Barton ‘forced’ into QPR move?

So long, farewell, and the rest...
Well first off I was at work pretty much all yesterday so I’ve been following the news about Joey Barton and a proposed move to QPR from a distance.

As things stand Barton is understood to have had a medical ahead of a move to Loftus Road. The move would bring us in zero cash and would serve no purpose other than to shave the wagebill a bit more.

To be honest I can’t say that I’m really surprised. I mean Barton has been available on a free for a while now and I always expected that a bid would come in from somewhere. I didn’t expect it to come from QPR however. Well maybe I did as he is a good player and most clubs will no doubt want good players. What I am surprised about is the fact that he is seemingly choosing to go to QPR despite his claims that he had no interest in leaving Newcastle to join another team unless they happened to be in the Champions League.

Last time I checked, Queens Park Rangers were not in the Champions League. It’s funny what a shiny new four year, Β£60,000-a-week contract can do isn’t it?

Now from this point you’re probably expecting me to go into some tirade about footballers being “greedy” and how they are “only in it for themselves” but to be honest it’s all old hat. We know the score. If Barton can get the deal he wants elsewhere then I can’t blame him to be honest.

I’ve read a couple of Tweets from Barton. One of them said about his hands being tied. By whom exactly? Could he not just sit out the last year of his contract in defiance like he said he was going to do? Surely someone as strong-willed as Barton is not being forced to do something he doesn’t want to do?

The other tweet that interested me was the one about the lack of a new contract offer from Newcastle pretty much making his mind up for him. Fair enough, but surely someone as intelligent as Barton appears to be would have looked at the form book and seen that when it comes to contract brinksmanship there is only one winner. he could asked his buddy Kevin Nolan, or even Andy Carroll for that matter.

As unfortunate as it is, it looks as though the end of the road is near and Joey Barton and Newcastle United will soon be heading their separate ways. Barton is a good player, but the end has been nigh for a while now so I can’t say that I’m really shocked, angry, appalled or anything. Much like Jose Enrique’s departure, I expected it so I’ve been prepared for it.

Where does it leave us on the pitch though? To be honest I don’t think it leaves much worse off, if any. Dan Gosling is almost a carbon copy of Barton in the sense that he can play in the exact same positions. We have Gabriel Obertan who can play on the right aswell as Sylvain Marveaux and Jonas Gutierrez who can do much the same. We have Yohan Cabaye and Cheik Tiote in the middle with Danny Guthrie as a backup and even Dan Gosling as a backup because he can play in the middle, and we have Mehdi Abeid and Haris Vuckic looking to make an impact this year and…… Well, you get my point. If there is one postion we can lose someone from – it’s midfield.

Whether or not we’ll lose his influence, well who knows. Only time will tell on that one although you could argue that having him around the place for the last few months whilst voicing his “concerns” about the club and, indirectly, his new team-mates is an influence that we could do without. On the pitch though, where it really matters, is where we could miss him the most. His ability is replaceable. He is far from the best English midfielder as he once famously claimed, but he is a leader who gets others around him riled up. We’ll miss that.

It’s been coming for a while though, and whilst the debate will rage on about the rights and wrongs of Joey Barton you can almost be certain that he won’t be our Joey Barton for much longer. One wonders how he will cope with living in the backyard of the London press, but still, it’s his choice.

Obviously that famous bridge builder wasn’t that good after all.

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132 thoughts on “Barton ‘forced’ into QPR move?

  1. Cigar time for Barton.
    My advice to the QPR fans, don’t go out to the clubs any time soon, πŸ˜₯


  2. No surprises really. He’s obviously very much aware of the fact that there’s nothing for him next season so he’s looking after his own best interests. He can hardly be blamed can he. At his age and particular point in his career, and allied to his past history, he has very few options open to him and therefore must take what he can. Chickens are coming home to roost for him now which is quite sad for a player of his ability. but he is what he is and all of his own making, sadly. Good luck son, you never know whats just around the corner. Thanks for the memories.


  3. i wonder if were gonna replace him πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  4. batty…don’t think we need to tbh, stilll need a ****in lb and striker though πŸ‘Ώ


  5. I tend to agree he could stay if he really wanted. He owes us that much. One point that needs to be made he has been at the Toon the same amount of time as Michael Owen was and has actually played 2 games less than him!!!.
    Anyway we sold Sir Les and Ginola who were real players so losing the likes of him will just be something else we need to get over.


