Has Ranger bust another cap in his NUFC ass?

Looking fresh as usual...
Nile Ranger has been arrested on suspicion of assault after a 33-year-old man was found unconscious and with a broken jaw in the Groat Market in the early hours of this morning.

If true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is given the form book, then surely it has to spell the end for Nile Ranger at Newcastle?

To be fair the end was nigh anyway after the player was told by Alan Pardew that he was surplus to requirements, but surely this latest episode gives the club the means to force him to leave should anything tangible come of it?

Even if it doesn’t it just adds another line to the rather long list of previous transgressions that Nile Ranger has been involved in such as the part he played in an armed robbery, which resulted in him spending time in a Young Offenders Institute, and the time he was pictured posing with a gun. Replica or not it just isn’t the done thing is it?

Nile Ranger is an example of a waste of space. If you look up waste of space you will see a picture of Ranger acting like a cock in some form or another next to it. Yes I’m probably being a “hater” but at the end of the day here is a lad who has great potential and has caused Premier League defences problems.

He could go on and make a fortune doing something we would all love to do. What does he do instead? Abuse the chance that has been handed to him on a plate. It’s time for him to go. Give Chris Hughton a phone call and offer him Ranger for free. I mean giving players away is all the rage these days is it not, and Hughton is said to be interested in taking him to Birmingham.

Ranger lacks any desire to improve or fulfil his potential. He is late all the time and doesn’t give his all on the training pitch.These aren’t my opinions. They are the opinions of Chris Hughton and Alan Pardew who have both worked with the striker and have both criticised the striker in their own ways. Neither way has worked.

Just get him off our books and let him rot somewhere else.

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61 thoughts on “Has Ranger bust another cap in his NUFC ass?

  1. What a pointless waste of talent, Superior to carroll in virtually every way, shape and form in youth team and reserve football, Gets in the first team and switches off.

    Whatever we think of carroll the effort he put in to improve from his first few appearances to last season was a shining example to ****s like ranger.

    Hell not play in a plague outbreak so tear up his contract and give his very priveleged position in the first team squad to a youngster who wont take the piss… 👿


  2. Zoe – Makes a change to me banging something else out all day 😆

    CC – I agree entirely. A waste of talent. Get rid.

    People will use the fact that he is young to stick up for him, but Shane Ferguson is young, Phil Airey is young, Haris Vuckic is young, Sammy is young…. They all avoid getting into so much trouble. Funny that.


  3. He’s had more chances than BSno9, get rid of the ****er regardless of whether his latest escapade is true or not. 👿


  4. Wigan 2-0 over QPR….Joey will be playing alongside Nolan in no time, providing West Ham don’t get relegated again 😆


  5. Ranger is a total co*k. Success on a plate and he fails at minor things like punctuality.. what a waste.

    Get rid b4 he causes anymore damage.

    I see Joey’s new team got stuffed 2-0 at wigan lol, exciting project my arse.

    have you seen their line-up, utter crap. Apparently 10mill has been promised to sign mre players.. I think 50mill is needed just to ensure prem status..

    QPR: Kenny, Perone, Gabbidon, Hall, Connolly, Taarabt, Faurlin, Derry, Buzsaky, Smith, Agyemang. Subs: Bothroyd, Helguson, Ephraim, Murphy, Hewitt, Andrade, Harriman.


  6. If charged and found guilty will the club be able to terminate his contract without having to pay anything ? we did after all give the Tw@t a five year contract but when Joey was in the slammer the club did not get rid of him . Anyone on here know the rules and laws about sacking the cnut in these circumstances ?


  7. What a complete and utter tit. Get his crazy mofo ass the fk oot, if anyone is daft enough to take him. He’s sh1te anyway. Booyaka!

    Only way he’ll regain any seemingly lost talent, is if he gets shipped out on loan for a season and plays every game. As long as he’s sat on the bench, sulking, his motivation will continue to dip. The lad is in a vicious circle.

    The devil makes work for idle hands.


