Pieters deal unlikely, Bridge deal also unlikely, Forster off to Celtic, again.

Bridge lined up for Toon move? Nah!
It seems as though our pursuit of a left-back to replace Jose Enrique is proving more difficult that had first been thought.

This comes as news emerged that Erik Pieters is scheduled to take part in PSV Eindhoven’s Europe League tie in Austria on Thursday evening.

Talks have been ongoing for a few days now between the two sides and whilst a deal is ultimately not dead it would be unlikely that we will have anyone signed in time for the Saturday lunchtime clash against the rotters from down the road. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t particularly want to see Ryan Taylor on derby day. In fact Alan Pardew said much the same thing earlier on in the week when he reiterated his hope that he would be able to leave the “set piece specialist” out as he would have dedicated left-back to call upon.

Apparently it would take a fee of around £6 million for PSV to agree to a deal, and it would take wages of around £30,000-a-week for the player to agree to come. Personally I don’t see the problem. The Jose Enrique replacement effectively pays for himself with the money brought in from the sale of the Spaniard to Liverpool last week, and isn’t that the way we seem to do things nowadays?

No matter as apparently there is an alternative. Step forward Wayne Bridge who has once again been linked with a loan move from Manchester City to St James’ Park. Now I really can’t see this one coming off for details which I will go into below, but most imprtantly I’m glad it’s not going to happen as, quite frankly, Wayne Bridge is not what he used to be. If he ever used to be anything of course, apart from English and consequently over-rated.

So why won’t it happen I hear you say? Well, quite simply, money.

There would be absolutely no point in plumping for Bridge over Pieters. Apparently it would take a fee of £2 million to secure a loan deal for the ex-England player, with wages of £50,000-a-week to boot. Roughly adding that up it equates to £4.6 million to be left in exactly the same position we find ourselves in now next season. It’s a waste of money, and that doesn’t sound like Newcastle to me.

On the other hand we have Pieters who, at just 23, would give us a long term so
lution to the left-back issue. He can improve and develop on Tyneside and he fits in with the “plan” that is apparently in place. To me it’s a no-brainer. If this policy is being adhered to we’ll get Pieters. If not then we’ll get Bridge which will highlight that this “plan” from the owners is not a plan to develop people and players. It’s actually a plan to run things as cheaply as possible.

In other news, Fraser Forster has signed for Celtic again on another season-long loan deal although this time there is an option to make the move permanent. That gives us another squad space when taking into account the “25 man” rule as Forster would have to registered to play with us.

The despicable Neil Lennon had this to say regarding the concluded deal for Forster:

“There are a few little snags to overcome but we hope to have him registered in time for tomorrow night,” said Lennon.

He added: “He has been the main target since the end of last season. We did put a bid in but it was knocked back but we worked hard in the background to try to bring him in so I’m very, very pleased.”

So one out and none in seems to be the order of the day. Sound familiar? Time is ticking on and Newcastle only have until lunchtime on Friday to sign a player so that they are eligible for the big one at the weekend. Even then would you really want to throw someone straight into a Tyne-Wear derby? A new league? A new team? A new country? A new culture?* I’m not so sure…

* Culture does not apply to Sunderland unless we are talking about the bacteria around the locals teeth.

Frustrating is a bit of an understatement!

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183 thoughts on “Pieters deal unlikely, Bridge deal also unlikely, Forster off to Celtic, again.

  1. I’d go for a pint with a ****ney over a sweaty sock any day of the week.

    The sweaty’s have to be the most miserable race on the planet, and they’re tighter than a gnat’s chuff to boot! 😀


  2. with all due respect to my fellow toon fans and bloggers on here – just to let you know, we have a game against a certain team named afc sunderland on saturday @ high noon. some would call it a derby. some even look forward to this game more than any on the calenda, some would even say its the biggest game of the whole season…

    now in case you didnt know – for this game we have no decent striker and absolutely no left back..


    then again – what the fu*k can i do about our situation

    carry on with the celtic chat..

    dont care anymore 🙁


  3. Oh my.I’ve now been accused of all those things by J7332A on one account of calling Neil Lennon despicable on an internet website.

