Is Joey about to snub QPR to stay at Newcastle?

Will he stay or will he go?
One thing that has struck me over these last few days is the look of Joey Barton. I’m not on about his hair or anything like that. Instead I mean his body language, his expressions. That kind of thing.

He’s not looked like a happy bunny to be fair and whilst he may have travelled to London to complete a medical and some formalities ahead of a proposed move to Queens Park Rangers he actually looks as though he doesn’t want to go. It’s merely the impression that I got from seeing him on Sky Sports News and so on, although having read his subsequent tweets about “needing thinking time” I’d say that he is hardly jumping with joy about a move to Loftus Road.

I’d still like him to stay. I think a lot of people would like him to stay, including Alan Pardew. This is what he said after the match against Scunthorpe United last night:

“I don’t really know what I can add to what Joey has been saying. I think he trusts me as a manager and I think he trusts the staff here. He has a bond with the players and he knows he can come back here and we will take care of him. But by the same token he has an offer to go elsewhere that is obviously making him think.”

So the door is still open for Barton to turn down QPR and remain a Newcastle player. You never know, perhaps a new contract could be offered to him throughout the season providing he gets his head down and gets on with playing the game.

On the other hand however I would completely understand it if Barton does end up accepting the contract on offer from QPR. The fact is that he might get a contract offer from Newcastle whereas he is guaranteed one at QPR. Isn’t continuous employment what we all try and do?

It depends on whether or not Barton wants to gamble with his future by sticking with us knowing full well that it may not be beyond the end of this season, although it’s also worth pondering the fact that if he turns down QPR now and stays with us he may well alert another club who might make a move in the summer.

It’s up to the player I guess, which is quite obviously why he wants “thinking time”. Will he stay or will he go?

Put simply I just don’t know as, in my mind, there is a chance of either scenario happening.

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93 thoughts on “Is Joey about to snub QPR to stay at Newcastle?

  1. of course we want him to stay.. his is top quality and a hand full for any other team. He might not have samba flair but he is full of true english grit and i love him for that. i just wish he had laid off the twitter. i think twitter, facebook and all these things are pathetic and instead of enhancing your life, actually cause nothing but hassle for many people.. joey one of them. i have no idea if he will stay or go like.


  2. Hope he stays.

    If nothing else then because we know he won’t be replaced.

    In my eyes he’s just really hoping NUFC will offer him some sort of contract extension.

    Fatman won’t oblige though of course. πŸ™„


  3. Said it before. He doesn’t want to go to QPR, he wants to stay, but his position has become unattenable.
    QRP probably offered him the same deal as we have or one that isn’t worth the extra to move to QPR.
    Joey and Fatman should slug it out and then shake hands and get on with it.

    Joey knows it’s best for him to stay. Fatman knows it’s best for the club. Pardew want’s Joey.

    Be men and sort it out.


  4. I see Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew have their own ‘sub-sections’ on newsnow.

    Must get discussed a canny bit then πŸ˜†


  5. well onething is for sure if he was a money grabbing c@nt with no real love for the club, he would have been away by now just like Captain Fantastic Tugboat Nolan.
    I will be over the moon if he stays, but I think there will be a few of the Fatmans Financial Advisors on here that wont be too happy. πŸ˜†


  6. Moreno – Ashley has always had one in the business section. They must have just finally updated to include Newcastle.


  7. @8, wonder if we’ll ever see any of the Celtic fans on here now they are out of europe.

    But some bait up on newsnow toonsy, make it a tenious link between us and Foster leaving for european football. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰


  8. “But sources close to the 28-year-old have told Sportsmail that Newcastle may be having second thoughts.”

    Never believe the mail but hope its true he brought this on himself and the club have proved a point but maybe even fat mick can see this is cutting his nose off to spite his face.

    Wouldnt bet on it like… πŸ™„


  9. Micky – I’ve always maintained that I have the Jocks pussywhipped. I can catch thousands of them at a time. I may do it later.

    Me and Kev Fletcher (the ed from NUFC Mad) talk about how easy it is to get them to bite. In fact I see he has done it already. The opening line of this just about sums it up

    I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a “hun” or of being the one that set Lennon the bombs and packages and so on again πŸ™„


  10. Joey7BartonJoseph Barton
    Going to have to make a decision today, its only fair to all parties.
    1 minute ago


  11. Hit the nail on the head Toonsy – apply the Joey Barton contract drama to our own working life and it would be a no brainer – we all take time mulling things over (such as change in jobs not to mention relocation etc) but the media highlight it all the time and magnify it, so he actually has very little time. Whatever people say, footballers view it as a JOB, a privileged one, but a JOB, and its a short working one at that.

