Pardew: “We’ve had some positive news about Hatem.”

Benny after his latest injury.
Hatem Ben Arfa has been pencilled in to make his return to competitive action against Blackburn on September 24th after recent scans revealed that there are no problems with his injury.

Ben Arfa has been out of action since the Kansas game in pre-season after being on the end of a robust challenge from Roger Espinoza. The problem was that it was an injury to the same leg that was broken in two places by Nigel de Jong nearly a year ago which is a cause for concern. Had his old injury been affected by this new one?

Apparently not according to Alan Pardew who has confirmed that this latest injury has not had an impact on his leg break.

“We’ve had some positive news about Hatem – the second consultation has come back the same as the first – the break is fine and it’s a ligament problem,” said Pardew. “I still haven’t seen him play a competitive game yet in my time here.”

It’s good news in truth and puts my mind at rest and I’d guess it would help raise the confidence of the player knowing that he can come through a rough challenge and not actually have his leg snapped in the process!

I keep hearing people say how so much hope and expectation is being out on the shoulders of Hatem Ben Arfa. I agree that there is a lot of hope, but I’m unsure where the expectation bit has come from. I mean at the end of the day we’ve been without him for so long and coped.

I do think there is a sense of excitement around the return of Hatem Ben Arfa though. People aren’t silly and they know he won’t be able to reproduce the form he showed against Everton week in and week out, but they also know that he is capable of something special at any time.

It’s not expectation, it’s excitement.

I can’t wait to see him back in action and hope that he can remain injury free for a good while. Unfortunately though he is one of those players who will be a target for the hatchet men of the league who don’t know how to cope with skill, and I’m looking at the likes of Stoke and Blackburn when I say that.

So only a month to go until we see Hatem again, and no further damage to what was an horrific injury. I’d class that as good news.

Now we just have to try and fit him in somewhere…

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100 thoughts on “Pardew: “We’ve had some positive news about Hatem.”

  1. Anyone else reading everything NUFC this morning with a smile on your face – love it.

    Can you imagine the chimps all sat around their tables weeping and drinking PG. Only one thing left for them to do to cheer themselves up – bum their mothers 😆


  2. One more week of the transfer window before the last few days of panic buying. Expect 2 out and five in. 😯 😆 😆 😆 😆


  3. I really hope this feel good factor after yesterday continues and we sign the 2 player we desperately need. I don’t want this LB and Striker going down to the last day of the transfer window while sitting watching Sky to only be let down again.


  4. Toonale : Its always a good day to be a Geordie. At least it has been for the last Seventy years for me.

    well done Toonale! I’ve had 65 of them! I’ve seen some great players & some rubbish in that time – the first time I ever saw the tele was when my dad took me to Blaydon to see the 1955 cup final at a mate’s house (the only bloke with a TV we knew I think) – magic days!

    This team? Not the best but not the worst – but capable of repeating that cup success (any cup would suit me) – HWTL


  5. Last week I was looking forward to the return of a player that I always found exciting, and in many way’s like Ben Arfa.
    After watching the players return I worry even more now that the 2 have more in common than just skill etc.
    The player im talking about is Kieron Dyer.


  6. Really looking forward to Ben Arfa coming back and linking the play, far to many hoof balls in the first 2 games great results aside. We have loads of midfielders but keep looking for the ball over the top.


  7. can yous not remember the last injury benny had and pardew said about 5 times a date he would be coming back then later was told he would be out for longer , i highly doubt the poor lad will be back proply until about xmas as hes had two bad injurys!! i think we need to give the lad alot of time to heal and dont rush him back !! as much as i would love to see the lad back in a newcastle shirt i am a wee bit nervous incase we rush him back again!! fingers crossed 😀


  8. Not sure Dave – but with the way he has been treated by a section of our fans – who would blame him. Fans papping in their own nest me thinks.

    Anyone noticed how the doom mongers aren’t posting? Are they really NUFC fans? Bobbys hiding!