  8. RICHIE thanks i wouldnt do that 😉 heard of someone went on btjunkie and tried but it never worked on a garmin… think he was a mate of battys


  9. Ice – What you need to do is go and buy a Garmin or whatever, steal the code that allows you legitimate access to the updates and what not, then take the Garmin back and get your money back 😉


  10. Ice…mines Garmin, got Germany and Spain put on, both worked fine just had to buy a bigger memory card.

    Zoe…got both outcomes but wrong scores 🙁


  11. Or have a look on eBay. They do updates on there for like 99p or something.

    Personally I’ll not be bothering with eBay again though after my Paypal account got rinsed to the tune of £1057 the other day. Scammers 👿


  12. Joey ****ing Barton all ower again. No doubt there will be plenty of mugs lining up to jump to his defence. Sad really.


  13. Speaking of Barton. Apparently he cost the club somewhere in the region of £18.3m. He played 84 games in 4 years and scored 8 goals. that works out at £218k a game, £2.3m a goal. Waste of money and a waste of oxygen.


  14. Ice just google somehting like this Malta map +garmin +torrent ….not that I’d ever do owt like that 😉


  15. RICHIE cheers for that i know you wouldnt do oot like that just heard aboot it eh 😉 ill tell someone to try it if they want 😉 must be long time since toonsy was on e-bay,cheapest i could find 50 bloody quid 👿


  16. Ice…if he gets nowt of that, just try similar variations……thats what I would have done when I wanted Germany and Spain if it wasnt illegal 😉


  17. I actually have this thought for quite sometime.

    First of all,didn’t Pardew said how crap the scottish league is?But yet he allows forster out loan back to Cletic.

    Here’s the question,why didn’t Pardew offer forster back to Norwich City who is now in PL. 😕


  18. I’m guessing he was trying to hit someone else because I refuse to believe he got a strike on target 😆


  19. AoD…..Probably because he wanted to go to Celtic and they wanted a loan with option to buy which we probably preferred……oh and Forster probably wanted European football..oops 😉


  20. He could have one-punched some drunken lout who was manhandling his girl or “all up in his grill” or some such crap.

    Just playing the angles here. Probably is as it looks, but it’s possible there’s more to it.


  21. Yep, we should have offloaded him yonks ago. Every sub appearance he gets given is a waste of a learning opportunity for the youngster that actually apply themselves and care about their career. He is not needed, young Ameobi is a natural upcoming player that can do the back up job this season and add experience to his game. Get Ranger off the books noe before he does something that will stain this clubs reputation even more than it currently stands.

    One of Best/Loverman need to go before deadline day too, also James needs removing from his Perch. No point in being here if he is not going to play. Surely a Championship side will take him for 500k?


  22. @Richie

    You say;
    He’s had more chances than BSno9, get rid of the ****er regardless of whether his latest escapade is true or not.

    Bobby was a trier and entertained, never sat on the fence or bench and got loads in the back of his net.
    Streets ahead of Ranger! 😆 😆


  23. Are we not jumping the ‘gun’ a bit lads n lasses? I know character assassination is fun and all that but should we not wait until we find out the facts?

    Sure, he seems a bit of a pleb but ultimately still young and perhaps needs a proper boot up the arse more than to be chucked on the scrapheap. Bat attitude maybe and past indiscretions but in fairness he hasn’t been charged with anything since his armed robbery episode.


  24. The tit shouldn’t be drinking down the Bigg Market anyway.
    It’s not as if he’s popular. 😕

    No minded, in fact enjoyed meeting Shearer, Ferdy and Ginola during their era and they were always welcomed as they were producing the goods for us.

    I’ve met Ranger and he is a very naive and thick character . But, he’s wise enough to know he should not be drinking there with his lazy reputation as fans feel cheated by him.

    He’s on £8k per week and that money should be put towards offering a keen player to be given his chance.


  25. No. There are plenty of lads (the vast majority in fact) his age in the game that turn up on time and keep themselves clear of trouble. He is at a Premier League club and that should be a minimum requirement. This latest incident is irrelevant, he should have been kicked out long ago.


  26. Get rid, simple as. Ignorant, arrogant scum. Let the pathetic c**t go and f**k his life up away from the club. For all the history and baggage Barton carried, at least he gave his all in training and on the pitch.


  27. in my opinion young players should not go out clubbing as they are an easy target for people wanting to have a pop at them….and there are lots!!!!! nile should have known that and blew it this tame…wast of a budding tallent for us .but i do hope some one can rescue him and bring him on


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