    I empathise with Joey, as I do Pardew – AP could well have said “give me another season like you did last year and let me tell the owners to give you a new contract” (hence the ‘trust comment’ from AP). With water under the bridge, you never know what could happen (there is not a great precedent on this I know and I am looking at the glass half full I know before you jump on me!).

    I don’t want to get caught up with conjecture, but I agree that Joey looks settled at NUFC and that is something he probably hasn’t had in his life, ever (with all his troubles). Fingers crossed he’ll stay – he was never going to be playing last night anyway – and we can all move on (once this window is shut!).

    What ever decision he makes, Joey clearly loves our Club (as much as people say a footballer can and that’s not meant to sound derogatory!) and has voiced (rightly or wrongly) views on the way it has been run over the previous few years – I know I would rather have a Changing Room full of JB’s (horrific thought ha ha) than a Changing Room full of Boumsongs/Luque’s/Owens/Viana’s etc.


  12. Ashley; “Derek, cancel Pieters medical, Joeys coming back! Add Β£60k per week back on our weekly outgoings”

    Who mentioned Pieters was on his way, toonsy, Thad. πŸ˜†


  13. Troy – You’re starting to sound like a cat in a litter tray with all that scratching around your doing. It’s uncomfortable to watch 😳


  14. Toonsy – I think Bobby’s just found out the bull**** bus that Batty sold him was a cut and shut job. πŸ˜†


  15. Toonsy @ 25

    On the contrary, it’s excellent viewing πŸ˜†

    For the record, I’m with Bobby, won’t believe it until I see it.


  16. come on Pards, sort this mess out!! if you want him to stay ring him and let him know. its like MA & Pards playing tug of war with joey being the rope.. Pards needs to show more balls and speak to MA regarding Joey.

    Pardew says he would be β€œ100%” open to Barton coming back to the club and he told the Chronicle: β€œAt the moment, Joey is thinking long and hard about his future.
    β€œHe knows what is happening in respect of the team and the players.
    β€œHe also knows he can come back here and it is a good environment.
    β€œHe might want to try to stay here and improve the club’s situation.
    β€œHe might take QPR on, but it is his decision.
    β€œWe might have to live and die by it.
    β€œHe is an important player for us and has a role to play.”
    When pressed on if he was hopeful of additions before the window closes, Pardew said: β€œYes we are. We are working to do it, but that is not my side of the job.
    β€œHopefully, we can get one or two over the line.”


  17. To be honest I would gladly see the back of him if we would replace him but if not it would be ideal for us to keep him.


  18. CaulkinTheTimes George Caulkin

    Futile attempting to pre-empt the man himself, but #NUFC mood music this morning was that Barton is joining QPR. We’ll see soon enough.


  19. he must stay we cant afford to give our best players away no club can in reality never mind with the financial restraints at our club now get round a table and get it sorted. COME ON BERWICK RANGERS HA


  20. I honestly don’t understand why you would ever think we would make any kind of bid for Pieters until the final day of the window.

    I still think it will fall thro and I’m certain that it won’t happen til the last few hours.

    You must have learnt something from me over the past 2 yrs or so.

    I know how this regime operate.

    Believe me and jump in board the reality train to save your embarrassment. 😳 πŸ˜†


  21. @Troy

    so in 1 hr youve gone from “We won’t sign Pieters. Dream on boys”

    to “I still think it will fall thro and I’m certain that it won’t happen til the last few hours”

    so youre covering both angles..very wise πŸ˜‰


  22. Ahh Joey, ever the drama queen……

    Scene – Outside: Joey stands proudly on a hill top over looking the city of Newcastle. The wind teases the rat like tendrils of hair that adorns his head. He has a decision to make, he know if he leaves to quickly the Newcastle Fans will think him to be greedy. He has to make this look like a decision that is hard to make, his thumb hovers over the keypad of his phone. Swallowing hard, he knows it’s time….. He methodically types : Going to have to make a decision today, its only fair to all parties.

    With his work done and the sun setting on the horizon, Joey heads back into town, knowing he will still be loved by the Geordie faithful..
    The End


  23. Dave – Easy. I’ll take that one. My bus is smooth and worry free 😎

    Troy’s train shortens life expectancies πŸ™‚


  24. Haha aussie Love it! You should try get that mad into a movie! Defo oscar material πŸ˜†


  25. @mark

    My original point was with Thad who said yesterday lunch time that he was confident we would sign Pieters within 72hrs.

    Knowing how we operate I stated I would show my arse in Fenwicks window if that was the case. And challenged him to do likewise.

    If there’s one thing that is so predictable is reading the situation. PSV are in need of cash.
    Petiers wants a transfer or better terms from PSV and will use us to gain either.

