The transfer window – In numbers

The numbers game....
As the dust settles on yet another transfer window the analysis and autopsies can begin.

Was it a good window? Was it a bad window? Could it have been better? Sort of, sort of and yes would be my answer to those three questions.

I like numbers. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to them. So rather than a conventional analysis, of which there is one I wrote earlier here, I thought I’d take a look at the numbers side of things. It will be mainly about NUFC, being an NUFC Blog and all, although I will try and slip a few general titbits in here for good measure and comparison purposes.

Here we go.

478,195,000 – The amount, in pounds, spent by Premier League teams in this transfer window.

74,000,000 – The amount spent by Manchester City.

62 – The percentage of money spent in this transfer window by Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. That means that the other 15 Premier League teams spent around Β£150,000,000 between them.

22 – The amount of full international caps our new signings have earned.

1 – The amount of full international caps players sold during this transfer window have earned.

650,000 – The net outlay (in pounds) on players during this transfer window. This is a rough calculation based on figures from Sky Sports so blame them if it’s inaccurate!

7 – The number of players brought in over the summer.

59,000,000 – The profit made from transfer since Mike Ashley arrived at Newcastle. Heavily inflated by the Β£35 million recieved for Andy Carroll but still…

103 – The amount of club career goals scored by our new signings.

62 – The amount of strikers we were linked with. Please note this figure may be a bit dramatic and may be overstated.

1 – The amount of strikers signed by the club over the summer.

121 – The amount of days until the next transfer window.

152 – The amount of days until the end of another transfer window where we “really tried” to get the players needed.

212 – The amount of days since we sold Andy Carroll.

Just some figures to give us some food for thought really. I’m sure I’ve probably missed some stuff and if you have something you want working out then just leave a comment and I’ll try and get on it.

Yes we’ve missed out on a striker that we needed. We needed more than that in actual fact but still…. It’s done now and we’ll have to manage through until January when we’ll probably see the same thing happen again.

The board missed a chance to really push on in this transfer window. They had the money to do so but are just unwilling to spend it

Finally I’d like to say well done and thank you to jobey07, TheDimpleboy, Zoe Vicarage and dan4toon for keeping things ticking over in my absence yesterday. Great work. You all did a sterling job in keeping people up to date. You must have done as the deadline day live ‘blog attracted just shy of 18,000 visits. Well done.

It’s just a shame that NUFC couldn’t attract a striker to top it all off!

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74 thoughts on “The transfer window – In numbers

  1. 478 mil. Obscene… And we contributed around 8mil? Lol
    Honestly other than Ruiz, none of the strikers we were linked with towards the end of the window would have shot us into Europe. Disappointing but I feel it was still a good window for us.


  2. Great start to the window.

    I like the new signings.
    I like the transfer policy.
    I like the new style of play … when it happens.

    I don’t like that we had 8 months to sign a replacement striker and failed.
    I don’t like that we have two fit centre-backs … that is crazy and we may be punished.

    But most of all I don’t like the lies and deceit.


  3. It was an embarrassment. Which is what this club has become under Ashley.
    And its the emotion that the autist armchair accountants and idiot dreamers should feel for wholeheartedly supporting the lies, deceit and stupidity displayed by our greedy fat owner and his slimy spiv mate.
    I doubt they will feel embarrassment though as most of the are clearly shameless.


  4. Who knows how close we were to getting Ruiz. Based on reports from yesterday, it’s disappointing we didn’t get him. I’m almost more disappointed that we didn’t get Ridgewell, just because it seemed like such an easy deal to make. Birmingham want Ranger, we could desperately make use of a LB/CB, he couldn’t possibly be asking for outrageous wages. What was the stumbling block with that one?


  5. If the manat the top is unwilling to or can’t afford to invest some of the Β£59,000,000 he has gleaned then he should get out of the town


  6. A good transfer window would have seen us get the players we already have plus a striker, FB and CB.
    An adequate window required us to get a striker, preferably like Ruiz, classy and able to play in different positions up front. Or failing that at least another top class FB, so that if the attack wasn’t strengthened at least the defense would be.

    Therfore the window was not adequate it was poor.
    Our squad is weak to injuries. Still looks like its going to take a while to gel and we still have no realistic idea as to how good most of the new player will really be.
    The idiots who run the club have had more than enough time to get in the players required. No more excuses and no, I won’t wait and see what they do in January.
    In January they will have to get some truly classy players in to convince me to start paying them money again.


  7. geoff777 i agree with you if they had been honest and said that they weren,t going to buy anyone i would have been angry but accepted it but it was all the lies we were in for this striker and that one but it comes to something when the likes of stoke and fulham have greater desires to be successful than us


  8. We can only vote with our feet.
    Personaly I gave up my seaon ticket when they sacked Sir Bob, but I couldn,t stay away untill now.I hope you make a fat profit from our club Mr Ashley, I have another wish invoving you but it would never make print.