  9. Good news about Ben Afra, lets hope he stays injury free.

    Sunday Sun r reporting that we’re after Aly Cissokho for 8-10mill but are trying to bring that figure down. There must of been some serious agent fees involving Pieters if we’re still persuing Cissokho, wasnt Pieters 6mill?

    Maiga met with Sochaux’s president over the weekend to straighten out a deal to come here, hope so.

    Looking at our team yesterday I realised what a decent squad we have, especially in midfield where Benny, Vuckic, Marv, Gosling, Fergy havent featured much yet. I think we need to trim the forward line before bringing anybody in.

    Got to say I’m really happy Krul has been given his chance after hanging around for so long, he’s played well the last 2 games.


  10. Stardust @ 11 – nah I’ve noticed that too. Seems as though if some people don’t have anything to moan about then they don’t have much else say.


  11. how is it silly being nervous about a player thats had 2 bad injurys?? i just dont want him 2 be rushed back 😉


  12. We’ve got some serious competition for places in midfield this year and Pardew has a job on his hands choosing the best line-up and formation/tactics…. think it’ll be a while before that optimum first XI becomes clear.

    Was good to see Jonas find his legs in the 2nd half, Cabaye also showed signs of getting to grips with Prem footy and Tiote hopefully shook off some rust.

    Looking forward to seeing the fringe guys stake a claim on Thurs at Scunny….


  13. good news all round this week-end,nee crap for the rags to write aboot,poor sods,they might have to work at there jobs for once 😀


  14. @M

    Looking forward to seeing the fringe guys stake a claim on Thurs at Scunny

    Me too m8, esp Vuckic, Gosling Marv and perhaps S Ameobi. we have an exciting midfield I just hope we can dump smudger soon because he spoils the look of it.


  15. I think gosling is going to cause Pards a few headaches when it comes to selection, from what little I have seen of him he looks good. I think his chance yday came too soon after coming on.


  16. Great news about ben arfa. Feel he is going to have a big impact for us this season. Hopefully we get these two players in , the team gets time to gel before certain fans turn on management again and we have a good season. Think is gonna be a good one!


  17. I noticed Pards trying to ‘keep a lid on it’ y’day talking to the bbc for motd.. he was raving about the result and seemed to be going into a tangent when he stopped and said, yes we got a good result today.. and just smiled. maybe he’s learning that us Geordies are sad b******* and hang off his every nice to see him saying less 😀


  18. Yeah Toonsy – they’re conspicuous by their absence.

    Dave – Bobby ‘Ewing’ Shinton isn’t dead – he will be reborn again – Troy won’t be able to help himself.


  19. Morning everyone … great win and can only say what a relief to have some respite from the groaning and moaning .. lets hope we get a couple more signing and try to kick on … early days yet – but would have snapped your hand, leg, arm off for 4 points after Arsenal / Sunlan


  20. M@18–Fringe guys at Scunny, Agree but this season we have more depth even without our 2xnew signings. We could win this cup if we take it seriously.
    Should still be good enough.


  21. @Big Dave

    Yes me too m8. I think a few will give Pards a headache. Vuckic must me chomping at the bit and how can you drop Jonas, yes his final ball is lacking sometimes and his dribbling and holding the ball too long annoys a little but he’s undoubtedly a huge asset for our club. His passion and eagerness is hard to replace. He’d be one of the first on the team sheet for me.


  22. I’d love to read the News of the World for there match report. Shit paper but was great for sport esp derbies etc

    Shame they messed up, Sunday papers are crap. Daily Mail for me but I’m still reading it come next


  23. Big Dave, couldnt agree more about Gosling .. for a start physically he looks like an international player – reminds me a bit of Gerrard .. and vukic hasnt even made the bench .. lets hope he keeps pushing on


  24. Like I said last week, I was always confident of us getting a win against this lot. The only part I didn’t get right was the final score and that Ameobi didn’t score. I really thought he would, oh well, win some, lose some.