    Funny 😆 😆 😆

    Paranoia 😕

    Am I over here?

    How about here?

    I’m behind you 😈


  4. troy… maybe but i think its much simpler than that… i think her wants to come and play for a prem team and his mate is our number 1. i think he is or was a target but its the usual crap… ashley will never ever pay a players worth.. he only looks for players with angles to their contracts..get out clauses and free ones. Thats all great business of course but ffs lads.. now and again you just have to pay what a player is worth in order to get them. he is running a prem footy club with the same ideals as his cheap charlie shops and its just not that easy. I can not think of another club that has had as much bad press as nufc in the time ashley has had it…….in the entire world. which other club has had this much constant hassle? Have we employed more managers than any other UK based team in the time ashley has owned us too?? it would not suprise me in the least. Infact, the only thing that would amaze me would be if we acted in a normal manner for more than a week without someone spewing so drivel to us thick geordie faithful.


  5. @Troy Stavers

    either am i brainiac!!!

    Barcelona twice in round of 16
    but like i said, why let the facts get in the way?


  6. @funkyjesus

    It just shows that I underestimated the mighty Celtic.

    Everyone south of the border thinks you just qualify and get knocked out before reaching the champions league proper.
    😛 😆


  7. @j7332

    I refer you to my last post.

    It’s amazing how much we think yous are a Micky mouse club and in fact you do ok. 😛 😆

    I must watch them next time. The last time I was in Edinburgh I believe Celtic were playing away so I never got to see them but we visited the castle anyway. You must be proud to be from the capital and have such a fine team. 😛 😆


  8. Newcastle vs Sunderland-a derby. About as much atmosphere as the under-19 Celtic v Rangers games which have pulled in 20,000 in the past! You fellows don’t seem to know much about football judging by the knowledge displayed on here (jesus excepted). Too much time spent jumping around in a ridiculous manner with your tops off guys. Watch the games and pay attention to the beautiful game across the globe and you would not make so many fundamental errors when spewing your bile on-line. Away the lads or what ever it is you are saying.


  9. @funkyjesus

    Never said he did it, said it sounds like he has what it takes, and it does! Asked if he knew who did, perfectly legitimate after the ‘Hun’ shot that he took!

    Mabey Toonsy could answer?


  10. Troy – I think you’ll find Celtic are based in Dublin on the west coast of Scotland. Duh!!!


  11. J7,

    I would put my savings on Toonsy not being a bomber type, lol. It’s quite obvious he isn’t. Just step back and look at what you’re saying.


  12. why on earth bring Celtic into this argument by chastising Neil Lennon totally uncalled for, a moronic statement made for no reason,all this crap about in my net etc own up lad you made a mistake,there is nothing wrong with Lennon,a young guy trying to do his best.


  13. @Craig

    You know I’m right behind you and you have a VIP seat reserved on my reality train next to Batty and Dave oh and Moreno seems to be moving from standard to first class.


  14. Last time you won the European Cup you took our keeper Ronnie Simpson maybe signing Forster a good omen for you this season! Don`t bother looking for another keeper Pardwho I`m sure John “Budgie” Burridge would get his gloves out.


  15. Alan – It was not a mistake to type the word despicable just before I typed Neil Lennon. Man up a little and accept that not everyone likes everyone 🙂

    Before I get accused of being a bomber again 😆 can I just say that I despised him way before he joined Celtic. Please read back the comments and you’ll see why.


  16. J7332A – it’s a bit daft using your National Insurance number as your username. Someone on here might steal your Job Seekers Allowance.


  17. I am taking control. I am now making an official statement.

    Shelly Martinez, the woman in my avatar, is hot. Let’s all look at her, agree she needs a gonk on video, and embrace our manly man-ness.

    I prefer that to “toonsy is a bomber” and “Celtic are smaller than us, despite achieving more, more often, more recently and on a smaller budget”.

    Hot women > pointless flaming.

    Anyone not following this will be met with nothing as I have no power here, but I’ll be angry with you 👿


  18. Still have tons of respect for NUFC and they are one of my favorite EPL sides! Felt reel bad when Carroll left. Good luck to them and on a personal note, good luck to Fraser Forster! Hail Hail!