  9. The signing I was hoping for most and still do is David Dein or an equivalent, somebody who actually understands what it takes to run a football club and deal with transfers. Not a gambler who we have at the moment in Decca who picks red at every spin when it always comes in black. With a real football man in charge I reckon we would be a lot better off. It’s basically all gone downhill since Decca rocked up


  10. Gave up the long journeys from the Midlands to SJP in relegation year this at the age of 72 and supporting the club since I was a youngster.This window was I thought the golden opportunity to show that ambition, the test to see if I was wrong sadly not.”Lard Arse” “Lame-Arse” and “Talks through his Arse” have proved they don’t change.


  11. yes toonsy.. just like how much each team spent.. i would think other than everton wec will be bottom prob but who knows


  12. Cheers lads…I’m 3 pints worse for wear but I won’t go all rodzilla on yo ass!

    On topic…personally disappointed not to have secured another striker & I just have to hope Ba & Best come good consistently. Whilst I know very little about Santon filling that position was probably more important than a striker. If we’re lucky I see no reason why we can’t better last seasons 12th position…

    I also feel for pardew…;-(


  13. Agree halftimebovril , dont think llambrais should be in charge of neogiationg footballer matters. I remember reading a rare interview from him saying he was in charge of reducing day to day cost and increasing merchadise sales etc etc , IF he is doing a good job in that department keep him.


  14. Hitman and I were saying on the earlier thread that he’s got to be fuming over this. He’ll take the hit in public for Jabba’s failures. Wouldn’t want to be in that position.

    Then again, wouldn’t mind taking his salary.

    What is his salary, anyway?


  15. Toonsy-

    If it’s possible, I’d like to see what Craig’s asking for with total money incoming, total money outgoing, and the difference.


  16. Nice way of looking at it, Toonsy. Backs up what I think most are thinking. A pretty good window, but so close to being a brilliant one. Somehow disappointing overall, if only due to the setting of unrealistic expectations and more bull**** promises.

    TBH, I’ve had it with all this and just want to get back to the footba…

    Oh, ****.

    Got nowt to do but stew on this for another week and a half.



  17. Robert – I suppose so.

    For what its worth I dont think we need one. Ba on his own up front with HBA, Jonas/Marveux and Obertoon working around him with a base of Tiote and Cabaye. think we will do ok, and if not Jan will be the time to get someone.

    Off to do some work


  18. it dont matter who is available raffo as we aint gonna get anyone for sure. i am just waiting for club to announce that Ap has quit tbh… this is far to quiet for him as he loves to talk and this being the day after the main event.. you would be expecting him to be all over the media… hummmm


  19. FC Twente claim we were never even made a bid for Ruiz and I believe them. Ashley does not need to spend any money because everyone has bought there season tickets and are captive for another season. Until fans vote with their feet we will get more of the same. He runs the club like one of his shops, buys cheap or gets for free and will sell big ticket items. We still have a few players of value, collo, Steve Taylor, Gutierrez and when the price is right they will be shipped out. I am so hacked off at the talent we have let go or sold in the last twelve months. I support NUFC all round the country, but other than 2 games last season will not go to SJP because I am not giving ashley my money. Get out of our club, Get out of our club, you fcb Get out of our club.


  20. A great window for several reasons:

    !. Upgraded in several areas.

    2. Did not panic and toss the plan to build with sane finances. (Let’s see if the academy starts to grow and NUFC develops its own players.)

    3. Not that we know one way of the other, possibility that DL in hot water for not landing the striker NUFC was stated to get.

    4. Most of the striking targets are still with their teams, so NUFC can have another crack at them in the next window.

    5. Will only need 2 or 3 players in next window, not the 8-10 we needed this Summer.


  21. Maybe the Ridgewell deal fell through because when Ashley came asking Hoots told him he could go **** himself? Hard to argue with the ironic justice really.


  22. ian@35… no suprises there fella. only a pillock would have ever thought we would spend any money without selling first.. the fact that we had sold first.. over 7 months ago seems to be lost now.
    Also people need to stop banging on about arfa alas… the bloke is gonna be crock forever and another dyer in the making.. brilliant but always out.
    Or LB has had 16 games in three years so not to good..Ba needs time, marvaux needs time as does gosling etc.. we are whats known as ‘winging it’ which is a dangerous game to play as once we start loosing a few games on the bounce will these players have the steal that nolan and barton had??? er nope.


  23. Ruiz would have been a great capture and would have shown genuine ambition.
    I knew we wouldn’t get him and we wouldn’t realistically try cos he’s a better player than Erdinc and Maiga and we were to cheap to even get them.

    Good point Ian Y. I might try to get to some away games so Jabba the C@nt doesn’t see any of me cash.
    Although I think I need a coolng off period cos I don’t want to go and start shouting anti-Ashley stuff in case it affects the team, but at the moment it would be difficult not too.


