How do NUFC compare in the spending stakes?

It's all about the money!
In my last article I bleated on about how I love my figures. I really do. It’s geeky but I’ve spent years compiling them for one thing or another and my love for them stems from that.

So with that in mind I’ve managed to dig out some more for us all to ponder as I continue analysing a transfer window which could have been so much better.

In that last article I plucked out random stats associated by numbers to the transfer window just gone. I said that I’d probably miss something that somebody really wanted to know and that if I had all they had to do was ask and I’d see if I could sort something out for them.

Well one of the questions that was asked was about our spending on transfers and how it stacks up to other clubs and what they have done over the summer and so on. Don’t say I never do anything for you Charlie Prince and Craig Chisholm because here, as requested, are the nuts of what each club has done, what they’ve spent, what they’ve made followed by what they’ve really spent – the net spend if you take the value of what they’ve sold off of the value of the players that they have brought in.

In alphabetical order, here goes.

Team Bought (£) Sold (£) Balance (£) +/
Arsenal 56,000,000 79,000,000 -23,000,000
Aston Villa 17,000,000 40,000,000 -23,000,000
Blackburn 13,000,000 18,000,000 -5,000,000
Bolton 7,000,000 7,000,000 0
Chelsea 77,500,000 19,500,000 58,000,000
Everton 0 12,500,000 -12,500,000
Fulham 17,000,000 1,270,000 15,630,000
Liverpool 63,000,000 24,000,000 39,000,000
Manchester City 78,000,000 25,300,000 54,700,000
Manchester United 51,300,000 9,800,000 41,500,000
Newcastle 13,200,000 12,600,000 600,000
Norwich 10,400,000 500,000 9,900,000
QPR 12,000,000 1,000,000 11,000,000
Stoke City 22,000,000 1,000,000 21,000,000
Sunderland 27,450,000 27,000,000 450,000
Swansea 9,250,000 80,000 9,170,000
Tottenham 6,000,000 30,500,000 -24,500,000
West Brom 4,500,000 7,000,000 -2,500,000
Wigan 7,000,000 11,500,000 -4,500,000
Wolves 11,400,000 1,000,000 10,400,000

These figures are compiled using the values given by Sky Sports. Where a fee is undisclosed I’ve had to do some digging to find out what the rumoured fee is. Generally speaking you can find out what the perceived fee is so I’ve used that as the benchmark. As an example, Yohan Cabaye’s fee was undisclosed although it’s reported that he cost around £4.5 million which is what I’ve used. I’ve also discounted the pennies and have only (only!) gone to the nearest £10,000 when calculating transfers. There have been some “SuperMac” type transfers for odd fees although in fairness it’s only been the little known players who have moved onto lower league teams that I’ve had that problem with.

So what can we see from this? Well first off I guess we should start with our own team. The phrase “no capital outlay” is pretty much being demonstrated by us. There is absolutely no need for this to have been the case but nonetheless it’s what Hinge & Bracket upstairs have decided to do. I just wish they’d have told Alan Pardew what they were planning to do as, once again, the decisions of the board have left him in a tricky position as he picks himself up from the floor after having the rug pulled from underneath him.

The total spend for us is £600,000 which is measly in fairness. A shame really when you consider that a cool £20 million outlay combined with the hard nosed approach of the board would have been enough to get us into top ten, maybe even Europa League, contention.

It’s not the worst though. Seven teams made a profit this window, one spent nothing and another one spent less than us in total. That makes us 11th in the net spending tables by my reckoning.

Teams in that top bracket have just done what they always do and spent a fortune, but it’s the teams at our level that I’m interested in. Wolves have spent a bit on two players but it’s Fulham and Stoke who are the biggest spenders in our bracket. Of course it’s worth bearing in mind that their figures are distorted by the signings of £10 million plus players but at the end of the day they have spent the money.

I’ll be perfectly honest. When I was putting this table together I felt that we’d be somewhere near the bottom. I’d be willing to bet that if you were asked the question posed in the title that you’d assume pretty much the same, correct? It surprises me that we aren’t in fairness.

So there you go. Something to digest perhaps? I know it doesn’t justify our blatant lack of ambition, but in a strange way it makes me feel better knowing that other teams have spent less than us. I didn’t think it was possible but apparently it is.

Apologies for the rather crude table. Those who have a background in scripting and coding html will probably tell me it’s shyte, but I don’t have a background in scripting or coding so I’ve just kept it simple enough for me to deal with.

Make what you want of these stats, but before people pipe up with comments like “what a load of crap” or some other really valuable contribution to the discussion, just remember I was asked to do this so if you have any issues with it direct it to Charlie Prince and Craig Chilsholm 😛

Comments welcome 🙂

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186 thoughts on “How do NUFC compare in the spending stakes?