    Perhaps now people will realise that we have been successful in the transfer window and we have a cracking player in Cabey. Imagine if his shot that hit the bar went in!

    Granted we’ve lost two decent players. Carroll, I still say was a no brainer for that money. Enrique, I felt we could have held out for more. Anyway, we do still need replacements and the sooner we get them in the better.

    We showed we can perform ok without them, but when we come up against a decent team then we will suffer.
    Yesterday we only really looked like scoring when they were pushing on, trying to get an equaliser. We look good from set pieces and have some good hitters of the ball.

    I guess what I’m saying is that enjoy the moment, it’s always brilliant beating Mrs Doubfire and his unwashed, but if we have a poor game against Fulham on Sunday then all the moaners will be back out and it will be normal service resumed.
    Still not convinced of Pardew, never have been. If he proves me wrong, then good as it means NUFC are doing well.


  25. @Thad

    Yes, I read the article on Friday about ‘Mass Unrest’ the article wasnt too bad but the comment we’re unbelievable, saying this is a must win game or else we’re doomed!!! lol 2nd game of season, team hasnt gelled yet and its all doom.

    yes ppl’s comments about spending etc are warranted but there is a feeling of negativity on here for the last 2 weeks or so, I just try and keep out of it now. If we don’t sign anyone in the next 10 days I’ll be well pis*** off but we still have time.


  26. Great start to the season, but the next game is where we show what we are made of.

    If we can get 3 points it will show that we gained a bit of consistency. The NUFC of old would probably lose the next game and send us crashing back down to earth. However, I am quietly confident of a result.


  27. @MIckyTOON

    “Still not convinced of Pardew, never have been. If he proves me wrong, then good as it means NUFC are doing well”

    me to m8 but thats where we are and we wont get any better under Mike so I’m happy with it. I’m also warming to Pards game by game.


  28. CT

    I like most of the personnel, but would probably go with a 4-3-3/4-1-2-3 formation.

    Marveaux——————Best—————-Demba Ba

    I think Guthrie and Harps are injured, aren’t they?

    Anyway, the above would be more than enough to dispatch Scunny.


  29. El Toro @33

    Agree with that, if you are talking about the home game to Fulham. That’s a game we should be winning if we are to improve on our finishing postition from last season.


  30. dont forget tho Fulham have been up and running as a squad for a few weeks more than us with their europa lge games.
    I’m expecting it to be a really tough game, with maybe just a single goal in it. (too us obviously 😉 )


  31. I thought Benny had been pencilled in for the Wolves game in Oct?……as long as he’s right though when he comes back, who cares 😀


  32. @CT
    Aye, defo mate. Assuming we get the LB/CF in, i’d say the only area we’re a bit short of cover is in central defence ( and maybe RB)

    hope to see Gosling, Vuckic, Fergie, Marveaux and Sammy get a run out on Thurs + maybe Ba and Tiote need some more match fitness. Best defo deserves a game too tho – haha it’s even difficult to pick a 2nd X1!

    ideally Alan Smith will get nowhere near the first team (league OR cup) this season 😆


  33. I know the league has to be our priority, but I would luv it if we were to take the cup seriously.
    Scunny away is a potential banana skin, (aren’t they always 😕 )but I feel we have the players to roll them over. Provided Pardew prepares the squad properly. 😕


  34. benny himself should feel real good about his injury in so much he took a canny whack on that leg and the old injury stood up,happy days 😀


  35. Ice I think that is a real good thing about Benny’s injury, im sure there was fear in his head before playing like what if, but he has took a real big whack and the bone stood up to it.
    So I think mentally he should be a lot stronger, but I do worry that fans have too much faith in him to turn things round, and to me that is a lot of pressure on his shoulders.


  36. BEARDSLEYS BOOTS – I think the 25-man squad thing aint so important, many teams don’t even fill the full quota and have plenty of young uns to call on if needed.

