Nolan’s “love affair” with Newcastle continues.

Peaches and Herb - Reunited?
First off I guess I’d like to say that the headline is wrong. The love affair with Newcastle is over, but it seems that Nolan’s love affair with Newcastle players is still as strong as ever.

I’ve personally never forgiven Nolan for telling Andy Carroll how fantastic a move to Liverpool would be and then appearing on their TV channel shortly after the move telling them how great he is and so on. Quite simply as a Captain of a football club he failed in his duty. In my opinion he should have been trying to keep hold of him rather than ushering him out the door. I feel he got away with that one lightly.

Of course Carroll has gone and he was followed by Nolan himself earlier on in the summer much to the dismay of some. I heard cries of “we’ll miss his influence” as we watched Nolan kissing his new West Ham badge, but when the only real “influence” he had since Christmas (before Carroll was sold/forced out/whatever) is over a move away from the club for a local lad then you have to question whether we’ll really miss his “influence” at all.

Look, I don’t want to rip Nolan to shreds. Quite frankly I could be here for a while doing that as there is a lot of him to rip to shreds,but it’s worth remembering that he got us some important goals and helped us get back into the Premier League. For that he should be thanked.

The thanks end there though.

Seemingly not intent with having a hand in persuading Andy Carroll to move he has now switched his attention to Joey Barton – a firm fan favourite – which is odd considering just how much Nolan claims to value the fans at NUFC.

We’ve heard how Joey would be great for West Ham, how they are a huge club, how Joey could look after Nolan. Looking at the size of the contract Nolan has signed – a contract Nolan is not actually worth in my opinion – I’d say that he is quite capable of looking after himself.

At a time when tapping up seems to be a hot topic we appear to be on the end of much the same treatment. Funny that eh?

Nolan should keep his gob shut and keep his nose out business that is no longer anything to do with him. What on earth gives him the right to talk about players at other clubs? Sure they are mates, but there is a professional boundary which Nolan is overstepping as he sets about continuing to reveal his true personality. Me, me, me.

I just don’t get what Nolan is up to. He got the contract he wanted, he’s had a moan and a whinge about the club after he went so why carry on? Perhaps he should focus in pulling his finger out for West Ham because I’ve been watching him and at this current moment in time I have to say that we are missing absolutely nothing at all.

What do you make of Nolan’s antics?

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79 thoughts on “Nolan’s “love affair” with Newcastle continues.

  1. Big Dave
    August 24, 2011 at 11:42

    “Reet have to do a bit of work”

    You’re not wrong mate – you’re comebacks are fcuking embarrassing. 😆


  2. I’m not particularly bothered by Nolan’s recent comments on Joey. That may be because I’d really not sweat if we lost Joey. Yes, I do think Gosling, Vukic or Benny could do his job, without all the “down sides” which I won’t bother repeating here.

    That said, if he stays, I do trust he’ll continue to deliver the goods and I’ll appreciate him for it. Happy either way. :mrgreen:

    I think Nolan’s enthusiasm was genuine.. by his own standards. He was 100% committed… as long as he was getting paid £60k a week into old age. As soon as that caveat wasn’t met, suddenly all the loyalty stuff went out of the window.

    And both he and Carroll have proven useless since leaving. Justice is indeed poetic sometimes. 😈


  3. Carroll will come good for the bin dippers, they don’t have anything to worry about there. Carroll and Suarez is a strike force we’d all give our left nut for.

    Nolan at wet spam? Meh. He’s found his level a championship player in a mediocre side.


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