  1. We’ve been let down again, been waiting since January for a top quality striker.

    Keep finding the net Leon, it’s your chance to become a legend my son.


  2. That’s a good one Witters.

    I myself am disappointed with yesterday’s crude Chatango attempt. I expected Toonsy to be on live streaming giving us a transfer play by play on his “toon pad”, and Jobey to have taken more initiative in investigating the helicopter and then ringing the Twente chairman up to see if we’d really made a bid.


  3. Hoddo speaks the truth.

    I have all the faith in the world for The Legend of Best to do the job for us.

    If Andy Carroll was worth £35m for his start to last season, what would Leon Best be worth currently for his 9 odd goals in 15 games?


  4. See on Ed’s blog kids making a fool of themselves again with anti Ashley nonsense. The last thing we want with this new team is all that nonsense again upsetting players. Best start for years. What do they want? Idiots!


  5. Evening peeps.
    Well I’m glad the effing t/ window has finally closed.
    We now gotta just get on with it.
    Wish we had a match this weekend so we could get to talking about Football and not finances -(appreciate your efforts tho Toonsy 😆 )
    I hope that undersoil heating at the trg ground helps to keep the lads fit, or we are gonna be down to the kids before we know it.
    Any news on HBA returning to training? Or is it yet another month?


  6. 3 weeks til the next home game 🙁
    I wonder what the ressies are up to?
    After a long summer break, dont need this n all 👿


  7. Big Dave/ Toonsy, watta you mean clickable form? say it in English please, I`m a novice at this keyboard dhit, sorry meant shut, ****!!


  8. Beardsleys Boots – Would love it if they did the international games during the off season in the summer and only then. Hate these international breaks during the season, someone is gonna get injured at a bad time and it takes away our weekly dose of premier league football.


  9. CT – You know you used to be able to click on the face you wanted and it would pop into your post? That is what I mean by clickable.


  10. I’m starting to think something is going on behind the scenes due to the silence from the regime and Patsy.

    Maybe Patsy is starting to realise he is looking like a Patsy and he’s had enough.

    His first interview will be an important one, in order to decide whether the penny has dropped with him or he knows exactly what is happening and is still going to play the party line and continue to be a Patsy.

    Can’t wait.


  11. @BB

    Nearly right? Absolutely spot on mate.

    They didn’t sell anyone only because no bids came in for players.


  12. Well now that it has all sunk in and i look at where the club now is after the closing of the transfer window , i have to say we are really not that far off being a good side . Yeah i would of liked another striker , but that said we do have 5 at the club plus Airey out on loan ,so did we really need another one , Ba and Best have proved last season they can score in the premiership and not signing another gives Sammy Ameobi a good chance of getting minutes on the pitch and that has to be a good thing does it not ? The lad does have something about him , the midfield has more natural width and with Cabaye and tiote aggresion and skill in it . Where i worry for is lack of depth at the back , 2 injuries and we are down to the bare bones . I now think a middle of the table finish is easily acheivable and who know’s how much higher , my prediction 8th . Lets just now enjoy the football .


  13. Troy – Do you reckon that the board would be desparate enough to bring in a striker on free like with kuqi????


  14. Just stumbled on this story:

    Newcastle United’s chase of Papiss Demba Cisse broke down late on deadline day, Freiburg have confirmed.

    Last season’s second highest-scorer in the Bundesliga was the subject of interest from a handful of Barclays Premier League clubs, with North East rivals Sunderland also thought to be keen.

    However, the Magpies appear to have come closest to bringing the player to England, before the St. James Park switch stalled whilst in negotiations with the German side.

    “The issue has been dealt with … negotiations with Newcastle United broke down,” said Freiburg director of sport Dirk Dufner.

    “He is a very special lad and we are fortunate that he is with us. We want to enjoy this fortune for a little while longer.”

    It was reported earlier on August 30th that Newcastle United had made a £10 million offer for Cisse, a figure that was thought to be £3 million short of the club’s valuation.


  15. Cue the accusations of deliberate underbid to make it look like we tried…

    but I think it’s less a case of that than penny-wise, pound-foolishness that had Jabba’s Penny Pincher in chief, uh, pinching pennies to the detriment of our season.


  16. Troy – I had the winning euro millions tkt on tuesday €85M.
    Woo Hoo.

    Only my numbers didn’t get drawn. Apart from that I was absolutely spot on mate


  17. @BB

    Do I want him sacked? I’ve had this discussion before.