    Ideally another club comes in and takes him off our hands with us picking up a (hefty) slice of his wages

    I also think, as a professional towards the end of his career, he should want to play first and foremost. Surely he has enough dosh by now? get yerself over to Orlando Alan


  37. Stardust before you start spunking a nut about how wonderfuleverything is now I suggest you go back and read the ‘game on’ match thread. See the comments on what people actually thought of the performance as it was happening, as opposed to after the game.
    It was a good result mainly because we didnt really deserve the win but got it anyway.
    Sunderland had 63% possession in the first half.
    Also who ever said we had better depth this season is obvously mental.
    We only have better depth in midfield.
    Also it is a wee bit early to be proclaiming any of the new lads, bar Cabaye, a success. Obertan showed he is fairly quick yesterday, but lacked incisiveness.
    Marveaux? who knows?

    Getting a result against the run of play against a mid table team is all well and good, but it hardly means we can allay all fears about the upcoming season.

    For me the best thing about yesterdays match was the spirit the team showed. Perhaps partly instilled by Pardew’s defence of Barton after Arsenal, it certainly appears that he and the players have overcome the potential rifts that had begun to occur.


  38. i will be really happy if after we play qpr on the 10th september we have 8pts!! 2 wins and two draws would be mint first 4 games , even better if we can get 10pts out of 4 games 😎


  39. When we see the new striker and the new left back through the door, and when it turns out they werent just the cheapest ones available – that’s the time to start thinking we might be moving (very slowly) in the right direction.


  40. Pootle – todays a good day, if you choose to twist – so be it – crack on.

    I don’t make any outrageous claims but I am happy with our general direction.

    I won’t agree with everything but I accept these calls aren’t easy nor do I have all of the info.

    So I choose to be upbeat and enjoy my footy – you can similarly choose to be downtrodden – but I do know which feels best and which helps the players more.


  41. Pootle

    Whilst I agree with the majority of your points, I must pull you up on one.

    “See the comments on what people actually thought of the performance as it was happening, as opposed to after the game.”

    Checking sentiment during is as misleading as checking after. Emotion is high and small errors are accentuated.

    (In my opinion) The best way to judge is to re-watch the full game after all the emotion have passed, or with a neutral friend.

    I did the former yesterday (don’t got no mates! 😆 ) and I must say, for all of Sunderlands alleged dominance, aside from a few players caught in position here and there, we were comfortable. If you look at the best opportunities they created, they came from uncharacteristic mistakes from the likes of Tiote etc, which put pressure on ourselves. Their forward play was actually largely predictable, a la last season.

    I would say we more than deserved the result as when we started attacking they couldn’t handle it and we managed to get in their box and force a save(Something they never did in 90mins) before scoring shortly after.

    Obviously we went back into our shells after we took the lead as the ability to soak up pressure and grind out results has become one of our strong points. If we hadn’t of scored so soon after deciding to be more positive I am sure we would have continued to look the more threatening side.


  42. I don’t feel downtrodden at all.
    But while you’re childishly getting overexcited because we beat ‘the acumen’, I watched the whole match, and I know for large sections of the game we were hardly in it.
    Our central defenders and probably Cabaye and Jonas were really the only players who really performed well for us.
    We were still second best for probably 75% of the match or more.
    We still clearly lacked the ability to really keep the ball for long spells and lacked the ability to create in the manner everybody assumed we would following the arrival of the new boys.
    Fortunately its early days yet, so there is still time.

    Like I said, I’m not feeling downtrodden at all, but your completely childish overexcitement and overconfidence based on that performance does say quite a lot about you.


  43. Anyone watching the West Ham game? I’m watching it just because I miss watching Kevin Nolan labour and plod about in midfield 🙂

    First time I’ve seen him play since he left. Either he has got fatter or claret and blue doesn’t flatter him 😆


  44. Yohan Cabaye made more key passes than any other Premier League player yesterday 😯

    Most tackles one week. Most key passes the next. Glad it looks like my faith is vindicated 😎


  45. Toonsy – looks like NUFC have made some good decisions! Cabaye is clearly a class act and we are clearly quite fortunate to have him and Tiote as our CM .. sweet!


