Pardew’s premature striker hunt?

Derdiyok in Pardew's sights?
For those wanting to know where Alan Pardew has been hiding over these last few days, the answer is apparently Switzerland.

It would appear that Pardew has been running the rule over a striker for the January transfer window, although in fairness I have absolutely no idea why as scouting players hasn’t been the problem in our pursuit of a striker.

Speculation would suggest that Eren Derdiyok is the man who is having the eye ruled over him. It fits as we’ve been linked with him on and off for a few years now and there were reports of Graham Carr at a Switzerland game earlier on in the summer checking out the same player.

I really want to believe that the club, well, Llambias, tried his best to get a striker over the summer but I just can’t for one reason or another. Put it down to being kicked in the bollocks one too many times if you like.

So with that in mind I’m at complete downer when it comes to our transfers if truth be told. I shouldn’t be because we did manage to bring in some very good players, but the lack of the one we really needed is what has annoyed me the most and made me this way.

It’s all well and good looking at strikers but if we haven’t got a man who can conclude a deal or that constantly looks for the perfect transaction then it will all ultimately be proved fruitless.

Still, who is Erin Derdiyok? Let’s have a look, even if it is just for reference purposes.

Derdiyok is 23-years-old and plays for Bayer Leverkusen. He is a full Swiss international who stands at 6’3″ tall and graduated from the academy at FC Basel after impressing at youth level where he scored 20 goals in 35 games.

From then on it’s been downhill though. He scored 17 goals in 63 appearances for Basel before moving to Leverkusen where he is currently sitting on a goal return of 18 in 65 appearances. His international record stands at 34 caps with 3 goals although, much like his club career, his youth record was exceptional and brought about 15 goals in 14 appearances for the Switzerland U-21 and U-19 teams.

Here is the obligatory YouTube clip.

My problem with all this is that despite all of the leg work and research put in by Alan Pardew, Graham Carr and Co inevitably it’s out of their hands in terms of transfers.

I really hate being so down about our transfers and I’ll more than likely snap out of it again and get my usual enthusiasm and zest back, but at the moment it’s a no-go I’m afraid as I have zero faith in Derek Llambias having any form of ability to close out a deal.

And for that reason, I’m out.

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43 thoughts on “Pardew’s premature striker hunt?

  1. Good article Toonsy,afraid all you can buy in the Butcher shop under these Two fools is Tripe!! and thats what Pardew is looking at over in Switzerland. It will be a long time before we buy a quality striker as we just wont pay the going rate or the wages,sad but very true in my opinion


  2. I think he’d be a decent player to have on the end of crosses, based on that video. and he gets into good positions. Similar to Ba and Best. Would take him, but we’ll need a striker who can take on defences and create something for himself…


  3. tbh… i find it a total piss take that AP has gone on a striker hunt the week after the main event. its really really bad PR for him and the club that they have done it and i find it hilarious. when carver broke the news yesterday i burst out laughing.. mean ffs.. what is going on. And why have we given up on the so called main striker targets of the last window to find a whole new set???
    It smacks of Zogbia in january, we were meant to have gone in for zogs on last day of january with about 5 seconds left on the clock, but amazingly we could not quite land him.. funny that. Then what happens… when we can have him in summer, price the same as what we said we bid in january, player wanting to come to us blah blah.. we for some strange reason dont go for him. Now thats exactly like this last arse of a window in relation to forwards.
    Scouting players………what a ****ing joke. Carr can do one too.


  4. Aye, I think you’re right BIG GMAN, much the same in the fish shop where all they’ve got in the Ashleyass price-range is codswallop!


  5. Craig – In terms of recruiting players its Pardew and Carr who are actually doing their jobs mate. They prepared a list of people to get only for dastardly Derek to **** it up.

    I’d be telling del to “do one” ahead of anyone as the failure is up to him and nobody else.

    Pootle – If you’re about I think dereks heed on **** dastardly’s body, with the tash and all would be a goodun 😆


  6. Dont think getting rid of Pards is a good Idea because we will end up with that friggin numpty Mclaren.I think pards is doing ok at being a Coach but you cant ever pretend he is a proper manager,these two prats wont ever let that happen


  7. We failed miserably to execute on a striker for 7 months
    Exactly where did it go wrong?
    Did we fail to identify targets?
    Did Pardew fail to qualify the players identified by our scouts?
    Did Llambias fail to negotiate terms with player, representatives and clubs?
    I honestly believe it was the latter and if he failed to do his job and wasn’t severely restricted by Ashley then why his he still employed
    Ashley demands results and rewards success.
    I believe Llambias is the weak link. He said he tried his best and failed.
    Replace the smug, incompetent basted NOW!


