


  31. 75th in ffl – jeez thats ****e, i blame joey barton getting my striker sent off, vidic for getting injured, modric for refusing to play through the riots, sturridge for being suspended, cahill for being on the bench, tiote for getting booked
    and Pardew thinks he has problems……………..


  32. Also, Joeys got a long way to go before he gets the respect Keane had as a player (Keane was a tool as a man). But anyway.


  33. Off Topic, but waaaay more important. How the **** do I fit Aguero into my fantasy league team? πŸ˜›


  34. Lol That’s the hard part. Seriously though, what a 30 minutes of football? I can’t remember the last time I saw someone make an impact like that.


  35. @JJ

    clearly I can’t argue with stats .

    People are split on the matter, so if half are getting upset by it then it’s obviously a negative issue for the club.

    I just understand why he set the account up and have not got any problem with it.

    He knows the boundaries and if he steps over them he gets punished.

    Roy Keane was far more outspoken than Barton but as I said earlier, I believe teams need 1 or 2 steely and prickly characters to get the best out of their team mates.

    The only people that will dislike Barton in the dressing room are those who are shirkers.
    He won’t shy away from telling them and they hate the truth being told.

    For me, he should be a priority for a 4 year contract.


  36. Troy Stavers

    August 16, 2011 at 08:53

    I think we will be a worse side without him on the pitch.
    He’s not particularly the most skilful but he does appear to keep the team motivated.

    Spot on. He provides that bit of steel needed in the squad, that arsenal clearly lacks.
    Oh and wenger knows it too.


  37. Well I did notice that he said he was going to leave the journo’s alone, but that wont stop them writing their **** stories, I also noticed that Cabaye said that Joey helped him settle in but we won’t worry about that.
    I guess on the plus side is that while the Barton bashing is going on, atleast Bobby (troy)is getting a break from the bashing so well done Joey keep up the good work.
    Lastly I cant remember as much outcry when Judas was going round glassing people, slapping lasses, getting a team mates house fire bombed. πŸ˜•


  38. “For me, he should be a priority for a 4 year contract.”

    Why 4 yrs? or is that just an arbitary figure?

    I think maybe 3 is all he will get. If he goes off the boil next season, we will be in the same situation again as with smith/xisco.


  39. BB I cant understand how you can compare Joey with Xisco Smith, xisco is a one off that we shouldn’t have bought and never got the chance to show what he could do, as for Smith we knew what we were buying when we bought him.
    Joey we know exactly what we’re getting and has proved that he is more than capable in the prem, and I would be pretty sure that Joey’s game wouldn’t go downhill that fast.


  40. Sorry Dave I was just on about being stuck with a player on high wages who doesn’t get a game.
    Didn’t make yself very clear 😳 😳


  41. Nope playing the like of smith/Ameobi/Perch and Raylor is a problem, Playing a complete gob****e who happens to be one of our best players is cetainly worth it…


  42. I agree TROY @ 42

    He is only effecting the club negatively if we decide he is. All you whingers complaining about him excercising his right to free speech come across to me as jealous gob****es yourselves. Just laugh it off.


  43. he’s always been a problem and will continue to be so. Is it worth it? Yes for now we need him. I thought the Club had banned all football related talk on twitter? Clearly talking about the incident with limp-wrist is breaching his agreement. Ban Twitter I think he’ll be fine.

    I see bindips r questioning lardy-lump carroll..

    Jose Enrique has defended Liverpool team-mate Andy Carroll after some fans questioned if the striker was good enough to fill the boots of the Liverpool greats.

    Carroll was good enough to fill the shirt once worn by Supermac, Alan Shearer and Sir Les … but Newcastle never won anything with those players.

    Filling the boots of Ian Rush and Co. is another matter.

    Jose Enrique: “For us in Newcastle Andy was brilliant and I am sure he will be brilliant for Liverpool too.

    “He is a very good player. When a club like Liverpool pays Β£35million for Andy, I know it is not lucky. It is because they think he is a good player. I am sure he is going to do a lot of things for us.

    “I watched him play last season and I knew he wasn’t fit here.

    “I don’t care if the player is Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, if a player is not fit, he is not fit.