    PSV are aware we are desperate for a LB.

    This is a game of cat and mouse and both sides will be playing the waiting game.

    My point about us not signing him ultimately depends on how cute his agent is. If he thinks he will drag this on to get a good contract for his player then the deal will fail.
    It’s a difficult one as he’s not a striker who demand big wages but he is a Dutch international.

    I will put my hands up and say it’s a hard one to call but the easy part is to know nothing will happen, if at all until deadline day.

    Can’t see how some can’t read it. πŸ˜•


  26. I’d be happy if he stays. Anything to irritate Ashley. Besides that, we’re still short handed, experienced hands anyways – and it’ll be a few months before Cabaye takes over as boss of the midfield.


  27. Troy probably had just a little train set when he was a boy, certainly not as big as his dad’s, and he’s had this complex about it for a long long time.


  28. Poor old Fenwick’s, what did they ever do to deserve all these random bums being thrust upon their windows?

    Troy, he who laughs last laughs longest… and I will be laughing for a very long time come Sunday when Pieters has signed. No doubt by then you’ll have decided to murder your current persona and “reincarnate” into some other faceless nameless troll.


  29. @Troy.. depends on how cute his agent is, well he’s certainly no Cheryl Cole but some mite find him cute 😯

    @Toonsy RE:Jobey07β€²s cringeworthy I wont even show you mine πŸ˜† oh matron..


  30. @toonsy

    There have been rumours of agreed fees with Gervinho, Gameiro etc.

    I honestly haven’t checked out whether he was having a medical when you suggested he was.

    I’m that confident of being right .

    Last chance to jump on board.

    Anyone with Toonsy and Thad on the dream bus or the Reality Train driven by. Bobbys mystic powers! πŸ˜†


  31. Thad, please be gentle with Troy… He has to be clear headed as he types up all his excuses…..


  32. Troy – Stop being a **** and look at the facts.

    1 – Pardew has said we are interested in him.

    2 – The player has said he wants the move.

    3 – His agent has said that a deal should be done.

    4 – The player says that he has played his last game for PSV and may be on the bench on Sunday against Fulham.

    These are non-disputable facts that are backed up with words from all parties.


  33. @toonsy

    Speaking of faceless nameless troll. I set my avatar up yesterday and it’s not appearing.
    Will it be on the avatar site where the problem is or is it yours.

    Feel free to jibe. πŸ˜†


  34. Slightly off topic but what is fenwicks? N why do people always say they will show there arse off there if they are wrong?


  35. @Johno Toon

    summit to do with Bernie Slaven and showing his crack in Boro (i think)

    If Barton stays I’ll show my tiny pigeon co** in harrods window..


  36. @mark

    I went under the knife yesterday and also had pec implants.

    I’m impressed with the early results but I’m struggling to fit in my White linen suit which was is now tight around the chest.

    I’m waiting for my hair transplant, so ive had horse hair sewn in the sides of my White trilby to look like I’ve got a big mane!

    Early day but well worth the dosh if anyone is thinking about doing it. πŸ˜† 😎


  37. Toonsy my article will be with you within the next hour. Feeling a lot better today as I have been able to sit down and concentrate on it unlike previous days when I couldn’t do much on it.


  38. All this talk about arses in Fenwicks window. Do they actually let you do this? Which till would you buy this experience at? Is it one of those red letter day experiences you can buy? A special Newcastle one?
    “Bare you arse in Fenwicks window for a day. For only Β£22 you can treat you or a friend to an experience of a life time. Stripped naked and bent over in one of Newcastle most famouse department store windows, you and your arse will be the (brown)star attraction for one day. You will be able to marvel at the people choking on their greggs sausage roll as they quickly turn around and stop looking at the hairy arse now on display between the womens handbags and childrens toys. Limited time offer.”


  39. Troy – Essentially all you have to do is make sure you use the same e-mail on Gravatar and on here. That is all.


  40. Actually there’s a Fenwicks in London too, so I suppose it could be used there if you lived down south and couldn’t make it to Newcastle.

    I might start selling this on ebay.


  41. You could be onto something there Mickey! Be one for all the tourist to do! I expect to see a leaflet in my hotel next time im in Newcastle πŸ™‚


  42. My puzzled look is in relation to your rant Toonsy.

    I think you have misread the situation. πŸ˜•

    We will see who is right tho.


  43. Troy,
    I think Bobbies now taken full control of your body from the grave, and he’s come back as an even bigger tosser than he was when he died πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰


  44. @ Troy

    lol sounds good m8. did the people at the instusion tell you it was linen. have you not noticed the straps on the back.

    I dig the trilby and horse mane, I might purchase one myself for wor lass just to hide her hideous eyebrows and large shoulders..


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