  6. He has got options…stay for the reminder of his contract or move.

    But he’s probably in slightly better position to negotiate now given he’s in a contract rather than wait until becoming a free agent in the summer. There’s also a possibility he could redeem himself & earn a new contract if he stayed but I feel this is unlikely.

    I will miss Barton the player but not Barton the individual.


  7. benlyt Ben Lyttleton
    by FrenchFtWeekly
    L’Equipe says #NUFC want Nolan #Roux as Maiga deal dead. Has €8m buy-out. For more on him, see thi


  8. Actually, Joey is over rated. His goals and assists ratio in games played & started is pretty much exactly the same as Danny Guthrie’s, as pointed out by somebody on a previous post. Guthrie is seen as weak in terms of contribution. Why? He may not be as vocal as Barton, but he has the same production rate. In the 2 games Joey has started this term, he has got himself booked on each occasion. He has already been replaced on the set pieces by Cabeye, who appears to be better in dead ball situations, is a current France international, has a better mentality and has equal passing ability to him. A ready made replacement. People say we will miss his bite and drive from the middle. That’s what Tiote is for. If Joey stays he will continue to tweet for the rest of the season and unsettle the club. I think he’ll be a smashing signing for QPR, but after a few weeks Newcastle will not miss him.

    I feel that with him out of the picture, it gives the players like Gosling, Vuckic and Albeid a real chance to get game time and prove themselves. It also gives us an opportunity to inject pace into the wing. With Tiote and Cabeye the preferred choice in the midde, Barton was on the right naturally drifting in field and confusing the rhythm of play by getting wires crossed with Cabeye. Now we can hopefully inject pace to that in the form of a natural winger and watch the side play with a bit more attacking prowess.

    Not having to put up with the constant Joey Barton show in the press and twitter can only have a positive reflection on the club and dressing room alike. I’m sure it won’t take us as a whole to forget he was ever here. So much promise destroyed by so much attitude. πŸ™„


  9. rich divent worry aboot a striker we will get a right coup on the last day in carlton cole πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  10. Don’t know mate…..praying none of the good un’s…..still think Colo’s wages too high for anyone to take on…or maybe just hoping that’s the case πŸ˜•


  11. What do you expect when a player is put up for a free transfer. A good player and free sounds a bargain to QPR. Surprised MA hasnt bought him LOL. I was being ironic before anyone says owt!


  12. Agree with a lot being said. Looking at it now, I’m actually a little relieved that he’s gone. All the crap will be over with, Cabaye can take the free kicks now, and some talented young players can get the chance to shine and progress.

    I wonder how much his twitter following will drop in the next few months


  13. We’ll miss him for sure but what can you do?

    Hope and pray that Gosling, Marvueax and Ben Arfa stay fit.


  14. good luck joey lad. i aint gonna hate on ya like some

    thanks for the memories

    devenaa why he just doesnt get offered a contract. if coyle, martinez, wenger, pulis, bruce, moyes, redknapp, ferguson, jol, rodgers et al wanted to offer a player a contract – that player would be offered a contract!!

    if pardwho wanted him he should get owlheed to stop being a pure dik and offer the lad a contract

    otherwise dont come out and chat shii about “joey knows what i think, i like him, i want him to stay” – if you do then ******* do somit about it and stop whining like a ****

    have some BALLS like other MANAGERS. Your title is THE MANAGER – how about you MANAGE these situations

    think were letting pardwho get away scot free over this – theres puppet and theres muppet, and its doesnt take much to become the latter


  15. Joey criticises the board, infers they can’t be trusted, goes on a moral crusade about how he owes the club, owes the fans, is staying and going on a Bosman. Then he goes for cash. I understand that.

    But Joeys going in the same way the Club does business – for the best deal. Its hypocritical of him to slam the club. Just like Carroll and Nolan before him, they release statements that don’t stand up to scrutiny, the deals the most important thing on all sides, with changing circumstance.

    Neither player or club – in all cases – should be criticised for doing the deal, but players leaving can’t be forgiven for undermining the club when they’re going. It shows they care about their own image before the club and fans.


  16. His Twitter following may drop in the coming months, but I doubt the output will decrease. Hopefully, it won’t take too long for his drivel to stop appearing in the Newsnow feeds.