  8. there is no point in having a scouting system at all……. just ring up clubs 2 weeks before the end of the window and say ‘ have you got any players that are cheap but might be worth a punt?” i could do that and save fat ******* even more money.


  9. Seems like Pardew thought he was in a bit of a war zone after the transfer window closed… so where better than a neutral zone like Switzerland to hide from his accusers?
    Him scouting is a load of BS.
    Carr is the scout and it doesn’t matter what HE recommends either as Pinky and Perky can’t/won’t “get them over the line”.
    Wish they just wouldn’t bother insulting our intelligence.


  10. dont buy it myself,i know you always on the look out and keeping on top of games but after 7 mths looking if they dont know what they require then its a sad look on imo,if they were looking at players it must be defenders


  11. Its all part of his plan to make us look like a region of total tools,he has the Southern Press convinced,mind you it doesn’t help that if any story breaks up here Sky parade a total lunatic with very few teeth and even less brain cells as the voice of Newcastle fans,pretty friggin sickening to tell you the truth.

    All we can ever expect from this current regime is contempt,it will get a lot worse before it gets better,if it ever does which I doubt.Make no mistake about it,this lot are here for the long haul because they are making money and Ashley never walks away from a profit and we are a very good cash cow for Fatty and he knows it,nowt as commited as a football fan lads


  12. That last sentence is very depressing Big GMan but I think you’ve got it just right.
    How the Hell can we rid ourselves of this blight in a way where we can ALL do it together in agreement?


  13. Graham Carrs reputation has gone for a ball of **** here if you ask me…

    What striking target are we on to now? 47?

    Surely part of a head scouts duty is to ensure you know the player would be interested in joining, that then club could afford his fees. And that you have a clear enough valuation set in him.

    Yet in seven months with 35mil we cant find a striker? And other clubs pick up bargains like Long and Ruiz? Please.

    The entire staff should hang their heads in shame.


  14. Not sure they were there to watch a striker. Have to figure they have all been scouted to death over the last 7 months. Maybe looking for defenders as Dog said or possibly Barnetta again? Not sure if he played though…


  15. JJ- not sure that’s fair to Carr. It seems to me the players we were linked with were sound, the problem is getting them over the line. In terms of whther they were interested to joing, usually players will go anywhere if you pay them enough


  16. Think thats the whole problem MDS,we are not prepared to match the wages required to get a decent striker in.Makes no differennce if ya have 7 months or 7 years with this lot,you dont need to be a football genius to realise that quality costs and we wont pay that lads.Just take a look at fattys shops,no quality in there just total dross from 3rd,4th and 5th rate labels.He runs this club in the same crap manner,we deserve better but doubt its anywhere near to be honest.

    I know their are people who disagree with this regime and think its a cancer thats going to spread faster and faster,I happen to be one of those.Others think the Messiah has returned and are only bothered about balancing the books,bollox to that,I pay my money to watch my team play and compete and to do that you need to invest,end of


  17. Isn’t it normally the case that the higher the standard of club you get to, the slower your rate of scoring conversion. To me it kind of makes sense that as he’s gone to better and better clubs with stronger opposition, his goals would dry up somewhat. With the exception of the Shearers of this world, this would be the norm. This said, Derdiyok may well turn out to be a good-un,.


  18. seems like we’re no longer a selling club.

    Well thats what Santon, our excellent 🙂 new signing reckons

    “Alan Pardew told me that the club have a plan to grow together.” “I feel this is the right place for me now and wouldn’t have left a club like Inter if it wasn’t”

    so grow it is, sounds like a good plan to me..


  19. Just seems like a poor mans Carroll? Meh, no doubt it would still be a good signing, can’t see it happening though.

    Wow, aren’t we lucky to have a club that plans so far ahead to transfer windows…


  20. JJ – You’re assuming that the board make a decision – in this case set a budget range – for a striker and stick to it. In reality we know tge board are likely to backtrack on it or shift the goalposts, or indeed try and screw tge deal as tightly as possible.


  21. Paul @13 seems to sum it up for me.

    As for Carver’s explanation for AP’s absence, it just doesn’t quite sit right with me. Summat’s up.


