Llambias should be sacked for this controversy!

Llambias and his dodgy dealings.
So we’ve apparently been reported twice this week for our actions in the transfer market.

Odd when you consider the lack of transfer action has been the source of much ire amongst fans.

First we had Sochaux register a complaint with UEFA alleging that we just wouldn’t leave their striker, Modibo Maiga, alone. To be fair you could see there was a rabbit away when the player himself came out and told the world that he’d met people at Newcastle and how he wanted to move, wouldn’t play again etc etc. I knew then that something wasn’t right. Sochaux were unhappy that we hadn’t been given permission to talk to the player.

Now we have Charlton Athletic registering a complaint with the Football League over our attempts to sign their goalkeeper Rob Elliot. Charlton are said to be unhappy with the lowballing that we seem to employ with every transfer. Which, in fairness, is probably the reason why it takes us so long to get a deal done, unless the player is free of course. Look at how quickly the deal was done for Sylvain Marveaux for example. Charlton are also not happy with the fact that we didn’t have permission to talk to the player.

Ultimately there is one man responsible for sorting out the transfers at Newcastle. Mike Ashley may get the bulk of the backlash from fans whilst Pardew gets called a puppet or a patsy, but it’s Derek Llambias who is responsible for the direct transfer decisions and, more importantly, how we go about pursuing players.

That seems to be the key area – how we go about transfers. We talk to players without permission which is just not on in my opinion. You can piss and moan about the transfer spending and what not, but it’s not illegal. What Llambias has been up to is though, and that should mean the end of the road for him at Newcastle.

I say should, but we all know that it won’t mean the end of the road for him.

To me Derek Llambias is bringing the club into disrepute. I don’t dispute the fact that this talking to agents doesn’t go on behind the scenes, but there is clearly a way to do these things, and clearly Llambias doesn’t know how to go about it.

His actions could very easily cost the club money in the form of fines and so on. In the most extreme case it could lead to a transfer embargo being put upon the club, and it’s all been brought about by him thinking he is a clever dick during negotiations. Not everyone will stand for it, as has been shown by these two complaints.

It’s just another thing in a long line of catastrophic events that Llambias has overseen. Perhaps he should concentrate on getting his own job in order being being so quick to sledgehammer the fans if they step out of line.

Personally I feel that removing Llambias would remove a large part of the problem between fan and board. Take Chris Mort as the example. He was equally as calculating and conniving and even played a bigger part in the whole Kevin Keegan debacle than Llambias, which a lot of people seem to forget/gloss over, but he had people skills and the ability to talk to fans. That is what a lot of people want – communication from the top rather than leaving the whoever the manager may be to take all of the flak all of the time.

As much as I feel I have a point, I also feel it’s was a waste of time me writing this article as it’s never going to happen.

However having this little rant makes me feel better.

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107 thoughts on “Llambias should be sacked for this controversy!

  1. so we want the chairman sacked. every ****in chairman we’ve ever had deserved the sack man.
    christ, i remember lord westwood (the pirate).

    i rest my case


  2. stardy i know you have no spine as bobby told me you used too be 6ft 3 but now you look like a heffalump 😉


  3. Batts – 74 – 😆

    Nee mate of mine – thought he was yours – didn’t you share topless pictures on footballers on facebook? 😆


  4. ” I dont think there will be a ban on transfer even if found guility.”

    Oh well. That’s ok then.
    Lads, tell Dekka and Mike to go and lowball more clubs to irritate them and unsettled their players. Tell them to continue with the blatant tapping up as well.
    It’s worth taking the risk and its all gonna be ok cos some bloke on a blog thinks it is.


  5. Stardust@68 … spot on. He’s also someone who’d doesn’t bow to every ill-informed whim of the loudest fan majority too. About time …


  6. Do I have the best girlfriend in the world or What??? A shirt with a NUFC emblem completely hand-stitched by hers 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Am a bit too proud and excited guys,so sorry for the showoff.. 😳


  7. batty says:
    August 26, 2011 at 15:18
    the love affair starts @88 it will end in tears

    It’ll end in VD!


