Pieters deal unlikely, Bridge deal also unlikely, Forster off to Celtic, again.

Bridge lined up for Toon move? Nah!
It seems as though our pursuit of a left-back to replace Jose Enrique is proving more difficult that had first been thought.

This comes as news emerged that Erik Pieters is scheduled to take part in PSV Eindhoven’s Europe League tie in Austria on Thursday evening.

Talks have been ongoing for a few days now between the two sides and whilst a deal is ultimately not dead it would be unlikely that we will have anyone signed in time for the Saturday lunchtime clash against the rotters from down the road. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t particularly want to see Ryan Taylor on derby day. In fact Alan Pardew said much the same thing earlier on in the week when he reiterated his hope that he would be able to leave the “set piece specialist” out as he would have dedicated left-back to call upon.

Apparently it would take a fee of around £6 million for PSV to agree to a deal, and it would take wages of around £30,000-a-week for the player to agree to come. Personally I don’t see the problem. The Jose Enrique replacement effectively pays for himself with the money brought in from the sale of the Spaniard to Liverpool last week, and isn’t that the way we seem to do things nowadays?

No matter as apparently there is an alternative. Step forward Wayne Bridge who has once again been linked with a loan move from Manchester City to St James’ Park. Now I really can’t see this one coming off for details which I will go into below, but most imprtantly I’m glad it’s not going to happen as, quite frankly, Wayne Bridge is not what he used to be. If he ever used to be anything of course, apart from English and consequently over-rated.

So why won’t it happen I hear you say? Well, quite simply, money.

There would be absolutely no point in plumping for Bridge over Pieters. Apparently it would take a fee of £2 million to secure a loan deal for the ex-England player, with wages of £50,000-a-week to boot. Roughly adding that up it equates to £4.6 million to be left in exactly the same position we find ourselves in now next season. It’s a waste of money, and that doesn’t sound like Newcastle to me.

On the other hand we have Pieters who, at just 23, would give us a long term so
lution to the left-back issue. He can improve and develop on Tyneside and he fits in with the “plan” that is apparently in place. To me it’s a no-brainer. If this policy is being adhered to we’ll get Pieters. If not then we’ll get Bridge which will highlight that this “plan” from the owners is not a plan to develop people and players. It’s actually a plan to run things as cheaply as possible.

In other news, Fraser Forster has signed for Celtic again on another season-long loan deal although this time there is an option to make the move permanent. That gives us another squad space when taking into account the “25 man” rule as Forster would have to registered to play with us.

The despicable Neil Lennon had this to say regarding the concluded deal for Forster:

“There are a few little snags to overcome but we hope to have him registered in time for tomorrow night,” said Lennon.

He added: “He has been the main target since the end of last season. We did put a bid in but it was knocked back but we worked hard in the background to try to bring him in so I’m very, very pleased.”

So one out and none in seems to be the order of the day. Sound familiar? Time is ticking on and Newcastle only have until lunchtime on Friday to sign a player so that they are eligible for the big one at the weekend. Even then would you really want to throw someone straight into a Tyne-Wear derby? A new league? A new team? A new country? A new culture?* I’m not so sure…

* Culture does not apply to Sunderland unless we are talking about the bacteria around the locals teeth.

Frustrating is a bit of an understatement!

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183 thoughts on “Pieters deal unlikely, Bridge deal also unlikely, Forster off to Celtic, again.

  1. Yeah, well thought up answer! i guess the 15 minutes it took you to respond were well used putting together that masterpeice, right out of the mouths of ‘everybody’ last year! hahaha……..WOW!!!


  2. @TC

    Are you still biting ? Woo hooo hoo hoo hoo

    How easy is this? 😆 😆

    I can’t wait to return here in 5 mins to see another bite.