  17. I must admit since he has discovered “twitter” I have found him immature and tedious.I think he sees himself as some sort of icon.I enjoyed his performances last season and he was easily our most influential player,but this season apart from getting himself in silly situations I think his performances have been below average.He seems to have started enjoying the limelight and seeing his name bandied about everywhere,,and for someone as fragile as Joey that can be very dangerous.Thanks Joey for last season you was a pleasure to watch,but like yourself and your agent I agree it’s time you moved on.


  18. I believe he was worthy of a contract.

    However, the current situation was unhealthy and he probably saw himself sitting on the bench whilst Pardew tried to justify the new signings.

    I believe we will be weaker without him.


  19. Stuart79
    August 25, 2011 at 08:45

    We’ll miss him for sure but what can you do?….

    you can join batty – hitman & myself in boycotting the club until the fat piece of shyte starts running the club properly or he f@cks off for good.


  20. not too excited about the boy Roux, judging from youtube vids anyway….

    looks slow (or at least not fast) and his scoring record isn’t too impressive either, only 6 goals in Ligue 1 last season


  21. Pieters agent: “I don’t know the exact numbers of Newcaste’s offer, but I’m pretty sure the transfer will go ahead”.


  22. @JJ, like I’ve been saying all week Pieters will be in for Fulham game. Revealed before the game. Nothing more than gut feeling, but I still think it will happen.


  23. dont reckon we’ll miss barton on the pitch, players might miss him round training and in the dressing room tho.
    it’s been obvious he wanted to leave and shows just how much hassle other managers think he is when the only club interested is qpr – sorry joey but you’re a legend in your own lunchtime and you’re stats on the field dont stand up to scrutiny


  24. An extract from a Chronicle artice today…..

    Piet van der Pol feels that his client will sign for the Magpies in due course and insisted United’s interest in the defender is genuine, he told the Dutch media today: “Newcastle’s interest is very serious and Erik finds the club a real challenge.

    Van de Pol thinks Erik’ll find the club a challenge? A slight understatement don’t you think?


    Read More


  25. Just waiting for Big Dave to come on and tell us how Joey was ‘forced’ out. He will ignore the 5 year 60k a week and the fact he went back on his agreement to sign a 3 year deal with NUFC.


  26. Losing barton is a massive blow in my eyes. But it was coming so dont think anyone can be suprised by it. Just hope we get two players over this magic line pardew keeps talkin about πŸ™‚ maybe if we concentrating on agreeing transfer fees and wages instead of some magical place in narnia we d be sorted πŸ™‚


  27. JB was offered a contract, he turned it down, he then had pops at the management and the offer was removed and free transfer given – the only person who has tied JBs hands is himself.

    Decent player, will miss him but don’t think he should be martyred by any fans that JB has been a victim, he is where he is through his actions and lack of apology for those actions.

    QPR is weird though, yes new owner and they’ll give him money but statdium doesn’t have mucn room for improvement, fan base is never going to be massive and the manager is as volatile as JB himself.


  28. If you remember one of my articles on barton. i don’t think it would be a great loss. There is no doubt he’s a good player but like many have said if it gives gosling/vukic more time (havn’t seen enough of the new lad abeid yet) that can only be a good thing, We still have ben arfa to come back too. A big if but if we get a LB/S in regardless of joey going we’ll have had a good summer and it will certainly be Pardews team.


  29. Carroll wants to wear No.9 for life, Jose want’s to play for champs league side, Barton will only move to a ‘big’ club. Oh wait…


  30. Surprised he would actually join a relegation battle like the one he didnt want to be part of here and disappointed, Though i suppose this was brought on by his own stupidity reneging on an agreed contract, The same thing Nolan was blaming the club for doing a week or so back πŸ™„

    If he’d followed Steven Taylors lead and kept his mouth shut and more than likely get taken off the transfer list and get given a deal when the club stance softened but he decided to slag his employers in public.

    Shame and another of our better players from last season gone, Can we have our new striker and left back now please mr fat mick sir…


  31. @stardust

    In defence of Big Dave, as he is obviously not available to respond and may miss your slander;

    When did Joey go back on his agreement to sign a 3 year deal with NUFC.

    The facts are;

    Barton originally wanted a 4 year deal and Pardew came out in the press and stated he wanted to sign him and said he had 5 or 6 years left at the top.
    Within a week, Barton was offered a 2 year contract! That undermined Barton and Pardew!

    Barton was unhappy and had it out with Lambias and according to Barton, they shook hands on further negotiations being made to reach a compromise in the summer.

    When Barton returned to negotiate, the 2 year offer was withdrawn and he was told there was no contract on offer anymore.