  22. Agreed GMan regarding the wages. I’m sure collo didn’t grow up dreaming of playing for Newcastle but for 80K a week he probably figured. why the hell not.

    I’m all for a reasonable wage bill, but strikers get paid a lot so you have to be willing go over the odds a bit to get one. If not, top players will go for CL football every time.

    Newkie- sort of agree. Would much prefer a bit more pace…


  23. You can only screw deals down to a certain level and then you get told to behave and stop taking the piss,this is what happens time and time and time again with this regime,this isnt bargaining for a few Slazenger T shirts or ****e shoes,we pay for a decent product on the pitch and he continues to play roulette and we all know at some point its going to end in tears….for us the fans!!


  24. Got to say – I’m impressed with the amount of folk who appear to be getting what the club are doing.

    It seems the intelligent fans are winning the day.

    The thick ones have to remember that if you spend money you can’t afford today – you have even less to spend tomorrow.

    Lots of good Pro Ashley articles around these days.


  25. I fail to see how anyone can be pro Ashley in footballing terms as he fails to deliver time after time.You might admire his business acumen but lets face it,his reading skills are not up to speed as he never saw that big black hole Shepherd and Hall had dug.I have very little sympathy on that one as I have a feeling he will get his cash back and more.Whether we ever get a Striker thats worthy of the number 9 we hold so dear to our hearts is another story.We might unearth a total gem thats as cheap as chips,but how long do we have to wait,or can we at some point buy a quality,proven premier league striker? Not if the last window is anything to go by we wont


  26. Stardust- I agree with the sustainable club philosophy, the end to the trophy signings and the pension plan contracts. I think the club did fantastic business in the window- just not enough of it. should have brought in a striker, but am more worried about how thin we are at the back. Just seems like an unneccessary risk to take considering the money was there.

    wouldn’t be shocked to see a defender come in on loan…


  27. @Stardust

    got to agree there m8.

    I had a satisfying smile when I saw clubs bidding for 10m Crouch, 8mil SRPhillips etc.

    I would of been his biggest fan if he had of bought a leftbk(pieters) and a striker.

    long may it continue…or until we buy in Jan 🙂


  28. I just wish MA would speak. we’d be a lot more understanding if we knew what he wants.

    I would love to know if we’ll sell Tiote, collo, etc next year. If it was to balance the books to make some of his final pay-back then fair enough, but just let us know the plans.

    One day, hopefully we’ll be able to compete with better signings and it may be under MA’s ownership. But I reckon once he’s paid-up he’ll sell us.


  29. Batty @ 32 you need a good ****ing slap round the head with a kipper.
    I dont know why Pards is wasting his time going to watch these players he might aswell use Youtube because the fat Bastad isn’t going to buy.
    Just when I thought the window had closed and we could get back to normal Footie stuff, we are all of a sudden starting to talk about possible players we might sign. FFS we have just had 7 mths to scout a striker and we still didn’t get the one we needed, so what makes people think it will be different, when the club have said before that Jan is a bad time because the prices are inflated, and you dont get many strikers in Jan with an 80% discount tag round their neck.


  30. JJ you’re an absolute dolt, it’s defintely Graham Carr’s fault that Lambarse couldn’t sign Gameiro and Graham Carr is meant to tap him up? Give your fcking head a wobble


  31. its got naff all to do with money.. we could have got bellamy for nowt… its to do with ****heads running it and playing games on purpose to **** us over. its just a game of chess / roulette / poker to ashley. nothing more. The dosh he saveed on a forward has financed his purchase of the brand “no Fear” and Hunters this last season.. humm… whats he buying this season i wonder.


  32. ToonToon,

    Have I insulted you? I never said it was his fault, I said his reputation has taken a knock in my opinion. I also never mentioned Gameiro, but they didn’t bring in any striker did they? When lesser teams got some quite talented players like Ruiz and Long for fair prices. But they were never targets.

    I also said the entire management should hang their heads in shame.
    I’m not the only one to have this opinion, and I’m entitled to MY opinion.

    Go give your little **** head a wobble.


  33. taken4mugs I agree if I was Pards I would like a few days away from the press and the fans .
    It may make DL appreciate him more, absence from constantly defending his and MA’s actions ?
    This may be Pards line in the sand and I hope the owner takes notice as I think they would be screwed without him.


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