    Toonsy…..uhh………………..whatever, your a disgrace to your team! its a shame!!!


  19. FJ – But don’t you know I have form for being a bomber after daring to type the word despicable? Good God I’m so pleased I didn’t type risible as I may have been labelled as some other form of terrorist 🙄


  20. toonsy,

    You are right, you COULD be….. I never thought of that. Llambias better watch out, you could bomb his nest in his tree.


  21. why are there loads of jocks on our blog going mad toonsy?? they should be happy.. they have just signed our third choice keeper as their number 1 and they have been chasing him for years. this is a great day for celtic…congratulations lads and i hope that he turns into a decent keeper as there is potential in there somewhere i think.


  22. Craig – It’s because I dared to call someone I’ve never liked ‘despicable’ which means that I’m now a bomber and have been sending Lennon death threats and bullets 😆


  23. Troy @97. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha – Waaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha – Ahaha – ahoohoohooooo!!!!

    Go back and have another and tell me I’m the one who should be embarrassed.

    Can’t believe you walked into that one! 😆


  24. Such a shame the Newcastle news has been overshadowed by a minority of arsewipes bleating on about celtic 😳


  25. Which one is Celtic again? Are they the team that plays in Blue? 😛

    So, in true, after school special style, what have we learned from today’s story?
    Toonsy doesn’t like Neil Lennon and may or may not be behind the attacks on him.
    Celtic fans are a touchy lot who seem to think they play in the capital of Scotland, while not being able to take a joke. 🙂
    FJ is a rose between two thorns.

    I don’t often come on here anymore due to work and other commitments. I might become a regular again though, it’s been a laugh.

    Remember, stay in school, drink your milk and say your prayers.


  26. I have never liked Lennon, its not his abrasive attitude,his red hair, the fact that he`s not english.
    Just cant put my finger on the reason, 😉 .


  27. Toonsy, the bombs wern’t dropped, they were sent annonymously through our post, like a coward! Just say any human should have to endure what Neil Lennon had to endure last year! And that makes him ‘dispicable’!!

    There’s a biggoted team in Scotland i think you should be writing for, or mabey are??? They wear blue, white and red, not black and white, but i think you’ll fit in just fine?!!! Same mindset, apparently!!! Same level of class! As said, an embarresment to NUFC and ‘who knows’ what else???


  28. How dare you call Neil Lennon despicable, especially after all he’s been through. And Toonsy, you are a complete and utter arse. Just because your club are in the league where all the money is, it makes you no bigger or better than anyone else. Hope you’re team get relegated this season as they don’t deserve to be where they are. Hope Sunderland thrash you home and away this season and I hope that the next time Celtic play your lot, we absolutely demolish you. Annihilate you, destroy you, obliterate you. God Bless Neil Lennon!


  29. Um, I feel obliged to point out that the “dropping lyrical bombs” was a joke.

    And Toonsy has explained that his dislike of Mr. Lennon is personal rather than political or sectarian.

    J7332A, please chill, brother.


  30. J7332A – Look fella. To be honest you’re making yourself look like a ******* with all these bomber accusations.

    Mind you, it is funny. For your benefit I will go back and retrieve the reason why I dislike Lennon on the grounds that you have now ignore it twice.
    August 17, 2011 at 15:37

    Micky 😆

    I don’t like him because he headbutted Shearer’s boot 😛

    Nah in all seriousness I depsise him because of my Mrs’ family basically. They think the sun shines out of his arse becuase of his Leicester days and ever since then I’ve taken a dislike to him.

    Get a grip you **** 😆


  31. I am thinking some of these posts now are actually a wind up merchant having some fun. I can’t believe some people get this wound up over the word despicable to be honest.

    Godblesneillennon’s “demolish, annihilate, destroy, obliterate” did get a chuckle though. Sounds like lyrics for a Strapping Young Lad album.


  32. i guess its true that celtic are more sucessful than us.. but then again there are only two teams in the SPL ffs so they have a pretty good chance of winning on a regular basis and will always qualify for something in europe. Its a no brainer.
    anyway… who really cares about any jock team in all honesty? we have far more bigger issues in slagging down our owner, i was enjoying it as i have been laying off him for a while until we got near the end of the window. Now it looks like we can soon be taking some king sized digs at him.. eps if barton leaves in the next few days.


