Two more faces set to sign on at St James’?

Aly Cissokho in talks with Newcastle?
Newcastle have started discussions with representatives of Lyon full-back Aly Cissokho over a move to St James’ Park while a deal for wantaway Sochaux striker Modibo Maiga is still on the cards if reports in the Sunday Sun are to be believed.

Mark Douglas is reporting that “significant progress” has been made in the hunt to secure players in the two positions that have been earmarked by Alan Pardew – striker and left-back – although naturally there are still many hurdles to cross as the club go about concluding transfer business for another window. Hopefully.

Apparently the club have opened discussions with the English representatives of Lyon left-back Aly Cissokho. Personally I’m not too convinced by this as Cissokho is a quality player who could, and very nearly did, join a much bigger club than us. In fact he was on the verge of joining AC Milan not so long back although a failed medical due to a problem with his teeth which meant that his move was subsequently cancelled.

Hmm, having said that it does seem to be our territory as there is a quirk that we can use as a bargaining tool. However it appears that the “tool” being used is a sledgehammer. And yes I did resist putting in a quip about Derek Llambias…

Onto Modibo Maiga now and I think it’s fairly safe to say that there is some interest on our part. I mean not only is the player on strike whilst being vocal about wanting to move here, we also have Alan Pardew “not condoning” his actions.

I can’t quite work this transfer out to be honest. I mean to me tit seems as though there is something fishy going on. I mean that player says he has met everyone at Newcastle. Is that not a bit risky? Does it not sound a bit dodgy? Mind you, I’m surprised he is so desperate to join given the speculated wages that we offer.

Meanwhile Alan Pardew has moved to quell rumours that Newcastle run things any differently to any other club in the Premier League. It’s probably true to an extent, with the only difference being the personnel that are employed to do the deals. However rumours have persisted about Pardew’s role in recruitment. Here he seeks to clarify things:

“I don’t think the process at Newcastle is very different from elsewhere in the Premier League,” he told the Sunday Sun.

“It’s exactly what I had at West Ham in terms of chief executive trying to do the deal – and it’s as simple as that. The board, and in this case we don’t really have a board – it’s Mike to a degree, agreeing with the deal that the chief executive has done.”

“That’s the same as every other club that I know and how it works. I keep hearing these things about this football club that are actually just not true. I don’t think the procedure is any different.”

“At West Ham I would tell Aldridge, my chief executive there, I would like to do a deal for him. He would go away and try and do the deal and most of the time it didn’t happen, to be honest. Usually because the other club make it impossible to happen. It is the same at Stoke – it is the same at Manchester United.”

Alan Pardew is not the only manager who doesn’t have a hands on approach with transfers. In fact in recent weeks, just off the top of my head, we’ve heard noises from Wigan, Stoke and Tottenham suggesting that exactly the same thing happens at those clubs. I dare say that most of the rest are the same.

Two in before the Fulham game? Well that would be ideal wouldn’t it although I get the feeling that we’ve been here before. Were we not told that we’d have a left-back in situ for the game yesterday? Exactly. We don’t appear to be great at hitting deadlines.

On that basis I shall wait and see.

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81 thoughts on “Two more faces set to sign on at St James’?

  1. I can hear Fatboy now…..

    “Alan….we’re 4th top and haven’t conceded a goal yet….tell me again why I need to spend money on new players?? Now if you need me, I’ll be in the Casino with the Enrique money”


  2. Does anyone else think that if we get these two fellas in we could be some team this year?

    Just a thought… 😆

    Oh how good it is to beat the scum on their own patch!!!


  3. ‘Someone’ has to actually sanction the money leaving the club in the first place. It’s like that at every club, always has, and always will be.

    That aside, I would be very happy with Cissokho. Don’t know very much at all about Maiga though..


  4. The bench for the first time yesterday looked like it could Change the game… With ben arfa vuckic abeid Guthrie ferguson all still to come in and 2 new signings… 😯


  5. Aye toonsy but he has pace… The team is most definitely looking French but still with the fighting spirit we all love!


  6. It’s early days in this season but I believe there is good reason to remain optimistic that the spirit, passion and strength of last year is still very much in force.