    “Now he’s okay, is playing very well in his position and is going to be an important player this season.”


  44. Cacky Pants
    August 16, 2011 at 10:53

    “He is only effecting the club negatively if we decide he is. All you whingers complaining about him excercising his right to free speech come across to me as jealous gob****es yourselves. Just laugh it off.”

    Free speech? πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Don’t be so wet. There is no such thing. This is why the FA are looking into punishing him for his tweets about the game on Saturday.

    Free speech indeed πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  45. Barton is making this club into a circus, Im sick of reading about him, he should focus on his football and learning to be more consistent with his passing, he was crap on Saturday, his dead balls a joke. Concentrate on football Joey and not tweeting and I may regain the respect I once had for you.


  46. This is why the FA are looking into punishing him for his tweets about the game on Saturday.

    Really ❓ 😯


  47. Manc you cant blame JB for making the club into a circus.
    The buck stops with Ashley on that one. πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  48. Joey Barton is just a young English bloke who has a bit of a temper on him, strong beliefs and no fear in expressing them.

    He is being painted to be a complete cretin when a lot of other players have done much worse.

    Look at Rooney’s blatent elbow at Wigan last year to McCarthy. That was far worse than anything Joey did on Saturday. Rooney, who shags Grandma prostitutes behind his wifes back.

    Rooney – England’s saviour on the front of every video game worldwide.

    Does he get half the abuse? Nope because he gets picked for England and plays for Man Utd.

    If I put myself in Joey’s shoes on Saturday, I had worked so hard, as had the lads, to get fit for that game and were on course for a good point and I saw someone cheat to win a penalty, I’d have dragged him up as well. Would have maybe regretted it afterwards because it was a heat of the moment thing (as Joey did)

    Joey would have done it due to passion and emotion for the team and getting a result and no other reason.

    Hypothetically – it’s the World Cup final and England are playing Germany, same thing happens between…say Gerrard and Podolski resulting in Podolski getting sent off.

    Do we villianise Gerrard or do we gloat having got Podolski sent off?


  49. From the outside, to even ask the question is laughable. He’s starting to come across like David Icke. (remember him? started as a TV presenter but gradually got weirder and more outspoken before eventually declaring himself the 2nd coming of Christ and insisting his “followers” wore turquoise?)

    OF COURSE he’s gone too far. Does anyone think anything he’s done has done us any good? Those demanding a new striker but supporting Joey may need to consider the incompatibility of those two things.

    I’ve always said the satirists are the best indicator of the public view on things you’re too close to. This is the third link I’ve posted:

    He’s a loon who can’t resist courting attention, good or bad.Twitter is just his outlet; other, less famous crackpots are everywhere – you see them shouding at strangers in the street.

    He – and by association, NUFC – are a total laughing stock. And it’s not as if he is even playing well. Not a single well-taken dead ball, for chrissakes, and his pass completion was awful.

    Ship him out, or keep him off the field; I don’t mind which. Just get Vukic or Gosling in. Perhaps we can get back to the football.


  50. Whumpie,

    Speaking to two Irish Liverpool fans at work the other day.

    They realised I was N’castle by the accent and the first question was “What do you think of Joey Barton? We love him, we follow him on twitter, football needs real people like him and not just players who come out with Cliches all the time, top bloke”

    Now after a question like that I didn’t have an answer, I just agreed.


  51. Whumpie the silent man πŸ˜€ I have asked a few times but you still havn’t answered me as to who’s legs you were threatening to break ?? I take it was Joey’s ??


  52. Pretty much every other day is the Joey Barton show brought to you by Twitter. Why he thinks he can push his weight about so much is beyond me, but he basically found yet another way to be controversial, obstructive and abusive without getting into trouble with the law.
    Every time he has appears in the news, so do Newcastle and we lose that little bit more respect from our footballing peers and onlookers across the country and Europe.
    We will live without him, get shot Pardew. He’s a bully and your faith in him will backfire.


  53. Joey should knock it off. It has to be a distraction to his football with part of his mind thinking about what he’s going to tweet next. Knock it off, Joey. The best tweets you will ever make are with your feet on the football pitch, and encouraging the team off it. Period.


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