Brest striker Nolan Roux offered to Newcastle.

Nolan Roux offerd to Newcastle
According to L’Equipe Newcastle have been offered the chance to sign to sign Stade Brest striker Nolan Roux with a the French club requesting a fee of around €8 million for the 23-year-old.

My first reaction was one of amazement as I wondered just who the hell he is?

This of course prompted me to take a bit of a look at the player and see what he is all about. When your only brush with a player has been on the computer game ‘Football Manager’ a good few years ago then I guess you’d need to take a look at what he has achieved in real life, hence why I’m here writing this. Just as a sidenote his transfer into my virtual team never really worked out as I recall which means that I dislike him right from the get-go. It may be petty but those that play Football Manager will understand.

Anyway, back to the real world. Nolan Roux may have a name that sounds similar to what a strip club run by a former captain of ours may have, but that is where the similarities with Kevin Nolan end. I just found it amusing so I put it in there. Sorry.

Looking at his goals record I’d have to say there isn’t a lot there to fill me with optimism. On the surface of it 23 goals in 64 appearances for club and country doesn’t seem too bad, but when you consider that 15 of those goals came whilst he was playing in the French second division you can perhaps see why I’m so concerned. If the Premier league is a step up from Ligue 1, then how many steps up is it from Ligue 2?

Whilst I’m an about the Premier League, does it not wind you up when English people call it the ‘BPL’? To my mind it’s never been a British Premier League. Also the Premiership was disbanded years ago. Keep up people. I’m glad I’ve got that off my chest.

Chest rhymes with Brest which takes me back to the player in question. Apparently we’ve not made an enquiry for the player and instead his current employers have offered him out to us. Presumably they know that we are searching for a striker and have been camped in France since God knows when.

I mean just look at what’s happened to Graham Carr (pictured right) as a result!

Whether or not Newcastle are intending to take a serious look at the player is unknown. Roux was strongly linked with Liverpool not so long back so they must have taken a look at him and rated him enough to register an interest.

On the other side of that though they mustn’t have rated him enough to firm up any interest. Does that mean that he wouldn’t be good enough for us aswell? To be honest I think that is opening up a whole different can of worms but if you wish to do so then I’ve left the tin opener on the side.

I guess it’s time for the obligatory YouTube compilation video now, so here it is.

So will it happen? Pass. Do I want it to happen? Pass. Are Newcastle even interested? Pass. Or is it Brest just wanting a few bucks? Who knows. I don’t.

What I will say is that whilst his goal record is perhaps not the best, he has time on his side and can improve. He seems to fit the criteria that we are looking for and to be fair I’m getting to the point where any striker will do now. Well, not literally but you get my point hopefully.

What do you make of him? Would you have him at Newcastle? Or would you say Brest is best for Nolan Roux?

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82 thoughts on “Brest striker Nolan Roux offered to Newcastle.

  1. Ice…..Whickham may well turn out a good un, but like us the Scum need a goalscorer now, not in a year or 2’s time 😀


  2. Just a though but when people call it BPL are you sure they mean British?
    They could mean Barclays Premier League. That would at least make sense.
    I normally just call it the PL. I’m like the BBC: impartial and fair and I don’t do advertising. 😉


  3. Ah gazumped at comment 4. That’ll teach me to not use the desktop client on my phone instead of the Android one. 😳


  4. ” Thank **** for that,

    puts that one to bed….

    funny as I thought he wasn’t joing us as he was fighting for his place at PSG”

    Haway Moreno.
    You know he wasn’t joining us because nobody at either club knows whether we actually put in a bid for him or not. 😆
    Oh and because he didn’t fancy Uncle Ashley’s play for Argos coupons bonus scheme. 😈


  5. The majority of those goals in that vid up there ^ were very good goals – goals that show skill rather than the poor quality of the other team. I say go for it, he’s young, obviously got talent. I think the only risk seems to be can we keep him out of injuries? Also if a player is offered to clubs i bet we can (MA favorite past time) haggle the price a bit. I still think we need a martins/owen esque player to go up front – speed and a great finisher.


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