  46. Pootle, how does Stardust saying he is ‘happy with the general direction’ equate to childish overexcitement .. dont get it?


  47. Toonpipes – Early days yet like but he looks like he could be great for us. I thought all along that he’d be able to settle. We’ve not even seen the best of him yet. Shame really as some seemed to want him to fail just to prove a point 🙂


  48. Toonsy .. Nolan looks out of shape as he always has .. Tiote has looked a little out of sorts for the last couple of games, but that is probably because he is not used to actually having some time + space to think about what he is doing as Cabaye is dictating play .. just saw Gradel skin Parker … bit embarassing for Parker actually


  49. Well done lads. You’s gave the mackems one hell of a beating. A couple of decent signings and Benny coming back can only be a good thing. While I don’t agree with the Ashley regime I think he’s trying to run the club sensibly. We’ve seen to often in the past big money signings that haven’t produced the goods. Haway the lads. I’m going to work happy as a pig in sh@t.


  50. You misunderstood my point. The game on thread isn’t in any way an accurate barometer of play in the game. What it shows is the difference between what people actually thought at the time it was happening and what they think when they are celebrating because we have beaten our arch rivals.

    It was not a good performance.
    We looked second best for large sections of the game.
    If Sunderland had been more incisive up front in the first half we would have lost.
    I think its strange to say we deserved it when we probably only had about 15 minutes in total where we looked threatening.
    We never really seriously threatened much from open play and neither did they. In the first half in particular they were better in pretty much every regard. Although our central defenders were consistantly good obviously.

    By the way I noticed most of this stuff the first time I watched it so didn’t really feel the need to watch it again.


  51. Toonsy .. some people never happy and always want to moan .. probably for no other reason that MA not from Newcastle .. any case, as you rightly point out early days and could all turn sour if the Carling Cup result is wrong and Fulham beat us .. as someone already said, they have been playing for a couple weeks longer than is and will be very very tough to beat


  52. Pootle

    Deserving a result is more than dominating possession. You can say it was a lack of incisiveness, I can say it was our defence making it difficult. Half full or half empty.

    As for not threatening much in open play, we rarely do away from home. Hence my point that our game plan was clearly soak up pressure and wait for an opportunity, which is what we did.

    Any manager would have done the same. Sunderland, both team and fans were desperate for revenge and we frustrated them,

    We fully deserved the win.


  53. ” Pootle, how does Stardust saying he is ‘happy with the general direction’ equate to childish overexcitement .. dont get it?”

    Probably the same way as me saying I thought we were a bit lucky to get a win as it was against the general run of play, or that the squad clearly needs a quality leftback and a quality striker, makes me miserable, downtrodden or a doom-monger.


  54. Pootle

    How I look at it is simple. Forget possession, forget territorial advantage, who created the three best opportunities in the game?


  55. Just wondering how many away teams go away and dominate the home side???

    It happens, occasionally. It’s not the norm though.

    Gradel just missed that penalty. Sorry, but there is no excuse to just miss the target when taking a penalty. If it gets saved then fair enough but the goal is big enough. I never had a problem with pens 😉


  56. “Just wondering how many away teams go away and dominate the home side???

    It happens, occasionally. It’s not the norm though.”.



  57. Pootle – think you will find by many as more than a bit negative and miserable – that’s my perception from what you type – you created the image you have – so as far as I am concerned – you’re more than a little downtrodden.

    And as for my childish over excitement – you’ve just made that up lol – I made a middle of the road comment which you see as “excited” kind of says more about your general disposition than mine 😆


  58. You always say that our gameplan was to play exactly the way we actually played after the event.

    I doubt very much Pardew said ‘Lads, in the first half I want you to let them have the ball for two thirds of the time’

    But whatever Nostradamus.


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