Pardew’s silence on the summer striker hunt speaks volumes

Pardew speaks again...
Pardew found. Safe and well.
The biggest disappointment of the summer for me has to our failure to add another striker to the ranks.

I dare say that it’s Alan Pardew’s biggest disappointment aswell after he was so publicly adamant that a striker would be brought into the club an addition to Demba Ba. Alas, for reasons that are unknown yet widely speculated about, it wasn’t to be.

There had been rumours doing the rounds about Pardew and his managerial position at NUFC. Some rumours had claimed that he had walked away from St James’ Park although those rumours now appear to be inaccurate. It’s pretty clear that something wasn’t right though such was the silence coming from Alan Pardew’s direction. As the saying goes, the silence was deafening.

Still he was back talking to the press today ahead of the Monday evening trip to Loftus Road. the game itself was the topic of most of the conversation although there was some other comments of interest sandwiched between them. I’m talking specifically about this comment about the failed striker pursuit of the summer.

“We’ve still got a better squad than we finished with last year. Even without the signing of a striker on deadline day.”

“I don’t want to go into that too much. But I just think we have started well, and players are playing well. We have players in form and we need to keep moving forward.”

It’s the “I don’t want to go into that too much” part that makes me wonder if we are seeing a subtle stance from Alan Pardew? Or is it just that he has realised that he has been sold out from above and doesn’t want to comment on it?

It’s been widely reported that Pardew was unhappy over the failure of the club to land the striker he wanted. In all probability this is more than likely why the speculation about his job started, and it’s probably why we saw some form of loose statement cobbled together by the club last week. Is this another way of him apportioning blame?

To be honest I’ll be glad when the football starts again. The transfer window has gone and, like it or not, there is nothing that can be done about it now.

We’ve made the best start to a Premier League season in 16 years and the best thing is that we’ve done it without playing to our best. There is more to come from this newer, younger, fresher, faster group of players so it will be interesting to see if they can continue to improve come Monday.

The angst can be temporarily packed away now and we can get back to what got us into this love affair in the first place. That is of course football!

Roll on Monday. Joey Barton and all!

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95 thoughts on “Pardew’s silence on the summer striker hunt speaks volumes

  1. taken4mugs @71…

    Umm… I think you’ve pretty much said it all for me, to be honest.

    The only bit I’d vary on is that I think we could actually do a lot worse than Ashley as an owner. Not because he’s that good, but because the alternatives tend to be that bad!

    I just wish Llambias would go – he’s the weak link IMO.


  2. LBIM – no one is contesting your desire but you do sound childish mate. The idea is for everyone to have an opinion and you have to accept that mate.

    No one cares how much you pay mate we just care you follow the toon and support the club.


  3. no whumpie i don’t give a **** where you’re born do you support the team from your chair? who mentioned geordiest crawl back under your rock.

    and southern toon i respect you mate but i don’t care if i sound childish ive had enough bull**** from them and now i’m reading it from most ‘toon fans’

    i wish i could just not care like most but i do.

    support in person is what matters, not from behind an internet stream cheering. it easy to sit somewhere and go ooh i support newcastle but i never go to see many games. it’s easy to sit on here all day and night chatting **** to your mates, with most people saying ahhh dont go to games vote with your feet only way ashley will realise. you think he’s just going to sell up when 20000 turn up?
    I guess you don’t remember the toxic atmosphere the hull demo created and sealed our relegation.

    We all have the same emotional interest in the team, but when you invest hard earned money into the club you feel alot more let down since the last farce when we got hundred percented off pardew and they got found out. it’s hard to get your head round computer chair pundits making out like it’s the people who don’t trust ashley and pardew are the bad guys? pardew is talking **** about benny mccarthy 7 or 8 years ago and people from london are giving it the biggun like he’s the king and it’s not his fault. He’s the one coming out talking bull****, i dont care if it’s what he was told, he still told the fans.


  4. leonbestismint has the Fatman sent you a thank you letter yet for your £3k a year ? you can turn your **** round many different ways, but I wont waste yours or my time because you are a super fan that thinks your opinion is more important than others.


  5. no i dont think its more important i just don’t like computer chair pundits telling me what to think and to not blame pardew and giving their best 11s on here like it’s championship manager. plastic fans.

    big dave if everyone stopped going to the matches like most of the morons on here suggest you think the team would play better? with an even worse atmosphere than there is now because of mugs like you. what do you invest at least 3 grand in and not care if you get lied to? your mail order bride? i like the immediate grief the season ticket holders get like we think we’re better, that’s not the case we just want more explanation and pardew’s bollox doesn’t wash with most of us, unlike you pc pundits


  6. Lbim – trouble is these plastic fans are just as peeved or most I know are. Some of the lads are just trying to see the positive ATM. We are not going to get anything out of this lousy owner.

    Why don’t you wait for the chronicle answers to come back. That’s what I’m waiting for because wrongly or rightly they are good questions and look as though we could get some good answers


  7. leonbestismint I dont think all ST holders think their better as I know a few that are sound, but you clearly have a problem with people that dont have one, and you have made it clear in what you think of your fellow supporters that dont have a ST.
    You think that having a ST gives you some sort of define right to come on here ranting and raving calling people Morons, Mugs etc.
    Then you come out with **** like this > with an even worse atmosphere than there is now because of mugs like you. what do you invest at least 3 grand in and not care if you get lied to?
    You dont even ****ing know me or anything really about me so why do you presume that you can judge me ???

    By the way just out of interest who are the “Armchair Pundits” that told you what to think ?