    It was then that Barton felt compelled to open his twitter account and give his version of events.

    Fully understandable.

    No 3 yr offer was ever given to Barton.

    Why do you distort the facts to suit your own needs, just like you do with Saylor.? πŸ˜•


  32. If lee ryders sayn nolan roux is a target then i believe it!!!!! Lets het him in b4 1st sept he luks mint


  33. Also just a little add if Barton is ‘the best english midfielder at the moment’ and has all of these amazing qualities and is as good a player as he and some thinks he is why have we had no bids in the last 18months/when he was on the transfer list/when he was available for free except from Newly promoted QPR? Surely a top 4 side would want him or even a team like villa/everton? Why not? Because for all his qualities the joey barton show is too much hassle for the player that actually comes with it.


  34. I think Shamrock says it all about how rose-tinted some opinions of Joey’s play are. But there is a certain spark when he plays too, and that’s reflected in the win rate when he plays.

    BUT I’ll be very relieved when he’s gone. It’s no fun being a laughing stock, and believe me – once you’re in a place that isn’t full of Toon, that’s what the club has been with him around. Dare I say it – he’s caused that far more than the management for the past year or so. Which takes some doing.

    I wish him well, but looking at some of his tweets, you do start to think “going off the edge”. He’s not well, he’s bought into his own hype and thinks he’s some intellectual folk hero like his equally pretentious mate Morrissey. Sadly, I can’t see Joey staying on the wagon for long and I’m just glad QPR are taking the risk instead of us.

    With him gone, I think we can finally start to move forward with a new squad with enthusiasm that doesn’t rely on serious mental issues to maintain.

    As for ‘forced out’, of course that’s utter crap. He SHOULD have been fired years ago. THAT is being forced out.


  35. Troy; come on – that’s a ridiculously bent view of it. Barton was made an offer and walked away. He knew that he was running the risk – given his habit of causing big problems for the club – of being made surplus to requirements should other players (Vukic, Guthrie, Gosling) prove to provide the same services without the cost or hassle.

    He took a big gamble and lost out. So he threw a huge, teenager-style hissy fit in public.

    Total tit. Good riddance.


  36. all in all..he did all this 2 suit himself…some people fell 4 it..some didnt..he speaks like MP and acts like a scum bag…every player blames the board and players who have left…all these players wonted better contracts…greed played more of a part…we luv this club was the word..they all used..blamed the board to get out of the toon…simple we are moving forward with or wthout them…gosling is better player..with more pace and will score lot more goals…not a miss 4 me..apart from getting up for games..his heart was never in why did pardew fall for it and bring him straight back in…thats what joey is all about lies…


  37. @whumpie

    If you want to side with lies from Stardust or the facts as reported, then that is your decision. πŸ˜•


  38. Troy
    “Why do you distort the facts to suit your own needs, just like you do with Saylor.?”

    How hypocritical you are…

    Stating asumptions as fact to suit the need is your field of specialism Bobs.


  39. In bartons defence however his lass is just about to have a sprog so he wants a place for them to settle down and the kid to grow up.


  40. I feel let down by both sides – the club and the player – and they can both take a share of the blame for me.

    First off, the club should be tying up our best players and especially player of the season. He is a tough character to manage and needs a good manager. Pardew has completely failed in managing Joey Barton. Fact.

    My main gripe is Joey to be honest.

    Here was our rebellious leader sticking it to the man and even though footballers have no loyalty and only move for the money (even though they kiss the badge and pledge fealty) a lot of us believed Joey and thought he was different.

    He came across as a man of his word and someone who would represent the fans against the club. A real figurehead in the battle against the heirachy and them raping and pillaging our club.

    He has proven he hasn’t got the balls or the fight we thought he had. He has proven he is like the rest when it comes to looking after No.1 and chasing the money.

    Don’t blame him for that, lost all respect for him because of it though.

    Any fans who go on about him giving us bad press….Oh no! Let’s all have a cry because the press print something bad about our glorious NUFC! Like that hasn’t been happening for a decade and will continue, with our without Joey. Really don’t understand why you give a ****. It is an advantage in my book as with characters like Joey around, it gives us a siege mentality and us against the world…..always gained us results and that sort of attitude was the reason we went to Stamford Bridge, The Emirates and various other grounds to get results last season.


  41. Rorycn – fair point. Not an excuse, but fair point.

    I’m past being angry with him; just want his name attached to any other club but ours. We’ve got a good strategy going (I may rescind that on Sept 1st!) and I think he was the last barrier to pursuing it uninterrupted.