    Don’t do it or you’ll have to change your name to Top Chump. 😛 😛 😆


  3. Andit took 15 minutes becuase the server went down. Look on the next article and you’ll see that was the case 😉


  4. I don’t do threats. I do promises 🙂

    Now farewell. Your time on here is over 🙂

    And as for the “everything is saved”, so are the sladerous and libelous comments you’ve been making. Two can play that game kidda 🙂


  5. I think Scotlands a lovely place, its just the people I don’t like 😯

    I used to live there for 4 yrs, a place called Thurso, jesus.. the suicidal rate up there must be high.

    Very advanced place tho for inbreds, ive never know any other town where the sheep have sexcams 😀


  6. On topic, I see the deal for Forster has been confirmed according to Sky. Bit late like. Lennon called it hours ago 😆


  7. re. Pieters I read this on twitter yesterday –

    ‘PSV are holding onto Pieters till after their game on thursday. Should be movement after that..’

    This pre-empted the Chron story so I wasn’t surprised to see this again today

    Guy who posted it is a Dutch toon fan, he sent it to Mark Douglas of the Journal

    Check it out for yerselves if u want – http://twitter.com/#!/Remyw

    Point is – maybe it’s not haggling that’s holding things up, maybe it’s just that PSV want to make sure they into the Europa Lg. Either way, can’t see him playing against the mackems…..


  8. @M, that is definitely a reason that I hadn’t thought about. PSV are also trying to bring in another defender already as well, right? As they should.

    So it makes sense that they want to seal up that Europa league place with him in the side. It’s not like him being cup-tied will get in the way for us.

    (Sigh) waiting for Monday I suppose. Good luck Raylor, Perch, or Fergie!


  9. What do you find “despicable’ about Neil Lennon.

    Geordie fans have gone down in my estimation with that comment.

    Despicable indeed.


  10. For Mark and Toonsy
    Whats the definition of a geordie????????????????
    (despicable or otherwise)
    A Scot way nay O Levels


  11. I got onto this site by mistake. I was following Big Forster’s deal to Celtic. I must say it’s been an eye-opener. An obvious fool and low-life named Toonsy brought Neil Lennon into the blog, ostensibly because relatives loved him when he was at Leicester. How long ago was that?
    As regards Newcatle under Ashley—
    1. Despicable behaviour towards a great man and manager, Bobby Robson.
    2.The same behaviour as regards Chris Hughton, another gentleman.
    3. Idolising Shearer, who got away with kicking Neil Lennon in the head by threatening to withdraw from playing for England.4. Joey Barton?


  12. toonsy
    commented earlier re your description of Neil Lennon ,couldnt get where it came from and seem to have opened up a can of worms. You seem to have had a go at clarifying it and of course nobody likes everybody ,but what was the youtube link to the band all about ?


  13. ‘most imprtantly I’m glad it’s not going to happen as, quite frankly, Wayne Bridge is not what he used to be. If he ever used to be anything of course, apart from English and consequently over-rated.’

    Totally agree with that.


  14. Is it just me ,or will we sign no one for our left back spot,foster goes to Celtic and we get there left back when he limps back from injury in January ? Wayne Bridge the only thing he does well now is be the cuckolded husband.Cmon mr Ashley speculate to accumulate.


  15. Question ,what is the difference between Llambias and Haemorrhoids?

    One is a pain in the arse the other are swellings that can occur in the anus and lower rectum (back passage).


  16. Jeez, disliking someone really doesn’t equate to wishing death upon them!:roll:
    Or does it, to some people? 😯

    Still think we’ll get Pieters… after Thursday.


  17. I’m slightly confused. Pardew was in the press slagging off Scottish football not so long agfo saying it was not good enough for Forster’s development. Now he loans him back ther with a view to a permanent move? Now Harper is a bit of legend to us, but he is on the slide. Would it not have made more sense to loan HIM to Celtic and give Forster a few opportunities this season to get some Premiership footy under his belt for the long run?
    He is the right age and pedigree to fit in with this squad over the next 5 plus years, so why are we shipping him off?! It will cost us more to replace him with someone of his ability than to keep him here… 😕


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