    Added to that we have a number of players who will be desparetly trying to demonstrate that they are quality (if for no other reason than to try to get into the French National side) and that can only bode well

    Now all we need is a true show of understanding & intent by the owner in actually paying the asking price for a player or two and we can close this transfer window stronger than before without putting us back into debt.

    Pardew has HIS squad now so lets see what his game plans look like – I’d be more than happy with the Carling Cup and a top 10 finish 😀


  7. TOONSY@5,ime not either,but got to hope carr has sussed him oot dont think he would be top of carrs list if ime honest,but beggers cannot be chosers at this stage of the window 😐


  8. thing i cannot get my heed round is they say he plays on the wing or striker? now to me your a striker or a winger 😕


  9. Ice – Thierry Henry could do both 😉

    Not saying he will be the same but it can be done. Trezeguet is another. Remember the crosses Shearer used to put in? Inch perfect.

    Sometimes it’s easier for a striker to play on the wing as he knows exactly where the striker would want the ball to be played into 🙂


  10. In fairness I’ve not seen a lot of the lad either but would he scored 15 goals last year which is better than erdinc!


  11. I know we are heavily linked with Cissokho at the moment, but I still reckon our main target is Pieters and we are usi’s theng the Cissokho link to force PSV’s hand.

    People seem to really want Cissokho, but I’m not as keen. I have seen more of Cissokho than Pieters, but from what I hear Pieters is a more defensive LB. That’s the type we need in my opinion.

    Cissokho is very attacking, pacey and powerful. However, he is out of position a lot and I would describe him as a lesser version of Enrique. Same strengths and weaknesses.


  12. TOONSY your talking about top the range strikers there,those guys could play most anywhere in a team you think we have that type of money to spend if you do could you e-mail that dream 😀


  13. Bit concerned with our defensive frailities to be honest. Think we could struggle if we get a couple of injuries.

    Don’t know anything about these two guys either, but the fact that Strolla seems to be our first choice striker shows how desperate we are for a decent striker – whether this guy fits the bill remains to be seem.


  14. Stuart

    Was thinking about Shola getting firs team action.

    Do you think it may be because Ba has been fasting this month and isn’t up to speed?

    He was subbed at HT against Arsenal and looked knackered.

    Also, it would certainly explain Tiote’s rustiness as he too is Muslim.


  15. reported on ssn earlier that AP flying out to watch psv match away to Den Haag this afternoon.
    Pieters playing.


  16. I think Parker has been decidedly average aswell. Certainly not standing out as an England international in the Championship 😕


  17. Can’t see us getting cissokho. Far too expensive for ash, and if modibo’s price stays at 10 then I can’t see us getting him either.
    What worries me is that these are new targets for the original need spots. We really should’ve had this sorted or at least been near the closing stages of a deal not starting new ones with a week left.
    If we ended up with peiters and Maynard I’d be happy.
    But I have a sick feeling that our business is done and we’ll be hearing a rerun of the old “we tried and ran out of time” lines mixed in with a little “clubs simply asked too much knowing those were need positions”


  18. Toonsy

    That’s because he is average, Loves a sideways pass does ol’ Scotty boy.

    Never known a player to get praised so much for chasing back 60-70 yards to tackle a player that he lost the ball to anyway. Ludicrous.


  19. ” But I have a sick feeling that our business is done and we’ll be hearing a rerun of old “we tried and ran out of time” lines mixed in with a little “clubs simply asked t much knowing those were need positions””

    Let’s hope not. It would be a terrible, terrible shame.
    We are showing the sort of spirit necessary but are still lacking the quality necessary in those positions.
    I just hope Ashley doesn’t think he can get out of buying them because he fans are all too distracted with beating the mackems.


  20. see he didnt want to come to toon,or we wouldnt stump up the cash 😕
    Mevlut Erding is about to sign for Rennes


  21. Zoe – Funnily enough I’m just sorting it out now. Struggling to fins a video of just the Raylor goal though 😕

    I found one but it wasn’t the best.


  22. Toonsy: Cool, yeah I tried looking for one but couldn’t find any. I’ll have a browse on youtube etc and see if I can find one


  23. At this point I won’t mind if we dont buy a striker and we make do with what we have and play just one striker up top.
    But surely we HAVE to get a LB in. I’ll be furious if we don’t.