  42. The “facts” as reported where Bobs… In the tabloids?
    Or statements made by Willie McKay… Hahahaha.

    I work for a newspaper, trust me, there are rarely any facts reported. Less it seems when it comes to the UK press and football.

    It’s all opinion, quoted opinion, sourced opinion and spin doctored opinion… And if you happen to fall apon a rare opinion that tells the full truth, it is very rare.


  43. Goals and assists ratios – gave seen Luka Modric’s stats? They actually don’t mean that much in all circumstances, I love the way as soon as a player leaves everyone calla them crap and not needed and suddenly others are good enough or better. At the end of the day the squad has been weakened again, but let’s wait and see what the rest of the window brings, if anything


  44. Troy

    You sound like Asim πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ “you hate that always I’m right”.

    We all knew Enrique and Barton would go, the only surprise was how long it took.


  45. Totally of topic I know but i just thought i’d share it all with you.

    It was 21 years ago today that I made my first journey walking up the Milburn steps holding my Granddads hand and witnessing my very first match at St James. A 2 – 0 win over Plymouth. I remember the ore of seeing those black & white clad gladiators in person for the first time like it was yesterday

    These 21 years have flown by, it’s certainly been a rollercoaster ride and I’ve loved every single minute of it. Over this period I’ve witnessed a lot of players leave, many of which a dam sight better than a Mr Joseph Barton. He won’t be missed by this nostalgic individual


  46. QPR reportedly offer Barton a three year deal at 80k a week.

    Think he’s worth it Troy. That’s more or less the same time length we offered but 30k a week more.

    Doubt he’s doing it for the money though eh. Surely he should refuse and ask for a 4-5 year deal.


  47. A completely off-topic point: Did anyone else see the Bindippers-Exeter game?

    See Carroll’s face after his goal?

    I’ve never seen a man look so disinterested after scoring. I know it was an inconsequential goal in a minor cup game – but to not even smile? Ever see him do that in a black and white shirt?

    He ain’t happy. Not one bit.

    Awwww. πŸ˜†


  48. Is there not a pattern emerging here that many on here are failing to see?

    It just so happens that the top earners or those who have all been able to attract better contracts elsewhere have been shipped out.

    The club simply don’t pay decent premier wages and therefore, naturally, the player doesn’t feel valued by the club and naturally decides to go where another club will value their worth.

    Many people need to get over this loyalty talk. A player will naturally go where they get paid the most money and feel valued.

    What is wrong with that? Barton IMO has done the right thing for him and his family. Goodluck to him.


  49. Moreno
    August 25, 2011 at 10:13

    “First off, the club should be tying up our best players and especially player of the season. He is a tough character to manage and needs a good manager. Pardew has completely failed in managing Joey Barton. Fact.”

    Disagree. He got him back on board and pulling for the team after the whole thing of the summer. Funnily enough a lot of people were saying how impressed they were with Pardew’s handling of the situation at the weekend….

    Why does typing FACT make people think it really is a FACT when in actual FACT it’s merely an O P I N I O N…..

    “He came across as a man of his word and someone who would represent the fans against the club. A real figurehead in the battle against the heirachy and them raping and pillaging our club.”

    Maybe so, but when it’s the hierachy that employs there is only one winner. Maybe they feel pissed off that somebody they stuck with while he was in prison/out injured for the first two and a half years has been so vocal against them?

    End of the day you can “stick it the man” as much as you like, but “the man” often wins which is why he is the man in the first place πŸ™‚


  50. I would hope the pieters deal goes through seems closer now his agents talking it up, I would rather cissoko mind but a bit pricey.

    I wouldnt know nolan roux from danny le rue so i cant comment on his ability, He seems to have been linked with the bindippers quite a lot this season (not sure if thats a a good thing or a bad this with kennys signings TBH)


  51. Toonsy,

    Pardew has failed to control Joey for months now. Particularly off the pitch. Is that not so?

    “Maybe they feel pissed off that somebody they stuck with while he was in prison/out injured for the first two and a half years has been so vocal against them?”

    Ah right, so they did it out of loyalty to Joey? Don’t believe that for a minute! You either sell him (difficult when in jail or injured) or terminate his contract (losing a huge initial investment).

    You’re right that the man always wins though, doesn’t mean we have to like it when we are the reason he is the man in the first place with our custom…


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