Where is Alan Pardew?

Pardew speaks again...
Come out come out wherever you are.
Rumours can be great things can’t they? I use the word great in a sarcastic way of course.

They have a knack of being able to destabilise things and can quickly get out of hand if people start listening to them. Nine times out of ten I dismiss them out of hand, but on the odd occasion there tends to be something in them.

At this moment in time there are a lot of rumours circulating about the future of Alan Pardew. Some rumours claim that Pardew is mightily pissed off with the incompetent buffoons above him and has walked out of his job as a result while others claim that he and Llambias have merely had a rather sizeable disagreement.

Quite simply I don’t know what is going on, but it seems pretty clear to me that something is. Has anybody seen anything of Alan Pardew? Has anybody heard anything from Alan Pardew? The stony silence coming from a manager who is usually full of a few words is starting to concern me in all honesty.

I think most people are aware that Alan Pardew has also been led along the garden path. The recent statement released from the club hinted as much whilst Pardew himself has been very quick and vocal to reveal that he just recommends players to the money men who then try, and seemingly fail, to cut a deal.

The board were looking for the perfect deal. They were looking for a Cheik Tiote of the striker world where they could get a good player really cheaply. Sometimes it just doesn’t work like that however and you need to pay the going rate. This is why we didn’t get that extra striker that Alan Pardew wanted.

There has been some unusual stuff going on at St James’ Park over the last few days. First off we had some form of loose statement from Derek Llambias telling us how he’d tried to sign a striker, which is odd in fairness as we never ever hear anything from him. Why now all of a sudden?

The other one, as highlighted earlier, is the disappearance of Alan Pardew. He is not one to shy away from the media and he was sharp out and about after the January transfer window. Where is he this time though?

I really sincerely hope that this is just all a product of my, at times, over active imagination although I wouldn’t blame him one bit of he did decide to throw in the towel. It would be disastrous for NUFC if he did though as he is doing a fairly good job thus far. Results have been decent without being outstanding and there is the basis of a new team in place that needs continuity to bed in so for that reason it is important that Pardew stays.

Or else we could end up with Joe Kinnear again.

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94 thoughts on “Where is Alan Pardew?

  1. The silence from our normally verbose Manager is weird. Hadn’t thought about it till you mentioned it. I guess we’ll just have to judge his tone this weekend.

    He’s not on holiday is he πŸ˜‰


  2. lesh there is no issue with del – apparentley mike thinks he’s the bee’s knees & is doing his job correctly.
    i was told newcastle set the price for a player & if the selling club refuse to except it then the deal is off – the same with wages.


  3. By the way, I know it’s old news, but I thought Shearer’s comments were spot on last week. Basically: we may not agree with or like the club strategy, but overall it appears to be working so far and it’s a fat lot of use complaining because it’s just not our call.

    I also think this article gets it right on the striker thing: yes, the strategy is all very well, but if you’re going to blab about how you’re “100% getting a striker in”, you can expect to have to bend the rules to get your man. Either don’t promise or be prepared to extract some dosh via your nostrils.

    Clueless, not deceitful. On this occasion.


  4. Maybe this will be good for Pardew, more of a manager and less of a media darling… If he doesn’t wind his head in after this, well he is a slow learner….

    The words “You don’t what you have got till it’s gone” also ring true at the moment.. The thought of actually losing Pardew would be terrible… He is doing a sterling job amid a plethora of ****e….


  5. Re the lingerie deal: is that what Ashley was doing at that party? A spot of modelling?


    Anyway – does this mean the .**** website is going to have lingerie models on it? Can I get my wife a Toon suzzy belt??


  6. Oh, now I can’t help wondering what’ll happen if he walks. Surely he wouldn’t, most of you guys seem to think not. I’m just not so sure…


  7. ey ey lads calm down, calm down.

    lol has this al started coz Troy said his m8 said he had sources saying Pards has left…

    I think Troys net must be buldging by now πŸ™‚


  8. “He is doing a sterling job amid a plethora of ****e….”

    Good summary. Can’t argue with his results really. Just needs to learn from this and stop making promises for others to keep, and he’ll be pretty good in my eyes. He’ll never be as likeable and respectable as CH… but who the hell is??

    I think… and hope… that it’ll all blow through ok and he’ll be with us for a while. What others see as him being some lapdog to the bosses I see as a much-needed alignment between the two levels of management which has been lacking for years.


  9. toonsy
    September 5, 2011 at 10:32

    Batty – It depends. I mean I’ve lived with false promises from bosses above me. I’d say most of us have in fairness.

    In that sense it’s different to say if your mrs was lying to you and so on.

    Bloody hell Toonsy, my wife promises me sex all the time and it amounts to nothing… The amount of times I have heard “we will do it tonight” or “the kids will hear us” πŸ™‚
    Mike and Derek’s lies are nothing compared to the disapointments I face in my married life πŸ™‚


  10. sorry but i tend to go with my mate batty on this one.
    would i stick at a job if i was told lie after lie yes i would i told a few porkys myself to get the job done after all i had a home and family to look after.we live in the real world,but these guys dont live in our world they are never short of a quid,should he walk well if he has been lead down the garden path like we have and is not part of the cult yes i would walk all though it would hurt us more than him,he would always get work in some form scout/coach/pundit ect,he could even write a best seller about the goings on at toon,he wont have to sign on the dole,he will have enough to see him through, goings on at sjp at the moment are just a joke


  11. @ 38 and 39

    I agree with what Toonsy said about your comments.

    Whether he is our best player or a flop to date, it is unfair to judge his playing ability based on 1 game.

    @44, you mentioned his economic value rather than his playing ability, an investment that did not yield anything significant so far, which I agree. However, whether he’s on a cheap or cost us a lot of money, a flop is a flop, economically speaking.

    I agree we should not big him up, but his performance against Everton etched into fan’s memory so the longer he’s absent, the more fans think him as our saviour. It is human nature. The same cannot be said about Shola tho.

    I dont think Woodgate was a flop at RM as he’s on the first teamsheet when available but injury curtailed his career. A flop for me is someone like Juan Veron, Shevchenko or Borgade at Chelsea.

    Theoretically speaking, IF he’s a flop to date but become our best player this season, then you and everyone raving about him are equally correct, it’s about the time frame when we make the judgement i.e. flop to date or potentially our best player of the season.


  12. geordie racer @ 5. my sentiments entirely. couldnt put it better if i tried. i should be buzzing, 7 points, unbeaten. but im not, just not


  13. to be fair i get jj’s point on ben arfa. 6 million paid. 5 games played. factually you have to say hes been a flop up to this point.

    not a personal thing as when hes fit i think he will be good for us – but these are just facts


  14. Just saw him on the swan boats at Haggerston Castle caravan park he was with Jimmy Crankie , Ross Kemp and Bill Clinton


  15. Aye but Roy @17, who advises MA and DL of targeted players’ valuations and wage expectations? Surely not Carr, Pardew or Charnley?

    Or, do they (MA and DL just set a budget and then work within it come hell or high water, whether its realistic or not?


  16. lesh – i was told that pardew identifies the player he wants – in the case of a CF it was 2 or 3 players.
    then reading between the lines (to what i was told) someone from the newcastle end of things unsettles the players by leaking info about the club being interested in them long before any contact is made by del boy so the speculation by the media is an ongoing thing.

    the rest is history – they eventually went in with very low offers that were rejected out of hand.

    that’s as much as i know – but would expect the same thing come the jan window.


  17. @50 spot on. also interesting from roy cropper, i can imagine it exactly how you’ve said it, ****ney ******* cowboys raping the club with sportsd1ckhead.com style management by the casino MD.


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