  8. Well said Big Dave @84. LeonBestIsMint clearly thinks he’s a super fan. Big deal if you go every game -it’s your choice, no-one is holding a gun to your head. Bet you’re in the enviable position of living close to Newcastle and a quick ride on the Metro and home for tea is a different proposition to what many people have to endure to support the team. Have you given a thought for fans exiled abroad who get up at 4am in the morning to watch the Toon, who would give their eye teeth to be there in person? Have you thought about those who can’t afford a season ticket but would give their eye teeth to have one? What about those who are housebound and can’t get to St James Park? There are plenty of reasons why people can’t get there in person every game but choose to support the team, buy merchandise etc and have the right to call themselves supporters. I’ve followed Newcastle since the 70’s when i was a bairn being dragged along by my brother to every game. When i lived in London i was part of the London branch of the supporters club and got the train up every other weekend. I travel a lot in my job so can’t get to as many games as I would like but wherever i am and whatever time of the night it is i try everything possible to watch the game. Quite honestly I don’t give a monkeys how much people spend on following Newcastle or how they follow this great club. As long as we have people who support the club i don’t care where they are from or how they do it but don’t make judgements. Your support is no more special than anyone elses.


  9. little dave I thought you weren’t wasting your time? so why write back? You could have at least answered my question and let me know about you but I thought you wouldn’t. I already said I don’t think i’m better so that part is redundant. I don’t think having a ticket gives me a devine right to come on here ranting and raving calling people names, loads do that anyway who don’t have one so that’s redundant as I don’t need one to call you a mug for trying to ‘own’ me. Yes i did come out with that **** and you still didnt answer the question. Toonsy had the decency to answer my question, even if we disagreed. I’m not going to answer your last question as you didn’t answer mine, two can play at that game and all that.

    Geordie Deb, I do live close-ish to Newcastle, about two hours away but that doesn’t stop me, so no metro for me and in for tea, I wish!

    I don’t think I’m a superfan. I’m not sure what one is if I’m honest, but I’m guessing it’s sarcasm. Yes I go to all home games and some away ones when I can get the time off. I’ve been to three games this season out of four but that doesn’t matter because I don’t sit on here with the usual suspects putting out my first 11 like I’m alan pardew on championship manager.
    So I’m not allowed to question why everyone is bumming the **** out of mashley and pardew. When I can, I’m there to support the lads on the pitch, not checking every 5 minutes thinking I’m hot ****.

    The fans exiled abroad? what did you say to me “no-one’s holding a gun to your head” but you know that someone held one to theirs for them to move? doesn’t wash. I’ve had to go to scotland to work that’s how life is.
    Those who can’t afford one? Is that my fault? They should get a decent paid job. If I couldn’t afford one, or my son’s ones, I would give my “eye teeth” as you say if someone was offering instead of moving a couple hours away to get a decent job, like I have done.
    I feel for the housebound people, my mates dad is in a wheelchair and he takes him to every home match but you don’t want to hear that because you were part of the london supporters club who came up on the train, so you’ll come out with well what about the housebound who cant get to a game or get someone to take them to a game etc not my fault. Sorry.

    I do pay alot of money for good seats, and I don’t get why you hate it that much because I’m sick of being lied to by the mouthpiece and I get patronised on sites like this with silly statements like get behind the team, or don’t go anymore. I’m already behind the team and I’m not stopping going so like the trolls on here I’m entitled to my opinion. But because I’ve got a bit money that I choose to spend on mine and my son’s enjoyment I automatically think I’m better? Bull**** that’s the easy insult. It’s not my fault others can’t bother their arse to buy a season ticket and go to the stadium. I used to go when I worked in Plymouth for ****s sake.

    Southern Liam I’ve tried taking the positives mate as much as possible since Carroll was sold but it’s not working for me anymore. dekkadolittle can answer all those questions but it’s easier that he’s had a couple days to write the answers (if he did) and if it’s anything like the ‘statement’ that he put out well most toon fans on here won’t be happy anyway.
    I’m just not happy that people who hardly support the club other than in spirit slag off people like me who demand a bit more for their investment and financial support. I support through thick and thin, mainly thin like the late eighties but I’m not measuring how long I’ve been getting ‘dragged’ to matches I go because I can’t help but wanting to go.

    Do I care what people who hardly ever go and support think? Not really because they automatically think I’m implying that my opinion counts more and that’s not the case. It just feels like most people don’t give a **** and that’s easy to do when you hardly ever go


  10. liam i will tolerate him but not stand up for him because he is a liar and he has mislead us , i dont want him to speak out all the time once would be nice or i would prefer silence instead of him saying things that he knows not to be true . Trust me he wont lose his job as he has been picked for his specific skills of having no opinion and towing the line . Do you really think he was expecting a ten million pound stricker in this or any other window! I think 7 out of 9 points is an exellent start to the season and i think ben arfa is a exellent prospect and i hope and prey our good start continues but in my opinion our squad is far to thin we have very little in the way of a strikeforce and as i said ba is away jan and feb . please can we judge the league after ten games or so i think we would be silly billies to judge it after 3 !


  11. Leonbest after re reading your post @ 88 it just confirms that you are a total ****ing muppet or else your a WUM that doesn’t even have a season ticket, because I have never come across anyone else that has the same view as you towards their fellow supporters. you should try to get on with supporting the team rather than sitting behind a keyboard letting on your some type of hardman, while at the sametime giving proper Season ticket holders a bad name.


  12. Batty I knew it wasn’t you or Troy on a wind up mate,
    I think he is just a wum with no ST any muppet can come on here saying they have a ST


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