  33. Sounds like a good enough reason to think someone is ‘Dispicable’!!! You really cleared that one up biggot! Now answer the question!


  34. What question? Is it me who has been sending Neillennon letterbombs and bullets and death threats?

    Ermmm surprisingly not 😕


  35. I give up.

    I’ve tried to be the mediator between the clubs and I have posted a pic of a hot woman to calm everyone down. Nothing works.

    I’ll leave you all to the annihilation.


  36. nah, genious, did he deserve all that he got last year? were you reading the rags with a smile? did you condem it? did you laugh with your mates over a pint?

    you don’t have to answer actually, we all know the answer and thats what makes you ‘dispicable’ and an embarressment to your team and every person on here who reads your bile and gives you the time of day! i know who you are!!!


  37. j7332a – Of course not. Why would I back such a thing? Can you point me towards anywhere where I’ve said such a thing please 😕


  38. Okay, I have to stop reading & commenting here. I’m off to do more of my “Handy-Man Dan” routine around the house. Can you boys & girls pleas try to make sure we’ve signed a LB and a decent striker by the next time I check in? Thanks a bunch!


  39. So am i mistaken………honestly? Were you horrified, saddened, felt sorry for, what? Answer the question! Anyone who takes a needless shot like the one in your article wasn’t! Tell me i’m wrong, biggot! And the fact you haven’t after all this is the proof! Like i said, you don’t have to, everyone with half a brain knows the answer!


  40. @TC

    Woo hoo hoo hoo. 😆

    I’ve trebled you. You are the easiest chump to do on this blog. 😆 😆


  41. Really this latest says it all doesn’t it? Ashley will not pay a fair price for a good player. Simple as that. He has to get a “deal”. Llambias is a fool so having him in the negotiations is probably a complete disaster. These 2 clowns are a complete disaster for the club. Can’t wait for the next set of excuses from Pardew. Should be hilarious. Or would be if we still didn’t need a left back and a striker.


  42. missed a good fishing trip today by the looks of it 🙁 and heres me thinking that all celtic fans arnt pricks like FJ 🙂 😉


  43. Dear Toonsy,
    Under the new sectarian legislation in Scotland, I have instituted extradition proceedings looking to take you from an area of the great unwashed to an area of the slightly less unwashed. Next time you hear a knock on the door, it won’t be the BBC van, it won’t be the Provident and, surprisingly, it won’t be the public health department – it will be the Strathclyde Rozzers!
    Enjoy Bar’ L!


  44. j7332a – Was I shocked? Not really. Bad stuff happens out there in the wide world. As I recall the reaction on here from most was that enough was enough and that it was too far, which is of course true. I just thought it was a big step too far.I mean yeah fair enough, there is rivalry up there and so on, but at the end of the day he is just doing a job.


  45. For the record…

    “Troy Stavers
    August 17, 2011 at 16:23


    The last time I was in Edinburgh I believe Celtic were playing away so I never got to see them but we visited the castle anyway. You must be proud to be from the capital and have such a fine team. 😛 :lol:”

    “Toon Chicken
    August 17, 2011 at 16:26

    Troy – I think you’ll find Celtic are based in Dublin on the west coast of Scotland. Duh!!!”

    “Troy Stavers
    August 17, 2011 at 16:30

    @Toon Chicken

    Hook, line and Chicken.

    Omg! 😳 😛 😆 ”



  46. missed a good fishing trip today by the looks of it and heres me thinking that all celtic fans arnt pricks like FJ


  47. Seems Toonsy has decided to escape to the safety of his ‘new’ post instead of explaining himself! Not much of a surprise! A biggot will always out him/herself eventually! No defence and no explanation, except…..uhh…”my wifes family likes him”! Right! An absolute embarresment to his team all you people, his country and that’s not an overstatement! True colours revealed and as stated, as big a coward as the ones who sent the bombs in the first place! run and hide Toonsy, run and hide! Biggot Hun!!!


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