  24. I t has to be said it has been a decent transfer window the signing of santon raised the expectations of people a day before the deadline and i think everyone then really thought a striker was on his way and the club was going to push the boat out but sadly this was not the case.
    However we have made some decent signings the only problem we have is we are paper thin at the back and upfront we will have to be a little lucky for this not to effect us between now and January.
    The fact we gave our player of the season away for nothing would be unthinkable any where else in world football but we all know not here.
    My main criticism of Pardew is his acceptance of the situation regarding transfers.
    As usual well get on with it keep on singing praying and supporting.


  25. bbc claim ruiz could’nt agree personal terms. in other words we offered him sweet f.a. or peanuts for wages. probs no intention of signing him just tried to make it look like they tried.


  26. I’m not a huge Pardew fan, but I just don’t think he’s got any cards to play here. He’s the one who has to explain this all publicly and get the egg on his face. He must be humiliated and embarrassed, dreading the next few days.


  27. If Pards manages to do well until January with our limitations, I wouldn’t be surprised if another club prematurely ****cans their “underperforming” manager and comes in for him and he jumps ship.


  28. Normally we hear some sort of excuse by now… Remember keegan after Milner was sold was so quiet. I can’t really see it as pardew needs this job but it all seems eerie


  29. Dont think Pardew will resign its the biggest job he has ever had or ever likely to have and this is the reason he was appointed so he can be manipulated to an extent from above.


  30. Assuming all regs are met, this is my 25 as it stands,
    Shola/Sammy/Demba Ba/Obertan/Best
    Perch/Smith/Lovens/Ranger out unless some in my 25 are homegrown etc.
    Doesn`t look bad to me, but a CB/Striker addition would have been better!


  31. yep Liam… i think there is a chance as lets be honest… it looks like he has lied none stop from the time he joined ‘ we will not sell carroll’ right upto yesterday. I dont blame Ap as i am kinda warming to him… i think that our baoard – ashley and dekka – are impossible to work with.


  32. I’m sorry but I don’t see how the squad is better now than it was.

    If we had added the new players in to the squad and gotten rid of crap like Smith etc, then I would say we are stronger.

    But we didn’t, instead we sold our best players and added risky untried players, and we kept crap like Smith etc.

    I really hope it works out for us, but it’s a dangerous game.

    I just feel that with a little bit of investment we could have easily pushed for europe. It’s a shame, and a massive disappointment for me.

    The worst thing for me, is that I’m not at all surprised and expected no striker and no investment. My only surprise is that we kept hold of Colo and Tiote.


  33. I think the problem is obvious, Pardew is enthusiastic about his job, the fans are passionate, loyal and obsessed with the club, unfortunately Ashleys heart just isn’t in it, without the 3 all joined up together it will never work.


  34. And just to add, I also feel sorry for Pardew. I really think he wants to do the best for the club and fans, he’s in a no win situation and is lied to just as much as us fans are.


  35. I think that’s it Paul–they’ve been lying to him too. He probably should have been more circumspect in his announcements or said “The Board and Jabba have promised that 100% will be reinvested,” making it clear that THEY said these things, but he stepped in it, misspoke and allowed himself to get lumped in with them.

    He’s a football manager, not a PR professional. That’s one reason he annoys me, by the way–talking too much.

    But in this case, he’s been ****ing humiliated. Don’t envy him right now. Except his pay packet.

    What do we figure his salary is, anyway? Is it loaded with “performance” clauses too?


  36. 17 good shout somebody like David Dein would make a difference. Mort gave it a decent shot but since lambsarse has joined things have gone downhill. Lambsarse and Charnley are a couple of amateurs, just can`t complete transfers and totally out of tune with reality regarding transfer fees. Would someone tell them it is cheaper to buy at the beginning of the transfer window they don`t seem to realise that this is the case!


  37. CaulkinTheTimes George Caulkin
    Alan Pardew has overseen good results so far this season. Off the pitch, he’s been undermined by people he works for. #NUFC
    3 hours ago


  38. Have to agree someone like Dein would make a difference in the running of the club. Perhaps he would persuade MA to upgrade the team instead of the stadium, anyone else thing the builders ripped us off with the Β£35.000.000 tarmac,around the pitch


  39. And here is the good news:

    Mike Ashley and Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias have promised Alan Pardew that he will be given funds in the January transfer window to buy the striker the club failed to get this time around, according to the Northern Echo.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  40. @halftimebovril

    Unfortunatly the lack of investment might be hurting us by then. Well, at least we did not loose any more of the original squad yesterday.


  41. imo any fans thinking jabba will sell the club are in dreamland,put it this way would you give up 40/50 mill a year for doing nowt,no-way


  42. Can I just point out we’ve bee retweeted by the Daily Mirror

    McNallyMirror Brian McNally
    @NUFCblogcouk Fascinating reading and well worth a peek for #nufc fans and all those who like a good Stat Attack.
    1 hour ago


  43. Oh great work with the re tweet Toonsy! The things that hurts me most and I’m sure a lot feel the same is the straight out lies. If MA would just come out and say ‘hey, I’ve invested a lot of money in this club and the only way players will be brought in, until I’ve recouped that cash is with player sales’ then I think whilst being a little depressed, we’d accept it and move forward.


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