  24. Off topic for a moment, I’m really tempted to get FM11. It’s only £20 now. Hmm…..

    And before you pipe up Moreno, I like to stay legit 😉


  25. @toonsy

    Raylors goal was highlighted along with the match on yesterday I think. Not sure if it was theirs or could be copied 😆

    not sure how these this work


  26. I have it legit too mate 😉

    2 pound from a charity shop! Lol.

    Get it mate, I am off next couple of days, just finished work there. Was brutal as I celebrated our win long into the morning 😕


  27. just watched the leeds west ham match , leeds looked great on the attack!! i hate west ham so great result!! the last goal of the game by leeds was mint by clayton!! would love to see leeds back up!!


  28. Moreno that sounds as if Toonsy @ 46 wants to play with you 😆
    Yeah I heard him mentioning that they hadn’t seen much of Nolan 😆 WTF did they expect a blind man on a galloping horse could have told us that.


  29. i just wana take this chance to congratulate cheick tiote to not recieve a yellow card in the tyne and wear derby 😆 😆 😆 😆 i find it unbelievable 😆


  30. I get me new ps3 in November….mine has been goosed for months. Taken it apart about 20 times and fixed it and it’s worked for a bit, now the blue ray laser is ****ed.


  31. I can’t get my head around the whole deal for Maiga.

    Since when have we started offering £10 million for completely unproven strikers?

    I mean he’s literally only had 1 good season (last season) and that in Ligue 1 not in the very different world of the Prem.

    From the little I’ve seen of him he looks pacey and very promising but I have this very uncomfortable feeling that its all just smoke and mirrors again.

    It just doesn’t seem to fit with what we are more than used to from Ashley’s grand plan.,

    I’d love to be proven wrong though


  32. GeordieDan

    We won’t be bidding £10million, that’s for sure.

    Socheaux say they want 10million Euros, but they are in dreamland. Hence why we are probably in his ear, urging him to strike so we can get him for 7 or 8million Euros.

    Not impressed with it to be honest. We are acting disgracefully and it won’t be long until we are known for this kind of underhand behaviour.


  33. “Since when have we started offering £10 million for completely unproven strikers?”

    Since all our other targets turned us down or we annoyed them by not paying market value and since we left it until a week or so before the window closes.


  34. Also, it seems as though he is still on striker, despite being included in the squad for today’s game.

    “Modibo Maïga fait encore faux bond. Après avoir refusé de jouer le week-end dernier contre Caen, l’attaquant malien, désireux de rejoindre Newcastle, a été réintégré au groupe vendredi pour le déplacement à Nancy. Mais se plaignant du genou, l’ancien Manceau n’avait pas accompagné ses coéquipiers lors de la mise au vert. Mécha Bazdarevic ne peut finalement pas compter sur son avant-centre, ce qui fait encore le bonheur de Sloan Privat. Anin est également forfait au milieu. Du côté lorrain, la recrue Moukandjo est titulaire d’entrée. ”

    “Modibo Maiga still lurch. After refusing to play last weekend against Caen striker from Mali, eager to join Newcastle, was reinstated to the group Friday for the trip to Nancy. But complaining about the knee, the former Manceau had not accompanied his teammates when the going green. Mecha Bazdarevic can not ultimately rely on his center forward, which is still the happiness of Sloan Privat. Anin also pass in the middle. Lorraine’s side, rookie Moukandjo holds entry.”


  35. Lyon fan on Cissokho.

    “Every game, he puts the team in trouble by his defensive absences
    We can say what you want from him but he has no understanding of the game and absolutely no sense of placement.

    What are two flaws fatal to his position.”

    …Glad it’s not just me being picky then.


  36. bit like our own fans on simpson eh el toro well i think he will be very good player for us despite what you got to say mate


  37. all the sites at work are blocked ermmmm looks like iv found one thats not =) you did a deal for me here toonsy =P

    sweeeeet thats my nightshifts sorted for next week =P


  38. pay peanuts they get ………….

    and im a worker not a sherker the old fella told me to come on and check all the fake stuff he’s flogging on ebay…….

    he’ll gan to jail iv telt him once already !!!


  39. hes selling combination brief cases …… all the combinations are locked inside nee one can open them……….theres gana be hell on !!


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