    No. It needs a Patsy to be our coach and you don’t get a better Patsy than Pards.

    If we had a man of strength and self worth he would have walked out ages ago.

    He’s doing a great job running the team and Patsying fantastically .

    Can’t think of a better Patsy for the job.

    I’m just wondering now, by his silence , that his family have actually told him that he is embarrassing them by his weak morals of lying to the fans and doing everything fat Mike tells him.

    Can’t wait to hear him. 😉


  18. FSOTC – maybe Lardy thought Freiburg would need the money (€10M is not a small ammount after all) more desperatly than they did.
    Plus we seem to have this first and final offer thing going on.
    We dont do negotiating.
    Hard nosed bargaining, take it or leave it approach, seems to be the order of the day 😈


  19. Troy – I never asked you if you wanted him sacked. Lets face it thats not going to happen.
    I asked you if you wanted him to quit ❓

    I hear what you are saying, calling him a patsy, but what would you have him do?
    come on fella answer a simple question


  20. The bid for Ruiz was 10m too, supposedly, right? I guess that was the outer limit for us then. Considering Erdinc and Maiga were supposed to be 7-8m bids… was there anyone we went higher for? Gameiro & Gervinho were supposed to be around 10m?


  21. @APProject

    I don’t even think they are that desperate for Kuqi.

    I’ve just heard they tried to sign Defoe but he wasn’t interested.

    It’s all bull**** bids with no intention of meeting personal terms.

    Howay Toonsy. Get the Emoticoms back !


  22. I reckon he has took a few days off during the intl break, to get his head straight.
    If he had any balls he would quit, but that wouldn’t do us or him any favours whatsoever.
    I dont think he wants to be seen as a quitter either, afterall he is trying to make a name for himself as being sucessful with what he has got to work with.
    If he was to get us into the top 10 despite the clowns above him then perhaps he would earn some respect from other clubs.
    But whether he can or not is a moot point 😕


  23. @BB

    No. I dont want him to walk out or be sacked as he is doing a good job on the field.
    He’s a Patsy and that’s what this club needs with this regime or it would makes things 20 times worse if he had morals and a backbone.


  24. Good we agree on that. If he was to quit and walk we would end up with a different patsy thats all. (Joe effing Kinear)


  25. Wrote this on other threads, but if he’s got the club playing reasonably well till new year, I wouldnt be surprised if another club gives their manager the heave-ho and snatches him up. He’d be all to happy to get away from the tomfoolery he’s about to be blamed for.


  26. Troy are you a mackem? I’ve never heard one comment positive from you or marvelling at your own predictions


  27. He just needs to learn what he can and cant say.
    Or how to phrase things better so that it doesn’t sound like him making all the dud promises etc and that it is the board making all the decisions, NOT him.
    If he starts by calling himself the head coach or something instead of the manager it might help. We all know thats what he is anyway.
    I kinda like what he is trying to do with the football side of things. He just needs to let everyone know he has nothing to do with players coming and going.


  28. Wonder what effect the debacle will have on morale?How does Simpson feel when he was told he can leave for Villa then he’s told he’s not going!


  29. 1 more month then :S!! im not looking 4ward to no more transfer deadline days under mke ashley!! he hasssssssssssssssnt got a clue


  30. Must admit I was a tad worried when Tiote came out and said he didn’t want to leave. I mean why would he feel the need to come out with that?
    Perhaps the screw was being tightened by the ss in prep of an acceptable bid coming in from, anywhere.


  31. Hopefully playing ?
    As it has Sameobi injured til 12th sept.
    In previous seasons that has been return to playing, so hope to see the lad back in Toon by mid sept.
    Or not 😕


  32. Mid September for training apparently.

    On a sidenote, new servers all round. I’m rich 😀
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    I expect your urgent communication.


  33. Toonsy your in the money mate yeha could you lend me a few quid seeing how we have always been friends, dont worry I wont tell anyone else as I dont want others asking you for money.
    From your Buddie Big Dave


  34. Dont think there is much gloom Zoe.
    A touch of reality maybe, but generally I think we just want to get on with supporting the Lads we have.
    Bring on the football for a change.


  35. So does anyone think Ashley will make a return to the directors box ?
    Or is he away for good now?


  36. Zoe, please write about what a good job Pardew has done with the squad he has and how we can see the team gelling together. I think Pards needs all the support he can get right now!


  37. yeah Batty I rkn you’re right mate. Think he has washed his hands of us for now at least.
    Probably make an appearance at the cup final tho 😉


  38. AndrewT: That’s what I’ve been thinking. We are in a very good position and I think this group of players will really gel in the next few matches


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