  8. Llambias is a class 1 Kant, his contempt for anyone outside the 2 man boardroom is legendary but one day he will get his just deserts, it nearly happened in a bar at the Darlington game and no wonder we struggle in the transfer market with this rshole at the helm.
    Where else in business would you see such a figure of hate at the helm of such a big concern, many players have already spoke publicly about him and suffered the consequences, i dont go along with this ******* about not speaking ill of your employers, no one ever said a word out of turn about SJH and Freddie Shepherd, why?, because they treat people with respect, this club will never be as ” One” with Baldrick at the helm.


  9. Robert @ 94

    Short memory – don’t you recall Freddie’s utterances in the Spanish brothel /


  10. Jimmy3Knees – always supported Ashley in the main, was gutted when he sacked CH, but the majority of decisions are correct – when put on the correct time line and in accordance with circumstance at the time. Its easy for fans with little intellect to be hindsight heroes.


  11. On ESPN:
    ” “I’m hoping so, but the finance side of it is out of my hands,” he said. “I’ve highlighted the players I want and I’m hoping that the board will get them over the line as quick as they can.””

    Lol. Pardew’s sick of them fannying around too, by the sounds of it.


  12. ” Its easy for fans with little intellect to be hindsight heroes.”

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. 😆

    It must be terribly lonely for you being the cleverest person on the planet.
    Especially when most other people don’t even see how clever you are – they just think you’re wrong.
    Poor underestimated Stardust. 😆


  13. Robert@94 … ok, I’m probably gunna regret this! takes deep breath … – But exactly why is Llambias “a class 1 kant” Where is the evidence? What exactly is this shining example of proof to back up the utterly mental ground swell of opinion that statements such as that are indisputable fact?

    Enlighten us … (but i do stress the word FACT)

    and while you’re at it, he’s another little question for you- Even IF he is, as you say “a Kant” … then what sort of person, would you install at the helm of a company in one of the single most competitive industries in the world? A nice guy? Cliff Richard? … maybe that inane gimp that does the one show that my gran thinks is ‘nice’ … he’s a geordie …

    Personally if he’s not involved in smuggling slave-children or messing with dogs (we’ve covered that one …), or something similar, then I only care about- who he signs, how much he costs, and how good they are. A chairman keeping his mouth shut otherwise for me, is a bonus.

    As for Freddy treating people with respect … i think i’ve dislocated a bollock … i’ve got to stop laughing …


  14. Anyone think we bought the wrong Demba Ba????? Last night he was ****e!! and Best could not hit a barn door!! We really need two strikers in fast!!


  15. Been saying for a while we need 2 strikers apart from Sammy we were really woeful last night


  16. the one show guys not a geordie hes a smoggy
    not all of it may be lambsarse fault but they never tell us nowt so we dont know same as know one knows sod all about the finances its the sheer bloody incompetence of whoever is responsible like the **** up with visas
    and the way theyve handled Nolan Enrique and Barton I wonder if they made joey sign a confidentiallity clause like Enrique


  17. Stardust…..of all the NUFC websites I visit, you talk more ****e than anybody I have ever encountered.


    F****ing QPR v the club who has more champions leage appearances than any outside the big four our ambitions ? a night out in s****horpe and six imaginary signings befor deadline day sixty years a season ticket holder
    this is my last, off to join the “Heed Army “on there jorney to the football league at least they havesome ambition


  19. The guy is a CANT.
    He is the problem with 40% of the club, MA is the other 60%. Both CANT’s
    Fackin Cants.


  20. Im done with these incompetent fools! lying scheming, twisted,skin,flint,****s. I love my club and team but they are slowly destroying it piece by piece. sack him now!!!?


  21. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and just who is going to sack him???? get a grip lads nip down to Ladbrokes and put a wad of cash on the Toon finishing above QPR, Warnock being be the first to be sacked and that we will finish higher than last year–easy done just put one foot in front of the other etc etc rather than living in the past and NOT SUPPORTING THIS TEAM–“caring for the team” doesnt mean populating this blog and talking drivel and predicting doom–Barton went to QPR because of the money he was getting– nothing more and nothing less–and why oh why did no “top” club come in for him wake up guys


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